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  1. Training volume when not signed up to anything

    Yeah your right. But any client I have who does any CV training I do it along side them rather then stand by their side. I have found this much more beneficial for the client as they more entitled to commit to the season. My clientele is more rehab and sports players. I have a better niche for these people as they are realistic, have purpose and follow processes. Weightloss people I send to the other trainer who believes in 6 week programs.
  2. Training volume when not signed up to anything

    Yes FM spot on 😉 25mins 10 times a day 😆😆
  3. Training volume when not signed up to anything

    Work wise mostly early morning and evening sometimes lunch hours depending on clients. No later than 7:30 pm though. Mon-wed-fri. Tuesday and Thursday are quite days so can do more volume. Saturday - none Sunday 1 client afternoon Family only sister here. I have no kids or pets. Sleep don't work past 7:30. Tried later but the impact on your ability to switch off is hampered. Nights I don't sleep well more related to not hydrating enough during the day so I fill 5 water bottles each day and do best to drink them all. 1 will be electrolyte tabs, 3 water, 1 for protein drink post session if next meal far away. Recovery comes a lot down to what you do post session. Foam roller/SMR, mobility exercises ROM. Getting in nutrition with 15mins. Hot/Cold shower also good. Some tricks I do as well. All my clients do a warm up, foam roll and do mobility work at start of each session. I do this with them. This takes their mind off the warm up and makes them relax. I can visual show them exercises which they can mimic really roller and mobility. I like to use the mirror image method here. Benefit for me is it aids in recovery and tissue elasticity. Motivation - this really depends on your reason for doing it. This may upset a few but I am not the person who races/played to say that I have done it and broadcast to the world and shove it in people's faces. I probably once was that type with Cricket and it can easily backfire there getting ahead of yourself. Between 2004 and 11. I went through a period when I was doing stuff to prove people wrong or in spite of comments. This became unhealthy both physically, emotionally and socially. I became very self absorbed. Things I was doing was not good. If you want to know things I was doing let me know. Now post many difficult times I really enjoy the process of sport training. I don't focus on any races as either can't afford the cost or it just doesn't really get me in anymore. Instead I do time trials or mock races whatever way you look at it. Once a month I will do something based on a set distance in varying formats. This is my race. Rehab even motivates me. Rehabbing injuries and even improvement movement pattern is so rewarding. Seeing things change gradually is motivating. This attitude has made working with rehab clients so much more intense and rewarding from a personal perspective. The clients that buy into the process of the plan always get to the finish line quicker and overall in better shape then pre injury. Commitment is just the application of an attitude put towards it. Focusing on little things, the controllables and enjoying the process/journey is the reward for me. As I type this I am on the trainer. Time maintenance at its best. Hope that gives you some insights of me on your comment
  4. Training volume when not signed up to anything

    I don't race anymore but still train like I was going to just do mock races or time trials. No racing till my study debts paid off
  5. Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    Only if those joints and muscles allow you to. The problem is most people just allow mobility and muscle strength and fatigue to become an issue rather then doing the little things to keep those areas healthy and functioning right. Some maybe too late so a shoe may assist but that still doesn't stop you from applying some for of corrective exercise
  6. Calf Cramps

    Fatigue. Weak calves. Swimming tends to have the calf in a plantar flexed position and cycling depending on your pedal mechanics you may be pulling a lot. Fatigue major cause IMO. Foam roll and strengthen. 50 single leg calf raises a day. Do sets of 10, 25 or 1 of 50 if can manage. Make sure it is controlled movement though 2 secs up 2 secs down. Or Use someone else's advice
  7. What training did you do today?

    25x800 on 3mins
  8. City Joggers are Rude

    That might be me 😁. I run in bike lane sometimes but am always stay hard left. Safer then footpath
  9. Where did my legs go?

    Body not conditioned for the distance.
  10. Bike camera - anyone used/using them?

    What is the option for running? I was cleaned up last Tuesday by a taxi coming out of a driveway. No one's fault i am pretty sure. It was a concealed driveway so I couldn't see or hear vehicle (electric car) and he obviously wouldn't be able see me. Ended up bonnet surfing. At least stopped at asked if ok.
  11. Gentle beats Duffy to win at Montreal

    Sorry trannies I normally keep the forum with race results. Thought it was just waste of time
  12. Their legs are absolutely massive. Their body shape doesn't look normal too me. Maybe I should have said physique wise. It was not attacking them facially if that is how you interpretted it. I apologise it that is case. I run past a Cross Fit place here and there at some great athletes there but none built like that not even the men.
  13. And in all honesty not sure about some of the physiques of these athlete especially the women being legit. half look like blokes.
  14. Exactly. No way to compare. The problem with Cross Fit is they label themselves as the Fittest in the World yet no other sport does. Never heard Crowie says he is the fittest man of earth.