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  1. Still doing the strength work. Or did you drop it
  2. Hi mate. Will take the spin bike be a good addition to gym I work at. Send me text 0408398870
  3. Hey I said before I use to use a GPS with all the cool stuff. I became a bit obsessed with looking at data, half of it was useless. Becoming obsessive over numbers became unhealthy. My debate has always been it is overused. Every session needs to be recorded (mainly for strava so everyone knows what you are doing). Then when it malfunctions it is like you (people) are unable to function without it. FB and Instagram malfunctioned the other morning and for a lot of people this caused major meltdown. People were ringing radio stations in tears. In essence we have became lost in technology. Doing stuff the old way can be good as well and a combination of both tech and no tech probably is best That's my last bit on this. Rant over. Off for a holiday
  4. Didn't know it was meant to. Interesting group the tri group you can't be different. You must be like everyone else. Part of life ups and downs. Do I put myself in situations where I can get hit. Yes I do, this called running and riding in the real world. Do you realise cars actually meant to give way to pedestrian. Cycling I ride pretty defensively. No bike computer, and always cautious where parked cars, roundabouts and some intersections. I don't trust anyone on the road to do right thing. Running I probably need to do this more. But when you are on the footpath you think you are OK. Better me getting hit then some little kid though. I apologise for not being funny, not having all the gadgets and tech stuff. I apologise for having an opinion and for not fitting in. Sorry all. #buythegadgetsexpectproblems
  5. Don't do either. Amazing when I use sarcasm I get labelled a dickhead when others do it people thinks it is funny. By the way I do get a smile every time I hear someone having a gadget issue. Maybe the reason cars run into me and other people because they are not looking at where they are going. Called a phone which they continually have head down.
  6. Fitness Buddy


    Come to gym and I will do a strength training session with you
  7. Why is that. If you have a watch you still looking at a watch not wear you are going
  8. Combined session this morning. As had a meeting at 12 where the guy didn't turn up (frustrated as hell) Session RUN 1 - 58mins (1#.2km), BIKE WT - 1hr40mins RUN 2 14:04 4.#km)
  9. AM Easy run 28:20. Just loop around an area I use. 30min easy spin on trainer ARVO Gym SL Isometric Calf 3x45sec each (20kg), SLRDL 3x6-8ea (30-40kg), SLS 3x8-10ea (12kg). SALPD 3x12ea (21.5kg), Torsonator Shoulder Press 3x8ea (25kg), RO 3x20, HKPP 3x10ea (13.5kg), HLR 3x10 1-2-2 Treadmill 3min build (1min @15,16,17) 1min @19kmh, then 4x1min @ 20kmh with 30secs rest. 1min jog.
  10. I did a 28:20 run I would rather use the rest of time doing some mobility or technique stuff.
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