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  1. These councils areas are also have those that have big get togethers and celebrate religious stuff without a care for the rules.
  2. Just some humour https://www.facebook.com/100001639650273/posts/3339866066078016/
  3. Not to mention restaurants and coffee shops Plus this intimate relationship bullshit. You either live together for 6 weeks or dont. I can see how this will be manipulated where people will have 7 different people over during the week and claim each time it is an intimate partner. What about sharehouses say with 5 occupants they all have 5 partners around that is 10 in a house. Way too much scope.
  4. What is a wadger? They are major part of the problem
  5. What i have seen construction closed as wiill be bunnings
  6. https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/health-wellbeing/melbournes-coronavirus-outbreak-experiences-deja-vu-as-cedar-meats-goes-back-into-lockdown-c-1209732
  7. Carrier pigeon in every language. The language, religion, race excuse has gone too far. They seemed to have understood the message back in March. It was until it upset their religious beliefs and rituals did it become a problem and they decided the rules werent for them. The two girls who did the qld, vic , qld trip and screwed up things up there and now claiming they are black and the only they are in trouble bevause of race is the reason we have such a problem. People will use the racism card if get picked up on breaking the rules and the government are too scared to call them out on it.
  8. No doubt this community wont give a rats clacker and still do it anyway
  9. Mabye he meant 2022 - Hit wrong key
  10. Shut the bloody shopping centres (not supermakets) and coffee shops for 4 weeks and see how things go. Community transmission and yet we have places operating that create community garhering
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