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  1. Marathons

    I have been thinking about this and in regards to any sport that I have done. Overthinking it leads to a performance decline. Put trust in your training and your ability and just deal with what happens on the day. We cant predict the future but we can control the controllables.
  2. Hoka one one (teach me)

    The name 😂😂😂😂
  3. Hoka one one (teach me)

    I actually found a Hoka shoe quite useful when you are in a moon boot. Evens you up so can walk lopsided. During that time though i develop a mark over foot due to narrowness of them.
  4. Marathons

    Your training application will dictate your race strategy. From previous results RBR you are able to hold it together for 42.2km. I always use to bank on finishing faster and my training reflected this by doing harder running at the end of long runs. As you know i am not a gadget person so my pacing was just based on how i felt. Training was done the same way. Stick to what you think your strengths are and use them. As far as i can tell you can finish strongly and treat the last 10km like a 10km.
  5. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Bargain. Seriously is that the cost.
  6. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    I respect you for having a crack at tougher competition.
  7. Is 70.3 a brand or distance?

    If you pay enough it can be under their methods
  8. Internet diagnosis

    Have you ever had your movement patterns assessed? THEN appropriate strategies put in place working on your weak links. These will all factor on how much load your on putting on your knees. It isnt going to fix already failed structure but it will give better outcomes.
  9. PJ out for 2018

    Trained or exercised as one 😆😆😆😆 Sorry had to put this in
  10. PJ out for 2018

    Hopefully gets some restoration. Really he should get off SM as his posts can be perceived by some as excuses and therefore open to trolling.
  11. Lower Back Tightness

    Physio not Chiro as AA7 said. Sounds like body has gone into protection mode. Body will tighten when you have either overloaded an area due to fatigue, technique or mobility issues. When the body tightens like this it is seeking stability. So somethings is unstable. Hit the quads, hip mobility, external rotators, and some kneeling thoracic rotations.
  12. The Mental Health thread

    The last two days have giving me great satisfaction. For the first time in a very long time I have felt wanted and respected. The first one was on tuesday i turned up to work (arvo/night shift). I started here in December. Went to my clipboard to check my client list for the shift. My payslip was there as usual but so was a card. A birthday card. I hadnt even told them. There was a gift card in there too but the best thing was the messages from all those work there. The messages were very touching to me and a one of acceptance and genuine want. Number 2 was yesterday (my actual bday). A guy with MS, a mum of a swimmer i have helped and a client who did rehab with post Cervical spine fusion took me out to lunch. Their words during lunch were very touching and a bit emotional. Both these experiences made me feel uncomfortable as it was unexpected but also very rare for me. So the take away i have got from these two days is 1. I have worth in my role and am respected. 2. I have some real friends 3. I have stuck to my guns and finally seeing some positives. 4. Dont change you because you are not the right fit for others. Find the right fit for you.
  13. Why make it harder?

    Yeah i think rex hunt may of made an appearance.
  14. Light headed

    My blood pressure is normally 110/70 been as low as 90/60. RHR 35-37 I have had these dizzy spells before and a blood test had showed my electrolyte balance was off. Potassium levels too high sodium levels too low. A clean diet generally means less salt so i ended up having to add salt to meals and since use electrolyte tablets. Having had one for a long time since. Cause we exercise or TRAIN or a combination we deplete these more then the normal person. Also when we are ill/sick/injured our bodies use minerals and vitamins to help heal. So we deplete them quicker and need more. My thoughts anyway.
  15. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Do they take 25 competitors per AG and gender?