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  1. Latest update. Have secured a new job possibly two. Now the next is to present them with a letter. Any advice on how to pen it
  2. How well you are sleeping is a good indicator of health and well being Not enough sleep means too much stress on body, poor diet, too much screen time. Patchy sleep as above poor diet, dehydration Over sleeping also indicator of fatigue, irregular sleeping patterns. IMO
  3. Even though focus is on endurance you still need to do speed work. And by speed work I mean short bursts of 20-30secs with long recovery to keep the fast twitch fibres you have stimulated.
  4. You don't represent Australia you pay to go and do a triathlon if that is the case. Be interesting to see the other countries system on selection and representing.
  5. Why assume people are texting. Facebook, instagram, checking emails. I see people taking selfies while driving and also those dickheads who do it cycling to get some Insta gains. Most drivers think it is OK while at lights or stopped, yes it isn't as dangerous but those who do are more likely to look at it while driving as it becomes an obsession. Today's society is consumed by instant responses, gratification and lack concept of awareness, care factor of others.
  6. Thanks. I recently emailed then whether I was casual or part time. Their reply was casual. I have worked the same shifts for 18 months? On their pay rate scale part time is worth more per hour then casual and full time is more again. Backwards to how it really works. I think they have got away with it for 5 years.
  7. One they have made up. I went through word for word it even has a section on superannuation as benefit working there. I spoke to fairwork regarding this and they said they need to sign off agreements employers make with employees. They didn't do this because they want their own pay scale.
  8. Am looking for another place. Have not mentioned it to them yet
  9. Hi all. Just after advice and past experience with an employer not paying award rate, not paying super and not paying for minimum work per shift. The situation currently is that I have been working at a private studio as a casual employee for nearly 18 months. They poked the bear 7 weeks back by taking shifts off me when they asked me to do them. To do this I turned down other work, then after 2 weeks doing this the shifts were taking off me no explanation and when questioned made a lame excuse. So this lead to some investigation into the industry laws. This showed the following I am meant to be paid as a level 5 trainer $25.34 as base then as I am casual there is 25% loading for weekdays and 30% for Saturday's. I was been paid $28 for first nine months then $29ph. So it basically $2.50-4ph less then award rate. Also by the act I am required to be paid for 3hrs per shift that I start, there are many occasions where I only get paid for b/n 1-3. The next one is they have not been paying super to me. I earn more then the limit per month. I spoke to owner about the 3hr thing when discussing some shifts that were short and the new trainer was getting more then me. He said "**** the law" as a response I have spoken to fairwork who advised me to work how much they owe me and put this to them. I require work schedules from the past 18months so can calculate Saturdays, short shifts etc. Now if I ask the employer for this how are they going to respond. Fairwork also said contact ATO for super info. I signed an agreement which I mentioned to fairwork which the gym put together (they set own pay scale not by the law) . Fairwork then asked me their ABN and they checked to see if they had acknowledgement of the agreement, they didn't, it had not been lodged. Seeing that they are not paying the award rate is the main reason why. If I approach them with this they will just reduce my hours to zero as if they sack me then it would be unfair dismissal. Any advice previous experience with this please let me know
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