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  1. Wtf to the last part
  2. Yes went into great depth into this. 12hrs before kona in 2011 he signed with Specialized.
  3. Yep my housemate/landlord had 6 friends around yesterday. I am basically self isolating to my bedroom when home.
  4. Just listened to this. Good listening. Went into depth with the bike scenario in 2011 Wouldn't let me post the link on here for some reason So where it was in pic
  5. Cyclists not doing it. Bunch riding spotted in emerald and beach rd today.
  6. I think the government are possibly going to wait and see what happens in NZ in lockdown.
  7. We need first know case and we can work out stuff from that.
  8. Haven't cut back as never got it nor takeaway. Great opportunity to clean up you diet and cooking skills
  9. Cruises are just breeding grounds for any virus let alone CV
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