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  1. The president seems to be doing it tough with her HOKA partnership and other stuff
  2. Awesome thanks for the update. Have had three of these jackets/vests in the past they certainly keep you warm
  3. Sundays more cars then ever. Not working week
  4. This is for Victoria as of June 1
  5. Seems to be more cars then ever
  6. Clearing out stuff I have and don't use Blizzard cooling fan $50 pick up oakleigh or mitcham Saucony Freedom us12 worn twice $90 (post $12.50) Suunto Quest with HRM $50 (post $9.25) Under Armour Short large but fits small $25 (post $9.25) Run Smart Book. $15 (post $9.25)
  7. Saturday Run 28.17km then 1hr on trainer Today 6hrs on trainer done in car park at monash uni then run off the bike 8.12km around the monash uni tracks. Beautiful day but had house viewings in arvo so didn't risk the road in case anything happened. Pic 1 is set up. My car has a removable picnic table in back. Pic 2 Part of the nature walk area
  8. Yep. Happened again Friday night. No sleep Thursday night worked and afternoon evening on Friday. About 4 his sleep Friday night. Physically and mentally draining. Haven't used kitchen in two weeks cooking meals in a skillet in my room or relying on protein powder as some intake. Been looking for another place for a month now. Dodgy shit going on with some places
  9. This is what I have had to see this morning and listen to last night. Doors opening and closing. I got home from work at 830pm. This carried on till 5am 20200515_022402.mp4
  10. Friends not just family
  11. Flat tyre changed today's session.
  12. Interesting stage 1 is what the general law breakers are already doing anyway. So now they will just flaunt with the newer restrictions. Party time for some
  13. Two theories on this one. A business didn't want to close or these workers didn't qualify for job keeper so to live they needed to work. Money before health
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