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  1. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Doesn't state how many kids he has and how much sex he has. There are hormones in meat and vitamins Nice to see him do the good old bathroom lighting selfie a traditional gym /meat head strategy.
  2. What is a person who eats all 3 major foods called

    So if you just eat food and not label it as a particular diet your are no religious 😉
  3. What is a person who eats all 3 major foods called

    Maybe should rephrase as protein from meat as well, fat and carbs.
  4. We have vegan We have vegetarian We have meat and water We have LCHF We have ketogenic There is probably more but these are the main ones So what is someone who eats protein, fat and carbs
  5. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Maybe ask a vegan. Joe Gambles been a vegan all his life and he has a kid and won a few things. Maybe he should post a pic of his kid gnawing on a carrot 😁
  6. Meat and Water Diet Study

    I made the comment as you presenting yourself like Pete Evans. Follow me and all world problems will end. The pic probably warrants instagram exposure where you get all the lovey dovey responses you want. As you posted in a thread link to meat and water diet I responded how I see it in relation to the thread You are not King ****ing Shit. Do you really think you are a better person in the world or on here because you eat meat and have a kid. Kudos to you. Your comments suggest people who don't have kids don't have a place on earth. Some people cannot have kids. As attacking my sex life well guess what it is none of your business.
  7. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Not sure what we are trying to take away from this picture other then the fact it has some meat product in its mouth
  8. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Eat protein, eat good fats and eat good carbs pretty simple. No diet, your body normally tells you what it needs. If not recovering well you need more protein IMO,
  9. The Mental Health thread

    Just hope he is ok
  10. The Mental Health thread

    The guy was not there this afternoon
  11. Jobs you never knew existed.

    Anti-diet dietician. Seen on back window advertising on a car earlier
  12. How long have you got left to live - touch wood

    Depends on how many inattentive or dick heads driving on the road. These people have more say in your life expectancy
  13. No dnf for this lady

    Yeah most other sports the umpires/refs would be under major scrunity allowing this happening.
  14. Run technique/ dynamics, any videos?

    That's about spot on. Free flowing joints the number thing. No restrictions.
  15. Aero Helmet

    Protect your head and ride your bike. Anything that protects you skull for cracking in the occurrence of an accident is much more beneficial then a helmet that is classed as aero and may save you minimal and I mean minimal time in a race. Easy to say you will never have a crash, that's how I used to think, but having had two big ones, I know my helmet has played a pretty important role in saving me head from being messed up.