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  1. Change mindset. Just call it active recovery. Go for a walk
  2. What were the exercises you were doing. I am no fan of bootcamp, group fitness as a strength training purpose but it is an concept which gets people active so that is a win. Didnt raise a sweat maybe you didnt go hard enough 😉
  3. Yep pretty sure the bootcamp was the cause not the stretching. Different movements, different muscles being used at a different sequence to normal.
  4. Isnt that the guy who wrote books in the 80's advocating carbs are key to performance made money out of it. Then in 2010 or near said carbs are bad and wrote a book about fat being the key to make more money. BALANCE
  5. https://abbylangernutrition.com/the-game-changers-review-plant-based-or-fear-based/
  6. I use SIS or High5 when they are on special. Pretty sure wiggle have them on sale at moment. I normally buy 10-12 tubes when on special. Now the weather is botter I get a drink esky and fill up with some tabs in it. Got one client who has had constant headaches for 20 years and she has been using them for a month and her headaches have gone. Maybe coincidence but she is a heavy sweater so maybe she is so depleted her brain hurts. GELS i get the SIS but only use them when the intensity goes up. More so running but sometimes on the bike if in the hills. Otherwise a banana does the job.
  7. Hope i wasnt jogging. No worries i have a medium if you want them instead. Same condition. Check your PM BOX
  8. One thing i have never understood what is a life coach. Are they peoole who tell how to live your life? Or tell you should live life like i do. IMO a made up role in the fitness/health industry who normally sprouts a diet to make you evolve
  9. Long sessions you need to understand that fuelling is part of the actual session. The question when is trying to do the MAF or fasted workouts going to be detrimental to performance and by this I mean the actual session and the recovery from session which then carries on to the next session. There is also the function of the brain which requires glycogen to work. I would say 2 hours in you should be consuming something. Are you training for weightloss or performance is another question you might ask. Your car still burns fuel doing 40kmh just like it when doing 100kmh. It seems triathlon has created this competition where we see how far we can go without consuming any fuel. So Toolish to answer your questions it depends on you. How you store energy and how you use it. Trial and error. But it is better to have something in the tank then nothing
  10. Context required. What sessions are you talking about? LSD/Aerobic sessions little fuel required unless you are burning matches (going too hard) then you will need COH Anaerobic sessions you need fuel. Gels are best bet. Never neglect hydration. Electrolyte tabs on all sessions IMO. Water makes up 70-80% of skeletal muscle so it needs to hydrated. Electrolyte intake helps transport water to the muscle faster then just water. The heart and lungs comprise of high water amount too so i will say again hydrate. Post session get in protein and carbs and some fat. Plenty of research sayong choc milk is great for recovery and best of all easy to get down for the majority. So in short Keep hydrated at a muscular level. Use COH if the session is long or intense. Use nothing if easy session but still hydrate
  11. Not sure if has been posted before but here it is. Allen ran 1:40 for the 30km
  12. Excellent condition worn 4 times Size Small $35 Postage $10
  13. Bought 2nd hand to use for work. Dont fit my foot well. $60 plus $9.20 for post
  14. Maybe do some strength work on your hamstrings Shoe scrap is because of hip drop causing the swing leg to scrap your ankle. No shoe is going to address these issues.
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