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  1. Hokas now at Podium Sports at DFO

    Assume all. But seen at Moorabbin today
  2. Hokas now at Podium Sports at DFO

    For all those Hoka enthusiasts. Was at DFO this arvo. Podium Sports now stock them. The stores at are DFO'S but you can ring and get items posted $10 flat rate postage.
  3. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    I know what you mean. The fact is cycle paths are not cycle paths they are access to all non vehicles. Dogs on a leash are another hazard
  4. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    Rephrase would not be alive without a helmet Two accidents two broken shoulders two broken helmets no broken head. So weighing that up Helmets are beneficial. Protect yourself as much as you can. Too many people in 2017 dont give a **** about anyone else
  5. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    I would not be typing this without a helmet.
  6. Cricket

    Smith didnt enforce follow on because the white coats would had advise him the bowlers need rest as they had bowled enough overs for the day.
  7. beep Test - What level can you do?

    Geez i seen a dozen get over 20 and that is just in Tasmania. Monas got 22 which was end of tape. Craig Bradley over 20. This world record crap is bullshit. That enough of biting back with response. I will go back in my hole.
  8. beep Test - What level can you do?

    Use to do this for Umpiring pre season x2. Pass mark was 12. Was also required to do this for Cricket, state team pre season testing. 19.8 was my best. There is a skill and ability to be able to change direction quickly. The key is to get low at each turn and take short steps in and out. Also alternate which way you turn so not always doing initial acceleration off same leg every time. As triathletes and LD Runners deceleration is what kills you and smashes you up
  9. WS 70.3

    1.Wilson 2. Reed 3. Currie 4. Appleton Women 1. Hauschildt (awesome) 2 Sheedy Ryan 3 Watkinson
  10. The Mental Health thread

    Ok those that follow this thread will read this. After a reading some comments i have decided to leave this forum as it is becoming toxic for me. This is both in content regarding me and how i am responding. I use to respond defensively and take the bait but now am falling into the trap of being sarcastic too often. (Dont want to be like my dad). In many areas of my life i am always the outsider who doesnt follow the click and this is just another one. One thing triathlon has taught me is it ****ing expensive to race these days. But the training is bloody awesome. If I have ever offended anyone here I apologise. Generally speaking my content is aimed at helping others. To all those who have provided encouragement, friendship and humour to me thankyou. I wish everyone all the best If still want to make contact email me. Sure someone can provide it to you. Cheers FITNESS BUDDY
  11. Ultraman Cost

    In reality probably cost you more with 1-2 weeks loss of pay unless using holiday leave
  12. Shark.....Rotto Triathlon becomes Duathlon

    No race wheels, no aero helmet, no garmin so wouldnt count as being in the click
  13. What training did you do today?

    Double Brick Day Morning Run 2hr:15(30km)/Bike 70km (2:20) Fuel - 2 Isogels Clients Afternoon Bike 70km (2:15)/Run 30mins (8.0km)
  14. Tim Don. Tough

    Why this tough? Any athlete would be doing what they can when something is healing. Doing nothing doesnt make it heal faster. I dont call it tough i call it beiing Human
  15. What training did you do today?

    Gym Lateral top taps with barbell (replacing crab walk) Calf Raise runners position 2x30 each SL leg curl on fitball 2x15each SL Squat 2x15 each Bench Press 3x15 @50kg Row 3x20 @47kg Deadlift with powerband resistance 3x15 @50kg Lat pull down 3x20 @40kg SL SA KB OH press 3x12 @8kg bottoms up Squat 2x15 @40kg Rollout/TRX MC (Slow)/palof press 3x tech failure HE low plank 1x1min Run 10x1min strides with 30sec recovery