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  1. Porca

    Mark Scott Fun Run

    Hi everyone check this out its for a great cause www.scottendurance.com.au/moveformark/ . You may remember he was hit by a car about 14 weeks ago. Please come and run or donate.
  2. James, I would rather listen to the farts of a geriatric in a public toilet cubicle than either that song or Tina Arena again.
  3. yep always been the case
  4. I think Michael Weiss shorts are too short as well!
  5. Porca

    Avanti Corsa Pro

    cmon you guys buy yourself or your wife/girlfriend a bike!
  6. Porca

    Avanti Corsa Pro

    For sale is my wives bike, about 5 years old Carbon fork and seat stays Ultegra groupset with 10 speed 7800 duraace sti shifters FSA wheels $800 I will post a photo when I learn how to or I can email em http://s230.photobucket.com/albums/ee100/porca/
  7. Porca

    Corrosion Damage

    I have had 2 frames warrantied cause of corrosion a cannondale (repainted) under warranty and a Bianchi replaced
  8. Porca

    Corrosion Damage

    I'm a heavy sweater too, oh sorry wrong thread!
  9. Porca

    Best Pedals

    speedplay on roady and TT, time on both mtb's
  10. Porca


    Mr Blonde, my only question to you is, wtf are you doing in the burgh at 6am on a Sunday? apart from looking for coffee you will get to "squeal like a pig!"
  11. fatass, best value ever
  12. I need to travel to newy at the end of the month and need help finding some decent (quiet/ traffic-less) rides around 90mins. Im staying right in the middle of town.Any help would be great.
  13. Porca

    Ricky Nixon

    yep, she is 17. I have to agree, stop putting her on the tv
  14. Porca

    Ricky Nixon

    I just saw her interviewed on the 7pm project and it was sad. She is a f-king kid, with mental health issues (my opinion). Also I think it is unethical for a tv show to be interviewing a minor without an adult present. What do you guys think?
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