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  1. iFoz

    Noosa Tri 2018

  2. iFoz

    Noosa Tri 2018

    Not an issue in the 1km swim this afternoon.
  3. iFoz

    Noosa Tri 2018

    I’m fortunate enough to hit Noosa early this year. Finally got an opportunity to play the golf day tomorrow after swimming. Yayyyyy. If you didn’t get one at Port in 2015, I have some spare Transitions bum bibs, so if you want to out yourself as a Tranny on the run course, let me know, for a catch up / handover.
  4. iFoz

    2020 70.3 World Championship

    I think Jonkoping, Sweden in July is the first event offering 2020 slots.
  5. iFoz

    Trannie photos

    Looks like ScubaSteve.
  6. iFoz

    Trannie photos

    Port Mac 2012 beer mile Clownboy, TGL, KAM, TPP, some say he...
  7. iFoz

    Trannie photos

    Challenge Cairns 2011 Clownboy, Rattie, SexyTriMum Tortoise, Skel, SunnyGirl, TPP.
  8. iFoz

    Trannie photos

    Kona 2012 YoYo pissed orf, about us all getting kicked out of LuLus.
  9. iFoz

    IM Oz Vs IM Nz

    That’d be Steely. I’ve done Port x5 and Taupo x3. Its 3-0 to Taupo but it’s still my favorite in the ANZ region. Best swim in the world. Last mass start still available. The support on the run is every where. The whole town is out there.
  10. iFoz

    Dating online

    Errrr, no TC I’m fed women’s profiles not blokes. Though there’s a lot of comments from the ladies around sick of seeing fish, torsos, drugged animals. ”I love life” always makes me roll my eyes🙄 Compared to what? Of course you do. Who’s going to write “I’m so looking forward to death.”🤣 I recently discovered a podcast by Sami Lukis called Romantically Challenged. For those in the market, it’s entertaining and informative. https://www.samilukis.com/author/#0
  11. iFoz

    Sydney Coastal Trail - Trailer Movie

    That looks magnificent too.
  12. iFoz

    Sydney Coastal Trail - Trailer Movie

    That’s looks fantastic. Let’s organise a run there on a future trip to Sydney. Whoever was in charge of the sound (track) on that video... keep them away from the video editing software in future. 😂
  13. iFoz

    Sydney Coastal Trail - Trailer Movie

    You may have noticed in the video, the elevated boardwalk in front of the cemetery has reopened. That cemetery is a masterclass in town planning. Take one of the best bits of real estate in Sydney and fill it full of people who can no longer appreciate the view. 😂 The majority of runners on the trail between 6-8am were female.
  14. Many of my long runs for IMNZ 2016 were completed along the Coastal Trail between Coogee and Bondi. I would catch the bus to Coogee, leave my fresh kit at Wylies Baths, run Coogee-Bondi-Coogee-Bondi-Coogee to Wylies Baths (30km). A recovery swim in the ocean pool and a massage on the deck by Massage by the sea. A great way to spend a Sunday morning. The optic nerves got a lot of training too. 😎 I just introduced a mate to the trail and took a bit of video footage. It was all filmed on an iPhone and made using iMovie app on the iPhone. Enjoy, and get out out there if you visit Sydney. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d0fyg87iihds1tb/CoastalTrail-1080p.mov?dl=0
  15. iFoz

    Should Bored@ now do Kona?

    Oi!, when did I get dragged into this? 😄 (the original iFoz). I've already asked B@W to come to Kona in 2019.