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  1. iFoz

    Winter Gloves

    $160 for a pair of cycling gloves! Eeeeek. Did they come off an old shuttle spacesuit? If your fingers are frostbitten, what are your toes like? how do you keep them warm?
  2. iFoz

    Winter Gloves

    Layers! Try wearing a pair of food handling gloves under your GripGrabs or a pair of merino wool liners? If it gets too hot, then you can remove a layer.
  3. iFoz


    Yes. He just added today he's been able to get some food deliveries.
  4. iFoz


    I have a mate in Sydney quarantine, in Sheraton on the Park... "... Very comfortable but they only have a budget of $50 per pax per day. Cornflakes for breakfast, salad and a roll for lunch and something completely indescribable for dinner..."
  5. iFoz

    Floor tiling

    Is this close enough? (300mm) ? It’s the same one being broken up in my picture earlier in the thread. I have 13 of these gathering dust in the garage. If you’re around Brisbane, you’re welcome to collect them.
  6. iFoz

    Floor tiling

    The existing area was a mix of carpet and tiles. So the tiles had to be removed to get a level base.
  7. iFoz

    Floor tiling

    Yes, I forgot to mention that. Good pickup IronmanFoz.
  8. iFoz

    Floor tiling

    That I cannot say, perhaps a topping/leveling coat? (might have trouble adhering to the existing tiles.) Mine original tiles were jack hammered out.
  9. iFoz

    Floor tiling

    I'm with AJ. A vote for vinyl floorboards. Cheaper, softer, quieter and zero risk of water damage than real timber. Mine are 12 years down and with a polish would look like new again.
  10. Wow, mission control looked like any other temporary office with foldaway desks, laptops and screens. Well, the one we were shown anyway.
  11. EX, Can you share the group name or is a private group?
  12. iFoz


    Flannie, I write a comical project diary of weird and obscure things I see while working away on projects. One of the regular columns is a celebrity lookalike of the project team members. I think/know you'll appreciate the newsletter. PM me your email if you'd like to be added to the distribution list. Added image
  13. iFoz

    Your own 2.25mtr²

    🤓 \nerdmode Technically it's 7 square metres. Pi.r.r (where r=1.5m)
  14. I selected October 2021anyway, so it's a non issue for me. But without seeing the actual email wording to the coffee club member, I suspect it's a misinterpretation of the chose Feb or Oct option and that your decision cannot be reversed voluntarily. Happy to be corrected if the actual email wording is shared.
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