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  1. They were cancelled because it wasn’t raining. 😫
  2. Entry+ sales tax+ active fee+ one day race licence+ finisherpix pack (without video) Multiplied by current exchange rate.
  3. Yep. Registered on Monday night. Now AUD$1742 poorer 😱 Given til Friday to pay before forfeiting the spot. My club mate submitted his first legacy application in 2018 and was advised 2021 race also. I was lucky to only have a one year wait.
  4. iFoz

    All things IM NZ

    EDO (Mr and Mrs) are on the start list again.
  5. iFoz

    Port 2019

    Just signed up for the full. That’s no.6 at Port. $1073 Entry plus Finisherpix.
  6. iFoz

    The end

    May your grief be short and your memories long.
  7. iFoz

    Tweed Coast Enduro

    This! Outbound On the first lap, in the dark skies and rain, at the worst bit of road on the course, I was brought down by a patchwork of pothole repairs going in a straight line 🙄. My worst crash ever on the bike. What drove me to continue? The club kit (which miraculously survived better than my skin and body), and my mantra of death before DNF. Worst race result to date. But for your immediate future... take a leaf out of Bored@Work’s book. FAMILY first!
  8. iFoz

    Tweed Coast Enduro

    Nothing a bit of fixomull and antiseptic powder won’t fix in a week or two. 🤕
  9. iFoz

    Tweed Coast Enduro

    That was me yelling “Go Trannie” at you, as you passed by on the run. You looked pretty focussed.
  10. iFoz

    iFoz - care to explain?

    Lunch time swim squads with Reddog. Highly recommended for tan work (oh and a bit of swim improvement also.)😎
  11. iFoz

    iFoz - care to explain?

    There was plenty of room after all the worms had been cleared out. 😮
  12. iFoz

    iFoz - care to explain?

    🙄 Sadly, there was no one left in the race to read it after I’d limped to the finish line.
  13. iFoz

    All things IM NZ

    Not me, but a first timer in the 2018 TriTravel crew.
  14. iFoz

    Big issue

    UK style heart attack on a plate available in West End, Brisbane.
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