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  1. Neither. It’s none of our business. If they’re happy, be happy for them. If it’s a phase, let them pass through it.
  2. Auckland in winter certainly isn't the ideal place to prepare/climatise for Kona, but when I think of IronNerd's work location/situation, I should count my blessings. Working long hours and weather are conspiring to challenge my commitment to hit all training sessions. Too many missed for my liking, but I'm trying not to let it do my head in. I found Vbike to get my bike training in, without having to bring my bike here, fantastic facility/shop. But they keep turngin the fans on during sessions, while I'm requesting heaters and humidty 🙄 I get my looooong rides done on the weekends I'm home (fortnightly). But last Saturday was 4 hours on the Vbike trainer and a 4km brick run completed and I felt pumped. I felt like it was all coming together. I have access to a 25m swimming pool that hardly anybody uses, via the hotel I'm staying at. Long runs up Mt Eden and One Tree Hill/Cornwell Park are good for the soul too. Flying to Kona on the 3rd with TriTravel, so there's nine days to get some acclimatization to the humidity. Overall: Not as prepped as I'd probably be working at home, but I choose the nomadic project life, so race day will be whatever it will be and I'll aim to enjoy every stroke, pedal and step, whether that be sub 12 hours or 16:59hrs.
  3. GE, you will become an awesome cancer conquerer. Just like you conquered Kona back in 2012. Get well soon.
  4. Dilemma: This or Sunny Coast 70.3? or just another training day.
  5. I hope you’re off the mark there Bored@. It’s only rough and tumble for the first km in the swim then it settles. I’ve not witnessed a big drafting problem at Taupo, in the three times I’ve raced there.
  6. Nope. Taupo is still hanging in there. Love the Taupo swim.
  7. At Port, John was the only person on the run course who said Go Tranny. Ok ok, his actual words were “Get running Transitions” (as he read my bum bib while running past.) 🙄
  8. Probably a good thing you keep finding those red bikes all over the countryside then. They don’t last forever. 😁
  9. iFoz

    Time management

    “You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist” - (apparently attributed to Indira Gandhi, Mahatma Ghandi, Golda Meir, even Anonymous 🙄) Lift your game Trannies. (cue flaming in my direction 🥴)
  10. Just boarded for my next project assignment. Off to Auckland. Could be three weeks/months/years 🥴 Any intel in Trannyland about squads swimming/bike studio/running? I’ll be CBD based. Once established I may take a bike over. I’m sure I’m not the first to train for Kona through an NZ winter.🥴
  11. An exciting motivating read. Thanks Clintred Mods, Can we get that post moved/copied into race reports ?
  12. I was hardly able to walk Rattie. That and having to contribute to driving back to Brissie that night made it a no brainer to scratch. 😩 (No influence from AP). Even Pete Murray expressed disbelief on IM Wrap, last night.
  13. Oooo... you are harsh. 😱 After dragging my non lean arse around the last lap with a limp, skip and hobble, for a second personal worst... I validated for Kona 2019 legacy. 👅 (blowing a raspberry emoji).
  14. I was a scratching, due to inability to run. Sadly, Could only contribute as a turnaround marker.
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