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  1. iFoz

    All things IM NZ

    Not me, but a first timer in the 2018 TriTravel crew.
  2. iFoz

    Big issue

    UK style heart attack on a plate available in West End, Brisbane.
  3. iFoz

    Boxing day sales?

    Wouldn’t that be a $386 lather? 😂
  4. iFoz

    Kona Roll Down List Busso 18

    I always post the Kona roll down results from races I attend, here on Trannies.
  5. iFoz

    Port 2019

    I’ll be on the start line for the full too. Validation race for the 2019 Kona legacy invite.
  6. iFoz

    Raby Bay Brisbane Riding

    What dates Nath? I could show you some routes. Fancy a 170km to the Gold Coast and back? PM if you prefer.
  7. iFoz

    Wierd and Wacky Tourist attractions’

    You can also choke on Hedgehog ice cream. I saw this in Vancouver. 😄
  8. iFoz

    2018 Goals-what are they ?

    This might sound inappropriate, but you know how to make a Tranny choke (up). 😂 Finish what you start. Even if it takes more than 13 hours. I’d love to hear the back story to this. But understand if you don’t wish to share it. Where’s the salute emoticon?
  9. iFoz

    Anti Fog Solution (For Goggles)

    How is that even possible ? (assuming you didn’t have sand all over your fingers) 🙄
  10. iFoz

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    I’m still trying to shake the junior tag. 🙄 Come join us, help skew the average age in the right direction.
  11. iFoz

    Bait bikes

    King St and Flinders, this year.🙄
  12. iFoz

    Noosa Tri 2018

    Not an issue in the 1km swim this afternoon.
  13. iFoz

    Noosa Tri 2018

    I’m fortunate enough to hit Noosa early this year. Finally got an opportunity to play the golf day tomorrow after swimming. Yayyyyy. If you didn’t get one at Port in 2015, I have some spare Transitions bum bibs, so if you want to out yourself as a Tranny on the run course, let me know, for a catch up / handover.
  14. iFoz

    2020 70.3 World Championship

    I think Jonkoping, Sweden in July is the first event offering 2020 slots.