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  1. I hope you’re off the mark there Bored@. It’s only rough and tumble for the first km in the swim then it settles. I’ve not witnessed a big drafting problem at Taupo, in the three times I’ve raced there.
  2. Nope. Taupo is still hanging in there. Love the Taupo swim.
  3. At Port, John was the only person on the run course who said Go Tranny. Ok ok, his actual words were “Get running Transitions” (as he read my bum bib while running past.) 🙄
  4. Probably a good thing you keep finding those red bikes all over the countryside then. They don’t last forever. 😁
  5. iFoz

    Time management

    “You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist” - (apparently attributed to Indira Gandhi, Mahatma Ghandi, Golda Meir, even Anonymous 🙄) Lift your game Trannies. (cue flaming in my direction 🥴)
  6. Just boarded for my next project assignment. Off to Auckland. Could be three weeks/months/years 🥴 Any intel in Trannyland about squads swimming/bike studio/running? I’ll be CBD based. Once established I may take a bike over. I’m sure I’m not the first to train for Kona through an NZ winter.🥴
  7. An exciting motivating read. Thanks Clintred Mods, Can we get that post moved/copied into race reports ?
  8. I was hardly able to walk Rattie. That and having to contribute to driving back to Brissie that night made it a no brainer to scratch. 😩 (No influence from AP). Even Pete Murray expressed disbelief on IM Wrap, last night.
  9. Oooo... you are harsh. 😱 After dragging my non lean arse around the last lap with a limp, skip and hobble, for a second personal worst... I validated for Kona 2019 legacy. 👅 (blowing a raspberry emoji).
  10. I was a scratching, due to inability to run. Sadly, Could only contribute as a turnaround marker.
  11. A new character for this years Beer Mile. He, and his assistant monkey, could steal the show.
  12. iFoz

    Port 2019

    Any new-ish Trannies who didn't get a Trannies BumBib in 2015 and are willing to out themselves as Trannies on race day, I still have some blank bumbibs left. You could have your name on it or you can just leave it as the tranny logo. If you need to know what it looks like... I'll bring them along to the swim practice.
  13. iFoz

    Port Race Numbers

    70.3 3199 - Flanman 2840 - MissJess 2943 - IronJimbo 70.3 2077 - wombattri (Andrew Ritter) 2599 - Limited  140.6 593 - The New Guy 752 - Trickle 497 - Monkie 31-009 - Paul Every 20-106 - IronmanFoz (Andrew Foster) 15 - 266 - Dave T 1169 - scubasteve  1011 - Tall Paul 337 - iFoz (In Cycos club kit, not dress up this year )
  14. iFoz

    AP's training tip # 4

    I had a bad start to this year, with interstate project work and sickness, (Excuses, excuses). But I’ve been averaging 15 hours / week since the beginning of March. Nine years at IM distance. Port will be number 15 and my Kona validator. Port 2017 was my best placing (but not a PB time) at 9th.
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