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  1. Most motivating quote there is... Dr. "Running, you can't do that" Skel "here hold my electrolite drink... just watch me (after a proper recovery of course)"
  2. Likey, likey. I'm probably going to be in the market for a new bike, if I hear back from the insurance company this week. Been looking on line and getting very disappointed with the prevalence for all black on the new frames (except for Trek ProjectOne). Sooooooo boring. But that P5 is lovely.
  3. iFoz

    Noosa Tri 2019

    I was one of that 1000 and not by choice. 😭
  4. iFoz

    Noosa Tri 2019

    The men’s crit is underway.
  5. iFoz

    Evoc Bike Bag

    Not for me. Soft case that weighs as much as a hard case with out the hard case protection. This would be a better option https://www.pushys.com.au/topeak-pakgo-x-bike-travel-case.html
  6. iFoz

    Caden v Roval

    Considered www.Wheelscience.com in the mix? https://au.trustpilot.com/review/www.wheelscience.com
  7. Wasn’t playing, just having a recce walk around Buddha Point. Peter, the second word is off, you can guess the first 😂😂
  8. My golf is rooted too. I’m a DNS for Noosa charity golf day and the Tri. Gutted. But like Kona, I’ve spent a Kings ransom on accommodation, so will still be having the usual five days in Noosa. I was the only Cyco to be racing this year. Trannies I knew racing Kona were Blobby and Newt identified himself during the race when he saw my Tranny cap. Putting my bucket hat to good use at Akaka Falls
  9. Just come inside for some water and a break to catch up on this thread as all my athletes are outbound towards Queen K. Stood at the end of the Kona Reef aid station all the run leg, watching them all enter and leave the Alii leg. In the flesh, Haug looked outstanding, a class above everybody else. I would call these perfect run conditions. Cairns and Langkawi has been way more oppressive. I hope it's not this easy when I get to come back(?)!!
  10. Need anymore evidence the universe didn’t want me here this year? My bag didn’t arrive on my flight and I’m in the armpit and chopped off. 😳😂 on the bike shirt. However, the Kona Reef apartment is great, the beer is cold, and the atmosphere is magic. Got no money left for a new bike, I hit the expo tent today 🙄.
  11. Sadly, probably. The Red Baron took a nasty hit to the tail and is banged up all over. But I can poke my nail through the carbon on the tail hit But there’s no frames on the market that I love as much as the Red Baron. There’ll be another round of tears if he’s written off.
  12. Yes, my finger brace is very manageable, compare to that beast you're wearing. I burst the top of the finger, and left a lot flesh on the road shoulder, (coarse seal which acted like a cheese grater) so it's the extension tendon. My finger tip was flopping around in the breeze. Magpies have probably eaten what I left behind
  13. Ok, not sure if should be posting here or the Good News thread. 😁 I’ve given myself an uppercut, with the good hand, and gotten over my pity party. I’m cleared to fly to Kona to support and holiday with my bro. The elbow to fingertip plaster back slab is gone and I’m in a finger brace for the next six weeks. Surgeon said I didn’t just sever the tendon, I shredded it. I now have a wire support poking out of my fingertip (the ball) that is drilled through the first joint. Yayyyyy I’m going Kona. 971EC0C2-9912-4124-A649-D9CBC21C5265.MOV
  14. Surgeon said "Don't under estimate the severity of your injury, it's not just a finger." (severed tendon). I was due to fly out of Brisbane with TriTravel thisThursday. Doctors orders... I'm a no fly, til post operation review next Tuesday. I will freely admit there were tears when I was given the post op news a couple of hours after waking from the general anesthetic. So now I hope for a flight clearance next week, so I can get there to support and holiday with my brother who is meeting me in Kona, from Malaysia. I was trying to be chirpy in the pre-op room, chatting with one of the anesthetic crew. She is a budding triathlete and understood the gravity of my predicament, most of the hospital staff didn't. While washing her hands, she looked back at me and said " I can feel the sadness in your heart from over here." It was the nicest thing any of the staff said to me, that validation. However, it nearly tipped me over the emotional edge. I must say, the police, ambulance and hospital crew were all fantastic, but only that one doctor, truly understood the context. Sorry, I have to stop for a moment...
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