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  1. Free Ironman Entry to a North American Race

    That is awesome, I love it. You have good friends.
  2. Tranny kit Ordering

    Do you think I’ll be able join the Instagram crew? Need to work in my tippy toe flexibility.
  3. The Expat Thread.

    Come back to Aus. Unlikely you’ll be able to afford hired help at all. 😳
  4. Free Ironman Entry to a North American Race

    Good on yer IronmanFoz for gifting the win. (Us Fozs are good blokes ). Great result. Bored@ I trust you’re going to take us all along (on the forum) for the shopping trip to renew all your tri kit you just sold off. 😜
  5. Free Ironman Entry to a North American Race

    IronmanFoz has the Midas touch. He also won the paint a rock competition at Port Mac I’m just about to sign up for Coeur D’Alene 70.3 to catch up with my mates in the states from Yakima. But like Peter said, it should go to a full IM first.
  6. IMNZ 2018

    That was No.13. I submitted my application for legacy after Port last year. Received my first “Sorry no Kona for you this year” email on Friday before the Taupo race. Which is what I was expecting. Hoping for an invite in 2019, I don’t know how long the queue currently is. But I’m still trying to qualify via roll down in the meantime. IMNZ satisfies the legacy validation race criteria for 2018. As this year is the 40th Kona anniversary, it would be great to get there in 2018.
  7. IMNZ 2018 - First Full

    Crikey, it took me longer to read than to do the actual race. Great story. Welcome to the club.
  8. IMNZ 2018 Roll Down

    That might be the case for two slotsl. I recall I was distracted at that AG. But there was no roll down on it.
  9. IMNZ 2018

    Match report. Grounds were presented in first class condition. Not a ripple, til we entered the pitch. The game went to plan for the first third. Came out of the water in 1:07 I was confused by the slower time than previous years but realised that the swim was longer, going around into the river to the boat ramp. First lap on the bike was ideal conditions split in 2:56 started thinking about a sub six hour bike split then Taupo enacted a strategy to wear down any ideas of a course conquering bike split. A strong headwind out bound on the second lap added around twenty five minutes over the outbound on the first lap. But it was still good to know there would be a tailwind back to T2. Serious chaffing in the jock box region that two aid station stops for Vaseline was unable to relieve. Taupo went one up in the middle third. Started the run with my mantra on repeat. Be Strong. Looking good to get one back with a sub four run. Overtaking heaps of O group competitors but not any of mine (Q). Started to think they had all hidden their calf markings. However, Taupo delivered the killer blow at thirty three km into the run. It went something like this, I was bursting for a leak but the sphincter would not release any. Me: “c’monnnn let it go, it’s killing my pace” sphincter: “No way I did NOT sign up for this today” Kidneys to sphincter: “Dude let it go, we’re swimming back here” Sphincter: “Sorry dude, I’m on strike until further notice” Kidneys: “Everybody: we’re shutting down!” At which point my kidneys start screaming, my fingers were tingling and I could tell I was becoming disorientated. Survival mode kicks in. I reasoned there’s a difference between being tough and being stupid. Time to walk to the next aid station about two km away. At the aid station I attracted the attention of the medical staff. Fearing being stretchered off the pitch, I assured them I was OK to continue, after some salts, electrolyte, oranges (awwww they were good) and a sit down with iced water. My game plan was shot and it was now all about finishing the game in one piece. Death before DNF n all that. I started running again from the aid station, though to the spectators, running might have been a generous description. I happened across a fellow TriTraveler also in distress and tried to help him and me get to the finish line. The final whistle blew at 12:00:30. Taupo 3-0 Foz After three attempts without a favourable result, Taupo is still my favourite destination race in ANZ. How lucky am I to have jagged three great weather years (the headwinds are a given here). In hindsight, I was very dehydrated, but that didn’t seem possible at the time as I thought I was taking plenty of water and electrolyte at each aid station. This race lesson: Just because you can usually handle hot conditions, don’t take it for granted.
  10. IMNZ 2018 Roll Down

  11. IMNZ 2018 Roll Down

    Haha are throwing salt in my wounds.
  12. IMNZ 2018 Roll Down

    So hot off the press it’s still steaming W 7074 (1) none W 6569 (1) 2nd W 6064 (1) 2nd Julie Moss ag. W 5559 (1) 2nd W 5054 (2) no roll down W 4549 (2) 3rd W 4044 (2) no roll down W 3539 (2) no roll down W 3034 (2) no roll down W 2529 (1) no roll down W 1824 (1) no roll down M 7579 (1) no takers M 7074 (1) no roll down (need to check his birth certificate!) M 6569 (1) 2nd M 6064 (1) no roll down M 5559 (2) no roll down M 5054 (3) no roll down M 4549 (3+1) 6th M 4044 (4) 6th M 3539 (4) 8th M 3034 (2) no roll down M 2529 (2) 3rd M 1824 (1) no roll down M challenged (1) no roll down
  13. IMNZ 2018

    Sorry B@W, My day went BOOM at 33km into the run.
  14. The Great Transitions Beer Mile! (Port Mac)

    Those tips mention bottles, but glass bottles are forbidden. It’s cans, and if you can wrap your lips around a can and skull it then good luck to you. Thanks Miss Jess for picking up the baton.
  15. IMNZ 2018

    Sure am Dave. I’m planning to do it with a finish line photo and some gift to inspire him.