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  1. Jim Acosta asks him that sort of question every day...
  2. He's referred to himself as a 'transitional candidate'
  3. That's how I read it as well He's ineligible to stand, but eligible to serve
  4. So why did Obama wait until Bernie was done in the primaries before endorsing Biden?
  5. Well, you're not doing your job properly then, are you?
  6. https://www.newsweek.com/lindsay-lohan-defends-donald-trump-632526
  7. Looking forward to that I can be as unnecessarily loquacious as the next wordsmith
  8. Yeah, I knew it was a good point Nobody here responded to it
  9. Plenty more where that came from Apparently I need to make a few posts about the best saddle for penile gigantism as well though
  10. In other news, fresh from his Independence Day address at Mt Rushmore where he reminded the country about the founding principles, President Trump is considering another masterpiece of symbolism by accepting his 2020 nomination at Gettysberg Naturally the media are furious
  11. Yanks tend to like Aussies more than Canadians though If it gets nasty I can tell them about the time my parents went to New York to see where the Americas Cup used to be
  12. And that 'argument' would be just as irrelevant there as it is here There are plenty of Liverpool fans who have never been to Anfield
  13. Looking for a pic of Barney Stinson wearing a MAGA hat...
  14. Spot on Nobody is denying that there hasn't been egregious and systemic racism in the past. But the only contemporary forms of sysytemic discrimination I'm aware of are affirmative action and the identity politics of the political left
  15. That sounds like a challenge 😎
  16. Which is why the VP pick matters for once Biden voters may well be voting for Kamala Harris
  17. An example or two of this 'long history of bigotry' would be nice I'll assume none were provided
  18. At best, CNN has become a parody of themselves At worst, they are overtly trying to gaslight their viewers
  19. It seems Brian Selter doesn't watch his own network Or ABC, or NBC, or CBS, or MSNBC...
  20. I did not realise that, and withdraw and apologise
  21. Labor - red Coalition - blue Democrats- blue Republicans - red Swing states - 'purple'
  22. lol. Yeah... The key difference though is the nature of the 'gaffes' themselves. Trump's are embarrassing at worst, but the problem for Biden is that he ends up saying the quiet part out loud - stuff that is often patently racist and would give the media a collective aneurysm if it came from Trump When has Trump ever said stuff like black people aren't as diverse as Hispanics? Or that poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids? Or that Barack Obama was the first bright, clean and articulate African-American? Or if you don't vote for him, "you ain't black?" Nine of this matters to the press though, because Orange Man Doubleplusungood
  23. In terms of ideology, its basically a more polarised Australia with the colours reversed
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