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  1. Yeah, I couldn't open it either 🙁 Sky News broke this last night, there will probably be a big announcement today with further details
  2. Big news for Townsville. Multisport World Titles in 2021, presumably this would be aquathlon, cross-tri, long distance, etc https://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/news/townsville/multisport-world-titles-a-16m-coup-for-townsville/news-story/e3304265143742dc78fa737f888fe86d
  3. I like pina coladas Getting caught in the rain kind of sucks though
  4. I look forward to your similar condemnation of Rog I won't be holding my breath though
  5. It was, until the usual suspects from the left started trying to out-virtue signal each other
  6. We get enough of that from BarryBev, Parky and Rog
  7. Forster in mid-May is what I've heard
  8. Foz quoted Anning's twitter post Rog, nothing more
  9. Good to see you again mate, I gave you a shout out as you were starting your last run lap but you might not have heard me
  10. No, employees of those businesses (such as the people Bill visited yesterday) are generally covered by enterprise bargaining agreements
  11. Which is why they should be concerned about the impact of a big rise on the smallest businesses in the economy which would suffer as a result
  12. Solid point, given that he pretty much threw away the championship last year with his mistakes It's not a stretch to suggest that Ricciardo probably would have won last year with that car
  13. Interesting choice of venue by Bill yesterday, visiting a supermarket warehouse to spruik his proposed minimum wage increase to people who aren't on the minimum wage...
  14. Ash and Jake pick themselves The second men's spot is up for grabs, but if Super League is anything to go by (as it should be given the similarity in format), Jeffcoat would have to be in front for the second women's spot. Especially if she defends her Mooloolaba WC title on Saturday
  15. Ryal is good mates with one of my cousins. Top bloke and a real talent He was doing shooeys before a certain Daniel Ricciardo too, just quietly...
  16. I'm curious about that as well. It can't be that Pell didn't get an opportunity to tell his side of the story, as he opted not to take the stand And his counsel stated that his offending was at the lower end of the scale, so to speak, which sounds like an admission to me...
  17. It's always been that way unfortunately Even Juan Manuel Fangio was partly backed by the Argentine government
  18. IronJimbo

    Port 2019

    Okay, it was Hillary then
  19. Might have to add her to the 'must follow on Instagram' list...
  20. IronJimbo

    Port 2019

    Very nice! 👍
  21. IronJimbo

    Port 2019

    It was Comey, the Russians and the patriarchy
  22. The unsubstantiated and unsupported testimony of an individual was enough for the Democrats in the US to try to ruin another individual's life and end his legal career last year...
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