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  1. IronJimbo

    Port 2019

    I'll wait for you at the start of the chute then
  2. IronJimbo

    Liverpool FC on top of the EPL Ladder

    "You'll Never Win Again"
  3. IronJimbo

    Port 2019

    Naturally Two years off legend-wait for it-dary though
  4. IronJimbo

    The Politics Thread

    lol Did Nikki Savva declare her conflict of interest in the preface?
  5. IronJimbo

    Port 2019

    In for #8 next year
  6. IronJimbo

    Trump is the President

    Same as what always happens when the govt gets shut down - a bunch of people don't get paid, but otherwise not much
  7. IronJimbo

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    It makes us the biggest winners
  8. IronJimbo

    Cranky does it again..

    IronmanFoz and I know the truth 😎
  9. IronJimbo

    The Politics Thread

    Nothing will be done about it thoiugh, because if either side proposed to get rid of it the other side would accuse them of trying to avoid scrutiny, or some such shit Such is the contemporary discourse
  10. IronJimbo

    The Politics Thread

    I have no idea what purpose question time serves at all, it's been a useless distraction for decades Surely there is a more productive use of an hour and a half each day than Labor saying the Liberals are shit, and the Liberals saying that Labor have been and will be shitter
  11. IronJimbo

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    My name is Jimbo and I'm a zwift addict...
  12. IronJimbo

    The Politics Thread

    Gosh, don't those Liberals in that video look silly. I had no idea that they actually carry on like that I'm starting to think that a 45% RET and open borders might actually be the way to go now...
  13. IronJimbo

    Plastic bag ban.....

    I wonder how sales of plastic bin liners are holding up..
  14. IronJimbo

    Busso 2018

    Yep, there's a bit of FOMO kicking in here too...
  15. IronJimbo

    250 caught cheating in half marathon!

    Did anyone else think of Lance when they read that?
  16. IronJimbo

    Busso 2018

    If Cranky can manage it, FFF can
  17. IronJimbo

    Tips on how not to swim like a snake

    Hand width at entry and catch has cause this problem for me. I need to remember the 'train tracks' - each hand at catch should be roughly at shoulder-width to prevent crossing over and subsequent snaking. A proper roll helps with this as well
  18. IronJimbo

    The Politics Thread

    lol Attempted justification of name calling and argument from authority, but no attempt at intellectually honest rebuttal Imagine my surprise
  19. IronJimbo

    Safety - There are dickheads and there are dickheads.

    This is true Nobody does fluoro pink like Foz 😜
  20. IronJimbo

    The Politics Thread

    'Gaffe' of course being defined as something that Parky doesn't agree with but cannot rebut without name calling...
  21. IronJimbo

    The Politics Thread

    Let's get it over and done with and get Bill in I'm sick of being able to afford electricity
  22. IronJimbo

    The Politics Thread

    lol I love the varying arguments that either nobody watches Sky News, or it's powerful enough to bring down a PM Which is it?
  23. IronJimbo

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    I've got this figured out now. I just need to do a half ironman each week...
  24. IronJimbo

    The Politics Thread

    Bill is safe because there isn't another Bill in the party to knife him