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  1. Yeah, that's definitely the second nastiest lead in
  2. Same thing happened to me in a race last week. When your connection drops out, zwift takes away the bunch around you, and it takes the bunch draft effect with it I was only offline for about ten seconds, but that was enough for the front pack to put 5sec on me. I tried to find some extra wattage from somewhere to get back across, but B grade don't f*ck around Very annoying...
  3. Surely using fake tan is impeachable Nancy! Adam! Get on it!
  4. No, it's just pretty standard virtue signalling Their ideological comrades in the east have picked up the ball and are running with it though https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1189344.shtml
  5. Perhaps the sincerity of the New York Times might have been more believable were it not for 'articles' like this: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/26/opinion/coronavirus-trump.html
  6. Here we go... 'You disagree with me politically, which means you don't care about other people as much as I do' Want a sugar cube for your high horse?
  7. IronJimbo


    Probably because those people are opposed to authoritarianism
  8. Sorry for pointing out the #fakenews in your article Perhaps you should choose a more reliable source
  9. Including at least one murder victim, according to CNN...
  10. A doff of the helmet to you, good sir Ride on 👍💪
  11. Spot on You can now add the media to the list of entities that people have a massive distrust of now. Trump has been calling them on their bullshit, which is why they hate him nearly as much as Nancy Pelosi and Paul Every Speaking of calling out the media for their bullshit, I'm developing a very large crush on Kayleigh McEnaney...
  12. So you're quite happy to call Trump's response incompetent, but have no interest in other leaders who have done significantly worse? That says more about you than it does about him
  13. You tell me Where is your condemnation of Philippe, given that Belgium's death rate is nearly three times that of the incompetent Trump's USA?
  14. I have not been saying per capita. I've been saying per million
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