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  1. My understanding is that there have been less cyclones here, and less tornadoes in the US If you have evidence to the contrary, happy to have a look at it
  2. Cool So what do you propose we do about it? What difference will it make, and how much will it cost?
  3. I'm not aware of anyone being killed by an event definitively linked to climate change I am aware of many, many people who struggle to pay their power bills, to cite but one example
  4. Given that more people have been impoverished by climate change policy than have been proven to have been killed by climate change, I would suggest that my question is more topical
  5. The actual question is how many million people are you willing to impoverish in order to try and probably fail to do something about it
  6. Because Thatcher herself admittedly invented co2 based climate change concerns back in the 80s as a ruse in order to win her war with coal mining unions The rest of the article is a typical bunch of bullshit platitudes with little substance. Just like your other article which was just another excuse for Waleed to peddle his 'terrorism isn't a big deal' agenda
  7. IronJimbo

    Froome GONE

    Yep, it's wide open
  8. IronJimbo

    Froome GONE

    Wow The moral of the story - horsies at 54kmh are not a good idea...
  9. Indeed After years of genuinely abhorrent behavior, finally Setka has fallen below the ALP's standards by saying something relatively innocuous
  10. IronJimbo


    And by the same token, people try to shut down people they disagree with by accusing them of being poorly motivated and/or morally deficient
  11. Good thing the economy isn't going to get belted with $380 billion in extra taxes then, eh?
  12. Wow, you guys have two potential recessions to look forward to How exciting
  13. How about some cheese with your whine? 😁
  14. IronJimbo

    Israel Folau

    Guessing the tribunal would work the same way, but the civil provision of the Act would apply. So presumably no limit on damages etc If Israel wins, as I think he very well might, Rugby Australia are f*cked I wonder if Qantas will pick up the tab...
  15. As I've been saying for years, I'll believe there's an emergency when the people telling me there's an emergency start behaving like there's an emergency
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