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  1. You're referring to name calling as a response in a debate There is no debate currently in progress, as Nath has fled in terror from the truth
  2. I don't start fights. I finish them
  3. Where's Nath? I would have thought he'd be home from Soleimani's funeral by now
  4. Sticks is correct If you can't afford the insurance, you can't afford the house
  5. IronJimbo


    Stop getting political guys You'll get me in trouble
  6. I wonder if CNN breathlessly reported that reaction
  7. On the contrary, free speech for all And no safe spaces
  8. The reward kit is different this year, so I'll probably do it again Looks easier this time around, the final stage last year was Road to Sky. The race option is cool though
  9. IronJimbo


    Warringah Tri Club raised a few grand this morning at their club race via sponsors and donations
  10. IronJimbo


    Particularly indigenous employment, which the haters won't tell you about
  11. Yep Never is a long time
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