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  1. She's a guide, isn't she?
  2. IronJimbo


    Davey will bring up his 300 three overs into on day 4, then we'll declare
  3. I hope I've never been impolite to you too monkie, the last page or so has been pretty enjoyable
  4. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see...
  5. The public's aversion to borish bullies being given an inordinate amount of power is one of the reasons Trump won
  6. lol I was aactually heading out for 800m intervals...
  7. Do you have an example or two, or are you happy to leave it at this whinge?
  8. Small government with safety nets is a conservative position (I'd say conservative libertarian actually) And I agree with your other positions as well Free speech is a right I take pretty seriously though. The Alan Joneses and Clementine Fords have a right to be heard, and we have a right to disagree with them
  9. Nobody does Free stuff has to be paid for somehow though
  10. Conservatives believe that the government exists to protect each individual's natural rights Progressives believe that individual rights are granted by the government Leftists pretend to be concerned about rights whilst lobbying to take rights away from their opponents
  11. Jones is a conservative, the natural enemy of the left
  12. Generally more progressive, depending on the topic
  13. While on the same ideological side as leftists, 'progressives' or 'liberals' are at least prepared to rationally debate why they think they're entitled to more of your taxes Leftists think that anyone who disagrees with them is an evil uneducated racist sexist bigot homophobe who doesn't deserve to be heard
  14. It's easier than thinking up an intellectually honest response, I suppose
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