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  1. Townsville Triathlon

    Me too?
  2. Townsville Triathlon

    Just the four of us then?
  3. Townsville Triathlon

    Townsville Tri Festival 2017 Athlete's Guide.pdf Athlete's Guide attached...
  4. Townsville Triathlon

    Yep. Looks pretty flat too This is going to be fun
  5. Townsville Triathlon

    Wetsuits allowed Happy as a pig in shit
  6. The Politics Thread

    The Liberals thought of it
  7. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Well you're a hateful pineappleist bigot who doesn't deserve to be heard
  8. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Probably harming the yes argument, if anything Moral posturing seems to be the only tactic he knows though
  9. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Bring on the vote. Hopefully it will get up so we can concentrate on things which affect the country as a whole For all the talk about 'hate speech, though, the only abuse I've seen so far is from the 'yes' camp
  10. Sharks vs Broncos

    Jeez mate. I know catching up with me is always a special occasion, but that sounds a little OTT
  11. Townsville Triathlon

    I'm jetting up on the Friday and heading back on the Sunday Would be good to catch up - I'll do a roll call next week
  12. Sydney Duathlon

    Great day and a nice pre-Townsville hitout. The hill on each run lap was a good test, and a nice fast bike course despite it being a bit technical in places (which I actually like) The only downsides were the bike course being about 2km short, and changing a couple of laps in Great fun
  13. lets help Willie get moist...

    Thread title of the year nomination right here
  14. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    Me I've got one on Feb 3, but it's in Canberra which should help I'm making a call on Moobah after Townsville I also thought it was nice of the NRL to have the Cowboys hosting the Sharks on 19 August
  15. Do I need to worry about my cadence when training?

    I've always spun at around the 75 mark on the trainer, but lately I've been working on lifting cadence during intervals. Last Saturday I did a 16km time trial averaging 298W @99rpm, so it does work