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  1. IronJimbo

    Trump is the President

    It all seems to be going pretty well so far Devastating news, obviously. It's actually possible that CNN might not be able to find a way to negatively spin it Terrible news
  2. IronJimbo


    In other football news, the Nigerian national team is so embarrassed by their performance in their 2-1 loss in last weekend's friendly against England that they are offering to reimburse fans for their tickets, travel expenses, etc. All they have to do is send in their banking details and PIN numbers...
  3. IronJimbo

    complete newb - needs advice

    Ground control is the trail I rode a couple of months ago. Bit off a bit more than I could chew, but I'm looking forward to getting back over there once I get me some more skills
  4. IronJimbo

    complete newb - needs advice

    It's more the lack of a complete pedal stroke when going uphill that I'm used to on the roadies, although that's probably something else which doesn't translate to MTB I handled the downhills pretty well once I got my weight distribution figured out. The dropper came in very handy Manly Dam is a great ride though, really good mix of terrain. Manageable, but still testing enough to cut your teeth on. I had a good run around Red Hill on Sunday afternoon too, I might get the MTB over there on the weekend for a bit of a scout
  5. IronJimbo

    Windtrainer Bike

    Who'd pay a hundred bucks for a Giant??
  6. IronJimbo

    Windtrainer Bike

    Get a Giant At least they're good for something
  7. IronJimbo

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    Yep Its the small minority of idiots who see the rest of us tarred with the same brush And it's the small minority of idiots in cars who do stupid things Unfortunately though, those things put us in mortal danger What do we do though? Ban cars?
  8. IronJimbo

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    And the absurdity of calls for registration and number plates is that the same haters would still hate just as much
  9. IronJimbo

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    It's more a reflection that the first step in solving any problem is stopping it from getting any worse Not running red lights and the like might not be a cure, but the less we do that sort of thing, the less reasons motorists will have to hate us
  10. IronJimbo

    The Politics Thread

    It's all relative, I guess
  11. IronJimbo

    The Politics Thread

    In your not-so-humble opinion...
  12. IronJimbo

    The Politics Thread

  13. IronJimbo

    The Politics Thread

    Parky and I obviously have rather different opinions The difference is that I think he is entitled to his
  14. IronJimbo

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    Yeah, I don't trust the lack of a head in a car either. There might be a sheila in it picking up her handbag off the floor
  15. IronJimbo

    The Politics Thread

    I love you man Come on buddy, bring it in...