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  1. Meanwhile when Nancy Pelosi's obvious hatred of Trump is called out she claims to be offended because of her Catholicism, despite supporting abortion to the point of birth...
  2. Yeah true As the saying goes, does the mother's right to choose trump the kid's right to life?
  3. It's under appeal so it's TBC really
  4. IronJimbo

    Israel Folau

    Either way, the Clover Moore wannabe has got to go
  5. OMG. How awful Much more awful than third trimester abortions, that's for sure
  6. Perhaps you should wait and see how the appeal goes before you get too excited In any case, asking the judiciary to rule on bullshit subpoenas issued by blatantly partisan legislative committees is not obstruction of justice
  7. So, it wasn't laughed out of any court then, and you were talking out of your arse
  8. Which court was it laughed out of?
  9. lol Obstruction of justice how?
  10. It goes without saying that most things would be more fun for you to watch than the Democrats ingesting themselves
  11. IronJimbo

    Israel Folau

    Nobody at the time That's kind of the point...
  12. IronJimbo

    Israel Folau

    But it was all okay when the Democrats were appointing people like Ruth Bader-Ginsberg...
  13. Pelosi announces that House Democrats are pushing ahead with impeachment It's always fun watching far-left political parties trying to punch themselves in the balls as hard as possible
  14. IronJimbo

    Israel Folau

    Great point from Janet Albrechtsen today - "Given that Westpac boss Brian Hartzer fell on his sword for a disaster he didn’t know about, surely RA boss Raelene Castle should resign for a disaster she personally orchestrated"
  15. IronJimbo

    Israel Folau

    Because it was probably twelve...
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