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  1. Sharks vs Broncos

    Oh well. There's always last year...
  2. Gwen Jorgensen Pregnant

    'In my day childbirth was hard...'
  3. The Mental Health thread

    I know what that feels like. It's almost a form of self-induced emotional blackmail But as hard as it might be, heaven forbid, if something does happen you absolutely cannot under any circumstances blame yourself
  4. Which Ironman will you be doing in 2018?

    No plans to do one at this stage Might have to change my name to 'OlympicJimbo'
  5. Settled or Invaded

    No, I think I've correctly categorised you as a leftist
  6. Settled or Invaded

    Of course there are plenty of differing viewpoints. For example, I often make the distinction between genuine progressives who try to make the world a better place, and leftists who are more interested in virtue signalling and besmirching their opponents
  7. Settled or Invaded

    So presumably anyone who is not leftist is some sort of sub-human What a classical leftist viewpoint Let me know when you get here
  8. The Politics Thread

    Oh I know he's done his homework. Because he told us And we can believe Bill because Bill is honest
  9. Settled or Invaded

    Well by 'the left' I'm obviously referring to you But yes, I'm referring to those that continue to give out education, healthcare, billions upon billions of dollars and apparently should still feel the need to apologise at every turn
  10. The Politics Thread

    Yeah goughy Bill is okay because Bill said so
  11. Settled or Invaded

    Well it's said that history is written by the winners But then it usually gets rewritten by the left...
  12. Townsville Triathlon

    Thanks mate, pretty handy result for you too. And thanks for the company!
  13. Townsville Triathlon

    If you had your better half with you, quite possibly...
  14. Townsville Triathlon

    That's pretty much what my Garmin told me too I went with the wettie - the only time I won't wear my wettie is if the water is bubbling. My biggest issue was pre-race hydration, I suffered in the heat on the run. Also made some silly mistakes which cost me some time but I still managed a six minute PB Effectively tenth place in next year's age group though, so a 15 point haul to start the season with more speed to come Happy days
  15. Townsville Triathlon

    Bit warm up here Nice town though. Reminds me of Brisbane, only a bit smaller, a bit hotter and less wankers