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  1. I'm sure Nancy Pelosi will have a house committee looking into it anyway
  2. lol I wonder if you realise how Trump-esque you just sounded by referring to his resort as 'failing'
  3. IronJimbo

    Stikman for Pres!

    He'll be right, just as long as he didn't call anyone deplorable
  4. Especially when that 'one data point' lasted several decades...
  5. I read a fantastic book over the weekend called 'atomic habits' - it's full of great techniques for building on good habits and breaking bad ones which make a lot of sense. If anyone else is having trouble in this regard you might want to check it out, given that food habits are such a big part of weight management. Highly recommended
  6. IronJimbo


    That's very disappointing to hear nealo
  7. I thought ppl was one of the left's pet issues back in the day? No argument from me otherwise, but I can just imagine the howls of indignation from Labor if anyone dared to suggest that they be cut
  8. IronJimbo


    Both our online personas involve an air of superiority I guess The difference is, I'm not serious about it
  9. IronJimbo


    I'm sure parky will be fine He likes himself enough for both of you
  10. 'You know what this country needs? More wealth redistribution...'
  11. To a level which is still less than predicted If a company's forecasts were as consistently bad as the IPCC's, the directors would be jailed
  12. Get out of here with that personal responsibility crap, you narc...
  13. Well we've also had the head of the U.N. conceding that there has been 'no statistically significant warming' since the turn of the century Can anyone cite an IPCC prediction from the last 30 years which has turned out not to be overstated?
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