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  1. IronJimbo

    Port 2019

    Yes, yes, I'm looking forward to meeting you too 😎
  2. It's either creepy uncle Joe or crazy comrade Bernie atm Fun times
  3. You can say that again And again...
  4. Poison = stuff you disagree with and can't refute
  5. I don't believe you know enough about either me or mental health for your claim to be worth considering
  6. Many thanks to you and any other trannies for your service Military service is the most patriotic thing one can do. Respect.
  7. Hello parky Same goes for you
  8. That's very generous of you Barry, but I don't believe that I have ever professed to know everything about the topics you listed May I suggest that you play the ball, not the man?
  9. There was a running gag among the finance industry whenever Swan was going to be attending a conference or giving a speech. Everyone would check that the windows were shut, because he was such a lightweight he might be blown out
  10. Almost as entertaining as you guys continuing to flog the same dead horse But yeah, by all means pretend that the Muller report is some sort of win for you
  11. The actual offence would be conspiracy. If there was any evidence of it, of course You seem more convinced than Nancy of Trump's misdemeanours though (which is what impeachment is based on). How disappointing for you
  12. How much do you think replacing school halls two years after the GFC ended helped?
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