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  1. What was 'totally screwed' in the U.S. prior to COVID (other than the Democrats carrying on like a bunch of toddlers in need of a time out)? I would suggest that the Middle East is looking far more stable than it has for quite some time
  2. Our staffies get raw meat from the freezer at PetO (either Dr B's BARF or Big Dog) mixed with a bit of Hills science kibble. They are a bit spoiled though.... Our dog trainer warned us off Purina Supercoat, she reckons it's garbage and Dr Harry should be ashamed of himself for endorsing it
  3. I don't think so either I also don't think being nominated by Trump is a valid reason for having your life publicly destroyed
  4. How so? Biden's career is older than I am, and his only noteworthy achievement in that time is a crime bill that he's now trying to disown
  5. Nothing would surprise me after what they tried to do to Kavanaugh
  6. In other news, Nancy Pelosi is threatening to impeach Trump again if he dares to fulfil his obligations under article 2 of the constitution Amy Coney Barrett appears to be the frontrunner to replace RBG. It'll be interesting to see how the Democrats try to destroy a mother of seven
  7. Yeah, try as I might, I can't out-creep that
  8. Looks like he needs a better producer to help him answer town-hall style questions...
  9. What's wrong with liking women better than men? I am also a creepy dude though, so there's that...
  10. See, here's the thing. It's difficult to take the politics out of that when it's is largely the result of poor decisions made by politicians Which also resulted in the largest NYPD union endorsing Trump...
  11. And also complains about things that are 'tiresome and don't add much to the debate' before referring to 'republicvnts'
  12. Sorry, but you've either been successfully gaslit by Rachel Maddow or you're obviously shit-posting The spolit white kids rioting under the guise of black lives are the ones marching through the suburbs telling people to get out of their homes. And they are being enabled by inadequate policing under Democratic mayors and governors who refuse federal assistance
  13. A somewhat convincing argument given the disdain that many Democrats seem to have for the country and its structure
  14. Um... On one side, you have over 100 straight days of violence, looting and murder in Portland and elsewhere causing billions in damage (including a guy being shot straight in the face on the presumption that he is a Trump supporter) And on the other hand you have what you call 'radical militias' who have caused zero damage Perhaps you should get a grip and broaden your horizons past MSNBC
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