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  1. Russ72

    Wrong size bike...???

    I know the bloke and I am confident it's not hot. He probably bought it from fb sight unseen and went off his p5 size. He also has had a lot of trouble with his hips so that may also be a factor, then again he does buy and sell a lot of bikes....
  2. R Just reading it on twits, there seems to be a bit anti Wurf sentiment going on tho
  3. Anyone know why Jan is in such a grumpy mood? Should be on top of the world, but apparently dissing Wurf at finish line and having a shoving match with AB later!
  4. Thanks for the replies, just been thinking a bit about it as most of the guys I see running closer to race pace are a bit faster than me, but the odd one also doesn't perform on race day!
  5. Ok what pace does everyone run their long run at? What would your half ironman /ironman pace be? I've always ran fairly easy on long runs , a long way off race pace but I see most people I know running pretty close to their race pace, am I doing it all wrong?
  6. Russ72

    Fizik Saddle

    I have one and it kind of works for me. It's way better than the tritone as the nose is not a sharp edge! I don't know if I could sit on it for 180k in aero but for 90 it's fine. I used to use the fizik arione Tri which for me is more comfortable but I can get a lot more hip rotation with the mistica.
  7. Nothing beats a bit of tough love, I've been called a 'disgrace to the sport of triathlon ' at a half once by a random ! I couldn't help laughing but no it didn't get me running any faster😂 .Normally that kind kind of abuse is reserved for mates
  8. Russ72

    Busso 2018

    Yeah that's the one , I haven't been out there for a couple of weeks but the word is its angerier than ever! Surprisingly there aren't as many as usual swooping🤔.
  9. Russ72

    Busso 2018

    Oh and one more public service announcement , as the season is running a month or two late there is a magpie out at Ludlow Hithergreen rd that has a taste for blood apparently. Should be fine in sperm helmets😳
  10. Russ72

    Busso 2018

    Just confirming that Busso maccas is 24 hrs and I think Vasse is too! Water temp is around about 19-20 atm . No flies yet....
  11. Russ72

    Busso 2018

    Flies , wot flies? They haven't turned up yet, so they should be right at their peak in Dec
  12. Russ72

    Busso 2018

    I reckon Lingalonga at Balingup is the most fun ,but probably not everyone's cup of tea. But your right the trails at Margs will be better than Meelup , but it's close enough to do both.
  13. Russ72

    Busso 2018

    What sort of mtbing are you into? Probably the best spot is the Pines in margs as it will have a bit less dust than meelup. There is nearly as many breweries as wineries down here these days which is better! Can recommend ' The Brew House' which is conveniently located near margs mtb trails. You can also hire bikes from ' The Hairy Marron' in margs or 'The Bike Shed ' in dunsey.
  14. I think it starts the other side and goes under jetty to this side. It will have to go a bit further out to avoid the smaller jetty as its a bit hard to swim under. Nothing to worry about though , all this seaweed will be long got by then! We get weed like this all along the bay over winter
  15. Ktj is 4 foot tall haha. A new giant anthem in 650b or similar would be ideal for what I think you want to do, dualies are a lot more fun on the tracks around here, and after all it is for fun right?
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