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  1. Just returning the favor - this is a discussion board isn't it? Lengthy discussion=good. Would you rather we not respond to posts that attack our posts?
  2. Hate all you want. The fact is, a whole lot of (and I mean A LOT) the top pros in many sports choose Oakley - sponsored or unsponsored. Not to mention, youth sports. That's a fact. Triathlon, Baseball, Golf, Football and Hockey are prime examples. (Wouldn't be surprised to see you in one ). There's a reason. They know they're wearing quality and technology made for active sports. Enough said.
  3. Well, smart one, how about 8 of the top 10 men, including Andreas Raelert. And the women's winner, Mirinda - plus the rest of the solid men's and women's performers. We'll take it, thank you. And for the record, Welchy doesn't wear product on camera. People already know that he's Oakley. Glad you enjoyed listening to his amazing, Ironman Champ commentary all...day...long.
  4. In case anyone was interested: the brand new "Fast Jacket" performance eyewear was unveiled today at the Oakley House in Kona. Video: http://on.fb.me/bCnFOY Terenzo Bozzone will be rockin' em tomorrow during the race. A few others may as well. Cheers
  5. Try running in humidity with other glasses and you'll see what I'm talking about If you want pure marketing, we can do that too: http://www.oakley.com/innovation/optical_superiority
  6. Not a fair question (although it was purposefully spiteful). It's eyewear that's meant to optimize your vision in changing conditions/weather/climate and protect your eyeballs if you happen to crash/fall. Unless you don't like eye protection... Not to mention, some are hydrophobic (resistant to sweat and oil) and are designed to not fog when you're running. And your periphery vision is optimized. If you happen to wear eyewear when you train/race, those things do matter. Less distractions.
  7. Not advertising - just sharing info about our athletes. Keep in mind, although we do have the big names, that there are plenty of others in the race that are wearing Oakleys because they're flat out made for performance. There are more than 600 patents on our eyewear. And everyone, even the amateurs racing, get to enjoy the equipment. We support a great deal of people in the sport - even beyond our stars. The stuff people are wearing in the race, big names or not, is specifically made for events like Ironman. Every equipment provider needs stars though.
  8. You know our athletes. From Craig Alexander, Chrissie Wellington, Chris Lieto, Mirinda Carfrae to Terenzo Bozzone and everyone in between, Team Oakley is poised to dominate on Saturday. Follow them and scope out behind-the-scenes coverage of O Team Athletes from onsite in Kona - at the Oakley Safe House (exclusive house for Team Oakley). There are videos, full stories/articles, biographies and timely reports for your viewing pleasure. All at www.oakley.com/sports/ironmankona Oakley Triathlon Manager and Ironman Champion, Greg Welch, will also be a commentator during the live webcast of the event on http://www.ironman.com . He also conducted the official Ironman press conference at the King Kamehameha Hotel today: Here's a clip with Craig Alexander and Chrissie Wellington commenting: http://www.facebook.com/...605857717&ref=mf And keep a look out for some of our athletes rocking a brand spanking new, cutting-edge performance eyewear piece that's making its world debut this weekend right here at the Oakley Safe House (media will be in attendance). Here's to an awesome day on Saturday!
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