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  1. New Wetsuit Time

  2. 60-64 age group 9:46. Wow

    Kev Ferguson 10:18
  3. Medial Knee Strain- Time to Recover?

    Dr Google!!!! I know, should not always rely on Dr G, symptoms appear to be what Dr G states
  4. Any assistance in methods used to overcome medial knee strain and time frame to recover? Injury came from nowhere two weeks ago after bike session Any experience from this injury?
  5. I think you will all find it simply was clogged arteries and nothing to do with the heart Get your cholesterol checks done, doesnt matter how fit you are if you liver over produces cholestrol
  6. Sagan at Fault?

    Was Sagan at Fault? Will miss the entertainer?
  7. IM Cairns 2017

    Well Done, superb run
  8. Bike Fitting Results

    What is the general concensus on bike fittings, are the results positive with improved riding and eradicating old injury problems?
  9. IM Cairns 2017

    Kev is injured I would say looking at run time?
  10. Any recommendations what HTFU pills to take for head cold for Ironman this Sunday?
  11. ITB Release

    Surgeon recommended no surgery Its all stretching and stretching
  12. Roka Wetsuits

    Anyone know the distributor or have the link to purchase online Roka Wetsuits, only get US online site?

    Any one have the link to replay of this?
  14. 11 Speed Wheel Hub

    Need to change wheel hub to 11 speed compatability as part of overall change from 10 speed to 11 speed group set Recommendations as to what manufacturer to choose from?
  15. Bussellton Accomodation- Sold Out?

    Looking for Accommodation Busselton ideally within 5 min walk start- 2 Bedroom apartment Any one need to cancel accommodation? Is there a bus pick up at all for competitors to start?