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  1. Cape_Horn

    TrainerRoad and Planned TSS

    Go for the in between. Tuesdays run - Planned 60mins and 8.4k, result 10k in 55m40s.
  2. Cape_Horn

    TrainerRoad and Planned TSS

    Working term, like BAU. (Just F..king Do It)
  3. Cape_Horn

    Trannies Strava Page

    Doesn't make the quote any less true.
  4. Cape_Horn

    TriEvents WA

    Just as another response to the idea of enticer distances. My wife keeps making the comment that she won't go for a race because of her issues with distances. She has issues with a 2k run, but for her, a 400m swim is a 'why bother getting wet' distance (infact, 750m is still too short) Trying to get her to train up and just go swimmng for LCW this year.
  5. Cape_Horn

    920xt Spare Parts

    I found that when mine broke, I used a rubber band. The other side of the strap snapped before the rubber band. New wrist band time it was.
  6. Cape_Horn

    New Fenix 5

  7. Cape_Horn

    Hey roxii. Can you review the new fly6?

    1. Agree - but they are coming out with a seat rail mount 2. I haven't had that issue yet (Note: there are firmware updates available, is yours up to date?) 3. - USB-C - IE. where all new phones are going, I am glad they have joined the future, this was a BIG selling point for me.
  8. Cape_Horn

    What the F is going on here?

    it is an interesting thought experiment. I wonder what would be more aero, if they could bring the stiffness up of the horizontal fork, then would it be better to fair the front of the wheel, or the rear? (ie, would you want the tyre to be the first thing breaking wind, or the fairing? if you only faired half the wheel)
  9. Cape_Horn

    New road bike disc or not

    Agree with pieman.
  10. Cape_Horn

    Busso 2018

    "but why is there a walrus? draft time it is..."
  11. Cape_Horn

    Power meters

    'close' haven't stuck the stages on the quarq yet (And that would lead to issues, 170mm vs 172.5mm) and the TT is 10sp, as is the kickr, the roadie is 11sp, so cannot test that way The Stages is close to the kickr, will (eventually) get them all to 11sp, and run a test on them all.
  12. Cape_Horn

    Power meters

    Quarq on the roadie, Stages on the TT
  13. Cape_Horn

    Port - Right Here, Right Now

    And with that news... Guess I know what I am doing in 2020...
  14. Cape_Horn

    IMNZ 2018

    I finally have a 15h finish.
  15. Cape_Horn

    Lazer Tardiz helmet visor???

    I have a TARDIS and visor, not impressed with visor, more info when I have a real keyboard.