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  1. most patronising thing said

    My In-laws don't get it - the FIL made the statement that it doesn't take much for me to win, I just have to hope those in front pull out. with my best IM time at just under 14 hours, I don't think that I will ever pull a Bradbury. If everyone in front of me was to pull out, there are worse issues, and the race will have been cancelled, and I will get pulled as well. Apparently this means I have the wrong attitude... And I thought it meant I have the correct attitude. I am not in this to win, I just want to go out and smash myself, and have a little fun at the same time - Winning? Meh - that sounds like hard work
  2. Trannies Strava Page

    Had a "Poor" on Wednesday night. That was after the first 6 mins of a training run, which was started about 10mins after finishing an aquathon which included my fastest 5k in about 2 months... "Recovery time: 3.5 days" was what the watch told me post training run...
  3. Moats fails another drug test.

    Yep - This is a little different from old mate taking 'anti-aging medication' For the average person, no worries, but if you want these drugs, then you don't compete. Simples. I am surprised they 'only' gave him 8years, I would have expected that as a second offense - Lifetime. (Which may only be 8-10years anyway)
  4. Hawaii Missile alert

    Quite likely the workers were phoneless. Most Defence and security focused organisations have a policy of having phones left outside working areas.
  5. Geelong 70.3 Enter now

    I think I have done it 4 times, one year we had no wind (it was... odd...), another it averaged 45km/h westerly with gusts over 75km. Just as there have been cold years, as markso1077 says, other years have been high 30's. Always good fun.
  6. Geelong 70.3 Enter now

    My best HIM swim was Geelong, 33mins. I have also had a 40min swim there. Just depends on which way the wind is going, and how strong. There has been years of little waves, but nothing like what I have seen in other parts of the bay. It is sheltered a bit by the yatch club as well. Sight lines are good, and as it is the bay, a little warmer than it is 10km south in Torquay. Clarity is... significantly better than anything I get locally, but that is not saying much, in LBG, it is clear if you can see your elbow... if no wind then you can see the bottom.
  7. 2017 Totals - training / racing / stuffing around

    Now lets see... Less than 60km swum. ~350km running <4,000 km Ridden Once minor slip on the bike, resulting in nearly 6 months off exercise, (First week of Jan, two small chips off the femur) Set a new Marathon PB at LCW. Not the best year, and yet...
  8. Your 1st race

    heh - First race was nearly 10 years ago, some random sprint distance at Black Mountain Peninsular. For our wave it was a bunch of teenagers and a whole of of novices. Being that the Teenagers all looked like they knew what they were doing, I decided to ignore them. Swim started and a pack formed and disappeared into the distance. Then there was me and two others, and then a fair way behind, the rest of the masses. I thought I was doing well, and I think that still might be my best placing in a swim. I was really happy at that stage, thought I might be able to do better in future races, when I stepped up to longer distances. I didn't lose that many places on the bike ride either. Was nearly stone cold last by the end of my walk... (As I have said before, The first time I ran 5k without stopping would have been about 4 years later, AFTER I had already completed IMMelb) What I had forgotten about that swim, and why I am never in the top half of a swim since then, is that the reason people start at the shorter distances is that many of them are scared of the water, swimming is their worst sport. Add in LBG, where on a clear day you MIGHT be able to see your elbows, and this just show why I can 'sort of' swim. Faster and more confident than the novices, but slower than those who have gotten over their fears.
  9. 2018 Goals-what are they ?

    Hmm... Which weekend was that again? I might be up for a leg or two. (Won't be fast...) As for me, this year. #1 - Try not to fall off the bike. (I still have bruising from November, and issues from January) #2 - Sub6 @Geelong70.3 #3 - Sub14 @IMNZ (Well, start it, then complete it, but we did say 'Goals') #4 - Finish LCW Jervis Bay. #5 - End the year lighter that I started it...
  10. Trannies Strava Page

    (Applied - Same avatar, well, should be...)
  11. Bike Rego (Christmas fun)

    IRNMAN ? Nah... will never catch on.
  12. Bike Rego (Christmas fun)

    (To follow on from Ex-) - YOUAGN HELLO
  13. What training did you do today?

    There is an ultra that turns at Point Danger, - http://rapidascent.com.au/SurfcoastCentury/ Turts should be able to give you some info on it, think she did it a few years ago (Check the race reports) Basically - run south. (That is my plan for Christmas, then get the Wife to pick me up somewhere near Anglesea maybe)
  14. Taupo 70.3 swim cancelled

    Pass me a beer when I finish You should be showered and have had a good 3hours sleep by the time I am done
  15. Taupo 70.3 swim cancelled

    Doing the Full?