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  1. Hell, half the time, the Challenge Melbourne website never got updated anyway and then they swapped sites, and the 2016 site is still available as well...
  2. Someone from work was saying that they used to give the sweeps accommodation and a free entry for the year after. Neither are offered anymore.
  3. @LON Get a coach, if not, others have suggested Trainer Road. I will as well. Trainerroad has a number of training plans, which include some suggestions for swim and run, but mainly focus on riding indoors. And if the only riding you do is stop start traffic, that really isn't going to be the best training for a TT. As others have said, your hoped for speeds are... interestingly varied. Your hoped for swim is fairly fast, but achievable with work, your expected run speed is insanely fast and your hoped for bike speed is... pedestrian. For reference, last Canberra Olympic race (that had a swim), had 478 finishers For swimmers around the ~25min mark, they rode between, and ran between. This put them at position 90-132 (~top 25%) For Runners around 35mins, they swam 20m-24m, and rode 57m-1h02m. Only 4 runners broke 36mins for the run. (top 0.8%) But for Riders around 1h20m? You are looking at people finishing in 2h43-3h11m, these people were 426-435 for the bike leg. (bottom ~15%) (On average, those who did around the 2h20m mark on average swam 26m, rode 1h04m and ran 45m) From you post, it can be assumed you already have the ability to do the distances, which means that you can now start looking at improving each leg. When you swim, are you just getting in, swimming the distance, and getting out? or are you warming up, doing a few drills, some varying paces, maybe a pyramid set? There are a number of really good swimming set suggestion threads on Trannies. I would suggest go and read through some of those, here is one to start with. Next - Bike - Trainerroad, (or other indoor training) - longer intervals, 2x20min etc., FTP build plan etc. either find a nice long stretch of road with no interruptions (15+min climb or similar) or time to invest in some indoor equipment. Work out your ftp (or train by HR, your choice), nice long intervals, at a pace set by HR (or power, or RPE) at just under what you can hold for the time (20min efforts are good), and repeat. and do that twice a week. Have another session with short efforts (3-5mins, but 8-10 sets) at a significantly higher pace, and if you can fit it in, a 2hour easy ride as well. This should get you better on the bike. As for Running? well, you can run the distance, so now time for speedwork, keep running, keep running more, start adding in intervals as part of some of the sessions. But mostly, maybe re-evaluate your goals, get a coach, or at least a training plan, try to stick with it.
  4. ThreadNecro. So - Who said they were thinking of Cairns in 2019 3 years ago. And who else is following through?
  5. *cough* Cyclocross *cough* Some of us still have Cairns on the list of races for this season. Personally, my build for Cairns is broken after some foot issues taking my training offline for a month. Only able to start back again this week After Cairns is some bike specific stuffs, and some soul searching on whether I keep up the IM distance, or if I drop down to the shorter stuff.
  6. 2011 Argon here, about 4k on the road, and another 15-20k on the trainer. Same as AA7 - while I like the idea of replacing the bike, there is no technical need, and a bike replacement would cost the same as 3~ seasons of racing. Is there any reason to replace the bike? It won't wear out that quickly.
  7. So - A similar idea that they are apparently planning for St George - full distance every 3 years, and the half every year. Sounds tempting.
  8. Cape_Horn

    Port - Race Day

    From the IM website - yes.
  9. IP - As a local - you are suggesting not to start riding until after 9am? (if riding on the road) Currently turning up somewhere near you on Sunday for the week, and planning on bring the bike, assuming my foot wants to comply.
  10. From here https://www.triathlon.org/news/article/change_in_the_age_group_uniform_rule So in theory, should be able to keep wearing the Scody kit. Now If I could just find a reference to Long Distance and sleeved suits. From Tri Australia rules, for local and national events, they are approved and recommended, but ITU always fell back on the 'but FINA doesn't allow them, so why should we', but one doc I saw said that sleeves are allowed in certain circumstances, but did not extrapolate on these.
  11. dt240 hubs (and equiv) are easy to convert, same as the conversion from 10->11sp. Best bet is to check if your manufacturer is listed on the website - https://www.xddriverbody.com/ - and then call the company and check with them where to get the new spline.
  12. bwahaha Can I claim that tyre was a Schwalbe One? (well, I think it was) (And I want to claim dispensation for that - same piece of wire will ruin your whole weekend)
  13. Busso is flat, so weight doesn't make much if any difference. This also means there should be no reason to bother with upgrading cranks and cassette. for some cheap upgrades, make sure you have good tyres (a low CRR, without too much of a loss of puncture protection) - For reference, the rule of thumb is that the speed difference (due to CRR - rolling resistance) between a Conti GP4kS2II and a Conti Gatorskin is more than the time it would take to change a tyre from a flat on the faster tyre. the new GP5k apparently is a tiny bit faster, and a little more puncture resistant (and the 4k's were not too bad anyway, I average around 1 flat every 3-4thousand km on them, on not very good roads). And these are not as fast as other models on the market. The other cheap upgrade (technically even cheaper than tyres) is to replace your tubes with latex tubes, instead of the standard butyl. This again will drop the CRR. And they feel a little better imo. From an aero perspective, the least aero thing on the bike is the rider - get the rider into a better position is the cheapest option, a few tweaks to your position with the addition of aerobars will make a difference. after that, next cheapest is an aero helmet. then front wheel.
  14. just walk 21k - should only take 4 hours....
  15. They do(well, mine does)
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