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  1. Was tempted to give him a piece of my mind, yes. Reality - for the vast majority of races, once it is dark, in my opinion, people getting paced is fine. And I have seen it a lot. (That same race, I was walking with one person (racing) and their friends (people who has already finished) were in a car, driving up the road next to us, yelling encouragement/abuse at us, for a good 10-15mins. - which was a bit different to my ex who lived near the course, was randomly out walking, saw me competing, was talked for maybe three sentences, exchanged a hug, got yelled at, she then rang my GF to find her and spend then next hour or so together catching up.)
  2. Haven't had a beer, have been yelled at by a TO at the 14.5 hour mark (with another 10km to go, IMMelb) that either I needed to stop, or the girl who was talking with me needed to F off, otherwise I would get done for outside assistance.
  3. Interesting. From table 1 in appendix E, am I reading it right that TA cannot sanction longer than IM distances?
  4. Cape_Horn

    TA Memberships

    As again, while possible in some cases, (The paperwork may have gotten better of the last few years), it is still quite onerous, and it can take time (in the range of months) for the refund to turn up. Also, at least in the ACT, last I looked, no refund for a vets licence, if you have a different licence.
  5. Cape_Horn

    TA Memberships

    So most of this (increased cost) comes down to insurance. At least in the ACT, the same policy underwrites Cycling ACT, as it does for the cycling group Pedal Power, To my knowledge, it is also the same group who also underwrites MTBA and Triathlon Australia. Which means for those of us with multiple licences, we are paying for the same policy multiple times, with the knowledge and understand that you are only allowed to claim on one if the worst is to occur. It seems to me, that there should be a better way of organising the insurance through one group, and then just be able to pay affiliation costs to the other bodies, for those who do have multiple licences. (for instance, needing to do manual licence entry for CA, and then hoping they send you back a refund is not good from the consumers point of view - And I do know of people who have waited more than six months for the refund)
  6. Cape_Horn

    IMOZ 2020

    Accommodation is booked, and I plan to race the full first the first time.
  7. I rode FFwd 90+disc, and had no issue with the winds for Cairns, was out there a lot longer than 2:29 as well. For me, while there was a head wind from the south, it didn't move me around (again, another one of these heavier riders), with no gusts, just a steady blow, the 90 behaved itself, and the disc was rock solid as always.
  8. The only thing I was racing was the doomsday clock. (Yep, full)
  9. Maybe something to do with the already later start? I started at 810, and half the field was behind me.
  10. Right. Quick race report. Why do I do this again? My leadup was poor. injured 8 weeks out, and lost ~6 weeks of training time. Volume for the last two months worked out to be ~130km on the CX bike, 25km of running and 15km of swimming. So saying, it was a lovely day out.Palm COve was the best we had seen it in the 3 trips that we had made out. there was a northerly current, so the first half was slow, I ended up not swimming straight, and my watched pinged 2km just before the far turn around bouy for 44mins (my last half swim was 33m, for reference) 38mins and 2.1km for the second half. A little slower than I would have liked, but there isn't anything I could do about it. We came up from Canberra Last week to acclimatize. the last week and a half up here was very different weather to yesterday. (I saw more blue sky yesterday that I have seen cumulative for the previous week and a half). The bike leg was flying, just kept it nice and easy, and managed to average nearly 35km/h up to Port Douglas. About halfway up, I did the math, and realised we must have had a tailwind. when we turned, this was proven. over the next few hours, the southerly just got stronger. I started cramping at the 130km mark, had a few stints off the bike. All comes down to not enough bike fitness. The cramps intensified for the last 10km, so much so that I was crying for the last 5km once I could seen the runners, three pedal strokes, and stop to stretch, repeat, 7h and change for the ride, lost about 15mins on the side of the road stretching overall. The run was about what you could expect with so little volume, a long walk. 6h30m with a fair few potty breaks. Managed to bump into Sean (Can't remember your screen name, sorry), and yelled encouragement at @Coffs Pete who was a half lap down. Always good to see him out their. I hope I am still able to do this at his age. The rain was interesting, for my first two laps, I would hit the Marina, and it would be raining on the south side. Then as soon as we went back through, it would be dry. after the third lap through it then started to settle in through the rest of the course as well. Overall? 15h10m with the happy knowledge that I can still do this thing, even when I am forced not to train. Edit: - Elsewhere, I was asked how much training I managed - over the last 2 months? 18k swim, 185k bike, 57k run, so about what I should be averaging a week.
  11. This is why I shouldn't drop off the face of the web while on leave. I was sitting two seats left of you at the pasta party. /headdesk.
  12. Currently in the rego line. Have moved 20% of the way in 20mins. The likelihood of dnf'ing the rego seems possible, already seen 4 people quit.
  13. If I was looking for Instagram influencers, I would be picking Bored@ vs whoever Peter was linking to.
  14. Palm cove around 2pm today.
  15. windy and shit at palm cove this afternoon (will see if I can post a photo) the water is.. brown muck - just like home in Lake Burley Griffen. Quick note, just after the turn around in port douglas, there are a few decent potholes in old port road, one within 50meters of the intersection, and then a few more spread across the road about 200m further up. Be careful, At speed, you could kill a rim with them.
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