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  1. Cape_Horn

    WTB - cheap simple gps watch

    All good.
  2. Cape_Horn

    There are some sick people out there:

    That comes under the 'police don't seem to give a s***' reason. When you report harassment every other week, and the drivers never even get a warning, do you continue to bother reporting (esp when you start getting the feeling from the cops that they are about to give you a fine for wasting police time/resources?)
  3. Cape_Horn

    WTS: Garmin 920XT

    Hi All I just received a refurbed 920XT from Garmin, but have already updated to the 935. Black/Blue, still has the protective sticker across the screen, comes with a charging cable. Reserve:$150, Instant $200 (Plus post, call it $10 for a yellow post bag and packing materials)
  4. Cape_Horn

    WTB - cheap simple gps watch

    I have a refurbed 920xt (black/blue), but would like at least 150pp for it. Starting a new thread on it now.
  5. Cape_Horn

    Long course bike setups (storage)

    BTA plain water, swap it out at aid stations. downtube bottle, 3hr infinite mix, replaced at SN in a full Behind the seat is the spares kit.
  6. Cape_Horn

    Betoota - Noosa Tri

    So I had to check. Doesn't exist
  7. Cape_Horn

    Busso 2018

    Reading through the last few pages and thinking that I should bring as much finisher data into my analytics platform just to run these questions. Could be an interesting use case while I learn how all this new tech actually works.
  8. Cape_Horn

    Garmin 935 $399 at rebel - good value?

    So I got sick of waiting for my replacement 920, and checked the local Rebel to see if they had stock. queue $400 charge on the CC... The button placement changes are going to take a bit to get used to, it sync'd up with equipment much faster than the 920. Next statement - Garmin are sending out a new 920XT - Time to stick it on the Marketplace and offset the cost of the upgrade.
  9. Cape_Horn

    Geelong 70.3

    While I preferred the older run course (laps of the gardens), the new run course is fine, and more accessible for those less able.
  10. Cape_Horn

    Half Marathon World Record

    I think that might be why he ran so fast...
  11. Cape_Horn

    Garmin 935 $399 at rebel - good value?

    so working through a replacement for my 920 with Garmin atm. Will be interesting to see how long this sale goes on for (And what Garmin replace my 920 with) The 935 has a few extra's I would like.
  12. Cape_Horn

    Tri bikes with disc brakes

    BMC still don't as well.
  13. Cape_Horn

    Long Course Weekend - Who's in?

    Guess that means I wasn't carrying the Tranny Lantern - Sorry, I was standing next to you in the chute for the prize giving and didn't properly introduce myself. Run was... well, I won't say good, but 20k/wk running is not really conducive to marathon running. Slowed down earlier than last year (around the 23k mark not the 26k mark) but had been going about 30s/km faster before then. Managed to have my legs sort of come back after k of walking, and could tool around at just over 7m/k's for the rest, walking the uphills. Can't properly feel my knees today. End result? 4h52m, and a 32minute pb. Very happy with myself. (And know that I really should do some run training, if with my crap training I can knock over a 5h marathon, then with real training, sub4 should be doable, right?)
  14. Cape_Horn

    Long Course Weekend - Who's in?

    The problem with having a score to settle, is sometimes you just shouldn't. Knowing I am not endurance fit atm, I knew leaving in the 7+ hour wave would be a very good idea. Road bike, because I was having issues with the brakes on the TT bike last weekend, and haven't picked up new pads yet (any suggestions for Carbon rims? the 8yo swiss stop yellows are glazed and cooked, and locking up instancly atm, not something I wanted to test in the first lap today) The statement from last year was 'Dancing Pink Elephants'' (And more importantly, there were a few people who started hallucinating last year, not just me) and I was off the bike after the 2nd of 3 laps. The change in course this year was... different. All I wanted to do was finish. After a few flats (So I pulled 4 tubes from my pockets post race, and 6 spend CO2 cartridges - mostly leeched off other competitors - people were awesome today) with the last one having valve issues, and lasting ~15km between top ups, this was not a very good ride for me. Big props to Bosco who gave me his rear wheel when he finished, just so I could finish my own last lap. Also a shout out to Kieran from EE who was on the Aid station, making sure I was okay, and even sourcing up some extra tubes for me. Above and Beyond. Total? 7h50m gun time, 6h59m moving, NP of 135w - Completely cooked Tomorrow is going to suck. except that it should be raining, so there is a plus. Just have to roll around in sub6. Good Luck to all. Also - Heard from an EE team member that the run course is slightly different this year, there is a tretch of path the council hasn't finished working on, so we have some beach running tomorrow.