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  1. So - How hard do people think it would be to qualify for the LD?
  2. St George always interested me.
  3. 4-6hours average, 9-11hours during the 12weeks prerace - never broken 13hours.
  4. Sounds like a version mismatch, is the old and new RD from the same generation of groupset? (Sorry, cannot see videos at work)
  5. Cape_Horn

    New trisuit

    after 5 seasons, my fusion suit is starting to unravel as well. Also asking the same question. (And I may go and get another Fusion suit anyway)
  6. Novel 10min/km to make the first cutoff. I have walked a full marathon at faster paces than that (off the bike, ofc.) Not particularly fast
  7. 83.2. oops Running at lunch today...
  8. 82.8 - time to start training again after Geelong, it has not been an easy two weeks in my household.
  9. 2nd vote for elite energy. First year for AAA, and injured 2 months out, rolled over to the following year, 3 months out of the second year, and injured again, money was placed on hold until I could race, asked this year about spending the rest of the entry fee on Canberra olympic distance , and the response wasn't an email saying the credit is 3years old, it was the race entry receipt, they had even done the full registration process on my behalf. (Which is why I am not too annoyed about the LCW weekend change, even with my accom costing an extra $80 than it would have in April - These things happen, and they did offer refunds if required, which I know from experience they will honour.)
  10. 13 hours. (for good or bad)
  11. I have been happy with my 935, still has the swim capabilities you are wanting, and the run stuffs.
  12. From the wording, they are trying to move it permanently to November.
  13. So. Interesting email that just came through. This year's event, first set for first weekend in April has just been moved to mid November. Again, quite different from October last year. I will admit, the added cost for accommodation change was annoying, but manageable. Question. Has this changed meant anyone has had to pull out? Or indeed, will some people be travelling to Huski in November when they were not planning on doing LCW this year?
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