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  1. So This is this weekend. Anyone else making the journey in the end?
  2. yep, words to live by. But self control is an interesting beast. LCW this weekend is going to be hard, at least I am down 2kg from 2 weeks ago...
  3. Giants are good bang for buck atm, Canyons are (by what i keep being told on the interwebz) a better bike, and still a good price. nth reply of - go find a fitter and see what they suggest you should ride. Personally, I am still a big fan of my Argon, I would love a BMC TM01, but - well, first is a new bike fit and see if I would even fit. (And the price doesn't hit either of our budgets)
  4. I am unsure about the run, but I do remember a few threads many years ago that referenced aero gains on the bike...
  5. ... hmm... how to respond to this... DO IT!
  6. Down from last week, and nearly back to initial starting weight. Finally managed to do some exercise on the weekend, which was nice.
  7. Cape_Horn

    taren in kona

    Zwift+VASA trainer?
  8. Two weeks of work, (mental) training and conferencing, and no where near time to be able to exercise, these last two weeks have sucked. 6 weeks until LCW 7 weeks until Hartley (3 days, 450km on the bike, with ~5500m of climbing) Heaviest I have ever been. Bring on the training.
  9. Cape_Horn

    Calculating FTP

    I had written a few words and nearly went to post, then saw the second thread and found people had already answered. As Alex has basically said everything (and more) that I would have said, the only thing to add is maybe look at doing a ramp test as well, which may give a different answer, and make sure you have adequate cooling.
  10. anyone got odds for mens and womens RR champs?
  11. Want to borrow a bike?
  12. I feel I should update my start weight, last Monday was 88.8, but Tuesday was 89.2... A small loss this week, but small losses weekly add up, right?
  13. Faceache shows her sitting on the pebbles that the UK people call a beach.
  14. Looks like a nice morning for it, watching the sunrise. nice and flat water, except that I think that camera is inside the breakwall.
  15. Last year, during the week before the Hartley Cycle challenge (groups of 12 riding Canberra -> Charlotte's Pass return over 3 days, 3rd weekend in November) we had about the same amount of snow as this morning. Most of it was still there on the Weekend while we rode up. Due to other weather conditions we stopped at Perisher. (80+km/h winds after there, and the rain band moving through as well). I have some pictures from previous years, but not currently online, so I can't link them I do like the snow, and when out walking in the high country,do make sure I have a full set of cold weather kit, even in summer. Safety when the weather warps is important (Still need to get that epirb/equiv)
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