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  1. I can see where they are coming from, but sometimes you do get some benefits, I know that I spent too much time on the road bike in the lead up to my first attempt at Busso, I just could not hold the TT position for 6 hours, and the lack of downhills meant no freewheeling. Where I live, there isn't anywhere to ride where you can just pedal for 30mins without having to worry about hills, and what goes up must come down, usually where you are not pedaling. The trainer is the only place you can do repeated hour intervals.
  2. Goal for the year. Stay healthy enough to make my 100th Blood Donation. (#85 was this morning) (Finishing Geelong and Port would be nice to)
  3. Cape_Horn

    2019 totals

    595k running 4,386k riding 70k swimming 3 months combined injured meaning no exercise nothing in the last 3 weeks due to smoke, not the best year. OTOH - 2 blood donations, so that is nice.
  4. @JRiordan Just note: When @KieranR says this He is referencing long distance racing where there is a changing tent. Most (short) races don't have a changing tent, and even if racing, public nudity is against the law (and TA regs) and may lead to getting arrested for indecent exposure.
  5. Cape_Horn

    Hoka One One

    Right, after my last run in them, I think it is time to toss my Gavoita 2's. being that they only have 175km on them, if anyone wants them, pay for postage, or pick up in the ACT (Or wait a week, and we can meet in Melb or Geelong) - Size US9.5 Mens
  6. Black Friday is a US institution. Go back 10 years ago, and black friday wasn't a 'thing' in Australia. I am just saying where the origin of the term came from, specifically in regards to your statement of "the most profitable day of trading in the US" which is mostly due to many companies not being classed as profitable for the financial year until this day.
  7. Cape_Horn

    Busso 2019

    /me dons Slowtwitch hat Photos don't look that bad, a little more turtle would be good (drop the bars, get the helmet line lower and more in line with the spine) - But. Wrinkles around the arms (get the sleeves to lie flat), hairy arms (a set of arm sleeves could work, again, just watch for wrinkles), and those shoes look like a few watts. And then there is the more important factor. When we say Busso is flat, we mean it. My 15k to work has twice the climbing that Busso has for 180km... The first 15k of Sunshine Coast 70.3 has about the same amount of climbing as Busso. This is why I say weight doesn't matter at Busso, and why we mention Lunchbox. That type of power (and your kit) should get you very close to the 5hr split.
  8. Cape_Horn

    Busso 2019

    It's Busso. Weight means nothing, Aero is everything.
  9. The UK will have some discretionary leeway on who they pick for their team, and "Defending Champion" would be the easy sell at that point.
  10. Cape_Horn

    Busso 2019

    'Perfect' road, correct equipment, cda <0.02 - I think it would be doable to ave. 36km/h on 180w (I have a feeling that the position the body would be in to hold that cda that low would be hard to hold for 5 hours, and I doubt you would be able to run off if, but what would I know). I do know that Busso and 140w gets you 6 hours with good enough equipment choices.
  11. "Sort of" Black Friday started as an accounting thing. The US has a Jan-Dec financial year, the idea being that Black Friday is the day when you have broken even (ie. 'In the Black') for the year, including all of the floor stock that you have been require to prebuy for the season, so any and everything you sell for the year after that day is pure profit, so it is okay to sell at a low cost (even if under what you have paid for it) as over all, any money you bring over the counter is classed as profit for the year. Being that within the next month, you would be able to have next year's stock delivered, you now need to clear storage space, you need to clear all floor stock as well, thus, black friday sales. Any money you bring in is profit, and clear as much space so you don't have to pay extra for storage space for next year's stock.
  12. Cape_Horn

    Busso 2019

    I will say, I have raced Geelong with tougher swims that the one race I did at Torquay. But the Torquay swim is still the coldest water temp in a race I have done. But with only one race at Torquay, and 13? races in the bay, it isn't a fair sample size.
  13. If anyone is wondering, Free Solo is available on Disney+
  14. Cape_Horn

    Hoka One One

    my black friday shoes came in the mail last night So at least online shipping from them is not too bad. A set of BondiB's and a set of Elevons Now to try the BondiB on Friday's training run.
  15. Cape_Horn

    OT saving lives

    Your other option is https://www.goodpricepharmacy.com.au/ferro-grad-c-30-tablets (Sorry about the buy link, but 90% of chemists will have this brand, at about the same cost) These seem to work, also remember that iron is more readily absorbed if you have VitC with it, so if you do want to just make dietary changes, you also need to increase your VitC intake as well. Warning, if you do go down the iron supplementation route, you have a very high probability that you will end up with some form of constipation (EDIT: Forgot to say - I am not a health professional, just some random on the internet, and anything I write must be taken with a grain of salt, and you should always see a real health professional, this info is just what I have found, as well as info that has been passed on to me by a number of health professionals, as well as other peoples anecdotes)
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