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  1. Didn't they change clothing providers from Scody to... some new group? this year?
  2. One of the people from my club was talking about this, due to different reasons, she was already over in Europe before the kit was released, so the kit was flown over by another club member, while the sizing guide said it should have been on the tight side, she ended up needing safety pins to hold the excess material in so it didn't act as a drag suit in the water. Hopefully that gets addressed by TA before next year.
  3. True - we are going up on the 19th Oct, so another month away. When there should still be a little snow, but you have to go hunting for it.
  4. For the bike specific computer - maybe look at the Garmin 130? The newer 5x0 series are larger than the 500 was, but the 130 is smaller, and has the same features, iirc. (And is cheaper than the 5x0 series as well)
  5. We have just booked in for a few days at Lake Crackenback. Swimming in the lake is a bit cold this time of year, but Thredbo has a pool? the riding is amazing, your choice of road and mtb. (Hope you like hills), and trail running is good as well.
  6. Initial price of the KICKR was supposed to be $999, they changed this to $1099 3 weeks before launch (not all web stores taking pre-orders updated their prices), this was back when the AUD was buying ~1.06USD. A Computrainer at the same time was ~1600AUD
  7. And yet it was close enough to perfect in the ACT this weekend. (Okay, a little cold for specific Kona prep... but you can't have everything)
  8. Just a point on the pre-workouts, some of the older mixtures has a few stronger ingredients than just caffeine (including quite a number of non-WADA approved compounds, including some analogies to amphetamines). From some reports, the physical effects of these were quite interesting (And mental effects as well) Now on the subject of whether people can work out without them or not, that is a little different. for many people, just popping a no-doz will give the same physical effect as a pre-workout supp (Which I know some people do) if only because they don't have access to what they used to use.
  9. Sounds Like I need to pick up a copy, just in case a court order does require it to be burned, might end up being a collector's item ;)
  10. Cape_Horn

    Chop Garmin file

    Strangely enough, I think you are somewhat right as well. I think that if you don't have summit (which ever one that does power, for instance), then you can't export power, etc. (Or at least, I have had issues with limited data when exporting from Strava)
  11. Cape_Horn

    Chop Garmin file

    There is also another option You can crop your file within Strava as well. So if it is just strava you want to fix, after uploading, go to the activity page, in the left panel at the bottom, click the three dots, and select crop. (Assuming you are using a desktop, not a phone app) The added benefit, is you can then export the new activity, and it will export as cropped, so you can then add that back to TP etc.
  12. Cape_Horn

    Simply Kickr

    another option is perfpro - once off cost, but does the trainer control as well as can be used to build workouts etc.
  13. The Cairns swim this year was hard? I mean the current changes were interesting, but there was no real swell to deal with after the first bouy.
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