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  1. Cape_Horn

    OT saving lives

    I had some account issues, after a password reset, I had the ability to log in via the website, maybe try that?
  2. Cape_Horn

    OT saving lives

    Hmm... So I went and had a look at the Trannies team on Red25 And saw that there was two donations from Victoria earlier this year. (But didn't remember anyone posting from Vic saying that they had.) So it would seem that if you donate over the border, the donation counts for the state in which the blood is taken, and not the address for which the donater is registered.
  3. Cape_Horn

    OT saving lives

    Still nice and quiet here in Canberra. 9am appointment today
  4. Cape_Horn

    OT saving lives

    Good to see that donating blood is on the list of exemptions for movement limitations https://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/_emergency/Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order 2020.pdf (Section 1 - item 10) (Donation 90 this morning)
  5. Cape_Horn

    OT saving lives

    there is an app? I just use the webpage, works well for me?
  6. I thought he was on Grindr?
  7. Yes, done it. but only while road and crit racing, and not on a TT bike. (haven't learnt how to hop while on the bars, either)
  8. Anyone who thinks it is more than slightly lumpy needs to come up to Canberra and do my extended ride to work, what I would class as rolling, ~950m in 50k. Sure, Beach Rd isn't Busso flat, but there is nothing that lets you recover, but then again, there is nothing to recover from.
  9. Sounds like triathletes in general. (responded)
  10. on the topic of gloves. Always wear gloves. There are some of us who have started to push for the juniors when out riding to have the requirement (Currently it is highly recommended, which is about as far as we expect we will be able to push) to wear gloves. For all riders we suggest gloves, if only because one little off, and you can't use your hand/s for who knows how long. More on the safety reasons to wear them than comfort. Personally I have been wearing some from Specialized, but I can't remember the model off the top of my head (Grail, IIRC)
  11. Cape_Horn

    Geelong 70.3

    I am in as well
  12. I haven't really noticed... but that is because of aircon. Strangely enough, work let me escape from Canberra (I am asthmatic) - I have been living with my parents for the last few weeks, and commuting into Geelong and working from an office there. So I will manage to watch some of the Men's race live this afternoon, but last time I was out of the office it was significantly cooler than what I expect it is now. I am... not looking forward to riding back this afternoon
  13. grabbed one of these for the TT bike, fits a really deep seatpost https://www.knog.com.au/bike-lights/cobber/cobber-rear-large.html
  14. no idea, haven't managed it yet
  15. loving watching this, I wish I lived around there reminds me of when we had a holiday house in Torquay, and would watch the small crits around outside the house
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