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  1. Lifesavers are being sued

    And ban him from future events - From his own words - he is at risk on the swim leg. (Or do we need to have him go through and get certified to be able to swim the distance?)
  2. Latex tubes, worth the faff?

    my n=1 experience with latex has been good. 2 punctures since I started, both had had rather large holds in the tyre, but the tube has deflated slowly (which is a good thing, from a safety perspective), unlike with butyls, which seem more prone to explaosive air loss. (might just be shit tubes, who knows) rolling resistance is a bit betterm but that one takes experimentation to prove. I like them
  3. Yet another new bike thread...

    Awesome Thanks
  4. Yet another new bike thread...

    Question for the TM02 The TM01 has the ability to remove the draft box, and stick the seatpost in a second, further back slot Does the TM02 have this ability as well?
  5. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    Will be interesting to see how long it takes TA to allow discs (which in turn means waiting for ITU to allow discs as well) considering CA now allow them for road racing* (*for most road racing)
  6. Sydney Duathlon

    bwahahahahaha Sure - In about 5 months.... It should be more than 26.5°F if that helps?
  7. the 2017/18 financial year cost of pool swimming

    Wish I had space for an EP Tuggeranong pool - $6.10 entry, or $496 for 12 months (Pool only) [I picked my 12m pass on special, just under $400)
  8. Sydney Duathlon

    (And if anyone wants another Duathlon, Canberra is happening this weekend - Entries close tomorrow. I predict the bike will be short... And if any trannies want a place to crash, I have a spare bed 1.6k by path from the startline )
  9. Running Shorts

    And make sure this pocket is big enough for said card, if you need it to hold a card...
  10. Zwift setup; whats the best tech.

    TT (only) here (Only bike that matches 10sp+QR - remind me to work out how to refit an 11sp cassette onto my KICKR)
  11. No minimum tri suit order?

    Another vote for Fusion (As long as you only want to do the top, as the bottom will stay black due tot the design of the base suit)
  12. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Colour me interested Keep us informed (And if you can, a general breakdown of what you are eating, types and times etc.)
  13. Do I need to worry about my cadence when training?

    Personally, I would be looking at that statement "Train how you race" (which is why I run in the dark...) If you are racing at 85rpm, then possibly look at training at 85. if you are training at mid 70's, have a few race simulations at mid-70's and see if there is a difference off the bike.
  14. Advice on bike fit / cycling style

    Just a matter of time and adjusting to the new position. Whether you can imporve enough in a few weeks is another question, and only one you can find out yourself.
  15. http://konafive.com/ invented for IP and AP

    One day, maybe, hopefully...