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  1. Cape_Horn

    What purchases have you made on the back of Trannies?

    Directly ignoring the trannies merch Otter sold 3 bikes to me (so - 12k? plus some servicing and sundries) Fusion suit, thinking about getting another one. LCW I know of only because of here, did it last year, will be back in a month. In future. Looking at changing my supplier for hoka's...
  2. Cape_Horn

    Geelong 70.3

    Well, I have leave booked to drive down and back, and a race ticket. Maybe this year I can break 6hours? is the 6th time the charm?
  3. Cape_Horn

    Kona Slot Giveaway

    Yep And this is why I like the legacy program (And in reality, know that I will either qualify in the 70+ AG, in another 35 years, or end up in a legacy slot) - It is the journey that got them there, they did the work.
  4. Cape_Horn

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

  5. Cape_Horn

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Still a half decent idea, even if only for a month. Personally, I will want something a little different for November, LCW in Oct, then Geelong Half, so a month off for something like 30 sprints fits for some of us.
  6. Cape_Horn

    OT saving lives

    And after my last blood test, out for another 6 months :( (Ferritin levels at 28, still no known reason, time to see more specialists)
  7. Cape_Horn

    Let's talk Hematocrit Levels

    Last blood test I was dehydrated, and all values are significantly higher than what was expected (thus I get to repeat next week) - Haemocrit was 0.49. My average is sitting on 0.44, and the lowest I have recorded is 0.38
  8. Cape_Horn

    Was this guy a pharmacist? 4 year ban not enough

    And even then, I know someone with significant issues with cancer, and a lack of red blood cells, and a number of doctors have all still knocked him back for EPO treatments (and he is not an athlete, just does fitness for fun) - Many doctors have a thing for not prescribing EPO, even if it would make a huge quality of life improvement for the patient.
  9. Cape_Horn

    TrainerRoad and Planned TSS

    Go for the in between. Tuesdays run - Planned 60mins and 8.4k, result 10k in 55m40s.
  10. Cape_Horn

    TrainerRoad and Planned TSS

    Working term, like BAU. (Just F..king Do It)
  11. Cape_Horn

    Trannies Strava Page

    Doesn't make the quote any less true.
  12. Cape_Horn

    TriEvents WA

    Just as another response to the idea of enticer distances. My wife keeps making the comment that she won't go for a race because of her issues with distances. She has issues with a 2k run, but for her, a 400m swim is a 'why bother getting wet' distance (infact, 750m is still too short) Trying to get her to train up and just go swimmng for LCW this year.
  13. Cape_Horn

    920xt Spare Parts

    I found that when mine broke, I used a rubber band. The other side of the strap snapped before the rubber band. New wrist band time it was.
  14. Cape_Horn

    New Fenix 5

  15. Cape_Horn

    Hey roxii. Can you review the new fly6?

    1. Agree - but they are coming out with a seat rail mount 2. I haven't had that issue yet (Note: there are firmware updates available, is yours up to date?) 3. - USB-C - IE. where all new phones are going, I am glad they have joined the future, this was a BIG selling point for me.