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  1. Hi All, Haven't been around for a while, starting to get back after a few injuries. Need some advice from the mech experts among us. I had my SRM stolen a few months back Dura ace 7900. Was off the bike getting serviced and it was pinched from work. Made me feel physically sick. Anyway after moping around I emailed SRM Oceania to see if they had any reco units etc. They were great and sent me out what I thought was a 7900 unit when it arrived it was a 7800 unit (brand new). They have looked after me on the unit however my LBS was worried about it being compatible with my 7900 g
  2. good to see the Hawks back where they belong. All is right with the world again............
  3. Just watching the new 24 series. Never watched any of the prior series but this one makes me want to go back to the start and watch them. Anyone else a 24 fan?
  4. The wife has got me onto Hannibal. Saeson 1 was ok but season 2 has gotten of to a cracking pace!
  5. Hey Everyone, Just wanted to anyones thoughts of how to deal with all the Dodgy Real Estate agents out there. Mrs C and I are in the market to buy a family home but there is sooooooooooooo much bull$hit to go through dealing with the pack of lies the agents feed you at open houses/ inpections. EG, Question: are the vendors willing to sell before the auction Answer: of course for the right price. I put in an offer, never hear from the agent, then I hear it sold for 10K less than I offered. Anyway feel free to impart any bits of wisdom you have on me! Cheers Guys and Happy Easter
  6. Orange is the new Black is quite good.
  7. Totally agree what a shite way to end a great TV show!
  8. Hey Rocket check out the movie Hysteria! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFy6cfPmjd4
  9. Yeah its awesome! I think the series finale was this week??
  10. House of Cards is Awesome. Watched all of series 1 in one day! Game of Thrones Series 2 just keep getting better!!
  11. House of Cards is Awesome. Game of thrones Season 2 just keeps getting better!
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