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  1. AFL 2018

    good to see the Hawks back where they belong. All is right with the world again............
  2. Cyclocross

    Any thoughts on the best CX bike under 2K. Looking at the Giant TCX SLR 2016.
  3. Wahoo kickr $1000 pick up syd

    Trek52 is this still available?
  4. Le Tour - 2015

    Clydesdales Climbers are in..........
  5. TDU Race & tipping comp

  6. TDU Race & tipping comp

    Bobridge!!!!!! BOOM. Gees they are taking a while for the scores to update.
  7. TDU Race & tipping comp

    I'm in. god knows how the team will go. At least I'll be in Radelaide to cheer them on!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Transitions Truckers Hat

    Deposit done and email sent. Thanks!
  9. Gel Injection Treatment for Knee

    Hey guys, Dr Sorrenti operated on my knee in May 2014, Arthroscope to clean up the damage and stem cells. I had a chondral flap behind my kneecap. I was riding Hors category climbs in France nine weeks after the operation and completed my 1st IM (IM Melb) in March with no pain. Touch wood. Best decision I ever made. Also I had the stem cells injected into my "dodgy other knee" Limited meniscus left and previously torn PCL. That knee has improved markedly as well. Hyphen put me onto Dr Sam.
  10. AFL 2014

    Teams are out. Cyril and Big Boy in Ceglar and Simpkin out. Gees I hope we don't miss Sewell. Going to be a hard fought match.
  11. AFL 2014

    Carn the mighty Hawks!!!
  12. Transitions Truckers Hat

    Awesome!!! Im in!
  13. The New Dr Who

    After David Tennant, The wife and I thought we would hate the new Dr Who in Matt Smith, We loved him after 2 episodes. I think Peter Capaldi will be the same!
  14. AFL 2014