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  1. Guilty by association?

    Hate to agree with Peter, but that's how I read it too
  2. Guilty by association?

    How is out even remotely possible that that's what Pauls comment means? Especially considering -
  3. Geelong 70.3 race day. Women's finish

    She stumbled right in front of her. Where was she going to go?
  4. Coast to Coast

    I was very keen to do the Marysville to Melbourne, but then they canned it!
  5. Which bike should I buy and why?

    Great bike
  6. Coast to Coast

    Nice one!👌
  7. Coast to Coast

    As will I. Been thinking about this for a while.
  8. HOTW

    Rog is another one who hasn't been around for a while
  9. HOTW

    I have no idea who they are and don't really care at all about the Ironman brand, so that's not going to happen. The best input on the forum probably comes from Alex and Paul and they don't feel it necessary to bully anyone, I get that, but where would the forum be without a bit of controversy. TUV5.0 for example. His posts would be shut down within a day now. Anyhoo, carry on
  10. HOTW

    I know AP carries on a bit about being the alpha male etc, but it seems like it's pick on anyone who achieves anything time. IP is gone, he was a bit the same as AP, but do we want to lose all posters who might have some helpful input?
  11. Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    Nothing wrong with that!
  12. Club? Or by myself?

    I know it was an "I don't understand. " I was just joking😉 I haven't seen the darts/F1 thread either! I just try and keep up with whatever nonsensical politically correct crap just happens to be going on. Believe me, it's a challenge.
  13. How Long Does A Saddle Generally Last for

    My saddle is straight up carbon and it doesn't feel hard. Must be that you need new "mix".