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  1. Tightening carbon bars and seatpost?

    New bike time?
  2. Ironman in Victoria

    Or maybe they should pay employees to do the job like all other professional companies do, rather than relying on vollies? I'm not selfish at all, but I'm not giving my time to a multinational company making money out of an event. I would rather give it to the RSPCA.
  3. Well almost no courses have a downhill to start with, because they have no uphill. Bit of tail wind, sure, up your cadence to 85 and you're in the 50s and that's hardly "spinning out ?" I couldn't care less, don't look at my cadence when I do tris. Just found it an interesting point
  4. Even at 75rpm you should average 45.3 with a 53/11 combo. That's pretty quick. Up that to 80 and you're doing 48.3. So with a 2:26 you should be safe with a 53 surely?
  5. How many are they taking per AG? I reckon you'll be safe if you are top 25 in your AG
  6. Michael Phelps vs. Great White

    Can't believe I just watched that crap
  7. Disc Brakes approved for Cycle Races*

    Thanks Roxxi. Perfect timing. Just got myself a Canyon Aeroad Di2 with disc brakes. Was wondering how long I'd have to wait to race on it. I rang cycling QLD last month and they said, "Sometime 2018." So this is a little win.
  8. Lances Tour Podcast.

    What's wrong with Floyd?
  9. BMC TMR01 with Ultegra and SRM

    So, is it SRAM etap like the heading says or Ultegra 11spd?
  10. Tour de France Commentary

    And I still don't know who invented traffic lights, ground coffee, the mobile phone or Wi-Fi!
  11. No wonder cyclists are hated!

    The guy was a wanker. No question. Cyclist or not. I'm recording you - fk off dick head
  12. Bike shipping from Brisbane to Sydney

    I have sold numerous (5+) bikes interstate. I used e-go couriers have had no problems. I get a box from the bike shop pack it up and off it goes. $45 Bris to Syd. Have bought many bikes and had them shipped via e- go too. Nil issues
  13. Caden Wheels some cool videos

    It's been a while, but I also got somr tape from Ben. Best tape I have ever used. I'll order more that's for sure. I have spent a lot of time gluing in the past and I do it well, but this tape is just as strong as gluing and so much easier. Get onto tubulars, so much better and easier
  14. Powertap P1 Power Meter

    I have had these for about 6 months now. No issues at all. Perfect