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  1. They are some great prices. Are these good helmets?
  2. I saw an interview with Lance a couple of months ago and he said his next goal is to win Hawaii Ironman. I guess we'll see what happens.
  3. I saw an interview with Lance a couple of months ago and he said his next goal is to win Hawaii Ironman. I guess we'll see what happens.
  4. Julian

    Transitions Caps

    Is there an option that will allow me to carry 2 waterbottles on the back of the cap?
  5. Julian

    Transitions Caps

    Hi there How much does it cost to buy a cap? Are they lightweight caps? Julian
  6. Julian

    Caption this

    Chris: HaHa come on you guys of course i'm going to win, I have less hair on my arms than Crowie plus i'm nearly bald, I mean the wind resistance is zilch! Not to mention I wear K-Swiss the original Tri shoe, whoever said K-Swiss was a tennisshoe brand has no idea. Just ask Nadal. Crowie: Shit! I have nothing. I can't compete with that big shiny forehead. Not to mention the shoes the Williams sisters wear, have you seen how big their legs are?
  7. Sorry mate not after a bike at the moment but just wanted to say that Look bike is awesome!
  8. Julian

    Ideal Bike Set Up

    Yeah I thought about doing that. I'm skeptical about whether they know what they are doing and thought I might be able to do it myself.
  9. Julian

    Ideal Bike Set Up

    Hi Everyone I recently had a bike fit and ever since have felt a little uncomfortable and have been getting a bit of pain in my knees and lower quads. I am wondering if perhaps a couple of adjustments are out. Does anyone know what measurements are needed and how those measurements translate to a seat/handlebar adjustment? Thanks in advance for your feedback. Julian
  10. Just watching Cancellara again, he is absolutely mesmorising. One of the best TT rides i've ever seen.
  11. Julian

    Bike Nutrition

    Hi Everyone I'm doing a 100-150km ride on the weekend and was wondering what nutrition I should take on a ride this long and what are the best sources to keep my energy and hydration up. I was thinking of taking a powerbar and a few GU Gels along with some water. Any tips from some own experience would be appreciated. Thanks Julian
  12. This is a well written email. It is typical of someone like the person hit by XXXX to cry wolf and blame everyone else except themself. I would be curious to know how the paper responds to the email. Keep us posted.
  13. Julian

    Regular Bunch Rides

    I don't know if you have to pay for the MB rides, you probably do as people always want to make money from something. Balmoral is close to me so I might check this out. I live on a street off Old Cleveland Road and of a weekend there are hundreds of cyclists riding up and down this road so I could join the back of a bunch but I don't want them to think who is this try hard.
  14. Julian

    Regular Bunch Rides

    Thanks for all the input. So Zupps and Park road I should leave to the pros? Someone else told me about rides that leave MB Cycles at Milton. They have 3 bunches novice, intermmediate and elite. It's a pretty 'fair dinkum' bike shop so i'm assuming most people on the rides will be pretty serious. My sock length? At the moment i wear Puma 3 quarter length extra cushioned socks. Maybe if i wore ankle socks the less material would see me increase my speed to 40km/h.
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