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    Training solo

    Sell it then, or give it away
  3. Turts

    Training solo

    Not everyone who uses tech says something like this. Plenty of peeps use the tech to their advantage, yet aren't ruined like u said. Try not to let a few ruin it for the majority - or ur perception of such.
  4. Turts

    Winterfish 2018

    More stupid. Was cold and some certain word were said!
  5. Turts

    Winterfish 2018

    10.0 in the river today. Time for the neoprene swim beanie. Could have used something thicker than the basic Orca open water suit tho!
  6. Turts

    TA Membership time

    What's "kurnell"?
  7. Turts

    What do I need to do - 70.3 worlds 2020

    And how welcoming is it for a new person to approach a bunch of blokes in a pub hanging shit on each other? If you want Transitions to be just a place for the usual fellas to have pub jokes and a sledge, then it's not going to attract and keep new folks interested in triathlon. Theres a time and a place. And it isn't every thread, started with a genuine triathlon interest. Nothing to do with sensitivities of mine. But pub sledging shouldn't be the vibe of the place if theres going to be a diverse future and membership.
  8. Turts

    What do I need to do - 70.3 worlds 2020

    Some peeps should read this again.
  9. Turts

    Active fees

    Surely processing th info would be a fixed cost to a database. I think its screwy it's a percentage, rather than a flat rate. Does it cost them more to process an entry worth $800 than one worth $200? I'd think not
  10. Turts

    TA Membership time

    Since it's still June, all "current member wont renew" votes count too. So we're 62.9%.
  11. Turts

    The good news thread

    Yep. Crumps from around here. Big speedway culture here, and a fair few did alright overseas. Speedway bikes and sidecars
  12. Turts

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    With the current suits and sizing being a bit on the small side, there are a few comments. Might not be a bad thing! Plus somehow we have navy blue shorts and a dark charcoal tee with a solitary green sleeve stripe. Not the greatest match.
  13. Turts

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    Or 19 days
  14. Turts

    Trex Cross Tri - Port Stephens

    https://m.facebook.com/In2Adventure/photos/a.112597498311.121412.98814988311/10157954558743312/?type=3 What's New at #TreXTri 2018/19? Thanks to your feedback TreX Port Stephens has a new course with a shorter more exciting lap. The northern sandy trails on the MTB course have removed and the soft sand section at the beginning of the run being replaced with a rocky fire trail! Stay tuned full details coming soon: http://ow.ly/cdGR30kyE4a
  15. Turts

    Why can't we all just get along???

    I believe there are also some inside jokes, that to an outsider reading here look like some pretty angry and passive aggressive commentary.
  16. Turts

    TA Membership time

    Auto renew on.
  17. Turts

    FFF1077 - Just for you mate

    No mention of the carpet? That's awesome!
  18. Turts

    FFF1077 - Just for you mate

    Socks are too high for sure
  19. Turts

    Winterfish 2018

    35min in the river. 12.3 deg. Thin wetty, normal cap. Any longer I'd need my neoprene hoody ot st least thick silicone one. My head was starting to hurt the last 5 minutes. Then about the same time in a hot shower.
  20. Turts

    Cairns 2018

    I don't think so.....
  21. Turts

    FTP & Ironman power

    The numbers I have say that for an FTP of 255, he should have ridden 170-184 watts in an IM. Your mate rode the power I have for an IM - and my FTP is 212. I guess the outcome (run) will say a lot. Mabe the bike course was tricky to hold power? Maybe he was crook or something? Was that Cairns?
  22. Turts

    Data and Running Shoes

    Go for it. I'll add my info. Variables between peeps and shoes will be a big database, but I deal with bigguns too so it's a great idea. Over in the US, a running store had a similar, but less powerful tool on their site. I'll try and remember the name, but probably not beneficial to you anyway as you already have the conceptual model.
  23. Turts

    FFF1077 - Just for you mate

    And my dad flogged me when I came home with no bike
  24. Turts

    Kona qualifier 15+

    You may think you're commenting on the process, not the person. But by saying the fact this person qualified is a joke is, by inference, having a go at the person. Saying they aren't worthy. By saying the time isn't worthy, you're saying the person isn't.