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  1. Turts

    Ironman Italy

    On now on Facebook live feed. Pretty good pro coverage, but kinda rubbish commentary. But my question..... what does this guy have off the back?
  2. Turts

    Friday Funny

    I'm going for a run.........
  3. These were Willie's pink hats?
  4. Turts

    Hervey Bay 100

    Yeah that would make sense. Targeted marketing.
  5. Turts

    Hervey Bay 100

    I have a long history of registering through Active, but haven't had an email. Maybe I selected the no marketing option?
  6. Turts


    And now there will be folks adding their own needles, and putting it on SM as a victim.
  7. Turns out he reads here too! All sorted.
  8. I'm trying to buy shoes from willie but he won't return my messages. Guess I cried wolf once too many 😉
  9. Caden wheels Fusion tri apparel Infinit nutrition Willie Bike Bug stuff Emo's races
  10. Turts

    ITU mens

    On now. On the bike, 2 off the front, 35 in the next pack. AB got a DQ for missing a turn buoy in the swim. Still racing tho. Gonna be a cracking run.
  11. Turts

    ITU women's

    Someone should have posted it up front then. If they knew it was on. I heard it after.
  12. Turts

    ITU mens

    AB didnt finish in the top20. Maybe he did pull out?
  13. Turts

    ITU mens

    Even Luis 's got some legs on him.
  14. Turts

    ITU mens

    Not well enough this time. Cant say he didnt try tho!
  15. Turts

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    Aquathlon Worlds was in Middlefart, Denmark, in July. It was a great day
  16. Turts

    DISCS banned ITU gc tomorrow

    Looks "breezy" at the fnish line at the moment.
  17. Turts

    DISCS banned ITU gc tomorrow

    Disc covers may make a resurgence. I think the same - if you re travelling a loooong way and have invested a lot in a race, it might pay to have a Plan B. Discs do get banned if it's windy. Has happened before. Youre taking a chance on having your day ruined. Yes the probability is low - but the consequences are significant. Hence a high risk choice. But what kind of joke is the separate wave with a later start? It's for those that couldn't source a spare non-disc wheel, but could make arrangements to "borrow" a wheel of someone from an earlier wave so that when they finished the bike leg, you went t their bike, took the wheel, put it on your own bike, tuned it up, and rode your race. Seriously? Debacle. For a WC's, they better havetheir lawyers ready.
  18. Turts

    It's goodnight from me..............

    Well done mate, on keeping the place going, and makeing some geat changes, whilst going through all that! If it wasn't for your work, and associating some brands wit the place, I wouldn't be now: - riding Cadens - wearing Fusion - using Infinit. - enjoying Willies kickr. cheers!
  19. Turts

    New Mountain Bike - Recommendations?

    If its just for commuting 20k now, why a mountain bike? Would be slower and heavier. Maybe a CX bike? Gives you some gravel options but still quick enough on a road commute.
  20. Turts


    I'm keen to give Infinit a go, and have tweaked a custom blend. Was there a Trannies secret code or something? So Jase knows the order is coming through here? cheers!
  21. Buggerit. Delete thread? Or poor ol pieman will get all sorts of blues.
  22. Turts

    New bike trainer - Fuoripista

    There's no new website just an update of trannies to include some more stuff  Maaaate, in my line of work, an update IS new! Looking forward to the spending spree. Now I'm home I need to follow up on those Hokas. (Was in melvegas for work and was "aloneinahotelroomwithabottleofredwine" tranny posting........)
  23. Turts

    New bike trainer - Fuoripista

    I'll test it and write a review for ur (new) website
  24. Turts


    Legend mate. Rachel was really helpful on the phone. Meant to revive this as I'm finally moving back to Infinit. I drifted away, tried other things and had some ups and downs. But the simplicity of Infinit drew me back eventually. Looking forward to being back on the wagon!