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    It is poorly worded for sure. Its in Brittany, and NW France. But not NW Brittany.
  2. I understand everyones different. I like to know whats going on in the world. I dont get news with my emails, dont do LinkedIn and don't get school newsletters. I really dont have any other internet activities. And i certainly am not going to rely on transitions for my knowledge of the world. I cant necessarily affect what going on in the world, but i like to understand how that may affect my life. By knowing the present, I can have a crack at understanding what may lie in the future. If China puts blocks on aussie beef (as they have) I draw parallels to my life in a regional centre, with farming inputs, and as someone that buys beef, so it might affect my town, staff and how much I pay for meat. I cant change it, but by understanding it I can be more accepting of it, without saying things like" why the hell is a steak twice the price today?"
  3. Ah well there ya go. My news doesnt come to me in any of those ways. So I watch the news to be informed. I do get a media update from work but it's only my business related stories.
  4. How do you know whats going on in your town/country/the world then? I watch the news in the morning and eve ing. ABC, not commercial. Check ABC news website if I miss the actual news at 7.
  5. I had a neoprene one, but not my one from last winter (couldnt find jt). Not gonna rock speedos for obvious reasons . But damn, hood and Speedos? What was the temp? I struggled to get my face in. Took 5 min or so.
  6. Did you swim from summer down to that temp? I had trouble getting my face in, but not so much when I swam twice a week from summer through. What wetsuit ya reckon? Hood as well?
  7. How cold is the water in Sydney at the moment? Or others doing open water swims,? Jumped in yesterday and bloody froze. Was 13 when i looked at the river data. Just my face was so hard to get in for proper freestyle . 25 min was my tjpping point and I got out. Only had my 1.5mm wetty on.
  8. Why is trump taking the antimalarial drug, when all info ive seen indicates no positive outcome, and possibly a worse one? I saw it on facebook, but did he tweet it himself or something?
  9. He's got quite a personality too! Name is Ebon. (Means black, so really not that creative)
  10. For sure. She had a good life, and was over 15. Working from home meant I was home for her last few weeks, and it was clear it was no life for her to live.
  11. I had to put my old red dog to sleep a few weeks ago, as she had gone downhill quickly. No way i was going to keep her around suffering. I now have a new pup. It took my other 2 a few weeks to accept him, but all good now.
  12. I used to alot of that sort of riding when i lived in the states. Some here, but not mildura to melbourne. Assuming you've driven it - maybe on a motorbike? Its not the most interesting terrain. Flat, windy, lots of traffic=cars/trucks, shit roads, long way between water Looking at direct? Maybe take port to port route for some? Or Murray to Moyne and then along the coast or such? I think some kids did it didnt they, from a high school or such around here? I'll see if I can find the article.
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    Would be better worded as "Not everything on the internet is true"
  14. She was totally prepared for that. Can we say "set up"? And so, agenda?
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    Yeah theyve been trying to get this for ages now. Union folks been quite up in arms about it.
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    Yes these all started from overseas travel. No shit, it started in China. Then there was community transmission. Then some of those people came here. Then there was community transmission withuwithinn Australia. Overseas cases did not stop at the traveller.
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    And hospitals (tas) and schools (more recently)
  18. Severe restrictions imposed are the reasons those states have so few cases. Lift restrictions, and be prepared to impose them again when we get spikes. This is the plan, once hospitals are equipped to deal with it I believe.
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    ? North, South, Stewart, Tassie and then us? (Although I'll be Italian )
  20. So they're saying 40% target to download it. 40% of what? People? Phone accounts? My work pushed it out to all staff work phones. Id say we're not the only organisation going to do that. Some people don't have compatible phones. If I put it on my personal phone too, thats 2 downloads for one set of data.
  21. I thought roxii was saying airport security, from tynos post and the one he quoted, was essential for travel. Not the ap.
  22. Turts

    42km in 42 hours

    5 and the 10 of the Hoka isorunfest for me this morning. Thats me done!
  23. Turts


    And a paramedic
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