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  1. 9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    I've never walked MFD or DNF d an IRONMAN. But damn im now confused. Never Kona'd either.
  2. What training did you do today?

    So your FTP result now is pretty much the same as 2 and a half years ago? No improvement with all the training you do?
  3. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    I think you got the wrong idea. I'm not defensive of it. I agree it makes no sense .I'm just sick of the repeated surprise that you can go slower at smaller races and get more points. It's easy to do the research (hence the "easier to KQ thread ") instead of whinging that others travelled to smaller races and got more points. Channeling AP here, you can maybe train an extra 10 hrs and go faster, or travel 10 hrs to a smaller race and get more points to go slower. I don't give a rats bum. I'm not even doing a single on road tri this season or next. Haven't ridden my tri bike in over 12 months.
  4. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    You seem surprised? (and a few others have expressed similar things). If you want to get to the Worlds, you do your research on the best races to do. Its easy to do a little resarch on entry numbers and times for all these events from previous years, and plan your qualifiers. It aint rocket science. And it aint nothing new. Maybe some people like to play the matyr by standing on the sidelines saying they're beter than those racing in the green and gold because they failed to qualify at a bigger race? WTF?
  5. Mooloolaba Start Waves

    http://www.triathlon.org.au/State_Associations/NSW/About_Us/Latest_News/NSW_Technical_Officials__Technical_Advice__Calf_Socks_vs__Calf_Sleeves.htm Calf Sleeves (also known as calf guards) Calf sleeves are comprised of 100% textile material and provide compression forces on the calves. The fabric does not cover the toes and therefore the calf sleeve does not provide a competitive advantage in the swim leg. RCR Rule 1.1 (o) allows calf sleeves to be worn at any time during an event, including during a non-wetsuit swim.
  6. Hoka one one (teach me)

    If u want the right roll, pay attention to the rocker placement of the hokas. They differ in different models, and make a big difference. It's stated on the shoe info on the Hoka website, so do ur research first
  7. Mooloolaba Start Waves

    I thought calf sleeves were Ok, but SOCKS werent
  8. Trannies Strava Page

    Forgot about this. Woohoo!
  9. Mool meetup

    You still there? I'm on my way. ... Erm..... 24hr bender if So!
  10. Trannies Strava Page

    I thought Cranky was in a moonboot? Another lunar landing?
  11. Mooloolaba Start Waves

    I dont think RBR is
  12. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    That's awesome. But what about when ur just racing who turns up? When australia is playing and winning against someone who's not ranked one in the world.... No respect?
  13. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Nice one. Cross tri and Aquathlon have the same
  14. Anyone live near Roxii?

    Go on roxii!! Show us ya calves!!!!!!!
  15. Anyone live near Roxii?

    I thought the tippy toes shot was best for side and rear shots?
  16. What training did you do today?

    In my case, it's because i am.......
  17. Is 70.3 a brand or distance?

    "Long course"? ITU "Long distance"?
  18. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Those serious about trying to get Sprint points could have gone down to Seven Mile Beach in Tassie. Only M 35-39 went any lower than last place still getting 9 or 10 points. For those that say it's only worth it if you're racing the best, most pros in any sport pick their races and events/tournaments to some degree. TS put n a great low key event. The race location is right near the airport, and there is a caravan park and fancy resort right there. So accom and transport is easy.
  19. Hey roxii. Can you review the new fly6?

    What about Willie?
  20. Mental Health Excuse

    I wonder if Barnaby will end up.going here
  21. BCU Coffs Harbour this weekend

    Only 2 more?
  22. Project - Adventure Bike

    Turns out I was no use to FFF at all. The clanger with my knowledge is I did this to my bike, running cable discs. FFF's is running hydraulic discs. Any bright sparks out there can assist?
  23. The Politics Thread

    So he's now coming out saying it's a grey area. But he will raise the kid as if it's his own, and love it the same anyway. Sounds like he is trying to create some doubt, slag off the character of the woman, and get brownie points for stepping up and raising a kid that may be someone elses. Where does he get off saying they had an emerging intimate relationship, but she kinda slept around so it may be someone elses kid? Just gets worse and worse.
  24. BCU Coffs Harbour this weekend

    Had them b4. Nice and comfy and stay on well. Disposable, so no chasing them at the finish line.