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  1. Turts

    Swimming World Champs

    Why were there 4 on the podium for that one?
  2. I've found the smaller ones sit higher and less comfy on the bike. But test it out and see. Good luck and enjoy!
  3. I preferred a running pack for my mtb rides as I used the front pockets for gels and chews, instead of soft flasks. And bladder in the back.
  4. Been there done that. As long as yours sits comfortably in the position on the bike then why not indeed? Only thing I found is some running packs sit higher across the shoulder blades that can be less comfortable when have a full bladder, and stretched in the biking position. Should take 5 secs to decide if it's us ok or not.
  5. I just stopped my subscription a couple.of weeks ago. No warning that I'd have to go back on at a higher price. Oh well. Probably won't go back. But maybe I will. Will just do the maths a bit more on rouvy, tr or zwift a little more closely.
  6. Turts

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Interesting helmet
  7. Sorry, i didn't get the very specific situation of yours on which you were commenting, at the first instance Understand now that your particular situation is quite different than, possibly, most.
  8. Because it just makes all the insurance premiums higher, and then harder with more hoops for legitimate claims. Not to mention that the company might not have the funds or ability to backfill in a short term position, so the remainder of the workload falls to those left. So I think it does affect me.
  9. Turts

    Swimming to work!

    Apparently the swimming bit isn't illegal. But if he posses a threat/risk to shipping and boat users he could be removed. Also says he's been thinking about it for years, but never done so as he wouldn't want to get in the way of a boat. Slow news day?
  10. this is specified in section 3.1.1. on drfating
  11. calf sleeves are OK. Compression socks are not
  12. You're confusing a Protest with an Appeal.
  13. Turts

    Cheddar Gorge climb

    I watched that whole clip looking for cars. Saw one at 5:27. Then read your post again. Oops, wrong clip obviously.
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