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  1. Dryers, loads every day, $2000 a unit. I live in a different world. Second hand washer, and an outside line.
  2. Turts

    Shifting issues?

    I'd say it's the deraileurs just sticking, or the cables not sliding well in the housing. Rather than the hoods.
  3. Never sell. Only buy. Just put a whole lot of spacers in, change the stem, change the saddle, change the bars, change the seat post, change the wheels and change the hydration system. Problem fixed. 🤣
  4. Turts

    Hoka One One

    If you think the speedgoats dont let you feel the terrain, don't try the Stinson ATR s. Or did u mean the challengers? By measurements, how do the speedgoats compare to what you do think let's you feel the terrain? I feel the speedgoats are too "feely"
  5. Turts

    And so endeth...

    I was busy this weekend. Feeling like i missed something big!
  6. Local parkrun? He never said it was a half 👌
  7. Turts

    Nepean 2019

    Is this what happens when they stop providing swim caps? Eyes up eyes up
  8. Moist or chocolate? A good moist banana cake is fantastic
  9. One of the guys in my team in my new job (Well, his wife) makes wonderful cupcakes. Another guys wife works at a local bakery and so he brings in extras like fruit buns. I like my new job.
  10. The deleted threads had nothing to do with the current plethora of opinions and judgement of life coaches and Mrs PJ s career and Instagram info.
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