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  1. Underwhelming is an overstatement
  2. Yeah that train was a sight to see. They were flying the whole time. Group got bigger and smaller, but only slowed the last few hours. Had a few 12 hour folks tag in as well between 7 and 7. Quite a sight overnight on a relatively small track. Lap splits are here https://www2.multisportaustralia.com.au/m3/individual?c=1&r=6680&e=1&a=115978&l=en-US
  3. So the lottery, CEO, military etc go with the age groups? Is this then a discussion about legit qualifiers versus those that got a 16th spot roll down or one spot in an age group of 1? Could get tricky.
  4. No training as such. Headed down to help as rider support for Revolve24. Moral support, encouragement, tips and tricks, safety etc. Ride from 9am Friday to 130pm sunday. 28.5 hrs, covered 330km at Tailem Bend track. Going slow, waiting for people to catch me, ride a lap or 2 with them, back off again...... With a few toilet and water stops, plus managing the rider drink stations. Considering I haven't ridden more than 40km or a roadie in 3 years, or ridden more than 180 in 15 years, or more than 320 EVER, I was quite impressed. My arse, however, was not so impressed.
  5. As a TO, I speak to more men than women. However, I feel its proportional to the ratio of men to women in the event as a whole. I speak the most to the juniors, who can race drafting and try and do it in the non drafting events as well.
  6. I didn't think you could even function at 0.25.
  7. Turts

    Weird nerve pain...

    Does sound like sciatic nerve issue. Can be adhesions or pressure anywhere along. Including a tight piriformis (butt muscle) or even lower back (I think it originates l4 l5. I think if the piriformis is super tight, inflamed or spasming, just stretching don't help. But a physio should be able to massage, or show you how to roll on a ball to relieve it. Or if it's coming from your lower back. Or, nerve glide exercises to relieve any adhesions along the way. Maybe try a different physio? Some are better than others. I've been though several, but have a great one now. Eta I'm not a physio, doctor or expert. Just have what seems a similar problem, and have for a while. With ongoing management.
  8. Never mind. I waded through the other threads and found the relevance. I get it now. Hokas are awesome.
  9. What shits me is all the generalisations being made. Age Group women, age group men, most women, women, men. C'mon. We're talking many thousands of women and men. It's all individual opinions, based on what you have seen in your own personal experience, and making stupid meaningless generalisations
  10. Turts

    Cardinal Pell

    did he also just qualify it by saying he has a stellar reputation with no other offending in the last 22 years?
  11. Turts

    Cardinal Pell

    sounds like he won't get jail time. Putting too many age and health caveats in it
  12. Mate at least you were out there giving it a go. I, sadly, did not. I've banked 2 races. But likely there will be less than 10 in our age group that want to go. Youll be fine.
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