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  1. Aero Helmet

  2. Aero Helmet

    Yep ive got one of these too. I wanted a race helmet with a visor at a decent peice. Very comfy. I have the visor flipped for donning in t1 and flip it around once on the course.
  3. $500 can save you 2.4 watts

    Simply getting up at 3 instead of 6 for training solves nothing if u have to go to bed equally early to get the sleep u need. Andnif that lost evening time cuts into other obligations. Could spend those dollars on an assistant to do all ur cooking cleaning financial and fmily obligation instead i suppose. Or more coffee and a shrink to get by on less sleep. But i guess you're only talking about those that sleep too much and waste evenings watching tv and the like.
  4. Run technique/ dynamics, any videos?

    So glad i changed my name......
  5. Meat and Water Diet Study

    There's a guy I know through work that has enough property or have livestock, fruit trees, and even loads of olive trees. Does all the harvest, presses his own olive oil etc. Good greenie. His doctor told him his cholesterol was low, and he needed to increase it. So now he turns up to work with a breakfast of potato cakes and a cheese kransky. So much wrong with that
  6. Respecting the Race

    I have changed my original post to mirror my second one. I would have stopped. That's all there is to it. I would have wanted to stop to support a fellow athlete whether or not I was needed for first aid. I also said I wasn't there.
  7. Respecting the Race

    Nah. In his report he says he thought about stopping, but saw others there so didnt. As a fellow competitor who was right there, and had spoken encouragement just beforehand,........ i would have stopped. But i wasnt there, and this isnt personal.
  8. Respecting the Race

    I like the article, but 2 things I noted – He was riding with Matt Russel when he was slammed. I think he should would have stopped, regardless. Yes, he thought about quitting, and didn’t. He says “Physically, mentally, emotionally. I don’t know if I ever can or will be able to do something that hard again. I feel like it took a couple of years off my life!” – so there is a cost to finishing at all costs. If that level of commitment to finish one race regardless of the time puts you in a bad place for a long time to come and to the detriment of your career, (as seems to have happened to another high profile aussie pro) that’s pretty extreme. And maybe not the smartest choice career-wise long term.
  9. Respecting the Race

    Interesting report here http://www.triathlete.com/2017/10/ironman/jesse-thomas-kona-race-report-hard_307597
  10. Respecting the Race

    I understand your point. But if the punters, sponsors and event organisers support that behaviour then that is what they will get. If its not tolerated, those characters will not get invited to races, won't get sponsorship or any social media space. The sport will evolve into what people want to see. It's driven by everyday people and race related companies. They will go where the money is and won't let it devolve into a sh#tfight if it's not in their interests As for Kyrios and tennis, there is a sector of the public that enjoys it. He gets plenty of media attention, gets invitations to tournaments, and maintains sponsorship. He is essentially being rewarded (or at least not punished) for that behaviour. That will always be in a minority, but if others see that bad behaviour is rewarded, the numbers will increase. If it's weeded out, the sport will change. You can't force that stuff in such a dispersed demographic.
  11. Respecting the Race

    This has been a good discussion of age groupers expectations of pros. Lets keep it clean and nice eh?
  12. Respecting the Race

    I personally think they should be able to do what they want. They nominate/pay etc to get a pro ticket. They will be "rewarded" for what they put in to the race from sponsors, prizemoney, etc. How they behave is their decision - those that do what the sponsors want will benefit from said sponsors. Those that race for themselves and make different decisions will perhaps have different outcomes. The final outcome for the sport will depend on the drivers. If the age groupers want the pros to finish no matter what, then they MAY have the capacity to influence the preference for those characteristics by supporting sponsors and races that support those athletes. But from what I see, sponsors and events use pros to promote a product or event purely to drive MORE regular people to it. Quite often, (I would hazard a guess the majority of) those regular people don't give a flying squirrel whether their sponsored pro comes 33rd walking or DNF's. Also, most brands sponsor a range of athletes with mixed attitudes and outcomes. Wurf set a bike record on a Pinarello. Jan got all the glory just for finishing, after the bike leg (on a Canyon) appeared to cause his run issues. The sport will evolve to what the punters (as a majority) want, and what the punters "reward". And for me, most "punters" are regular folks wanting to have a go, who want fun, safe, supportive, and cheap races. In a way, getting pros there just drives prices up.
  13. Respecting the Race

    Interesting conversation folks. Good to see the variety of opinions and reasoning.
  14. $500 can save you 2.4 watts

    So if i replace the chain and both pulleys, can i get 10 w? Ill have it in red thanks. Everyone knows reds faster