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  1. Turts

    Cats - How can I get them out of my yard?

    Cats are legally allowed to roam. Well, here in Vic anyway. Makes feral cat control remarkably difficult!
  2. Turts

    Wind Trainer Reccomendation

    What were the problems? Mines making an interesting, but intermittent, thumping noise, but if it's just a noise I wont bother trying to get it looked at
  3. Turts

    What's this Cervelo P2C worth?

    It would seem they are quite tall to hang their bike up tht high above the sink! (I'm vertically challenged, myself)
  4. Turts

    What's this Cervelo P2C worth?

    Depends if he was after a road bike because he wants to ride with groups, crits or something that would be best or better on a roadies, as opposed to a tri bike.
  5. Turts

    Time to play with a scammer

    "I'm actually at a bit of a loose end myself. I can come and deliver it to you. Actually, are uyou overseas? That'd be awesome. I have a bike case and everything. Cash would make things nice and easy, and keep it under the radar of my significant other. Bank transfers and deposits are too dangerous"
  6. Turts


    In the end the point is moot for the victim, but sometimes, murder wouldn't be the specific target of the offender. Quite often, it is "simply" an act of violence that exceeds the victims physical capacity to tolerate it. Or a blow in such a place that is fatal - without the intent at the time. yes the intent is to cause harm. But my point is, language begets behaviour. Langage against women or a racial group becomes behaviour against that group. That can evolve to violent behaviour. And sometimes this results in the death of the victim. I'm not saying it's OK. Of course not. But we beed to remember that quite often these deaths are the result of violence that stems from a life of developing an attitude towards this person or fgroup, which probably just started with langage and observation. Only a small subset of deaths are from someone actually going in with the INTENT to murder and nothing else. Sublte but important psychological difference when you are exploring solutions. For example, acceptance of language that describes women as only sexual objects can, in cases, lead to rape if the mindest of the person becomes such that they feel entitled to use that woman only for sex.
  7. Turts

    Motivating People - Who's yours?

    I listened to my first Tony Robbins thing today. 20min. Was quite good.
  8. Turts


    I'm not getting into this argument about the detail. But, just because it may be worse elsewhere doesnt mean we cant call out less than great behaviour here. If u have a headache it still hurts. Just because someone overseas has a migraine of a brain tumour that hurts more doesnt mean yours doesnt hurt. You can still take a panadol and be thankful that a panadol is all you need. If you go all day without a meal and are hungry, you can still say I'm hungry and have some dinner. Some people dont eat for a week in famine starved countries and are hungrier than you . You can still eat and be thankful you live somewhere you have access to food.
  9. Turts


    And so far as language used on this forum sometimes.
  10. Turts

    Demand answers.

    My apologies. Equal grot for all.
  11. Turts

    New Gel Flavours

    Mmmm kippers 😋
  12. Turts

    Demand answers.

    Doesnt stop the "person" before you from having washed "their" crotch with it. Then you squeezed it all over your head and face. Or hands etc. 🤢
  13. Turts

    Big Husky 2019

    Will definately be there supporting his missus. Hope he has a fun race
  14. Turts

    What training did you do today...

    Haha, the temp on the map wasnt even our overnight low. It was over 30 when I started.
  15. Turts

    What training did you do today...

    My run last sat finished at over 38. Cant see a badge in GC though