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  1. What training did you do today?

    I was up at 3 on tuesday, so i could get a workout in before flying to melbourne. But my wasps arent killers. I did do 128 laps of a 25m pool on Monday
  2. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Hm interesting. I know they asked for it. See TPs above. I guess they didnt bother too much about actually checking then.
  3. So froome is a drug cheat

    Salbutamol works by acting on receptors in the lungs called beta 2 receptors. When salbutamol stimulates these receptors it causes the muscles in the airways to relax. This allows the airways to open. http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/medicines/allergy-and-asthma/a8340/salamol-salbutamol
  4. So froome is a drug cheat

    It opens up the airways, so better deeper breathing i think
  5. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    When u accept ur position, you have to send through an info package that includes a copy of ur passport. Well, had to for rotterdam. I assume they check from that
  6. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Yep they check. But only when ur accepting the place on the team. Not sure if they look for dates and see if u were an aussie for qualification races
  7. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    If you dont make the team (as opposed to changing ur mind) i think u get $50 of ur $75 back
  8. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    Was other general comments about reasons not to wear a helmet. And u mentioned you may or may not wear one. Nevermind.
  9. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    Yeah sorry should have had a sarcasm thingy. Was reference to an earlier comment abou not wearing a helmet cos it gives u helmet hair and a sweaty head
  10. Hand back your Pro Card

    This thread was started as pros not good enuf to ace pro. By page 2 its bagging age groupers as not good enuf to race age group. Too funny.
  11. Hand back your Pro Card

    Then u should know ive never misrepresented myself or my achievements. And thats how this thread derailment started, with ruley and stikman. So can u let it go and get off me and back on topic?
  12. Hand back your Pro Card

    Maybe some jealousy or sour grapes getting around. Not real consistent with trying to get people into triathlon.