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  1. Turts

    Busso 2018

    Surprised me too. Only ever seen in stubbies. But bought these at a bottle-o in Adelaide last night.
  2. Turts

    Busso 2018

    Same here - and im not doing busso! But after a double race this morning then 5 hrs drive home, I've had the best shower ever, topped off with a cold beer. I am claiming relevance through the fact the first of my races went around a jetty, ala Busso.
  3. Turts

    I'm not fit enough (Bullshit)

    Did they care?
  4. Turts

    I'm not fit enough (Bullshit)

    Did you tell them this to their face?
  5. Turts

    Sanders. Announcing an announcement. WTF?

    Only if its raining
  6. Turts

    Running shorts with pockets for gels?

    The SLi 's are the bomb. But not cheap I run in the tri shorts and the c3. Get on em!
  7. Turts

    Running shorts with pockets for gels?

    Maybe Fusion tri or running short tights, with side pockets, and over shorts if ur shy? https://fusionmultisport.com.au/collections/mens/products/c3-short-tights-pocket#
  8. Turts

    I'm not fit enough (Bullshit)

    Why do people insist on judging others by their own standards?
  9. Turts

    I'm not fit enough (Bullshit)

    Why do you care what reason they give? Clearly they are fit enough for something. I'd say 90% of the population is fit enough to complete a sprint tri. (except folk who cant swim or legitimately cannot ride a bike. But maybe they are not fit enough wrt to their expectatons. Whats the problem with that? It's their choice. What does it matter what reason people give to you? Put your judgey pants on that morning?
  10. Turts

    WTB (Borrow) Blue Seventy Helix - Size WMA

    Cool no worries. Good luck then! Ive sold of all mine that would fit you (that I've grown out of). I think. PM me through your deets/measurements though and I may have one that would fit for a lendy.
  11. Turts

    WTB (Borrow) Blue Seventy Helix - Size WMA

    I have a FL (female large) Dare2Tri Mach2 sleeveless suit you can have for keepies if it's the right size.
  12. Turts

    Busso 2018

    most likely get soaking wet, within minutes of starting the whole thing. (assuming no Noahs)
  13. Turts

    No medals for teams :-(

    At those prices though, this may have been their marquee event
  14. Turts

    No medals for teams :-(

    Blame the crazy cost of hiring all those marquees ..........
  15. Turts

    Challenge Melbourne 2019 (April 14)

    Pity the front page refers to qualifying slots to The Championship 2017. Delorean for the bike leg?