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  1. Turts

    UTA 2019

    Shit! Thats big mate. Glad you are on the other side of that - but scary as hell!! Take it easy, and recover recover recover!!!!
  2. Turts

    UTA 2019

    You did brilliantly! This was my toughest. Least prepared physically, most interrupted training, most sensitive injury. But most stubborn head to not give up, and not quit before I started. My longest 100km before was less than 18 hrs. This took over 10 hrs longer. Thats a huge mental demand. Great work mate!
  3. My horror show this year was up out of Leura Forest.
  4. Right yep. Down that now, down to Jamieson Ck. Then up, down etc, up and finish at Scenic World. Down was bad enough! Was that when the finish was at Fairmont?
  5. Steve and Co on 4 to 5, then SJ (Sarah Jane Marshall) Bec (Rebecca Smirh) and another fella for the life of me can't remember his name just now, on 5 to finish. I feel so bad I can't remember Steve's partners name, or the tall young fellow to the finish. But my mind wasnt in top shape. They're all on the pic tho!
  6. Ah gotcha. Totally pulled that off. But hopefully it doesn't mean a change in venue! Crawling up Furber steps. Pic from sweep SJ!
  7. There was some mud, some creeks, and a bit of rain. But not deep enough to have to swim. Sorry . But we did go past some amazing waterfalls with awesome pools you could have a dip in. You should give it a crack. Or have you already won it?
  8. Bit of everything. Running, walking, sitting, eating, drinking. And crawling. Non-discriminatory participation event.
  9. Turts

    UTA 2019

    Sorry we didnt catch up, but also very glad I DIDNT have to meet you! Thanks for being there anyway
  10. Turts

    UTA 2019

    Yep, totally, when i get home and have a real poota
  11. The battery on my 935 didn't last the distance, so I guess it never happened? I put a bit of juice in it at CP4, but after that the chase was on, so I wasnt stopping to sort out the little battery pack I had. Good thing there's a finish video to prove it! But no strava ( not that i do it)
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