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  1. Yep. Their size charts are a bit off, and it took multi efforts to get a suit the right size the day before I left. A lot of or me had issues, with the sizing. Some with quality. New supplier this year, new product, lots of teething problems.
  2. Did u get asked? I haven't been. Pretty sure they already know what I think tho
  3. Zermatt With a view of the big choccie
  4. Knee. More specifically, the end of my femur. Need to take an extended break from anything impact. So no significant walking and no running. Will reassess in 12 months or so, and may do a Johnny F but will see. Bike and paddling for me for now.
  5. I did both. Non wettie swims. Calm for the Sprint, a bit choppy for the standard. Hills were good on the bike, and the road surface was really good. Run hills were tough, but the course was terrific. Far far nicer than Rotterdam. I had the races I wanted. I wasn't last, beat a couple of people from previous events, and was happy with how it all came together. As probably my last ever triathlons, I really wanted to nail the undertaking and soak it all up. I was crook with gastro for the week leading in, and for the first time had to utilise the team doc for some help prior. Rental bike was awesome. But now I'm enjoying a 3 week holiday!
  6. Haha, no worries! I look young for my age 😉. Wise for my years?
  7. I lived over that way for a few years. Loved it. In Davis, but rode, ran, kayaked and surfed everywhere. Did most of those trails and roads.
  8. I'm into Lausanne on the 27th, out on the 3rd. Watching the open, elites and para. Doing the sprint and standard. Total trip 24th - 23rd. Last day of "work" today. When I come back I have 4 days of drinks and morning teas at my current workplace, public holiday, weekend, then start a new job.
  9. hey, don't just copy my UTA100 plan! The only thing you got wrong is there are some parts that will be sorer than for just a week. But 80% in a week for sure.
  10. Turts

    Ironman Mt Tremblant

    yep, that was my point
  11. Working my arse off in an office so I can get away to Europe for a month from the weekend. (And coming back to a new job, with a new Agency in a different State. ) (F*** Gotta get off transitions)
  12. Turts

    Ironman Mt Tremblant

    about as fresh as that photo.......
  13. Turts

    Chop Garmin file

    At a guess I'd say so its probably something to do with having an accurate record of her ride before the crash, for kilometers, effort etc. Just guessing.
  14. Turts

    Chop Garmin file

    It matters to Cranky. Does it matter why?
  15. Does it even still work?
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