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  1. Turts


    Even i finish under 13 Wait, you're talking about the bike, yeah?
  2. Turts


    Depending on your sick leave. Sick leave is often now personal leave, which includes taking leave to support or care for immediate family.
  3. Turts


    Haha, whats wrong with the current one? "Victoria - the place to be"? Even the virus thinks Melbourne is the most livable city
  4. Turts


    I think it's to do with Vic declaring it a State of Disaster. As opposed to the pervious State of Emergency. Opens up more powers to the cops and the ability to deploy the money. ScoMo was talking about it this arvo. If the other states declare a disaster area they can get it too I guess. Edit as i did sone research. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.abc.net.au/article/12518580 It will be available to workers in Victoria who need to self-isolate for 14 days but do not have sick leave or payments through JobKeeper or JobSeeker. The payment is linked to the state of disaster in Victoria, but it could be extended to other states and territories if similar situations occur there. If required, workers will be able to apply for a fortnights' payment multiple times.
  5. Turts


    Shits about to get serious in Victoria for restrictions
  6. Turts


    But im guessing you tell her? Word of mouth and individuals talking to each other is still a valid means of communication . Spread the word.
  7. Turts


    Where does that 400M go then? If not "my" channels of : tv radio papers social media? or is it that because you havent seen an ad, they dont exist?
  8. Turts


    Social media and commercial tv are full of ads and info. Even if its friends sharing stuff on Facebook.
  9. Turts


    By media I'm talking about tv, radio, newspapers, facebook, etc. news, press conferences covered, advertising, etc. The whole gammut. If I meant news id have said news There are plenty of ads on tv, radio and social media in addition to the news. I dont get the paper, but I'd say its there too. People have an individual responsibility to attempt to stay informed, rather than sit like a mushroom waiting for someone to come and tap you on the shoulder personally. Ethnic minorities and non english speaking folks generally have some sort of connection into the community through someone who does speak English, or get out in the world. In my experience here, there is a group that gets info out in other languages and other engagement channels, as well as council that distributes info in other languages and has interpreters on call. They have an engagement strategy and people whose job it is to make sure these important messages get out. Local govt does have a big role to play in this. They are the ones residents do need, and should be just to be a resident there, to engage with in some capacity
  10. Turts


    How would you suggest the government get the message if not by media? Leaflet drop?? Text messages? Phone calls? Skywritng planes? Thats precisely what press conferences are for - to deliver the message to the bulk of the community. Other channels are for the rest.
  11. Turts


    That wasnt my point. I was asking a question about how you know no information has been given to those people. I live in Victoria, but not Melbourne and not in a community with no English. So I do not know what has been directed into those communities and do not claim to. But those communities would, I expect, behave like many others. They dont rely on info just from politicians on ABC, but from family and friends who do see the info, and share it with relevant people to help. Like yourself. I can imagine more could need to be done as there appears to be a problem. But I dont know the current level. I think it is important that if you make a statement about what is and isnt being done there is some context as to how you know that for a fact.
  12. Turts


    Not being argumentative, but how do you know what has and hasnt been done in those communities? Do you live in one if them? Or in Melbourne ?
  13. Turts


    The 300 day and 1500 isolation payments are fairly new. And their employer may make them feel that if they dont turn up, they lose their job permanently. That does happens fair bit in casual labour. No i don't have numbers, but have heard it said.
  14. Turts


    If theyre saying that lots of those who go out when positive is because they go to work as they cant afford a sick day, a bigger fine isnt likely to change anything. They cant afford even the small fine. They are just thinking short term of a days pay.
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