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  1. When we first drove in to Pt Douglas, my wife and I thought the croc on the Mowbray river was a fake for tourists...until it moved
  2. IM NZ bike course was so bumpy, my teeth felt weird/numbish for a couple of days
  3. Let me guess... Schmaltzy with a human interest story thrown in?
  4. Oh...The Wall!! Memories of my first year on a bike, riding with the old Triathlete bunch & being in absolute agony...
  5. Am no expert, but over on Twits, the below was a bit of a consensus, with some volume of course. Day 1 = 2x20 with <5 min between @ ~95% of FTP Day 2 = 1x20 @ 100-105% of FTP, essentially an all out TT effort Day 3 = Rest or VERY EASY (ie 30-60 minutes at 50% of FTP)...all small ring.
  6. Nick777

    Busso 2019

    Did you happen to take in any water when swimming? Of the three Ironmans I have done, one was freshwater and I felt fine on the bike; the other two were salt water and I was nauseus from the first minute I got onto the bike
  7. Nick777

    Busso 2019

    Anything in particular go wrong, or just a bad day?
  8. Nick777

    Busso 2019

    Brownlee yes, Gomez no. He can't ride with the best, from what I've seen.
  9. I see. So that would be the case regardless of a reconstruction. Had mine in the early 90's and apart from the graft stretching a bit not long after the op, my knee hasn't given me much trouble until about 4 weeks ago, a Bakers Cyst of all things..
  10. What was his reasoning for that advice ?
  11. I have asked the same question recently, and apparently it takes years and years and years. The main area that could need checking is the joins to where the wheels are etc because that is where any weakness could be.
  12. OK, so there's a guy over on another forum who swims 11-15k per week and swims 2min per hundred. What should he do - 25 to 30k per week?
  13. I thought about what you wrote earlier when I was at the pool today, looking at people who were swimming along at ~55-60 seconds per 50. It wouldn't matter if some of them triple their volume, they ain't getting much quicker with the technique they've got. One guy who I've seen over the past couple of weeks is super fit, swimming heaps, but can't break 60 for 50 because he nearly touches his opposite ear with every hand entry. So yes - whilst doubling volume can reap rewards, it's likely to help people who already swim reasonably well technique wise... and there's no way of telling if the OP swims reasonably well. It might be something as simple as they may be looking too far forward & dropping the hips as a result. If you find a good coach to look at your stroke and find some easy fixes, the OP could be dropping 5-10 seconds without doing any more than the 8k per week they are doing.
  14. Yeah, 80k climb, or thereabouts.
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