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  1. Jumped in & did 2k today. Had to stop twice at the start, never had such an ice-cream headache. But funnily enough, the numbness set in & I got through it.
  2. Yeah.not happy!! Looking forward to my first attempt
  3. If Chris won the sprint, Peter Reid was going to have him DQ'd for taking his helmet off when the bee stung him.
  4. Holy cow. I would really struggle to do that. Nice work.
  5. Nick777


    Brazil isn't having a good day.
  6. Nick777

    Wurf watch

    Amazingly talented athlete. Either VERY naive, or well & truly part of the omerta when it comes to doping.
  7. Landis is one of the more fascinating characters in sport, IMO.
  8. Yeah, that boat sailed years ago, when Lance couldn't find any takers for his offer of big $$ for anyone in the cycling world to come forward & say Lemond doped.. Johan & Lance..peas in a pod. On another note, I thought Joe Lindsay wrote a good piece. https://www.bicycling.com/culture/a32745042/lance-armstrong-documentary-review-espn-30-for-30/
  9. Yeah depends on where you're at I s'pose.
  10. An old swim coach did say to me that if you need to write it down and take it to the pool, it is likely too complex (for what we are trying to achieve). The main thing to do is swim consistently.
  11. If that is the case, you could do worse than doing 10-15 x 100 on 10-15 seconds rest in one session & 6-8 x 200 on about 15-20 in another session - both sets done after a 4-500m warm up. Try to build this up to 2k main sessions for yourself, and tailor your daughter's distances as you see fit. Reps to be done at or just under threshold pace i.e 'roughly' your 1k time trial pace There are many kinds of programs you can do, but I tend to think that you should try to keep them relatively simple..
  12. What sort of level are we talking, and what are the goals?
  13. Including one today in northern NSW... RIP surfer.
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