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  1. Lasting friendships are not their strong suit.
  2. Nick777

    Wurf watch

    Cranked out a lazy 41k run overnight
  3. Nick777

    Froome GONE

    Carnage.. hope we don't lose our only TdF champ...though his powwr data was in the 'human' range.
  4. Nick777

    Froome GONE

    For now, expect some big news in 2025 or so.
  5. Topic has been done to death. All being equal, In most people, sleeved is faster. There may be exceptions, but to say that someone lead a swim in a sleeveless means nothing. They might have lead by more in a full suit. Craig Walton learned this in Perth, 2000. Generally, if a good quality sleeved suit is restrictive, it's the wrong size, or has been put on incorrectly- which is very common. Putting a sleeved wetsuit on is an art in itself, and often isn't taught properly. I did bucketloads of wetsuit testing, and never found anyone who swam faster in a sleeveless. However...that was in a pool. In real life, good open water skills & a nice draft are under rated.
  6. Interesting. The founder wouldn't be happy...
  7. What about wetties? Blue 70, Roka?
  8. Out of interest, what are people wearing these days?
  9. I notice that his results disappeared from all of the splits
  10. Sounds pretty serious.
  11. In shocking news, Kevin Fergusson has an 18 minute lead in 60-64 after 58k on the bike
  12. Nick777

    Wurf watch

    Seems to have really upped the run training. 90k this week so far...a determined individual.
  13. In the first 3-500 metres of every swim I do, I always think I'm going to tank the session because I feel so bad..then by 6-700 life is usually ok again
  14. I thought they were mates & it was all in fun..? If that's not the case, it's ordinary .
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