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  1. Never try to work out what goes on in sick minds.
  2. Kenyan doping is nuts at the moment, and seemingly has been for some time.
  3. Might take the go pro down & film the packs
  4. Pretty much all of the teams cheat to an extent. The main issue I have with them is how they painted themselves from day 1... but from day 1 they broke the 'rules' that they'd put in place. As far as guys like Wiggins/Froome/Thomas go...the great GT riders normally show potential from their first tours...but these guys came from nowhere (in a GT sense). Of course...there are the motor doping allegations as well. In the 2015 Tour de France, bikes in the peloton were weighed before a time trial stage. CBS reported French authorities said Team Sky was the only squad with heavier bikes, each about 800 grams more. “Weight is everything,” LeMond said. “If your bike weighs a kilo more, you would never race on it.”
  5. Here's one example: https://cyclingtips.com/2018/03/wiggins-brailsford-and-sky-rocked-by-report-into-tues-and-corticosteroid-use/
  6. Hey mate. There is soooo much info out there about the Sky's use/abuse of corticosteroids & TUEs.
  7. Adding in... Butterfly sets in the pool.
  8. Nick777

    2019 totals

    Swim: 521k - 160 hrs. Ride: 1265k - 50hrs Run: 350k - 33 hrs Aiming to increase the swim by 10% this year, quadruple the bike, & who knows about the running - having knee issues for the first time since the 90's.
  9. There is so much data out there in terms of info on Froome's transition. Regarding Sky - the team that based its success on attention to detail also hired Geert Leinders, who has since been banned for life. It seems the whole cycling world knew what he was up to except the people who 'invented' marginal gains. I don't know...maybe they are all clean, but I've spoken to enough people close enough to the sport to know that when things start to look unusual, there's usually good reason. Other than that...I hope everyone had a good Christmas.
  10. Nah. Coe was a student when he started breaking world records. Farah had done nothing to suggest that he was capable of turning into what he became. Some of his early training info has been posted online, the 'wasn't taking it seriously' is basically straight from the Armstrong playbook. He lied about his connections with Jama Aden, changed training countries when OOC testing started, claimed he knew nothing about the Salazar rumours... if sport has taught us anything, it is that dots are usually connectable.
  11. Got in with the Sky/Ineos boys. Walsh went after Armstrong for years, and as Bosco mentioned above - Froome is as suspicious as they come...but for some reason he gave Froome/Sky a pass.
  12. Mo Farah's progression nearly mirrors Michelle Smith's. Found something special at 27 (Salazar).
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