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  1. Yep, amazing what some can do. Seb Coe's long run pace was 3.30 per k. I thought it sounded sus until I realised he could run 1500m in 3.30.
  2. Nick777

    Bike Lights

    Thanks all, Have just got back on the bike after 18 months - went to ride to work a couple of days ago, and neither the front or back light worked. Both were cactus - full of battery acid..!
  3. Nick777

    Bike Lights

    Any recommendations? Just to be seen.
  4. No, I think we totally agree on the definition/interpretation of 'artists', which is what Dylan/Waits are, but that's not what you wrote...which was "I rate Waits and Dylan as the only two serious musicians out of America in the last 60 years". Anyhow, if you want "I'm talking about song writers and musicians that transcend to an untouchable level of artistry. Game changers. Rule breakers. Totally their own being and prolific in commitment and volume of genius writing. It's got nothing to do with entertainment value." - then have a look at Inca Roads or Strictly Genteel by Zappa...I think you'll find it meets your definition:)
  5. Ha...my oldest friend was in The Androids...he's now a helicopter pilot.
  6. So Frank Zappa doesn't qualify? You may want to do some reading & listening.. How about Brian Wilson? Keith Jarrett? Todd Rundgren? By the way...music is totally personal so anyone can love who they like... but you may need to revisit your original comment.. neither Dylan nor Waits qualify in terms of the 'musicianship' side of equation. The people mentioned above are infinitely more talented when it comes to their musical knowledge & ability. Whether they suit your taste? Different question.
  7. How about Steve Vai? Serious musician?
  8. Yeah..lifetime ban seems about right.
  9. https://www.sportingnews.com/au/amp/swimming/news/olympic-swimming-champion-china-sun-yang-allegations-abuse-drug-testers-reports/1e3nzph2qqcbx1ovq26qbls5fp The man with the hammer really did have a hammer...
  10. How about Fran Zappa? Serious musician?
  11. Only two serious musicians out of America in the last 60 years? What's your definition of a musician?
  12. Turbo Killer, by Carpenter Brut. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=er416Ad3R1g
  13. My wife does a bit of painting & she just commented....'Fantastic!!!"
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