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  1. Nick777

    Wurf watch

    Derek Clayton 68, Indurain 88, Lemond 92. Will Walker......94
  2. Nick777

    Wurf watch

    He wasn't 84. Tested at 81 when doping, apparently was more like 75-77. That's a bit different to ~87-94
  3. Dunno about you (and I know you're a decent swimmer), but I'm not getting anywhere near it in the pool when I've got a fever
  4. Kevin Fergusson...10.22 for the win in 60-64. Let that sink in.....
  5. Ha.. Actually, it was interesting to really watch him running. He is a monster talent, and I would think that he, Jan & Wurf probably have the biggest engines in the sport. But it's almost like he's succeeded despite himself, because the way his feet hit the ground make me think that when he bumps up the volume to what's needed at IM, he's probably right on the edge of injury at any given time. I don't know if he is going to be able to put really extended periods of big miles together to be a factor in at Hawaii.
  6. Well there you go. He just put up his ride on strava. Nearly identical figures to last year. 296w average vs 296 last year 301 weighted average vs 303 last year.
  7. His bike volume was significantly down this year compared to last year & especially 2017.
  8. Yeah full credit to him for finishing. Didn't think he would.
  9. Batteries seemed to run out on the bike.
  10. I said after London that Brownlee's race was as good as it gets... I think Frodeno just raced the perfect triathlon.
  11. How did Lange have such a good swim if he was sick..? More likely he couldn't draft & pulled out.
  12. Hoffman will run into 4th at this stage, Wurf has to try to hang on for 5th
  13. Wow. Haug will catch Lucy within 10k if this keeps up. Running 47s/mile faster.
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