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  1. Nick777

    Wurf watch

    Moving reasonably well - Tim Don stayed with him on the bike once Cam caught him, but he's been dropped by Cam on the run. Interesting to see if he can hang on.
  2. Nick777

    Wurf watch

    Nice HR vs Watts
  3. Sounds like a timing issue to me - as above, you should get someone to look at your stroke if you can.
  4. I have just been down to watch a bit of this race. Draft fest of course... but i just saw the most bizarre thing i have ever seen during a triathlon. On the run course near the Elwood turn around, there is a boat ramp. A technical official just allowed someone to back a jet ski down the boat ramp, which meant backing across the run course. The driver couldn't reverse properly, and ended up stationary across the running path. The official then had to instruct the runners to go around the car. Will try to post a photo later.
  5. Nick777

    Wurf watch

    Some of you may find this interesting - TT position testing. Serious watts generated... & the HR doesn't seem out of control https://www.strava.com/activities/2277358844/analysis
  6. If you can run faster off the bike, then you are not warming up properly for your stand-alone, I would have thought
  7. Very sad. Was wondering about the outcome, and am sorry to hear. I've recently started riding to work again a couple of times a week, after having a nasty run in with a car door on St Kilda Rd three years ago. I'm almost exclusively bike paths along Nepean now (which presents its own problem), after being buzzed a couple of times by trucks. Things that I have noticed in three years off the bike 1) Motorcycles/Scooters now sit behind you in the bike lanes 2) Way more early traffic (i.e. around.6.15am) 3) Pedestrians walking in front of you looking at their phones. For all of the recent attempts of bike awareness, there seems to have been improvements in some areas, but declines in others.
  8. Nick777

    Wurf watch

    It's a long ride for me at the moment
  9. Nick777

    Wurf watch

    37k today...
  10. Nick777


    Swimming advice always welcomed..! Good to see you here.
  11. Nick777

    Wurf watch

    He's doing some decent k's at the moment
  12. Yep, amazing what some can do. Seb Coe's long run pace was 3.30 per k. I thought it sounded sus until I realised he could run 1500m in 3.30.
  13. Nick777

    Bike Lights

    Thanks all, Have just got back on the bike after 18 months - went to ride to work a couple of days ago, and neither the front or back light worked. Both were cactus - full of battery acid..!
  14. Nick777

    Bike Lights

    Any recommendations? Just to be seen.
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