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  1. TUv5.0

    Tough new Qld police laws in action

    I love u anyway. Don't take it too hard.
  2. TUv5.0

    Tough new Qld police laws in action

    FFS Andrew you actually get me shit cannning the cops and you still have to bring lefty wanker politics into it? (BTW you lost the election - everywhere. State and Federal. That's called democracy). Deal with it. All my love as always mate xxxx
  3. TUv5.0

    Unzipped race suits...not OK

    TQ scrutiny for bells this weekend.
  4. TUv5.0

    Tough new Qld police laws in action

    For some strange reason I think this little matter is about to come back to bite QPol in the arse... I usually have a reasonable crystal ball.
  5. TUv5.0

    Tough new Qld police laws in action

    There are a hundred ways to confirm a persons identity. If someone has committed an offence under any act and you cannot adequately ensure their identity to ensure appropriate enforcement no problem..... an alternative applies. Most people fess up on the back step of the truck with the cuffs on when they realise you are serious. Id hate to see this happen in this instance however. But telling cops to get ****ed usually doesn't work. There is more than one way to skin a cat.
  6. TUv5.0

    Tough new Qld police laws in action

    You cannot be fined for speeding on a bicycle. The appropriate offence I believe is 'wrecklessly or furiously in NSW parlance. Dunno about up there. I am filled with dismay when I hear about this stuff. I share a similar view to Harts. Given that Oldave is a big believer in preaching to us all does he have a bell on his bicycle? An ashtray for his cigars?
  7. TUv5.0

    Guitar genius

  8. TUv5.0

    What is a 'triathlete'?

    .... and who does it because they love it. Not so they can tell people all about it who don't do it.
  9. TUv5.0

    What is a 'triathlete'?

    Someone who is mediocre at best at swimming cycling or running but has various degrees of success when combining the three.
  10. TUv5.0

    Triathlete on the m7 today

    I believe accompanying a child under 12 is also legal in NSW, and statute over rides local government law, but the overzealous driven by revenue council ordinance inspectors will fine you to get their (factual work related) quotas up.
  11. TUv5.0

    Trying ski bends

    Im a nugget so not a prob for me.
  12. TUv5.0

    Trying ski bends

    Exactly my thinking I won a lot of races and had a lot of quickest bike times w those bars. Fitness had nothing to do w it of course.
  13. TUv5.0

    Trying ski bends

    Ive got the 3T ones and have the straight ones a'la Fabs, the S bends and got these to try out. Im keen to do some more work with Alex Simmons to work on a few things and acquired spacers etc to see what might work. Ive looked at what Brent Bookwalter, Svein Tuft and a few other nuggets have done and thought I might try this for comfort and power, my wattbike has bars that kick up and I have been able to sustain good power for long periods on this. As I have found out, the mark one mod zero eyeball is a very bad wind tunnel. What you reckon looks fast isn't necessarily the case. At the moment due to my health issues and uncertain future regarding cycling it may all be for nought but its a fun exercise at least.
  14. TUv5.0

    Trying ski bends

    Still right on UCI legal at the end. Its very comfortable.