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  1. Clarence st Cyclery. Good bunch of blokes from the 2-3 times i've been in and bought stuff.
  2. same thing happens to me.. Strange.
  3. Trout's on the money. They went on at 60km, shorts felt like they had razor blades in them for some reason. Re the budgies, if you have the 'boxgap', budgies are the most comfortable thing you'll ever run in. It is like running without restriction. I've done many 1/2IM's, Kona run, then this in them and they're awesome. But like i said, you've got to be lean or they tear you to shreds on the thighs. AV
  4. Nepean river is fine any time of day, basically just swim North as boats don't go that side as its 4 knotts
  5. what are you calling old? either way, i stand by it.
  6. haha yeah he hasn't had a good race in a while but is a decent fella though, from what i know of him anyway. Always been a good supporter of PIS.
  7. Take a look at anyone who does well, from pro to high level age grouper, i'll guarantee you they are all doing at least one big bike/run session a week.
  8. so where do you go looking to find info on positive results? Say i wanted to look up triathlete that has returned a positive A sample?
  9. there's a simple fix, don't cheat.
  10. Water temp today is 22c, but we have had 5 days solid rain out here. Baring an absolute miracle from above ie; an extremely unusual cold snap for the rest of the November, it will definitely be non wettie. At least I hope it is anyway.
  11. funny, last I checked this was a triathlon site, not a running site.. If they're good enough for crowie to set the course record in at Hawaii, they're good enough for me. I've run in them for 5 years, best running shoe I've worn by far.
  12. sounds like the name should be Dumbogans
  13. geez you're all soft as marshmallow. i'm riding 42/25, cant wait.
  14. Ryan is the man, knows his stuff better than most. I've had 5 fits over 5 bikes, and am very happy with results. He is a mate of mine so i'm probably biased too.
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