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  1. Wronggenes


    Hope you’re not a wallabies fan.
  2. Wronggenes

    How do Pro's afford it

    Wow. Are you telling me everything I see on the interweb is not true?
  3. Wronggenes

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    Don’t you live in New York now? Can’t you just ride around Central Park in real life (especially the elevated cycleways) 🤗
  4. Wronggenes

    Hell of the West 2019 entries are open.

    Why can’t I see AP in any of those pictures?
  5. Wronggenes

    What training did you do today...

    Yeah you’re stuffed 😜
  6. Wronggenes

    Black Friday Bikebug and Pushys?

    Got an email before from Bicycles online saying they are doing it. Don’t know if they do parts (and to be honest don’t know how I got on their list).
  7. Wronggenes

    Blue Card?

    It’s to make sure you are safe to work with children. this is a joke people.
  8. Wronggenes

    Garmin 935 $399 at rebel - good value?

    It’s not floating if it goes to the bottom.
  9. Wronggenes

    Geelong 70.3

    I found the main problem with the run course is that it is in Geelong.
  10. Wronggenes

    What training did you do today...

    Ha ha reminds me of my first crit race where I did something similar. two guys caught me at about the 300 and as they went past they said “stay with us” but I had nothing. Ended up about fifteenth and they 1/2d.
  11. Wronggenes

    Busso 2018

    Didn’t realise there were downhills in Busso.
  12. Wronggenes

    Holidaying with work mates

    Have you been invited to one of those swingers resorts by your work colleagues?
  13. Wronggenes

    The Photo Thread

    Hello Ladies
  14. Wronggenes

    Busso 2018

    Trotted around Perth CBD at lunchtime today and noticed quite a few flys. Guess I better work on my hygiene.
  15. I didn’t say cheating was Ok. i was answering your query with my opinion. They draw more attention to themselves by their domination, which is why they get more stones thrown at them.