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  1. Wronggenes


    Good to see Mitch Marsh given another shot 🙄
  2. @TThomo operating from the triathletes bible - getting the excuse in early. Good luck with the race!
  3. Fair crowd today, but taken out of the contest by the Sharks.
  4. Wronggenes


    If it’s a dead rubber I would be inclined to keep Warner and Harris and tell them this is their chance.
  5. It’s cute that you think the statement is a slur against you. i didn’t say anything about handgun ammo either but you know.....details.
  6. Not too many gang members involved in the mass shootings IJ. If you value one life you’ve got to start somewhere.
  7. Wronggenes


    Poms seem to have worked Warner out.
  8. The sharks have ruined my weekend. Booked tickets to the hill at Leichhardt for this Sunday for the family a few weeks ago thinking Tigers would be out of the running and it would be a quiet crowd.
  9. Wronggenes

    Fenix 5

    You sold the sun dial?
  10. This is a training run right? Why would you want to take an unnecessary medication imodium to stop it occurring and potentially stuff up your gut health long term. It wants to be out, let it free.
  11. Wronggenes


    ENG all done for 67. Proof is in the pudding but hardly seems like a diabolical pitch.
  12. Wronggenes


    Session after lunch has started well too
  13. Since WADA agreed to the delay you would think the personal reasons are authentic. Just speculating but hearing one month away and delayed until October at earliest you would think serious illness amongst a family member. If so put yourself in his shoes.
  14. Hope you were carrying around the Pensky file
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