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  1. You have besmirched the reputation of Logan and I demand satisfaction!
  2. Season 3 Of Goliath is a fair bit different to 1 and 2 but does tie back into 2 in storyline. Parts of Season 3 are a bit David Lynch like. I enjoyed it but my better half didn’t after enjoying 1 and 2.
  3. Exciting or not generally he has at least 3 songs in the top 10 so he’s having a money bath.
  4. I’m still confused why you are teaching her swimming in England 😂
  5. Last I checked Parkrun is on every week. WC final once every 4 years if you make it.
  6. Didn’t you change your tune quickly 😂
  7. I wish I had the IT skills to insert that GIF of Michael Jackson eating popcorn here.
  8. Wronggenes

    Stikman for Pres!

    Will probably cancel the vote anyway due to Sharks.
  9. Unless I’ve missed it I can’t see the usual list of whose competing and how they went? So - how did everyone go?
  10. Wronggenes

    Stikman for Pres!

    As a member of the board - what will be your priorities Stikky?
  11. To be fair I guess the players had all taken the time to sign this so they needed to be rewarded.
  12. If you can cheat the salary cap you can also organise the refs. Then you get Freddy to interview the chairman in the post show.
  13. Thanks for the tips, boxed the field except for them 😜
  14. I believe the correct etiquette for hot chicks is to “grab them by the pussy”.
  15. You don’t want to spoil her Goughy 😜
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