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  1. Wronggenes

    Demand answers.

    Haven’t you heard the joke? There's a Navy guy and a Marine both peeing at the same time. They both get done at the same time an as the Navy guy washes his hands the Marine is about to walk out so, the Navy guy says to him, "In the Navy they teach us to wash our hands." so the Marine says, "In the Marines they teach us not to pee on our hands."
  2. Wronggenes

    Advice for first 70.3

    That’s why you don’t win. They can’t beat you if you take them out.
  3. Wronggenes

    Trump is the President

    Just back from the states, my understanding from news reports was that in past shutdowns they got back pay if an employee, however there are many engaged as contractors who don’t get back pay when the shutdown ends.
  4. Wronggenes

    Cronulla Sharks

    That is what I meant. Got to remember Ex is a Qlder and a bit slow on the uptake 😜
  5. Wronggenes

    Cronulla Sharks

    Flanagan. Like the last time.
  6. Wronggenes

    FulGaz online CYCLING

    I used it for a bit. Videos are high quality but I found it a bit glitchy. Of course that could be user error issues.
  7. Wronggenes

    IMWA 2018: A love story

    Takes you 4 minutes to dismount.
  8. Wronggenes

    LA still a WINNER

    Pretty sure they would have. Especially since they have laws which allow them to siege money worldwide for things that aren’t crimes in the US.
  9. Wronggenes

    Has Anybody Bought from Boozebud

    Delivery can be slow but otherwise no issues.
  10. Wronggenes

    Busso 2018

    Great job everybody!
  11. Wronggenes

    Busso 2018

    Heard from a friend there the swims been cancelled?
  12. Wronggenes

    Busso 2018

    Good luck all, fingers crossed for an uninterrupted sleep.
  13. Wronggenes

    Safety - There are dickheads and there are dickheads.

    A tip on this that I got a while back that actually works is that you just stop and stand still. For whatever reason psychologically it forces the oncoming pedestrians to either squeeze up or go single file. Give it a try.
  14. Wronggenes


    Like the Hussey - Clarke dressing room thing never happened until Clarke thought it could sell his book.
  15. Wronggenes

    Safety - There are dickheads and there are dickheads.

    Really? It may feel wrong but it’s the safest and allows you to step off if needs be. doesnt feel wrong at all