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  1. Insurance companies don’t make their money by ensuring premiums are more then cost of insurance claims etc. They make their money by taking the premiums and investing them elsewhere such as share markets etc.
  2. A variation on this - associate who has been married almost 50 years introduces her as “the current wife”.
  3. Wronggenes


    There is a difference when you think about it.
  4. Wronggenes


    Although I don’t begrudge the intended donation it is sloppy reporting in that it is not him but the Minderoo Foundation. Gina is previously on the record as saying she makes any donations privately, and from what I understand recently held a private fundraising event for bushfire relief.
  5. It’s called a chargeback. Here is an example from Westpacs website. https://www.westpac.com.au/business-banking/merchant-services/manage/frauds-disputes-chargebacks/guide-to-chargebacks/
  6. Wronggenes


    Have I got this right, the people who were complaining that he should come back from his holiday (when he has no direct oversight) are now complaining he’s not doing a good enough job now he’s back?
  7. Wronggenes

    Wurf watch

    If you were working as a team it would help
  8. Does anyone have the live tracker link for this event? Any trannies at the race to give live updates? The suspense is killing me!
  9. What are your legs? Steel springs!
  10. Qatar is part of Oneworld which Qantas is. If you booked Qantas domestic you can call and link the flights after.
  11. Because she’s a known and proven quality. If you are wanting someone for a particular role and you can afford it you go with quality.
  12. He will be implicated in the “revenge” PED usage release of non Russian athletes using Russian facilities from RUSADA. Although eventually cleared the stress caused in clearing his name will mean he will never win another major triathlon again, or be selected for the UK Olympic team.
  13. Not just in this country but try to imagine the bushfires before man came along and cleared the native forest and there was no attempt at fire control via back burning etc. Now those would have been fires.
  14. Thanks, know that one but not a lot of casuarinas near to me. As an aside one of my favourite childhood memories is listening to the wind go through the casuarina trees on my grandparents farm.
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