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  1. You can get low carb tomatoes?
  2. Wronggenes


    If there’s money there for him I’m sure he will.
  3. Wronggenes


    That article is from 2017?
  4. I stand corrected - trainer sorry as pointed out. Only what every astronaut that went up in the shuttle had to use so maybe better 😀 there is also an Apollo / Gemini display which is impressive if space is your thing. 3 hours or so away from Seattle is this place. It is quite a bit of fun sliding out of the 747. https://wingsandwaveswaterpark.com/ for the flight nerds there is also an aviation museum next door which has a spruce goose. As for grunge in the museum, saw Nirvana in Brisbane amongst others - definitely not going to see them now in the flesh!
  5. They may not have had one 20 years ago but they definitely do now. Museum of Pop Culture which wouldn’t have been there when you were there is amazing, particularly if you are into music.
  6. And a Space Shuttle.
  7. Museum of Pop Culture. Museum of Flight. Pikes Market.
  8. Clearly they just want it more.
  9. Frederick Charles Standish who was Chief Commissioner of Police during the search for the Kelly Gang and came up with the idea of the Melbourne Cup horse race was once horse whipped at breakfast in the Melbourne club by another member who he had offended by using offensive language.
  10. Will be signed by Souths to replace Inglis.
  11. He’s a Christian, he turned the other cheek like Jesus would.
  12. It’s great that the election campaign is traversing the really big issues with coverage about who invade whose space.
  13. If you are counting the year he did a 5k run split towards the end of the marathon faster than Berkel.
  14. Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor was off the chain.
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