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  1. Frederick Charles Standish who was Chief Commissioner of Police during the search for the Kelly Gang and came up with the idea of the Melbourne Cup horse race was once horse whipped at breakfast in the Melbourne club by another member who he had offended by using offensive language.
  2. Will be signed by Souths to replace Inglis.
  3. He’s a Christian, he turned the other cheek like Jesus would.
  4. It’s great that the election campaign is traversing the really big issues with coverage about who invade whose space.
  5. If you are counting the year he did a 5k run split towards the end of the marathon faster than Berkel.
  6. Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor was off the chain.
  7. Wronggenes

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Any updates from spectating trannies?
  8. He had already given an interview denying the allegations which was played. Fairly common in that situation not to give evidence in court due to things that can unintentionally wrong. And no doubt his defence would have pointed that out to the jury and reminded them it is his right not to give evidence and they can’t assume guilt by doing so, blah blah.
  9. I would agree with this. Didn’t you post a pic of super salty legs?
  10. Was talking to a beekeeper today who said he keeps his business offline now as sick of being attacked by vegans.
  11. Wronggenes


    Tomic coming across as expected on the 60 minutes interview.
  12. I see the latest update allows you to either ride Watopia or one of the other worlds on a rotating basis. Watopia always available.
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