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  1. Darwin peeps

    Ate at Hanuman not long ago. Perfectly reasonable.
  2. So froome is a drug cheat

    #alleged. Subject to further testing / explanation. btw if guilty he's back to being a Kenyan not a pom.
  3. Backward Bike

    Bloke I know had a significant brain injury from an accident and one of the suggested recovery exercises was to learn the piano.

    Watched "It" one the plane the other night. Had read the book and seen the earlier Tim Curry one. Very well made and quite horrifying.
  5. Hokas now at Podium Sports at DFO

    No manbun in that shot.
  6. Ultraman WC

    This threads really going nowhere at this stage, probably time to lock it.
  7. L'Etape Australia

    As for weather they've announced via email some possibility of flooding at the northern end of the loop but can apparently reroute if that occurs which they say takes 20 odd Ks off
  8. L'Etape Australia

    Cheers Pete - apart from the Beach road thing you've described me perfectly!
  9. L'Etape Australia

    I'm in for this years event. Completely underdone of course and the weather forecast looks less than promising. Looking forward to it though. The course looks the same as last year, how did those that did it last year find the event?
  10. The Hollywood Abuse Scandals

    im amazed by the amount of public masturbation that takes place
  11. road id - really should wear it

    Think he's mentioned the person in the Tim don thread.
  12. Noosa Tri 2017

    A bloke I know forgot to bring his running shoes to a HIM that we travelled to. Couldn't be convinced to buy one at the expo because of the orthotics he used. Ive done the wrong alarm time as well and slept through the start of an event. Aside from that I did try to put my wetsuit on without taking off my "street clothes" before.
  13. Short man syndrome.

    Settle down short round.
  14. Cars, built in satnav or not?

    I bought my last car through a car buyer service and he said built in sat Nav is a waste of money and a pain to update.
  15. Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    Double post about being curious. Does that make you bi-curious?