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  1. To our brothers and sisters in Melbourne - it’s time to participate in the Transitions lockdown challenge? Post your longest run, ride or swim completed within one hour within 5K of your home. Indoor distances acceptable. You can post your Garmin / Strava data if you wish, otherwise we operate on the honesty system. Can one of you get the longest in all three disciplines? Competition ends when lockdown ends. Good luck!
  2. Wronggenes


    I think the real reason is that they couldn’t get the right lip filler in Qld so had to go to Melbourne.
  3. Think he’s having a swipe at the Vic Premier
  4. I see the reports that FBI have ascertained that the “noose” that caused all the issues in Nascar had been in the unit since August 2019.
  5. Because they had a plan.
  6. The series came from an Australian movie of the same name if you haven’t seen it. Well worth a watch, based on the Pettingill family.
  7. Wronggenes


    Maybe Gladys is deliberately antagonising your premier so she keeps the border closed - ie can’t be seen the back down. That way when travel restrictions ease in NSW next week, if NSW residents travel they will do so in NSW and spend the money in NSW.
  8. Wronggenes


    New entry for the Oxford dictionary: Covidiot or Wuhan-kerOne who ignores public health advice or behaves with reckless disregard for the safety of others can be said to display “covidiocy” or be “covidiotic”. Also called a “lockclown” or even a “Wuhan-ker”.
  9. Taronga TV live cams are also good for the young uns.
  10. I can just imagine all those boffins in the intelligence services salivating about getting access to the information on my phone - I am just so interesting.
  11. I got bored a few minutes in, did they show the PEDs at the end?
  12. Have you noticed any difference in animal behaviour?
  13. Wronggenes


    It’s just like those drafting pack shots at IM Melbourne - they are actually 15m apart and the camera shortens it.
  14. Finished the Test last weekend. Found it really interesting, agree about your comments on JL. Should be PM.
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