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  1. Wronggenes

    Cutting corners during a race

    Problem is I walked into the house of mirrors and saw Tyno staring back at me 😀
  2. Wronggenes

    Cutting corners during a race

    I “raced” Yeppoon that year and remember looking wistfully at some people cutting across the grass as I trudged around the path like a sucker. Could have been the great Tiger himself I was watching. I also “raced” Port MAC the year that school teacher guy (Dave someone?) who was doing his 20th consecutive port or something like that found it within himself to cover part of the run splits faster than the pros when he went out on the last lap and looked like not making cut off. Maybe it’s me that causes such behaviour.
  3. Wronggenes

    ITU women's

    Discussed in the live feeds thread.
  4. Wronggenes

    It's goodnight from me..............

    Thanks Roxii - you’re stepping up to the plate is appreciated by all.
  5. Wronggenes

    Staying on the sunny coast?

    What will you do when there? I had a great week at Sunshine Beach a few years ago but fairly hilly and may not be suitable for wife on mobility scooter? We stayed mainly to the house though with daily walks to beach which suited us.
  6. Wronggenes


    Nike sales up 31% according to the ABC on release of the ad.
  7. Wronggenes

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Such a shame I’m not on Facebook.
  8. Wronggenes

    IM Wales: yma dwi eto

    Past 35km on the run, predicted run time 5.15. Got it in the bag
  9. Wronggenes

    The Bandit Passed Away

    My father (who is also RIP) told me about when he say Deliverance at the movies in the 70s and people were walking out at a couple of key scenes. Its still pretty out there.
  10. Wronggenes

    Kimberly Travel Blog

    How good is that you and your dad got to do that trip!
  11. Wronggenes

    Skin checks

    How good is he for skin checks though?
  12. Wronggenes

    Skin checks

    It’s not, he didn’t say that he was any good or that he was a dermatologist, just that he’s a mate!
  13. Wronggenes

    Sharks vs Broncos

    What do you expect from drug cheats, of course they will be exposed as salary cap cheats!
  14. Wronggenes

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Anyone signed up for Ashley’s virtual race on Strava yet?
  15. Wronggenes

    3:45am is the new 4:30am it seems.

    I’ve taken it up a level further and just don’t go to sleep. By the time 3:45 comes around I’ve already almost 4 hours ahead.