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  1. Trannies Strava Page

    Everyone can rest easy, it looks like it’s back working now
  2. Hang on. Did Elon Musk put a tesla into space

    Although I understand the marketing angle to me putting the car into space as the payload just seems like dumping rubbish into space.
  3. HOTW

    Looks like he had some stiff competition.
  4. Marathon times

    Without knowing the event is the course the same?
  5. Australian Bachelorette

    Why are you carrying everyone else’s gear for them?
  6. most patronising thing said

    Anytime anyone says “Going well you’re almost there”. usually said when I’m nowhere near there or going well.
  7. New Fenix 5

    How do you know the other one wasn’t reading high?
  8. The Movie Quote Game

    Rambo - First Blood
  9. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Hey Niseko are you still sticking to this? If so any change (for better or worse)?
  10. Mobile phone cradle and GPS

    I thought Uber told you which ones you were allowed to use?
  11. The Movie Quote Game

    “Rhythm and flow”
  12. The Movie Quote Game

  13. Leg shaving....

    You also know once you do it you can’t go back as it’s too itchy
  14. Favourite Tee Shirt

    Haven't seen that shirt for ages