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  1. yes. Stadium running training.
  2. It's speculated that the drownings are often the result of panic attacks. Around 2011/2012 there were a few articles along those lines. One of the earlier ones being this... https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/deaths-in-triathlons-may-not-be-so-mysterious-panic-attacks-may-be-to-blame/2011/10/24/gIQA70NrKN_story.html?utm_term=.b7da7a219954
  3. Bushwalking with race numbers ... and you still get to call it 'running'.
  4. rohan

    Active Tri series gone

    Active Tri = Sole Motive. It wasn't a falling out between parties.
  5. And we got a sprinkling of snow on the slowest 36km runners, which is getting close to my dream of snow up on the Pinnacle for all the 20km and 36km runners to see. (So long as it doesn't come with wind)
  6. If you're just a newbie to trail running then you just go slower in the rocky canyons and up the top of the Wonderland Range. If, however you're not just new to trail running, but also new to running then it might not be the go. Check out the qualification standards. http://www.wonderlandrun.com.au/iFAQs.html A-Z, Q for Qualification. If you can achieve those then you're most likely good to go. Disclaimer: I'm the race director and would naturally generally advise entering.
  7. per km times from the bowling club at 9km to mordialloc hotel, 18.2km 3;57, 3;56, 3;59, 4;04, 4;02, 4;02, 4;07, 4;08, 4;02 slowing
  8. The idea of not-for-profit as something more virtuous than for-profit is pretty muddy. The AFL as I understand it is a not-for-profit organisation with very good salaries for some. If you're turning good dollars as a 'notforprofit' you can distribute the surplus as 'salaries'. A forprofit may return a dividend or profit to shareholders. Why is one more righteous than the other? ... and yet it's perceived to be so. Local councils will give grants to 'notforprofits' which they won't do for the 'forprofits', yet the race director etc can receive the 'surplus' either way.
  9. FYI, today is the last day of Standard Entry Pricing. Over 85% full.http://www.twobaystrailrun.com/iOnlineEntry.html
  10. "Bit of a crack" sometimes works in a half...
  11. 2:59:16 Scraped another one. Knew it was touch and go. Funniest moment was Magnus M climbing over the barrier into the preferred start area. Security told him to get out. Magnus is protesting "I've only won this thing twice!". A couple of us verified his story and he was allowed to climb back in. (Wasn't wearing the sticker)
  12. yes. Two Bays singlet. Dark boardies. Fluoro runners. Marathon
  13. When people say they lack motivation to run, then I say "don't bother". But I do encourage them to find another fitness outlet. If you lack motivation it might be time to move on. Sometimes people get hung up on something as the one true way. Running, Triathlon, whatever... But put those hours into hockey, surfing, dancing or something physical and while you might not be as physically fit you'll be in pretty good condition and happier.
  14. Apparently you're a skeptic deep down too if it takes that many placebos to achieve 'results'.
  15. Two Bays Walking Track... but I would say that. Dandenongs - brilliant, close to Melbourne, though a few too many roads through them. Recently been checking out the Grampians. Mind blowingly intense. Noosa for cruisy holiday running in the middle of a Vic winter.
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