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  1. +1 Reading the thread about triathletes copping it in Kona, there's no need to go there to cop it, just get on trannies!
  2. nin

    Transitions Caps

    Great news, thanks Bernie.
  3. nin

    Tri bars

    Not sure but I think you can put them either side of where they bolt on to the handle bars, either in front or behind. I will have to check them tonight and let you know.
  4. nin

    Tri bars

    I use to have a set of profile p2 clip on bars which I found really good. They have some adjustability and were very comfy. I brought them from wiggle - http://www.wiggle.co.uk/profile-t2-plus-aerobars/
  5. what about you have 5 mins to run as far as you can and see the results from that.
  6. Dont be too hard on the guy. He has probably staked a fair bit on his tri career and sacrificed a normal career and finances to have a punt at being a pro triathlete, which means he may not have the dollars to just go out and buy a bike. Sounds like he needs a good manager as much as anything.
  7. I swapped from another fund to MBF and have been very happy with them. Seem to have enough physio, chiro, ostio claims etc for me and they have better than general dental cover for the whole family, they cover for root canal and other slightly major dental work which the others dont normally cover from what I have seen.
  8. Yep, I agree thats why I said I'm prepared to concede it may be mis interpreted. But given the amount of comments here about drafting issues and so on, it can be taken both ways. I dont want to take away from the good things PIS do for the sport or slander their name, just telling it like I see it. I agree with Arpit, just look at these issues within the group.
  9. "OK boys are we still good to go, xxxxx we will work off you after the swim and keep an eye out and then take turns after that" This is what was said right next to me in transition. Like I said I didnt bother too much as it was my first IM and I was just enjoying the experience and not going for a kona slot, it's up to the RD and TO's to sort it out. Perhaps I misunderstood what was being said and am prepared to concede that, but it semmed pretty clear to me. I will leave the name calling for kids in the playground and move on.
  10. Whatever......it doesnt bother me if people draft, its race organisers responsibilty to run the race and they want to jam as many people on a course as they can to make as much money as they can and this inevidebly leads to packed courses and drafting. If is illegal its up to them and the TO's to come up with solutions. As for my comments they are based on exactly what I heard in transition pre race and it DID involved a plan on how the bike leg was going to be worked which inlcuded team tactics, no big deal just telling as I saw it, I'm not trying to knock team PIS as happens on here, I reckon you guys do a great job in tris and are great for the sport and I'm sure you train hard but just stating things I saw and heard. Anyway lets move on.
  11. and Port..... Even had team tactics there, they were planning it in transition next to me and I heard the whole plan! Not trying to stir trouble, if they think they can get away with it and are happy to cheat themselves its their choice.
  12. nin

    Hello from a lurker

    If thats your TT ride in your avatar I agree with Otter. Get out there and ride that puppy, it looks like a slick machine that wants to be ridden. Good luck and enjoy.
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