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  1. Wahoo Kickr

    Wouldn't need new anything as it's hardly been used, it's looks like it's just came out of the box
  2. Wahoo Kickr

    11 speed as new condition as hardly used 12 months old $1100 prefer pick up from Port Macquarie, however I travel a bit so maybe able to drop off depending
  3. Wahoo Kickr

    It's the Kickr 2..... I just checked
  4. Wahoo Kickr

    Do you think it's worth 1100 or less???
  5. Wahoo Kickr

  6. Wahoo Kickr

  7. Wahoo Kickr

    I'll take a picture, hardest part is working out how to upload it to here lol
  8. Wahoo Kickr

    Sorry guys, Port Macquarie........ It has the handle but not sure on the lights, I'll check tomoz
  9. 70.3 Sunshine Coast 2017 any dates?

    I saw this to, a bloke handing over a bottle to another rider..... I also saw a lady on a flat bar bike holding a bottle in each hand whilst riding........ loved the bike course though, nice and easy motorway bit followed by some work out the back, great course
  10. Quadruple channel crossing

    I got a mate there doing it at this very moment in a Team relay, conditions looked perfect
  11. Garmin Forerunner 35

    8 months old no marks or scratches $150 ono
  12. Hoka Arahi EE wide fit US12

    Brand new and used for one 7k run but sadly not for me. any one interested around $140
  13. Garmin 225 with optical HR

    Did this sell??
  14. IM Cairns 2017

    Lucky someone helped you get ya wetty off ?
  15. Cairns Cap Count and Visor Volumes

    roxii Legend in my own lunchbox! Admin 3,761 25,061 posts Location:Far Kurnell Posted 8 hours ago · Report post Kiwinoz- Cap Andrew #1 - Visor TenPints - Cap, Visor Skel - Visor KieranR - Visor Prince - visor Ex Hasbeen - visor So is that it??? 2 Caps 6 Visors for Cairns delivery?? Am I to late?????? Badger77 - Visor please
  16. Felt IA10 size 58 2016

    Brand new IA10 frame warranty replacement Bought the IA14 but frame had to be replaced and they only had the IA10 11speed mechanical ultegra Call for any info 0401604307 $2900 ono
  17. Felt IA10 size 58 2016

    Yep, anytime mate
  18. Felt IA10 size 58 2016

    Sorry forgot to add, I am 6 foot, heaps of movement either way.Located in Port Macquarie
  19. Felt IA10 size 58 2016

    Ye mate its a complete bike, i bought the IA14 last June, found a crack in the frame/paint in December, felt checked it out and to be on the safe side they replaced the frame, but they only had a IA10 frame, which was fine by me.So the frame is brand new and the 11 speed components are 8 months old.
  20. When did you last do an Iron Distance?

    2011 IMOZ 2012 IMOZ 2013 IMOZ 2014 IMOZ 2015 IMOZ 2016 IMOZ 2016 IM Cairns 2017..... In for IMOZ and Busso
  21. IM training program 1st timer

  22. Stem

    Chasing a stem with a stack of 30mm, googled it but cant find any, they all have a stack of 40mm. Its for my Felt IA, ive took the felt stem off but the steerer is really short so if i put a 40mm on there is a CM gap at the top, i'me worried this is dangerous as technically only the bottom nut is holding the stem.
  23. Ironman Cairns 2016

    Maybe i do........ Except the letter A keeps popping up...........
  24. Ironman Cairns 2016