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  1. badger77

    Vietnam 703 2019

    I’m here having a crack..... Anyone else??? its very very hot and very very humid
  2. badger77

    Port 2019

    Half in......... Port 70.3 Vietnam 70.3 Cairns Full........... Thats the plan Brett
  3. Who is going to be racing this year and who is going up to watch/play. Add your name to the list. Racing Race no. Trannie name Name AG  19106 IronmanFoz Andrew Foster M50 - 54 558 The New Guy Nick Hall  M35 - 39  245 Blobby Stephen White M50 - 54  14266 Dave T David Thornton M55 -59  1048 Rory-dognz Richard Houghton M50 - 54 286 Badger77 Staff Hurlston M50-54  Watching  ?  ?
  4. badger77

    WTB Cranks

    After some Ultegra Compact Cranks, 50/34 or 52/36..... 170mm TIA
  5. badger77

    Swim Skins

    Apologies if this has been discussed before, but with HOTW and Tweed Enduro fast approaching and both been non wetsuit swims, the question is....... are swim skins worth the $?? pretty shit swimmer, 38m for 70.3 and 1.18ish for full. if they are worth it what’s a good one??
  6. badger77


    I’me in, 3 of us from Port coming over, were 8 of us but you know the rest lol........ trannie meet up??
  7. badger77


    Bout 8 of us from Port Mac coming up/across to do this race.... always wanted to do it...... can’t wait wen I booked the accom the chap laughed and said “u know it’s gonna be 40d don’t ya” Lol
  8. badger77

    Wahoo Kickr

    Wouldn't need new anything as it's hardly been used, it's looks like it's just came out of the box
  9. badger77

    Wahoo Kickr

    It's the Kickr 2..... I just checked
  10. badger77

    Wahoo Kickr

    Do you think it's worth 1100 or less???
  11. badger77

    Wahoo Kickr

    I'll take a picture, hardest part is working out how to upload it to here lol
  12. badger77

    Wahoo Kickr

    Sorry guys, Port Macquarie........ It has the handle but not sure on the lights, I'll check tomoz
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