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  1. Meat and Water Diet Study

    This guy has eaten nothing but meat for 20 years. And his 2 children have eaten 99% meat their entire lives. He is in his mid 50's and does no exercise to speak of. There have been a few article on him and his family but he received such hate from the vegetarian community he has worked hard to get them all taken down. People lose their brains over this stuff when confronted with information that is so contrary to what they believe in so strongly.
  2. Meat and Water Diet Study

    All animal products are the most nutritious for humans. Personally I have fallen big time for beef, and more specifically rib-eye (scotch fillet in Aus) and T bone steaks. The tomohawk rib eye is a thing of absolute beauty. But any product from an animal will be better for you than any plant product. Butter is more nutritious than broccoli IMO. Pork is great food, as is fish, etc. I'm pretty much retired from endurance sports now, so can't comment on that. But can hold 1.25 on a Concept 2 for 1min without too much problem. Am lifting heavier and heavier weights. I love grain finished steak, and don't think there is much different in health benefits between grass fed and grain fed, provided they are hormone free. We've all been force fed the mantra about vegetables being the most healthy food for us, but if that is the case why do almost all children dislike vegetables, but love meat? Because they haven't been fed the bad information that we have. And they know what is good food and what isn't. Also read Crowie bagging vegetables, apparently he never eats them.
  3. Meat and Water Diet Study

    If people deny themselves meat they are going against nature. We can eet 99% of animal products and they will sustain us well, but we can eat less than 1% of plant products. The ruminants turn the plants and remove all the toxins for us and transform them into food that is healthy for us (their bodies). If we take those plant foods directly we aren't very good at removing those toxins.
  4. Meat and Water Diet Study

    50 years old and only eaten meat and drink water for past 12 months. No supplements, vitamins, hormones or steroids.
  5. Cam Wurf Kona write up

    Good write up. So enticing to think you can run like a gazelle on the heat but the same factors that make you bike so fast hold you back on the run.
  6. Meat and Water Diet Study

    I guess I was trying to show that I am walking the talk and feeding my child a lot of meat, and letting her interact with her food, rather than having it all blended like many. She often chews bones for long periods. And for yourself you could probably take out if it that it's just a quaint pic of a cute baby (biased I know). And maybe that because you most likely are still a virgin, you couldn't understand the joy of having a new baby and wanting to share it and you probably never will. Nice post. There are a lot of stories starting to surface of people that have been vegetarians for years and become obese and depressed and suffered a range of terrible health consequences, then finally realized it and starting eating meat had great improvements in health. If health was as simple as calories in and calories out, eat less and exercise more blah blah blah, then you would see obese carnivore humans as well as obese vegetarians as they would be just as many as there should be equal numbers of lazy and gluttonous people in both groups. But there all human carnivores look terrific and none are obese as it’s impossible eating only meat they look like Shawn Baker and the Andersson lady I posted earlier. Google Amber Hearn if you want to hear about someone who was vegetarian for 20 years and what happens when the penny finally dropped when she realized the damage it did to her Obesity among vegetarians is very common. Most of India is obese grainitarians. Just like when carnivores are fed grains that they should not be eating
  7. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Here is a photo of my baby. 👶 🍼
  8. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Cheese Kransky is good food. Healthier than a bowl of weed bix.
  9. Where's Macca?

    To be fair the ex-champions are there because they make money by being there. Despite what happened and the Sunny Garcia thing, Mecca is makings money doing other things.
  10. Respecting the Race

    All the people pissing in people’s pockets because they did not DNF on a certain day. Often the same people have DNFed on other days (e.g Lachie). In Kona it’s unlikely there are other races coming up and it’s the world champs so go ahead and walk the marathon. Doesn’t make you a hero. Chrissie didn’t even start because she felt a ‘bit off’ one morning. No one bagged her.
  11. This is what happened to Jan

    His livelihood depends on his health yet chooses this path to make himself less healthy and that has been show will definitely reduce his performance. Just plain dumb to me. And vegetarism needs all the criticism it can get in the current day. A toxic and growing. movement.
  12. This is what happened to Jan

    This is what happened to Frodeno
  13. Matt Russell crash in Kona (Bad)

    Singapore and Japan are way safer than Australia.
  14. Kona race day thread

    Best performance ever by a vegetarian in Kona. True story. Great work Frodo!!
  15. Kona Counts

    Was looking for the familiar Cheetah 1 but I guess Natascha is not racing.