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  1. Bitcoin - someone explain it to me

    My tip: BTC heading down to USD $3,000 in next 2 weeks, before bouncing back to $4,500.
  2. Zwift or Bkool

    Interesting what happens in this space. Probably going to be a few more come in too. Big bucks possible.
  3. Mo Farrah, does the 10k/5k double

    Goes from being a donkey at age 26 starts training in Kenya, then becomes a world beater. Then moves to Ethiopia when Kenya gets a bit hot. You can buy EPO for $40 a vial over the counter in Ethiopia, but of course he'd never take that because of his morals n that innit. And his best mate Jama Aden getting caught with a trunk load of EPO, and Aden's daughter says 'Mo's around our house all the time' but Mo says he hardly knows the guy.
  4. Running Shorts

    The DeSoto Tuesday Run short are the best I've found.
  5. Ironman Santa Rosa

    I have a good mate living in Tahoe City and stayed for 5 days after IM Tahoe, loved it too.
  6. Ironman Santa Rosa

    Ironman Tahoe is no more. I've done both and actually preferred Vineman. Crowd support was negligible at both but I actually liked the quaint little towns around Santa Rosa you can find some great houses off in the wine regions to stay in and go on wine tours after the race.
  7. KQ questions

    I'll no re-write the train more, train year round - great advice but you don't need to be told again and again. My 2c would be to get as much free speed as possible on the bike. A lot of people will turn their nose up at this stuff but it is important, it's just not considered cool, or tough to pay attention to it. - As I recall you're an ex-rugby player so bigger unit, so I'd probably go for a disc and HED 19mm trispoke front clinchers with latex tubes and Conti 400GPS 20mm front and matching tyre size back. Lighter wheels only if the race has a lot of climbing. - Get a bike fit from someone who understands aerodynamics - Hide all nutrition and flat equipment from the wind - Get a helmet that fits your position with minimal vents - Sleeved tri suit as tight as possible - Get your saddle as far forward as possible, hide the cables as much as possible - Stay in the aero position as much as possible during training - get Coe Gees Cushy's elbow pads Lots more small things but do them all and you will save a lot of time on the bike.
  8. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Really damn. Maybe try clicking the youtube logo at the bottom. From 3minutes He says blood labs before and after: C-reactor protein (see if meat is inflammatory) HA1C (see if meat causes diabetes) Ferritin levels (often said that meat causes high iron) Vitamin C serum tests or clinical signs Can do micro biome but as mentioned still not reliable th Possibly lipids but they are so variable their usefulness is questionable. I'll probably check triglycerides, LDLs and HDLs and liver (ALT and AST) also. I guess before and after photos and maybe fitness test of some kind too.
  9. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Yes that what's the herbivores do for the carnivores, turn the plants into food that we want to eat. I don't have them as yet, they asked for suggestions and we're about to be given the list. Here is Shawn Baker talking about it:
  10. Ironman Santa Rosa

    That was my first Ironman too, a great race would highly recommend. Not a very fast course there either so his time is pretty studly. Saw he is under 24 so probably a future pro.
  11. Meat and Water Diet Study

    It is surprising the level some vegetarians can get to in endurance sports. A lot of them break down with injuries after a while but they can often be very successful. Rich Roll, Hilary Biscay and I think Eneko Llanos were veggo's and Arnaud Selukov who won Ultramar Australia is too. Just goes to show how adept we are at surviving.
  12. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Yep there are so many have guy demanding vegans and vegetarians. I think we need a lot more vocal carnivores to counteract their growing toxic influence on our society.
  13. Meat and Water Diet Study

    I'm not trying to deny humans are omnivores. Just that we share more in common with carnivores than herbivores. I think what is a plant and what an animal is pretty simple and easy enough to categorize. Look up the dictionary of the words if you want a clearer definition. And I mean any part of any animal is edible and will sustain us. Bar maybe that puffer fish thing. As mentioned there are thousands of people thriving on a carnivorous diet. Including the Masai (solely cows) and Inuits (seal) who have no concept of heart disease or cancer, so I'm not so worried that I need to get my affairs in order just yet.
  14. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Oh and I'm doing this ti help with the experiment and maybe to get some health gains. I doubt I'll live this way long term. If if you ask 100 people (Is red meat good for you?) probably 80 would say a straight 'no'. Then maybe 10% would say 'only lean meat in small portions'. How many would say 'it's the most nutritious food in the world and one of very few foods that can completely sustain humans on its own'. ?
  15. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Why is it ridiculous? Think about in recent evolutionary history when we had no farming but had animals and plants all around us. Who would want to be the guy to go and test all the plants when they all knew for sure that an animal was safe to eat? For the most part the only plants we can eat have been highly modified to make them consumable. Diet would have been very simple until bringing in plant food. I realize Saliva is not just lube, although it does function well in that regard ; -), but it breaks down all food we put in our mouths.