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  1. Niseko

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    Needs to start eating meat or all hope is lost for him.
  2. Niseko

    Whatever happened to Niseko

    Hello to my loyal fans! A little birdie told me about this thread so logged back in to say Hi. Just been re-evaluating the way I interact with social media, trying to make it a positive in my life and along with some issues with the way this site is moderated drifted off into the distance. I've been plugging away, and all is well. Our little girl just turned 2 and having lots of fun with her. She's almost swimming already and taking her to the pool in our condo almost every day. I sort of went away from all endurance sports for a couple of years, but now back not he bike and aiming to do some bike races. Tour De Kepri at end of September is my current goal. Otherwise flat out with work and always some good and bad new happening every day - as you'd expect we are nudging 60 staff in peak season now. All the best guys!
  3. Niseko

    Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    Just the thought of these fukkers sitting on a portaloo with their pants up staring at their watch while they do their complicated math has got to make you laugh. We all who we are for a reason. Interested in the why behind this stuff.
  4. Niseko

    Meat and Water Diet Study

    Right that’s true but self control over what to eat is easier than self control over how much to eat if you are eating grains and sugar. People can eat a box of biscuits and a tray of donuts but very difficult to over eat animal products.
  5. Niseko

    Meat and Water Diet Study

    What other animal counts calories or obsesses over portion control, getting enough exercise or any of the other measures of weight control we are supposed to follow to prevent obesity? Eating animals only, it’s impossible to become obese as you don’t need self control or exercise to maintain a healthy weight. Eat as much as you like!
  6. Niseko

    Meat and Water Diet Study

    There is evidence that meat is the most nutritious food for humans. So why are our health experts (WHO, dietitians, diabetes associations) treating it like it is toxic? And why is veganism treated like it is a cool and healthy choice? I get the bit wanting animals to die, but why not campaign against lions and hyenas who impart terrible torment, pain and suffering on their pray? There are a growing number of people avoiding plant foods and getting terrific results. So it’s not impossible at all if you want to make some sacrifice for your health.
  7. Niseko

    Meat and Water Diet Study

    Yes basically any animal flesh.
  8. Niseko

    Meat and Water Diet Study

    Tattoos and transformation in one.
  9. Niseko

    Meat and Water Diet Study

    Some other results coming in.
  10. Niseko

    Meat and Water Diet Study

    And therein lies the problem with nutrition science. This is not even going to be a published study but it will be more accurate than the junk-science epidemiological studies that the current guidelines are based on. Looking at populations who are forced to eat certain foods is the best way to understand nutrition.
  11. Niseko

    Meat and Water Diet Study

    Yes I guess the results have been pretty underwhelming. In saying that I mean I haven’t noticed any difference at alll. I sort of just look and feel the same and blood work is the same. I never really ate much sugar or grains anyway so just cut lying out fruits and vegetables has been the main change. So maybe fruits and vegetables just aren’t tht important.
  12. Niseko

    Meat and Water Diet Study

    This one’s for you FB. Powering up before vaccinations.
  13. Niseko

    Aero position

    So much time wasted on poor aero choices it’s criminal. Not many want to discuss it because everyone wants to be the hard-ass that says ‘just bloody train more and forget about all the bullshit’. People put so much time effort and money into going faster and almost no one doesn’t care about their time. Aero trumps weight by about 20x1 in most tris.
  14. Niseko

    Meat and Water Diet Study

    Yes the scurvy one is a very commone question on carnivory. Answer is that in the absence of carbs we can get all out nutrient needs from meat.
  15. Niseko

    Meat and Water Diet Study

    It’s not an analogy but a real question. The point being that 99% of plants are inedible and almost 100% of animal products are edible, so risking a fight with a kangaroo would be the safest option. And they became very god at hunting with speees and boomerangs. And how would they possibly know which plants were edible? They didn’t have a text book to look up like the guy from Into The Wild (who died from misreading his book and ate the wrong plant) . They would have had to do it through trial and error and I bet several tried their luck with leaves and bark and paid the price until they worked it out.