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  1. bunny

    Ironman checklist

    Goggles - check Westysuit - check looobe (for before and affer race) - check Bike - check Shoes for bike - check Helmet - check Socks - check Shoes for running - check Outfit to participate in - check Its like any other day - do you forget stuff any other time? - if you do its not the end of the world as you can buy almost anything when you get there Dont forget your $100 for the tattoo after as well
  2. bunny

    Cairns - Race week

    Brisbane would be the worst place for an IM - worst traffic, worst waterways - enter fantasy location discussion..... Cairns is fine - just needs minor tweaks but there will always be miserable people who want to complain no matter where they put the thing and how it was run
  3. bunny

    Cairns - Race week

    That wind has been nasty of late but the water was fine - if they feel they need to move or change the swim then they should move the whole event - it just adds a dynamic
  4. bunny


    Are these the same circles in the crops?
  5. bunny


    I have bags of samples of that milk stuff - does not do much for me but do use a little of the body scrub - infused with rose hip oil or something nonetheless.......
  6. bunny

    Cheap triathlons

    NZ have a great culture of sporting events and social racing - there are more tri's, swims and runs than you could think of fitting in - even for the hard core They are much more laid back and likely the insurance has a lot to do with it - without everyone's fingers in the pie and all the bureaucracy it makes life easy - they have a different hospital/insurance scheme than here Over here try and put on an event or swim and the different agencies all wanting permits, insurances etc etc just make it all too hard Maybe more people will move over there ha ha - that would be funny
  7. bunny


    Yes I think most of the creams will be similar in what they do but how they apply and stay on is a bit different hence trying few I don't think the $15 bright bottle will save your life any more than the black and gold tub but how it applies and how long it sits on might I have about 5 tubs on the go at any time and a few in the car but the BB one is my go to when out in the surf (with zinc)
  8. bunny


    I would suggest some people are more prone to getting affected by sun and therefore at a higher risk category to sun related cancers - I think their evidence will be around about long term exposure to sun but go ahead and ring the cancer council and they will roll out just as much if not more evidence to show the impacts of sun on various skin types over a period and the evidence around using sun screen and a lot will be from more credible sources and multiple credible sources and research If I had very fair skin, had any family history or got burned easily I would take a firm approach of avoiding direct sun in Australia during worst times, covering and when not practical sunscreen (Banana boat smothered seems to do the trick for most) If you want to try your luck and don't want to use sunscreen based on "internet evidence" go right ahead - but if you fall into any higher risk category then please don't go crying to your doctor in years to come about "why me?" I think its better to be safe than sorry and hope the rich and always true content of internet research is right So for the OP try a few that work - banana boat is pretty good but stay away from the sprays - its like putting cooking oil on......
  9. For a tri club/coach or any group the monthly fees work better as people don't go every session - your weekend groups will be bigger, your summer usage more etc So I think for tri an average club goes for $10-$12 per session and $200 per month - you do the math on it - I gets obvious why many use the mass marketing on FB and with many people happy to roll around an IM in 12 plus hours to get the towel and medal you cant blame them for paying their house off early.....What housing price crisis I hear you say.... If your struggling you are doing it wrong......
  10. Do some research folks - if you do yoga or Pilates you can be paying as much as $20 plus per session with not a lot of discount in central locations A friend just got a pack from a fairly average studio and was wrapped to get a large pack for around $500 that work out around $12 per session - normal prices $20 So in tri for $10 normal $ bulk you are getting bargain really and if the coach is someone special then even better - in yoga it is usually just19yo wannabe model (maybe that's the problem with tri???)
  11. If people can charge others to "train" them and its based on their ability to market on fb and provide lollies and cakes after then that has the same outcome as someone wannabe hard @rse who thinks he is some great coach when his "runs on the board" come from very good natural AG athletes who turn up to their squad to swim with other fast people - maybe it has nothing to do with the coach themselves and they would be just as fast alone or with someone else or even faster...... The pull of an ex pro athlete will always be there and is nothing new and really not just about people throwing money - The broncos and many other football teams don't hire ex players as coaches or senior staff for their good looks...... Some coaches choose to create a niche and target the natural self driven athlete who will likely get results and allows them to build a reputation based on "success", then the others do ti for masses through getting people involved which is what many just want - they take in everyone and mass market as it gets the message out There is no wrong in it and the precious ones should take a long look at their own times - one could always argue handing out advice on going fast when you have not is a bit rich but in that case there would be very few coaches Coaches who are qualified for what you want out of the sport - so if you think you are fast chase one with a degree, experience and in my mind a sport science background - physio, - they seem to offer a great approach or if you just want to enjoy it then one who provides a great atmosphere and happy welcoming approach is more than qualified
  12. bunny

    Foam rollers

    Its not a bad way of looking at it that if it hurts rolling MAY be a good option but maybe there is something else ready to explode so for me it would be a wake up to book a physio who might just tell you to roll but its best to keep them in business!!!!! You can use a roller for many things including some great stretches for your back etc so not a bad thing to have and use but if your sore and getting it out its defeats the idea of preventative maintenance....
  13. bunny

    Ironman NZ

    I would have thought it would a boring place without car etc but if NZ is not your thing you might save some coin but it would be a painful trip in and out on busses - planes is a bit of a pain in transfer, bike bags etc Cars easy to get, and as people say its a good drive - hit the red woods for a warm up or warm down on the way/back or go Auk-taupo-Wellington if you have not seen much of the place Taupo itself is a bit plain but you can get around to some of the pools, a few drives and bit and pieces but its really on the trip there and back you can stop off If you are going on a mission then consider a plane in but would not bus it
  14. bunny


    what's the 3k one that blends, chops etc - everyone seems to have them now - they can do any job - better - people swear by them - somebody tried to convice me you can do everything including ice cream etc in them - asked where the desert I was eating came from and said she had hand blended it ha ha But they do the simple blending REAL well by all accounts and easy to clean Someone on here must have one....
  15. Unless your ripped taking the time to prepare a healthy lunch, or do nothing - hell knows why people always need to be doing something related to a participation sport Read a book, do some study, call your partner, catch up with friends, get a life......
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