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  1. Hey mate i have Jetblack Z1 for 150. with about 20-25 hours of use on it. I live 10 minutes from Parramatta.
  2. sponge

    PCL damage

    Hey Just wondering if anyone has torn their PCL before? How long until u felt 100% again. Cheers
  3. Hey Im looking to buy a second hand trainer. Doesnt really mater what kind it is, as long as it doesnt make alot of noise. also looking for a cheap 700c rear wheel with a shimano 9 speed cassette anywhere near parramatta i will be happy to pick it up from cheers matt
  4. sponge

    ITU Sydney Race

    I Just renewed my membership for TA, so i was wondering if someone can send me the email so i can enter the ballot Thanks in advance Matt
  5. Sorry in advance if this doesn’t make sense, I’m really tired I completed a little bit a research at UNI today after my exam, upon the benefits of gluteal strength training on the reduction of injury. The little that I did read indicated that proximal muscles weakness such as the glutes, appears to be a risk factor for lower extremity athletic injuries. Such as (ITB syndrome, ACL tears, patellar pain, knee arthritis, ankle injuries and knee ligamentous). Though this relationship is not fully understood. Thus research has been proposed to determine the effectiveness of gluteal strength training. Such injuries that May benefit from gluteal strength training include ITB syndrome – is caused from repetitive friction of the iliotibial band sliding across the lateral femoral condyle It is hypothesised that weakness within the gluteus medius (deep to Gluteus Maximus) causes tightness within the ITB and also the tensor fascia lata (a muscle which is superiorly or higher up the thigh than ITB). Thus some people conducted a study which found that runners with an ITB issue had weak hip abductors (such as gluteus medius). Consequently these researches conducted a six week rehab program involving strengthening hip abductors, which lead to 22 of the 24 injured runners being pain free and had returned to running by the end of 6weeks. BUT can’t take these results for gold as there was only small subject numbers. Also it must be noted there are other factors which influence the onset of ITB syndrome I will write some more tomoz, when im not so tired
  6. Just out of curiosity, what reduction in injury do you propose with the implentation of your training program.
  7. Sorry but the bike is no longer for sale Matt
  8. Na sorry mate its a 54cm - i thought i would need a 56 but they guy at the shop gave me a 54. Im 182cm tall
  9. sponge

    Cheap tri Bike

    Do u still have this bike, if so how many km are on it and what size is it Cheers
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