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  1. Running was always the weakest of the three disciplines for me relatively speaking but I was often able to hang in there to manage a podium place. After a lifetime of running I was forced to eventually give it up at age 68 due to a knee injury originally suffered in my early 20's. As a result I did not consider myself a triathlete any more despite a career lasting 33 years. I felt a degree of depression as I felt I had lost something valuable to my lifestyle, health and self image. I kept swimming and cycling to retain some sanity and as the months rolled by, I began to accept that I would never line up at the start of another triathlon. Then I began to feel relief that I would not have to put my body through that most stressful form of training and suffer the type of bone weariness and fatigue that comes from distance running within my ageing 80kg+ body. Now I am at peace with my exercise regime which keeps me as fit as I ever was and at the same weight as when I was running. So when the time comes that you are forced to give up running - as it will be inevitable - embrace the fact that you can continue with the non-weight bearing disciplines of swimming and cycling to keep you from going mad.
  2. Go Easy Your story sounds familiar. I went through that process in 2005/6. It is all about survival despite the inevitable changes that occur to your body and lifestyle. The good news is that it shouldn't affect your athletic career in the long term based on my experience. There is a downside but you learn to live with it. Keep a positive outlook.
  3. At least they had lane ropes. I recall swim training in Germany where there were no lane ropes and only a few people doing serious laps in an otherwise busy pool. Talk about stressful.
  4. If ScoMo were my coach he would say "How good is Kona!" But he ain't and I will never know how good Kona is even though I KQ''d at my first IM branded event. Being self coached, my personal goal was to finish in a respectable time for my own gratification. So I proved to myself that i could tick that box without any outside help using my own program and training by myself. If you can do that it gives you all the self-confidence you will ever need.
  5. If you want to focus on riding through winter this would be a good test. No TT bikes allowed but plenty of hills. The three days are all based at Cotton Tree Park at Maroochydore. Check out the YouTube clip link below: https://youtu.be/3MB-v5F3F8Q
  6. I started exercising regularly whilst in secondary school and have maintained that regime throughout my life. Not only do I enjoy using my body but I also relish the health benefits of such a lifestyle. I was swimming, cycling, and running on a regular basis before triathlon was invented and now that my knee prevents me from running any serious distance, I continue to alternate between swimming and cycling at least six days per week. I have also taken up mountain biking but at 70 years of age the body does not like the few falls I have had. Given the non-weight bearing nature of swimming and cycling, I expect to continue these activities until I can't find my way home. Fortunately I have ticked off all of my goals in triathlon so I no longer feel the need to prove something to myself.
  7. You have to remember that the multisport champs has six different races only one of which is similar to the 70.3
  8. The decision to choose Townsville for these annual championships is more to do with politics and money and less to do with catering for triathletes. But you have to expect that in this day and age. Beggars can't be choosers. The biggest international contingent at the previous multisport world champs has been Team USA. To fly to Townsville US athletes will need to go via one of the southern capitals. OK, so it adds on a few hours but that may be enough to discourage some. I don't think any international airline flies directly to Townsville. To my recollection Townsville has never been known for a long distance triathlon race. They will need to close roads that have never been closed before unless they want to a million laps up and back along the foreshore. I would think that the QLD Government has identified Townsville as needing an injection of funds and made an offer that can't be refused. Once you get over these factors and accept them, it should be great
  9. I have two road bikes that are both set up the same way - compact crank, 11-32 cassette and Dura Ace 9100 rear derailleur. The 9100 rear derailleur is designed for a 30 tooth cassette and comes standard with a longer than normal cage but I have found that with the compact crank, there is no difficulty in running a 32 tooth cassette. Naturally, you will need to adjust chain length accordingly. And I mix Shimano gear levers and RD with SRAM cassette.
  10. Jon

    Coaches are amusing

    Not everyone needs a coach. I suspect AP never had a coach and learnt all he knows by observation, trial and error and great self discipline.
  11. In the early days of triathlon we were keen for the sport to be accepted into the Olympics and a lot of the emphasis was on the OD races. The sprint races were put on mainly to attract newcomers to the sport and for those too young to handle the longer distance.
  12. One woman used to wear a costume that had written on her rear end ' It's not going to slap itself!' Damned if you do and damned if you don't.
  13. I bought my first tri bike in 1989 - a Cannondale with the modern aerobars. Note the gear shifter on the down tube and the pump under the top tube. It was a 7 speed as it was the latest thing then.
  14. The best placard along the course I have seen reads - 'Pain is temporary, results on the internet are forever!"
  15. I can't think of any sport more encouraging than triathlon where the BOPers get as much support as the FOPers. Long may it continue.
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