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  1. I teach Grade 2. I have been teaching from home up till now but have to return to school from tomorrow. Many kids have been doing great work from home supported by their parents - not easy for the kids or the parents but they understand the situation. But some kids who started trying to work from home are now back at school 5 days a week. Here are some of the reasons given by my parents, for sending them back. * I can't get my child to do any work. I know they are capable but they won't do it unless I do it for them. * I am sick of having my child at home with me. I can't do anything with them here. * Little Johnny's behaviour has been terrible at home so I am sending them back. There are a few kids at school because both their parents actually work in some sort of service job, or a job where they cannot work from home. But many of these kids at school have a parent who does not work, I know they dont work, yet they send them to school every day. The difficult kids. The challenging kids. Let the teacher sort them out cos mum couldnt be bothered. Im not cranky about it, just a bit bemused, doesnt seem to be any embarrassment to admit your parenting is not up to scratch. These same people who can't be bothered reading a book to their child, will be sitting at half yearly interviews opposite me soon, and quizzing me about what I am doing to cater for their child's educational needs.
  2. Yep I would pick that one. If you can afford a bit more, I bought my son a VOX AC15CI .... Its a way better amp than anything I have ever owned. Ive seen them retail between about $800 to $1000. I got his one cheap because I bought a Gretch at the same time lol. A valve amp like this gives you good flexibility ...put an accoustic through it and it sounds warm and beautiful, for a hollowbody like the Gretch its just awesome, and there is plenty of grunt there for full bore electric playing. Turramurra Music have the Fender Blues Junior for $899, and the Vox AC15 is a similar price. Both amazing little amps which are easily big enough to gig with. I have played open air and Sydney Convention Centre with my Peavey Studio Pro 112 which is a 1 x 12 amp. You just mike it up and put it through the PA. But the Peavey is not nearly as nice an amp as the Fender or Vox. So if you can up the budget from @$400 to say $800 then thats what I would recommend. If not then any of the little Fenders won't disappoint.
  3. Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Band is playing in the key of E. harmonica is a tuned blues harp, key of A
  4. The most common way to play harmonica with a Blues guitar is what is called "Cross harping" or "Second position" harmonica. So if your guitar is playing in key of C you dont use a C tuned harmonica. You would use a C tuned harmonica to play folk music, but not blues. For instance, Heart of Gold by Neil Young is in G (starts with Em Em Em D Em) and a G harmonica can play the melody easily because the notes you need are there on the harmonica, and they are mainly blown notes with the occasional sucked note. Same with something like Blowing in the Wind ...guitar is G, harmonica is G. Easy to play. This is first position playing. Now for Blues, you want to get lots of bending sounds, sucked notes, where you constrict your throat and bend the notes as you suck, and use your hand to tremelo the sound ...you get a cool train like sound, classic blues ...such as Mystery Train by Butterfield Blues band. On a C harmonica, the main chord if you blow lowest 3 notes, middle 3 holes, top 3 holes, is C. But if you suck those same spots, its not C, its G. So for a song in G, you use a C harmonica, and start by sucking ... So to cross harp, here are the keys: Blues guitar in E, use A harp Guitar C, use F harp Guitar G, use C harp Guitar D, use G harp Guitar A, use D harp The trouble / trick to cross harping is that instead of blowing most notes, you are sucking the 2 main chords and only blowing on the third. Takes getting used to, and you get out of breath at first. But if you just fiddle around with the harmonica, its actually not as hard as it sounds. I always play 12 bar blues in A, and remember most rock songs are simply 12 bar blues sped up. But slow blues is actually not that hard with a bit of practice. Blues in C is not common. I just have a G, C, D, and A harmonica which cover most folk songs in those common keys (first position), and blues in E and A (second position on the A or D harp) Disclaimer: Im not actually that great on harmonica but I can play a few songs okay. Its a lot of fun. Hope this makes sense. PS Ive edited this several times as Ive confused myself lol ... I think its all correct now. This video kind of explains it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXGjDG95M1U
  5. I think so too. Based on those numbers your max HR could be around 190-192 and lactate threshold around 174-175. Only way to get an accurate number is to find your real-world maximum, and you will need some real hard core motivation to hit that number. The number is not on a chart or a book. You wont find it doing any sort of hard ride or run in training. There are ways and means but none of them are very nice.
  6. You can have it repainted and decals are available at Cyclomondo. Youre looking at $200 for paint and $60 for decals. Then maybe a nice Shimano 6400 groupset which are still plentiful and cheap. Bear in mind that Europa are just a generic frame and have little value on the open market where the interest is in the hand made stuff from Australia or Italy. That said they were always a decent bike and it it has sentimental value to you, why not restore it and hang on to it.
  7. Not quite. John Abeni imported 'generic' frames from a big Italian factory called Technotrat. He then stickered them as either Europas or Abenis. There were only a handful of Sydney framebuilders ... Jim Bundy, Geoff Scott, Paul Blom, Ron Bates, Ron Bismire ...as well as selling frames under their own names, they sold their frames unbranded to all the Sydney shops. My dad had a Durban from Endeavour cycles Sutherland, I think it was built by Blom. I own a Lennie Rogers which is probably built by Bundy, a Laurie Rogers which is an imported generic Japanese frame, and a Blackman which was built by Ken Evans. Ken Evans like the other builders sold bikes under his own name, those ones have pantographing on them. The ones he built for Blackman and everyone else dont have that. In addition there were thousands of frames imported into Australia by bike shops from the Japanese firms, these frames usually start with serial number M for Miki or N for unknown Japanese builders.
  8. Riding hard every time you sit your bum on the bike is the most common mistake. Your performance will get worse doing that. Go for 2 moderate hours 6 days a week. Actually, make that easy to moderate. The occasional short sharp effort is good.
  9. You need 11 speed rear wheel 11 speed cassette Rear mech shifters 10 and 11 speed chains share the same internal width, so 10 speed chainrings and front mech are fine
  10. In Brisbane ...... "Paint my Bike" www.paintmybike.com.au or Joe Cosgrove. He's on facebook or contact him at cycledesign.com.au
  11. Star Enamellers Bankstown Geoff Scott Camden Looking at around $250
  12. 1975 Flandria, Galli Criterium group, Galli wheels
  13. I also have 1981 Royal Star, Campag Gran Sport group, Fiamme wheels 1970's Pep Magni, Galli Criterium group, Arc-en-Ciel wheels 1987 Sekai, Japanese components (Suntour, Araya, DiaCompe, Nitto, SR, Kashimax) 1980s Lennie Rogers, Zeus group, Fiamme wheels 1989 Laurie Rogers, Suntour Superbe pro group, Wolber wheels 1975 Jim Bundy, Shimano Dura-Ace Gen 1 group, ? wheels 1988 Peter Bundy, Shimano 600 Tri-Colour group, Vuelta wheels 1970 Blom, Shimano 600EX group, Mavic MA40 wheels 1980s Viner track bike, Campag group, Campag Omega wheels there are others .... getting a bit out of control I know
  14. Faggin (italian) year unknown, Campag Chorus 8 speed
  15. Fausto Coppi, 1998, Campagnolo Athena/Chorus groupset (triple)
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