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  1. Theres 4 pages of info here about the Bible and homosexuality .. You guys are pretty funny. I never come on here any more apart from the odd occasion when i am bored, I think Ive made 4 posts in the last 4 years .... and here we are dragging up the same old red herrings. Nothing changes hey. Same old echo chamber. If you hate Christians and Christianity that fine, youre entitled to that. I will say one thing though before I log out for another 12 months, that according to the Bible, people dont go to hell according to what they do, their behaviour. People go to hell because they choose to live their lives independently of God. That is the essence of sin. Not sure why people who want to live their lives on earth independently of God would want to spend eternity with him in his presence. Cheers
  2. Bikes at the Basin (Sanctuary Point) has a couple of real cracker small road bikes at the moment. I was in there Saturday. 2nd hand GT and a Ridley caught my eye ...both $900.... quite small though, not sure of the sizes but maybe 50cm or something. Perfect for a teenager or small adult. He also had a brand new Avanti roady for about $1150, looked awesome, it was maybe a 54 or something. They are on facebook if you want to contact. I have no affiliation with them.
  3. Derny Driver

    Steel is real

    The guys on that page are EXPERTS with these sort of bikes. That Tommasini is quite something, looks like it is running Campag Triomphe which came out in 1985 from memory, so I agree with your dating on them both. Ive actually got sidetracked into the whole steel bike building and collecting thing, its getting a bit out of control. Im trying to stop lol I have 1985 Merckx Panasonic with 6 speed Campag Triomphe and Shamal wheels 1999 Fausto Coppi (Team Polti) aluminium running triple 8 speed Campag Athena with Mavic Cosmic wheels 1970s Faggin (Italian) running Campag Chorus with 8 speed Vento wheels 1981 Royal Star (Sydney) with 6 speed Campag Gran Sport. Fiamme bars, stem and wheels 1980s Lennie Rogers (Sydney) with Zeus New racer gruppo. Fiamme wheels. 1980s Laurie Rogers (Lennies brother) with Suntour Superbe Pro. Superbe Pro hubs and Wolber rims. Late 1980s Peter Bundy (sydney) with Shimano 600 TriColour group 1970's Blom (Sydney) with Shimano 600EX. Mavic GPX wheels. 1975 Pep Magni (Italy) with Galli groupset, gold Champion Arc-en-Ciel rims. 1983 Sekai (japanese) with a mix of Japanese parts, SR, Suntour, Nitto, Sugino etc. Araya wheels. 1970s Flandria (Belgium) with Galli groupset and NOS Galli wheelset 1945 Blackbird (Sydney) with 3 speed cyclo gears 1935 SJH track bike with inch pitch drive there are others too I also have my dads bikes, a 1960 Cinelli with Gran Sport and a 1960s Bismire (Sydney) track bike.
  4. I agree that the seat appears to need to go up, but I think that its actually okay. If the leg was at 6 oclock and the heel was dropped, the leg would be straight. Being forward on a TT bike you tend to use the ball of the foot with the foot slightly pointed which gives the appearance of a too bent knee. I wouldnt touch it personally. With the shorter cranks there are no problems with lack of leverage at the top of the stroke, so leave it as is. Arms could go forward maybe 1 cm but if your shoulder is dicky and that will aggravate it, leave as is. Arms are pretty close to being right where they are. Personally I like the extensions to be a bit flatter, ie drop the hands down 1-2cm but leave elbows where they are. The praying mantis position has nothing going for it ... but again, if thats your comfortable arm position, leave it. It make virtually no difference. Its actually a pretty good position FP for someone who is old and inflexible and carries old war wounds. Discalimer: My opinion only
  5. +1 Worst tyre ever. Try the new Pirelli P Zero. Got them on young DDs bike. I also had a week away with the ACA NRS pro cycling team recently, they run the Pirelli clinchers ... no punctures all week on some rough roads, great grip in some hell fast crits ... I rate them as the best clincher out there at the moment.
  6. "salty" .... means angry. eg Mum got salty cos my room was messy "raped" ... means to get beaten by a large margin eg We got raped in the basketball game
  7. Speaking of retro TT bikes, mine is for sale. Lotus 110 (copy) running Shimano 10 speed. 1990 vintage Owes me 2 grand
  8. Highly unlikely in my opinion. Kyan did not make a threat, it was more of an insult. Probably would have got a 5 minute talk about being nice to people. Especially since he was not the instigator, he was just responding / defending... Then the Deputy could have just said to the girls, "We have spoken to Kyan and he acknowledges that what he said was wrong. But what you have been doing is wrong also, worse in fact. If it happens again etc...."
  9. Goughy as you know Im a teacher ..the school really has no choice in the matter, the Boss or Deputy will get the right royal boot up the backside from the Regional Director if they ignore cyber bullying. They have to take action. Dont be mad at Kyan. Just say mate, lesson learned - you made a mistake by doing things that way. Tell him the school is just following correct protocol, so he needs to cop the 10 days. Its a bummer but in the big scheme, its not going to affect anything. He will have set school work assigned to him to do in those 10 days, just get on with it and dont be too disappointed. Everyone makes mistakes. You learn from them and become a better person. And he's already becoming a good person by standing up for people who are being bullied, and making excellent choices in the classroom too. There is a lot of positives to come out of it. Tell Kyan you understand why he did what he did and that you are not mad at him. If he was an adult he could be charged with using a carriage service to harrass, menace or offend , which carries a maximum of 3 years gaol. Kids dont realise that what they say and do on their phones is monitored and kept and can be used against them. If you want to make a threat you dont type it so that it can be used as evidence against you. You say it quietly in their ear when there are no witnesses present. Its a good lesson for him about using the phone /internet correctly. Its hard to ignore nasty people, nasty comments ... most adults cant even do it ... this is the sort of crap that our kids have to deal with, that we never had to. Its difficult and they need our 100% support and love. The twins will have been told that if they go near Kyan there will be hell to pay. They will stay away. If they dont, then Kyan needs to do what the Deputy said, say nothing to them and go straight to the Deputy. Tell him the Deputy is on his side. Tell him the teachers have noticed he is concentrating better in class and is doing well. Tell him you are on his side and are happy with how he is going, how he is making good choices. Be positive mate. Unconditional love always with our kids. Let him know he's loved and its okay. Keep moving forward.
  10. Good job Kieran !! So happy for you. Have a great holiday.
  11. I was with my wife for 20 years. She fell out of love with me and I didnt even know - I thought she was just taking her normal hard heartedness to a new level due to outside stresses. One night she never came home and I got weird text messages saying she was at a friends house. So I rang the friend and they were interstate. Turned out she was with another bloke. As soon as she was discovered, she moved out. The 3 boys and I have been on our own for 10 years now. I would have done anything to save my marriage. I was never given a chance. You have a chance Kieran, you need to take it. Give her a hug, tell her you love her. Tell her you dont like fighting, you dont like the way you are drifting apart. Suggest going to see a marriage counsellor for some ideas. Its not a blame game, its about looking for a clear path forward for the two of you and for your kids. Dont keep going down this path mate because everyone is going to get badly hurt. Negotiate some counselling with her and make sure she knows its not an attempt to blame her for anything. Sometimes things can just slip away and its no-ones fault. I feel for you mate. Ive been there. I know what you are going through. Make a massive effort and leave no stone unturned. The relationship can be fixed and become even stronger.
  12. Its a question Ive never asked myself. I believe that every day we are faced with choices, ranging in importance. I make each decision based on the information available to me at the time. I make it, live with it, and dont regret it. I trust my own judgement. Some choices work out well for me. Others dont. But I honestly never look back. Ive had 2 failed marriages and given the same set of circumstances, Id still make the same decision to marry them. At the time, it was a good decision. Didnt work out for a number of reasons. Too bad. The 2nd one financially ruined me ... so what, I move forward. Reinvent, refocus, never look back. Regret does nothing. Looking back on poor decisions just makes you sad and bitter. Life is not fair. Its equally unfair to everyone and we shouldnt expect everything to turn out perfectly. Make your choices and move forward, always forward. Learn from mistakes but dont dwell on them. Thats how I live my life.
  13. The path between North Beach and the Harbour will be closed for another 12 months. You'll be doing the hill for sure.
  14. The purpose of the session is so you dont get bored. And so you think some sort of improvement might be happening when it probably isnt. And so you pay for something that you think you need, when you actually dont. In answer to the question, does recovery at 80 watts versus recovery at 120 watts matter ? In my opinion No. Do these types or ergo sessions lead to actual improved bike times? I highly doubt it. How much better a bike rider is the person who does your 1 hour 40 intervals compared to someone else does 45 minutes of steady pedalling on the ergo while watching a movie? What measurable difference would there be? I guarantee you its about 257% less than what you think it is. If you can do 1 hour 40 on the stationary trainer you have my full respect. An Olympic champion cyclist and coach once told me that he never did more than 20 minutes on the ergo. He must have done other stuff to become a good rider. Im not knocking ergo training. It has its place. But its somewhere down the bottom of the list of ways to become a fast bike rider.
  15. Cheers Goughy. Simone is the face of Guess perfume and lives most of the time in LA doing modelling work. She gets invited to all the fancy functions and old rockers like Stephen Tyler invite her to their parties. But you are right, she's tough. Try living in LA on your own as a pretty young girl from Australia. Her family own a farm down the South Coast and she can ride motorbikes and do fencing and shes more at home in overalls and boots than she is in the model gear. She wants to win the show for her charity and she will go close I reckon.
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