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  1. Derny Driver

    Regrets - Do you have any?

    Its a question Ive never asked myself. I believe that every day we are faced with choices, ranging in importance. I make each decision based on the information available to me at the time. I make it, live with it, and dont regret it. I trust my own judgement. Some choices work out well for me. Others dont. But I honestly never look back. Ive had 2 failed marriages and given the same set of circumstances, Id still make the same decision to marry them. At the time, it was a good decision. Didnt work out for a number of reasons. Too bad. The 2nd one financially ruined me ... so what, I move forward. Reinvent, refocus, never look back. Regret does nothing. Looking back on poor decisions just makes you sad and bitter. Life is not fair. Its equally unfair to everyone and we shouldnt expect everything to turn out perfectly. Make your choices and move forward, always forward. Learn from mistakes but dont dwell on them. Thats how I live my life.
  2. Derny Driver

    Woolongong Tri - 18 March

    The path between North Beach and the Harbour will be closed for another 12 months. You'll be doing the hill for sure.
  3. Derny Driver

    What should bike Zone 1 be?

    The purpose of the session is so you dont get bored. And so you think some sort of improvement might be happening when it probably isnt. And so you pay for something that you think you need, when you actually dont. In answer to the question, does recovery at 80 watts versus recovery at 120 watts matter ? In my opinion No. Do these types or ergo sessions lead to actual improved bike times? I highly doubt it. How much better a bike rider is the person who does your 1 hour 40 intervals compared to someone else does 45 minutes of steady pedalling on the ergo while watching a movie? What measurable difference would there be? I guarantee you its about 257% less than what you think it is. If you can do 1 hour 40 on the stationary trainer you have my full respect. An Olympic champion cyclist and coach once told me that he never did more than 20 minutes on the ergo. He must have done other stuff to become a good rider. Im not knocking ergo training. It has its place. But its somewhere down the bottom of the list of ways to become a fast bike rider.
  4. Derny Driver

    I’m a celebrity au. Wtf? Tomic?

    Cheers Goughy. Simone is the face of Guess perfume and lives most of the time in LA doing modelling work. She gets invited to all the fancy functions and old rockers like Stephen Tyler invite her to their parties. But you are right, she's tough. Try living in LA on your own as a pretty young girl from Australia. Her family own a farm down the South Coast and she can ride motorbikes and do fencing and shes more at home in overalls and boots than she is in the model gear. She wants to win the show for her charity and she will go close I reckon.
  5. Derny Driver

    I’m a celebrity au. Wtf? Tomic?

    I dont watch the show but I work with Simone's mum, we are great friends and they are a wonderful family. Simone is a really lovely girl .... if you are doing the voting thing, throw a vote her way.
  6. Derny Driver

    Another one for DD

    Just found this old thread. The book I have been writing about my uncle's cycling career in Europe is finished. Its been published for about 12 months now. During the last 12 months both my dad and my uncle passed away. Im grateful that they both got to read it and see it in print. Its been getting excellent reviews. If you'd like a copy contact me at arnoldcycling@gmail.com The book is only $45 posted anywhere in Australia. Overseas costs more, a lot more due to the size and weight. Its A4 size, weighs 1.6kg and has 270 pages and 344 photos. You can read reviews on the facebook page called 'Reginald Arnold SixDayMan'. Its a biography for sure but its also a history of the golden years of cycling in the 1950s. Hopefully Ive been able to write it in such a way that anyone with an interest in sport can appreciate it. The Bicycling Australia article Simon published is available online. This article is basically a summary of the book. Its here http://www.bicyclingaustralia.com.au/news/reg-arnold-the-forgotten-champion
  7. Derny Driver

    What gets on my quince....

    oops double post
  8. Derny Driver

    What gets on my quince....

    Im not interested in your facts. Im only interested in my own opinion.
  9. Derny Driver

    What gets on my quince....

    You know what really gets on my quince? DOGITs. Dogwalking Old Gits In Tracksuits. I used to hate those MAMIL cyclists until I realised they are nothing compared to the plagues of DOGITs I see infesting the footpaths every morning. They are out there every morning walking their mangy mutts and talking loudly while lazy sods like me are trying to sleep in. Why do they have to walk from place to place? Why cant they just walk their dog up and down a block of land somewhere away from everyone else. Im sure there there is a dog walking place somewhere where they could do that. Why do they need to clog the footpaths? I lost 10 seconds of my life the other day trying to get past an old bloke with a Border Collie. These DOGIT types love to walk side by side and talk, I actually think that its as much about socialising as it is about exercising. They will tell you that its all about being healthy but if it was they would be walking single file – which is how they should be walking. No need to chat, you can do that at the coffee shop later. Single file please. Footpaths were made for feet and just because dogs have feet doesn’t mean they should be allowed to walk on them. Just like things with small wheels shouldn’t be on roads, things with small feet like dogs and small children shouldn’t be on footpaths. I have big feet and Im entitled to be on the path and I’ll knock you over if you get in my way. And I will abuse these arrogant gits. Im a tolerant and accepting person who cares about refugees and marginalised people, I voted Yes for gay marriage and I will politely address Trans people by their preferred pronoun. But I will intimidate and abuse these fookers if I see them anywhere near me and I see no problem with that. Some of us actually have to work unlike these D heads who just seem to exercise and drink soy lattes all morning. It takes me ages to get my smoko because the café is clogged with these DOGITS. Mate I don’t need to see your arse crack poking out of your tracky dacks while Im waiting for my pie and chips thanks. Nor your fat wife in her active wear. Nobody should be subjected to seeing that at 9am in the morning. I was at the Maccas drive thru in me Ford Ranger the other morning and I saw a couple of DOGITs cross the road on the red signal. It was 6am and there was no-one on the road but eff me, if the little man is flashing red it means don’t walk. One DOGIT was wearing an AJAX Amsterdam shirt with some poofy soccer players name on it so I suspect they were imports from one of those unregulated European countries where governments are too lazy to think up rules. Apparently people can use their own judgement over there, I wouldn’t know, Ive never travelled. But this is Australia buddy and we have have rules, lots of rules and you better start keeping the rules. Id actually like to see these dog walkers registered, and before you tell me that dogs ARE registered already, well some of them aren’t registered and you cant tell which ones are and aren’t unless you carry a microchip sensor with you everywhere which is just silly. So they need some sort of large visible dog tag so they can be reported if they do something wrong. And not just the dogs but the actual walkers too need to be identified. And finally, what is it with the clothing? Logos everywhere. Saw some bloke with Puma written about 4 times all over his tracksuit and his mate was wearing a top with ‘Kathmandu’ written on the front. Mate you’re not in the Alps de France. You’re not in a race to the top of Everest, you’re just walking to the park so stop acting like a big poser and wear something normal. I don’t own a dog, Ive never owned a dog, and I don’t understand this stupid thing you do. Im a cat person. You don’t walk cats. So either get yourself a cat, or go walk your dog somewhere else. Not on my footpath. When you start paying for footpaths and registering yourself then you can walk there. Maybe. Well probably not. Not near me. Eff off.
  10. Derny Driver

    Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    Mate - the literacy system I am forced to teach is rubbish. And the latest numeracy fad being imposed on us is just as bad. The only good thing about being told to teach in a rubbish way is that it never lasts long. Next year there will be an outcry over the rubbish results and the rubbish we are teaching will be replaced by a newer thing, which will look remarkably similar to something we did in the 1990s. Have to do what the employer says though. This is a good analogy. Im a house painter. You employ me to paint a room for you. I turn up to do the job. Im not allowed to do it my way. You give me a sample pot of paint and a 2 inch brush. Tell me that's how I have to do it, and I must use that stuff. I either do it or find another occupation. Then you complain when the job doesn't even get half done and looks like crap. You then take a photo of the half finished room and complain to the media about how bad painters are. Politicians jump on board and tell everyone they are going to get rid of all the bad painters and get new ones. Paint can sizes will be reduced 30% and brushes will need to be shared from now on .....
  11. Derny Driver

    Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    Mate you would need to ask the bureaucrats that question. There is a lot of research to say that they actually inhibit learning rather than enhance it. Everything we do in the classroom is political - some politician or bureaucrat has decided it looks good in the eyes of the public. What we do has NOTHING to do with best teaching practice. As a Primary school teacher, I have to teach the new national curriculum. In my school, I am not only told what to teach, but how to teach it, when to teach it, and in many cases the exact words I need to say when I am teaching it. Teachers know it doesn't work, the results keep going down down down but we have to do what we are told. I spend so much of my school day collecting useless data ...did you know there are more people working in the Data section of the department of education than there are in curriculum? Governments are obsessed by it, and its a waste of time. Now all teachers are being "accredited". More paperwork. Hundreds of hours of paperwork. I spend more time collecting paperwork for my accreditation than I do teaching kids. I got a letter this week to say I am accredited as a proficient teacher. Thanks for that, Ive only being doing it successfully for 30 years. Oh, and I have to pay $100 to the system for the privilege. This is all so politicians can say that they have weeded out all the $hite teachers. Only problem is that the $hite teachers could still fudge the paperwork. And in 30 years Ive never met one of these underperforming teachers. They are all amazing. Trying to do their best with their hands tied around their backs, with no resources and no time. Anyway Im having a rant. And Im not supposed make critical comments on the internet. So I will delete this post shortly.
  12. Derny Driver

    Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    Hi Cranky Im a Year 2 teacher and your letter is the same as we give out at our school. Schools are moving towards using laptops rather than iPads because laptops are better for typing (they have a keyboard). Our school is phasing out our stock of iPads and replacing them with small laptops. Your daughter does not HAVE to buy a device as your school would have something she could borrow. However it is better for her to have her own and she as she progresses up the grades it will become more and more important. Year 6 in my school uses Google classroom and does the majority of their work on their devices. Might as well bite the bullet now. The new iPads have an optional keyboard which attaches magnetically so the kids can type. I reckon these are perfect for the younger kids. Don't buy Android as they simply don't work with the Dept of Ed internet. The other option is to get a laptop which she can use for the next 3 years. High schools never tell us what they prefer and tend to change their minds on a whim. So you cant anticipate High School. But take that letter to your Harvey Norman or whatever and look at the new iPads with the keyboards. Or a small laptop. Don't get an iPad mini they are too small.
  13. Derny Driver

    Wheelset recommendations

    no its not. Its all about aerodynamics. Ask Alex.
  14. Derny Driver

    Pushing hard enough on the bike

    Most people are safe and keep well away from that edge. My dad always said that to win, you have to take a risk.
  15. Derny Driver

    Borrow a bike box?

    Ive got a Scicon available to lend at any time. Pick up and return to Wollongong.