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  1. Your mate should be cleaning/degreasing the chain once a week and additionally when he has ridden in the rain!
  2. I heard the string is a bit short in the yoyo and doesn't quite get the full effect of 'walking the dog'!
  3. Don't think he would talk to you anyway! And what happenned to going to the Pub?
  4. Sorry but 'current' and the 'record' beats the 'most'. When you have the record come back and see me!
  5. Yep this year "Adrian Cominotto" and current IMOZ swim record holder!
  6. Ok that's good and my laugh for the day! I'll moderate and say that's enough off-topic now and i apologise to all for the hi-jack.
  7. Typical Shire triathlete drawing the longest bow possible!
  8. Peter you need to change your from location now then by all the statements in the press release!
  9. There too light these days...whatever happenned to the 40kg bag?
  10. That's my secret swim training have you been out spying? Paddles(like kick boards) and Band against the flow!
  11. How did his go this year Kokomo? I would say if he rode in with McCormack his finish position would have been closer to 1st than 10th. Plus the field was much stronger this year.
  12. X half by 2 and add 1hr is reasonable indication and that works for you by the looks.
  13. So did WTC see this coming and is that why they made us sign up for Port2011 12 months in advance?
  14. Totally agree with all the above. Except for the Surf part. Just find it hard to surf in the Nepean River! Closest we get is when the speed boats come past creating a wake.
  15. Anyone can ride like Lieto he's not that good! How did his run go?
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