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  1. vo2max

    Running shorts

    I bought some DHB shorts from Wiggle and they are excellent. I have some Fusion shorts but prefer the DHB and they are half the price.
  2. vo2max

    Bike fitting newcastle/sydney

    Perhaps it was not the fit just your body is not used to riding 120km. If your only used to riding 11km at a time you are going to hurt jumping up to 120km no matter who does your fit.
  3. vo2max

    The half ironman/ironman run

    That chocolate mess was cut up mars bars. I had a couple of small pieces and they tasted so good.
  4. vo2max

    The half ironman/ironman run

    OD run time last race was 46mins. Had two bottles of Hammer Heed on ride and a Hammer gel at the start of the run and then had drinks from aid stations. After first lap had some coke. They even had some mars bars had a couple of those throughout the run.
  5. vo2max

    The half ironman/ironman run

    Last shorter race was Byron and that bike is short not 40km more like 36km and I did about 1:06. Don't do any swim bike bricks.
  6. vo2max

    The half ironman/ironman run

    I had a GPS bike computer and I maintained 33km/h avs for bike and that was reached on first lap and maintained. Run felt very even, I was sow to start and maintained the slow pace. I certainly didn't feel like I fell in a hole I just could get going right from the start. Been doing tri specific training for about 3years after having done some riding and running on and off over the past years. That was my first Half Ironman so I'm certainly not experienced over that distance. Do 2-3 swims a week with a squad, 3 rides and 3 runs. Rides and runs are on hilly terrain. Do one interval session a week running, mainly shorter intervals of between 30sec and 4mins (do it with a group so just do whatever is the order of the day). Probably total about 10-12hrs a week.
  7. vo2max

    The half ironman/ironman run

    That was my first 70.3 distance. I was hoping to go under 5hrs went 5:15.
  8. vo2max

    The half ironman/ironman run

    Weather was warm and humid, didn't use HR, bike was stable the whole way no change really from start to finish. I never really hit the wall on the run I just couldn't get going the legs were like slugs, I felt that I maintained my pace OK it was just really slow.
  9. vo2max

    The half ironman/ironman run

    I dont do any running off the bike.
  10. vo2max

    The half ironman/ironman run

    I have been interested in the HFLC trend. Keen to speak to people doing it. I have heard of some people getting great results but I love carbs.
  11. vo2max

    The half ironman/ironman run

    I was hoping for about a 1:45 but I was way off. Do you race off power to keep things in check?
  12. vo2max

    The half ironman/ironman run

    No power just feel.
  13. vo2max

    The half ironman/ironman run

    Just want to tap into some tranny wisdom re developing a strong run leg. I did the Tweed Enduro last weekend and everything went to plan except for the run. I struggled to get out of first gear. I am no gun runner but can run a 41min 10k fresh and and around a 45min 10k in an OD race. On the weekend I just scraped in under 2hrs for the run. I run a lot of hilly runs and do 1 interval session a week. I did about 4 longer runs of about 19km leading up to the race. Not sure where it all went wrong. I did ride hard but felt well within myself and maintained a constant average speed without dying towards the end. Looking to do Forster but really want to get my run cranking. I only have a road bike and have heard it said it's easier to run off a time trial bike, wondering if others find that the case.
  14. vo2max

    Coffs Harbour Tri

    Must have been a big weekend. I went to the Tweed Endure and that was a great race too. Highly recommend it.
  15. vo2max

    Tweed enduro March 5th

    I thought this race was excellent. The course was fantastic, the volunteers were great, the location is great. Might not be a big name race on the calendar but if you want a good race to enjoy with a fantastic course and roads closed you can't beat this one. Big thumbs up to the organisers they did a fantastic job. A race well worth putting on your calendar.