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  1. vo2max

    Garmin 935 $399 at rebel - good value?

  2. vo2max

    Ironman pacing strategy

    Brett do you feel distance is more important than intensity in training?
  3. vo2max

    How do the age groups work.

    I'm just wonder ing what age group I will be in next year. I turn 54 in December this year. Does that mean I go up from the oldies to the really oldies.
  4. So many fatalities are from stupidity. No helmets, riding while extremely intoxicated, riding at night with black clothing on and no lights. Some riders do all of the above while looking at their phones.
  5. vo2max

    Sore deltoids...

    I'm getting the same. Only on the left side though. Keen for some tips.
  6. vo2max

    New roadie options

    Pusheys have a Boardman with Sram red Etap and Zipp 404 wheels for $5.5k.
  7. vo2max

    Windtrainer Bike

    Buy a new bike and put the old one on the trainer.
  8. vo2max

    New Road Bike

    Looking at getting a new road bike that I can also use for Triathlons. Front runner at present is a Cervelo S3. Wondering if anyone has had any experience with Cervelo bikes and what everyones thoughts and experience is with Di2 and Disk Brakes.
  9. vo2max

    Road bike v Time trial bike

    Just wondering if there is a huge difference between a road bike and time trial bike. I currently have an old road bike and considering getting a new road bike or a time trial bike. Looking to do some 1/2 ironman length events.
  10. vo2max

    Running shorts

    I bought some DHB shorts from Wiggle and they are excellent. I have some Fusion shorts but prefer the DHB and they are half the price.
  11. vo2max

    Bike fitting newcastle/sydney

    Perhaps it was not the fit just your body is not used to riding 120km. If your only used to riding 11km at a time you are going to hurt jumping up to 120km no matter who does your fit.
  12. vo2max

    The half ironman/ironman run

    That chocolate mess was cut up mars bars. I had a couple of small pieces and they tasted so good.
  13. vo2max

    The half ironman/ironman run

    OD run time last race was 46mins. Had two bottles of Hammer Heed on ride and a Hammer gel at the start of the run and then had drinks from aid stations. After first lap had some coke. They even had some mars bars had a couple of those throughout the run.
  14. vo2max

    The half ironman/ironman run

    Last shorter race was Byron and that bike is short not 40km more like 36km and I did about 1:06. Don't do any swim bike bricks.
  15. vo2max

    The half ironman/ironman run

    I had a GPS bike computer and I maintained 33km/h avs for bike and that was reached on first lap and maintained. Run felt very even, I was sow to start and maintained the slow pace. I certainly didn't feel like I fell in a hole I just could get going right from the start. Been doing tri specific training for about 3years after having done some riding and running on and off over the past years. That was my first Half Ironman so I'm certainly not experienced over that distance. Do 2-3 swims a week with a squad, 3 rides and 3 runs. Rides and runs are on hilly terrain. Do one interval session a week running, mainly shorter intervals of between 30sec and 4mins (do it with a group so just do whatever is the order of the day). Probably total about 10-12hrs a week.