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    Talk about a blast from the past... Welcome back Coach, Tinman etc! Does being 'off air' for the past 5 or so years mean that you've now dropped back an Age Group, or are we both still battling it out in the same old farts category! Either way I guess I've just dropped down the results list another notch!! Great to have you back regardless.
  2. Listen to all the advice, and take onboard the bits that work for you. I don't agree with everything that AP has posted, but generally follow his advice on most things. You can't argue with his race record, and I reckon I should be thanking him for many of my race results over the past few years. Disclaimer - I've never been coached by him, and have only ever met him to say g'day at a couple of races. All the advice has been here on this open forum. Credit where credit's due!
  3. The only exception to the above was maybe in runs like the Sydney City To Surf where you start with a fast downhill section where I'd get my leg speed (cadence) up at the start and was then able to maintain it throughout the whole 14km run. Back then my speed per km for the full C2S (14km) run was quicker than the speed I could do my 1km reps in on the track, even with a good recovery time between them. Strange but true! But that was in the good old days... Now I'm just old & slow! Edit to say, I reckon you know all about the effects of aging... You used to be fast!
  4. Cheers... I think that's what I was trying to say. Because I'm so slow in the swim, my race gets better as I'm passing people on the bike and run, and therefore am motivated to keep pushing hard. I'm not offended at all, I was never a fast runner, but I did have a bit of endurance. As above, I always found it easier to push hard and go quicker in a run off the bike than what I did in a standalone run of the same distance.
  5. It varies from person to person but it is often referred to as a guide. Personally my run times off bike were nearly always quicker than my standalone runs - over any distance. But I'm weird and never had much top end speed on the run anyway. I put it down to either being properly warmed up, the increased leg cadence on the bike transferring to the run, and/or the extra buzz (mojo) I get from racing the tail end of a triathlon where I'm usually passing people due to my poor swimming at the start!
  6. Cheers mate, it's great to hear he's doing well and is now able to help others. It's still early days for me, I guess I'll know a bit more when I get the results from the next lot of tests and ultrasound. I'll keep it in mind about chatting to your old man, my first question might be about where I'm supposed to carry my catheter when I go for a run!!
  7. I'll say... but like you said earlier, not much you can do about it, just get on with it. Thanks mate, your experience is valued!
  8. The Doc did also say that I had high blood pressure, but I'm pretty sure he said the renal ultrasound was to check the prostate. The notes on the request form are 'Renal US (High PSA, exclude prostate pathology). Well, you know what they say... 'Large Prostate, Large... ' Haha Thanks guys, I'm not panicking just yet but it does make you think. Hope you're going ok too Clappers. Thanks for the info.
  9. It seems there are some varying opinions on the testing and treatment for Prostate Cancer... The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia website states that 'more men die of prostate cancer than women die of breast cancer' - About 3000 a year! After having a general check-up and blood test (prior to getting back into training) I got an urgent call back to see the Doctor due to an 'elevated total PSA level'. The Doc didn't pull any punches and has requested that I have another round of Blood (PSA free / total ration & LFTs) & Urine (M/C/S) tests, plus a Renal Ultrasound, plus a 24 Hr Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor. So far I haven't had any symptoms of Prostate (or any other) Cancer apart from feeling a bit tired and maybe a few extra trips to water the horses at night, which I was putting down to age and over hydrating due to doing a bit more exercise. So was a little bit surprised by the Doctors reaction to the slightly high PSA. I'm just wondering if there's been any more recent thoughts on Prostate testing - surely having the above tests and scans done can't hurt can it? Just asking for a friend of course .
  10. Great post Seb, and it's really good to hear. I won't be there this year, but I hope it all goes well for you . As for Parkrun, I'm a huge fan of it and think it's fantastic for getting people out and active. I also agree with Brett and others that some people (runners and walkers) are just rude and don't consider others. If it were me witnessing it, I'd probably go along on a Saturday morning disguised as Joe Blow Citizen (not a Parkrunner) and suggest to some of these people that maybe they should show some consideration - possibly not in those exact words .
  11. Yep, it is a little disappointing, but like you say 'these things happen'. At least Emo & others still keep putting events on for us to enjoy so good on them . Good luck Cape_Horn, Turts and anyone else that turns up and has a go.
  12. I haven't been strong enough to support others on here lately, but my thoughts are still with you all. Well done and thanks to all the stronger folks who provide value and keep this thread going. Even when I don't get on Transitions much I still usually cast an eye over this thread and find comfort in the fact that there are so many good, supportive and positive people around.
  13. We had to put down a member of our family yesterday. It's amazing how attached we can become to our four legged friends and how much it can effect you having to make the decision to end their lives. I just hope we did make the right decision, but at least now our little girl gets to sleep in peace for eternity. I'm at a loss right now, and am incredibly sad.
  14. Haha, if it's on Wikipedia it has to be right! Brad's quickest run at Wagga Wagga Parkrun is 16:01. The Wagga Parkrun record is 14:50... And no it wasn't me! PS - Willie used to be fairly handy over 5k's though!
  15. Finally got to see the ad to see what everyone is on about. I can't see what all the fuss is about. It's an advertisement, and it's a good message. If you see another male acting badly then call them out on it... Nothing more, nothing less. I'm possibly older than 'most' people on here and over the years I've seen some pretty poor behaviour by both guys and girls. I wish I'd been stronger in the past to call it out - nowadays I usually do. Gillette is selling razors to males with the slogan 'the best a man can be' (which is a play on their original slogan 'the best a man can get'). They can hardly be expected to be telling girls to call out bad behaviour from other girls in an add for male razors... Just sayin! There is definitely no way that I am offended by this ad. And I'm a classic overthinker!
  16. Haha, like I said I can't really explain it! But I've had worse... much, much worse. Yet somehow I still find it motivational.
  17. Even though this thread's gone on a bit of a tangent (nothing new about that) it does highlight the fact that musicians and music is one of the best motivators... There's lots of music that motivates me, and some of it I really can't explain why. Cold Play - Fix You Maybe it's because I'm broken!
  18. Go Easy

    Calf Strain

    Even though you need to stay hydrated, just be careful that you're not drinking too much water and are flushing the good stuff out. It's possible, and in extreme cases it can even be dangerous. A nutritionist may be able to help.
  19. What I particularly liked about his achievement was the way he juggled but maintained his focus on his other priorities... and on one little priority in particular. Major respect for that!
  20. I'm motivated by seeing ordinary people doing extraordinary things... Watching FFF1077 (Sam) achieving his Ironman dream recently was pretty motivational .
  21. Nope... We don't all do that!! Drafting with intent in a non-drafting race is cheating - simple as that. I have no control over what other people do in a race, but in over 20 years of racing I've never been pinged for drafting. I've also had some very happy massage practitioners working on my legs following many of the races I've done , Expecting someone else to massage your legs after you've been peeing down them is just wrong .
  22. Enough to have done more swimming and more running this week than what I've done in any single week for at least the past two years (probably more). So far I still haven't got back on the bike... You can't have everything!
  23. Go Easy

    Calf Strain

    The riding is probably causing your calves to tighten. It may not affect your ride but you'll feel it in the run. As above, listen to the experts and be conservative. CEM & Aiden both know their stuff! AA7, Bog Frog, Ex & Cat Lady all suggested going to see a Physio... I'd be listening to the brains trust! My suggestion would be to get hold of some Schuessler Tissue Salts Mag Phos Muscle Relaxant tablets from your local chemist (about $12.00 for 125 tablets). They won't replace seeing a Physio for some expert advice, but they are great for cramps and relaxing your muscles a bit.
  24. Haha, cheers mate but it's me that owes you a beer! I'll just add it to the one's that I also owe Ten Pints, RBR & Flanman!! I entered the City To Surf last year but just didn't make it up there. As you well & truly know sometimes not everything goes to plan!
  25. Thought I'd better clarify this a bit... (just for my own reference). 1). Aim to run 100 Half Marathon distance runs in one year. In previous years I've only counted these runs if I could maintain a 5 min / km or better average (unless it was particularly hilly or technical) or it was a group run of at least this distance. Trying to maintain this average just about destroyed me, particularly when it was really hot or when I was injured. In 2017 I did 79 Half Marathon (22km plus) runs. In 2018 I did 18 Half Marathon (22km plus) runs. This year, as long as I maintain a pace that would allow me to finish in the top half of any major half marathon field, I'll class it as being good enough (I'm not totally sure what that pace is yet, but I'll work it out). 2). Aim to average a Lap of Lake Albert (5.5kms) for every day of the year. This is specifically a 5.5km run around Lake Albert, Wagga Wagga. This sounds easy, but it is a tough one to do. A 5.5km run anywhere else doesn't count, so our weekly 7km Stubby Run and Road Runners events are in addition to these runs. The fact that I often go away for work & family commitments (holidays etc) means that it's also particularly difficult to maintain. In 2017 I did 300 laps of the 364 needed to achieve this goal. In 2018 I did 137 laps of the 364 needed to achieve this goal. 3). Aim to average an Ironman Distance (3.8/180/42) each week in training. This one's pretty self explanatory. The aim is to try and average at least 3.8km of Swimming, 180km of Riding & 42km of Running for each and every week of the year. Since I don't do any real bike training apart from my 8km easy commute to work & home again on a mountain bike 3 or 4 times a week, plus a couple of events that I do each year, this goal is pert near impossible. But it is one that will hopefully motivate me to do a bit more riding. This year I'm hoping to get out for a few rides and may even try getting back on the $50 home trainer that my son bought me several years ago. I guess a solid hour on the trainer should be worth a 30km ride shouldn't it. I'm not a fan of the trainer, but if that's what it takes to get me riding again then so be it. Like I've said before, I don't really expect to achieve any of these goals, but if they help get me out and into it again then they were worth setting. Other goals... Last year I almost managed the to do the 100 runs in 100 days challenge (I made it to 91 runs in 100 days). I reckon I'll have another crack at this again in 2019. A run will be anything over 5k's and I can do two runs per day if need be (morning & afternoon). Race goals... They'll be last minute entries if I'm feeling good in the lead up. Last year I managed to get a few good results so hopefully I can still get a few more this year - although I'll have a sh!t load more work to do as my starting point is certainly a lot lower. At the moment I'm feeling like a slug... overweight and struggling. If I can improve my weight and gain a bit of fitness then at least I'll have achieved something.
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