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  1. Surfer 101 asked 'Is it time for a LCW thread?' Only one way to find out... Doesn't seem to be a whole lot of interest on here, but it's on 27th to 29th October 2017 so if you're keen to do it then it's probably time to start thinking about accommodation etc. Plus starting to do a little bit of training might come in handy. I'm still a bit undecided, but I'm a social creature so will probably have a crack if there's a few going.
  2. Coolangatta Gold

    Well Nath (or anyone else) did you get there??? Work, and injuries, meant it's yet another thing that will remain on my bucket for a bit longer. Maybe next year... But the planets had better start aligning to allow me to do it!
  3. Coolangatta Gold

    Anyone done it or know anything about? I've tried googling it but can only find this page https://sls.com.au/coates-hire-coolangatta-gold/ which really doesn't tell me much. I live about 5 hours away from the nearest beach or surf club but reckon this might be a fun race to do - I'm always after a new challenge! Apparently you need some sort of an approved Surf Ski. Any idea where I'd get one from? Any info would be great as I know nothing.
  4. Yarrawonga Multi Sport races

    Was keen to go to this race as it's my closest qualifier for next years Worlds on the Gold Coast. Injuries meant I left it to the last minute to try to get an entry in but by that time it had 'Sold Out'. Was disappointed that a Worlds Qualifier can fill up and exclude some people from gaining points at that event, but it's fantastic that they got a good roll up and from all accounts they put on a great race. Looking forward to seeing some results.
  5. The Mental Health thread

    So very, very true. Whether it's just a cry for help, or the real thing, the way you react can make a huge difference. We won't always get it right, but never give up. The best way to find the right people to solve a problem is to speak to 'anyone' who may know more than you, and then ask them who they would speak to about the problem. Sooner or later you'll find the people who may be able to help.
  6. Trail Running

    Cheers, I saw the Doctor (another runner) on Monday and she thinks it's more likely to be tendon damage rather than a stress fracture due to it's location. I've had an x-ray, which she thinks probably won't show anything anyway, and has suggested just self regulating and taking it easy for a while... Could be worse! .
  7. Trail Running

    Since this is an Off Road Forum then trail running probably has it's place here. I've really been enjoying some trail running over the past year or so. I went to this one last year with a group of friends and had a great time. Not so many of us going back this year as it clashes with a few other events, but for anyone who enjoys camping, getting away from it all and running a few trails, it's a great weekend. http://www.glowwormtrail.com/ And for those who wonder what we get out of it...
  8. Mine's a similar story to Shuffla's above. Had the surgery and returned to the sport. I'm very conservative when it comes to treatments etc but sometimes surgery appears to be the best option. There's more info in the thread link below... There was some great advice in that thread and it really helped me with the decision to have the surgery. The hips now fairly good as long as I don't overdo it, but it will never be 100% again.
  9. The Mental Health thread

    He's probably on some 'Train Spotters' or 'AA' forum somewhere saying when I do my regular sessions where I sit in my car in an undercover carpark there's this guy who comes along and does these trainer sessions for hours on end... Do I speak to him or someone else regarding this??? Haha, I know which one sounds more sensible! . Like Goughy said well done for noticing. Firstly look after number one and don't put yourself in danger, but maybe say a quick g'day if the opportunity arises. You could probably also speak to the local Salvos or other support services in the area and ask who you should let know about it, they should know and will hopefully suggest the appropriate action. Hopefully it all ends well.
  10. The Mental Health thread

    Excellent, that's great news. And a good reminder that there's always a silver lining somewhere, even in the darkest of cloudy skies. Even the longest of journeys start with the first step, and it sounds like you've already taken it. Now keep going, we're with you!
  11. Trail Running

    Bugger! What's the chances... When I said I'm broken again I've got what I think is a stress fracture in my 2nd Metatarsal (toe). Over the past 3 weeks I've only done a 3km, a 4km and a 5km run and thought that it was coming along alright. I did just over 10km tonight to test it a bit and have pulled up lame so I probably won't be doing anything either. Am tempted to have a go anyway, but don't really want to jeopardise some other events that I have coming up in the next couple of months. Good luck with the bear and her recovery, I hope it all goes well for her and that she's back enjoying the trails again soon!
  12. Trail Running

    The Bar Opens at 9.00am along with the Registrations, and they have Beer at the Aid Stations... Now we're talkin! .
  13. Trail Running

    The Hume & Hovell Trail Runs are on again at Tumbarumba this coming weekend. http://humehovellultra.com/ There are 22km, 50km, 100km, 100 Miler and Relay options for anyone that's keen on a bit of casual off-road action. Entries close tonight (sorry about the late notice, but I've been a bit absent lately). You can camp at the start/finish area so it's cheap weekend away in the bush if you don't mind roughing it a bit. Forgot all about this... I haven't entered anything yet as I'm a bit broken again and was waiting to see if they had enough volunteers. Thought that I might cruise the 22km again if feeling up to it but could probably struggle through 25km if needed.
  14. Ned Kelly Chase - 100km Run

    I got a call from the organisers of this event a couple of days ago inviting me back - I'd imagine they probably do the same to all past competitors. I can't make it this year as I'm broken (again), but as it was a really good event I thought I'd give it a plug in case anyone was interested. http://www.nedkellychase.com.au/ Was going to start a new thread but figured there's lots of good tips and thoughts from experienced runners on this thread so it might be useful if anyone is keen on Ultra running. It's a unique event and lots of fun. You don't have to do the full 100km's as there are also shorter and relay options available. The organisers are super helpful if you've got any questions, or just ask here and I'll get back to you when I can if no one else has already answered.
  15. Ned Kelly Chase - 100km Run

    As a result of a few events changing dates etc, I now have a free weekend coming up and there's an event on that I wouldn't mind doing. http://www.nedkellychase.com.au/ For starters, has anyone done it, or is anyone doing it this year? I'm definitely not an Ultra Runner, but doing a 100km run has been a bit of a bucket list event of mine for a few years now and the stars have finally aligned that I can actually get to this one this weekend. The Cons: > I'm feeling old (I'm the wrong side of 50) and my body is feeling worn and tired. I have a sight 'niggle' in one of my knees and my hip and sciatic issues mean that my left leg feels a bit numb a lot of the time. > I haven't done anywhere near enough training or long runs to be able to run an Ultra. > I don't want to destroy myself and not be able to other goal events later in the season. The Pros: > I'm feeling old, but I'm unlikely to start feeling younger anytime soon. The earlier I do this, the better. > I haven't done a lot of training, but have probably averaged 30 - 40k's per week for a couple of years. > It's reasonably close to home, reasonably cheap, and there are no expectations on me so am prepared to pull out if and when I start to fall apart. The bottom line... I don't really expect to be able to do this but wouldn't mind giving it a go. If nothing else it will be a bit of a learning experience and might help me decide if I should later have a go at a challenging event like the NF100. Common sense would say don't do it, but I hardly ever listen to common sense. Any thoughts or tips would be good.
  16. 2017 Goals - What are they?

    So this is Christmas and what have you done... Another year over, and new one's just begun. (John Lennon) Ok, so what's your Goals, Dreams & Hopes for this coming year? Triathlon related or life in general. I love hearing what others are aiming for, and find it inspirational. Personally I'm struggling to find a sporting goal that I'm happy with so feel free to suggest some. Outside of sport I'm planning on continuing with my ongoing goal of being a better father and friend (still plenty of work to do there) and where possible I will endeavour to help others achieve their own goals. So what is it that you want to achieve this year?
  17. 2017 age group world champs

    As long as you enjoyed it, that's all that matters. Well done on competing in a World Championships! Life's full of experiences... Some good, some bad, but all great experiences! Well done guys, ya done good!!
  18. 2017 age group world champs

    Bummer about the weather & the course. Hope you're managing to enjoy it anyway, if nothing else it will be an experience!
  19. Tranny Kit! Any interest?

    Me three!
  20. 2017 age group world champs

    Disappointing for a World Champs course, and unfortunately it's not the first time. You've done the hard yards to get to the race, unless you're racing for a podium spot just take it easy and stay safe. Enjoy the experience, stay upright and live to fight another day!
  21. Max HR Run vs Bike

    Why... have you been weeing in it again???
  22. Question for the runners

    I just checked and my average mileage leading up to Kona 2012 was actually less than 40km/week. My total time for the Ironman was 10:23:09.
  23. Question for the runners

    Yeah, good points. I've done 8 Marathons, but only 3 of them stand alone, the rest were part of an IM. Pretty much all of my training is 'half-arsed' as I'm self coached and have never followed any set training program. My run mileage leading up to all of them is still usually well under 50km/week and is normally just made up of runs that I enjoy doing rather than being structured. My fastest run was 3:26:34 (which is still not great) but it was done in Hawaii in 2012 - You know, Kona 2012... 'the toughest, hottest and windiest race ever in the history of the sport'... so I'm pretty happy with that!!
  24. Wonderland - 2017

    It's one of the great things about trail running in that even the good runners don't usually take it too seriously. It's one that I've had my eye on for the last couple of years but just haven't got there. Maybe next year. Thanks for the report and well done on still enjoying it even with the minimal prep.
  25. Question for the runners

    My quickest run times for 10km and 42km have both been the run legs of a triathlon... but I've always been a bit odd! . Lots of good advice in this thread, just take the bits that seem to work for you and give it a crack!