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  1. Wow... Just Wow! Apparently she carried a small 'pebble' from her home lake the entire journey to remind her of home. She also backed herself to succeed... “This swim is dedicated to all the Survivors out there,” she added on Facebook. “This is for those of us who have prayed for our lives, who have wondered with despair about what comes next, and have battled through pain and fear to overcome. This is for those of you just starting your cancer journey and those of you who are thriving with cancer kicked firmly into the past, and for everyone in between. This is for our family and friends who held us in their arms and provided the strength and support we needed in the hardest times. This is for those who struggled alongside us, feeling our pain as if it was their own. I’m holding you all in my heart and swimming for our health and futures. We are stronger together, each and every one of us.” That's impressive!!
  2. That's pretty much it... It could possibly be expanded to include what movement you do and how well you recover, but yes it's pretty simple really. I'm currently not allowed to exercise (apart from 3 x 1km easy walks per day) so I will mainly be focused on what I eat - but I've already been doing that for a while anyway. The biggest catch I've got is that I'm currently in my longest period of 'no training' in over 25 years so I've already lost a lot of my muscle bulk. I don't really need to lose any weight as such (BMI is currently 26.03) so my main aim will be to not let it blow out too much prior to being able to get back into some form of training. I want to support the Biggest Loser concept and be part of it. I'd also like to see some of the 'fit people' on this site post in the table just so we can see what we can aspire to be like... C'mon show us your stuff!
  3. Just came across yet another old thread... Yep, they were beautiful then and they still are. It's a pity that some have moved on, and others have shuffled off this mortal coil forever, but life goes on. Hope all's well and that everyone's making the most of life!
  4. Haha... I was searching for something else and came up with this thread from 4 years ago. It's interesting to note that after this event (not sure if it was the following year, or the year after) IM Western Sydney changed the rules to allow you to rack your bike on race morning. In regards the whole World Champs qualifying thing, I did get enough points in Bendigo to qualify for the 2016 World Cross Triathlon Championships at Lake Crackenback where I competed and crossed the finish line with one of my sons. I also did the 70.3 qualifying event at Ballarat (the only race of the 4 Races Season Pass that I actually got to attend) and managed to qualify for the 70.3 World Champs at Mooloolaba. I was carrying an injury at the World Champs but really enjoyed the experience anyway and am glad that I got to do it. Cop that Ironman... I got to do it anyway!
  5. Good on them, some people go through their whole lives without feeling loved. If it doesn't hurt anyone else then who cares. I have total admiration for this guy and all that he's done. Sure it's not what most people would call normal but he had a good heart. From what I understand they remained friends afterwards.
  6. Well, if she decides that she'd like to be with a younger man I'd like to mention the fact that I'm only 55... Just Sayin! (Note - I'd also like to say that I've been happily, and 100% faithfully, married to the beautiful Catherine for the past 33 years and am definitely not currently looking for a new partner).
  7. Hahaha... That Kona Ironman hat is 7 years old and has never been worn as I didn't want to look like an Ironman wanker. Today I kinda figured that it really didn't matter what I looked like, it was more about just enjoying life and all of the experiences that life throws at you. Hang Loose! Edited to say that this photo was taken this morning prior to seeing the Doctor and getting the good news... No point stressing over the things that you can't change anyway!
  8. Thanks mate, your messages and support was invaluable in helping me make the decision to go ahead with it .
  9. Had some great news from the Docs today. The Radical Prostatectomy was successful and they think that they got it all with clear margins etc. The lymph nodes were also clear so that's about as good a result as I could expect so far. Life really isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain!
  10. Thanks Mick, yes I'm certainly feeling much better about it all now. Am still in hospital, but apart from having a few leg issues, feel that I'm well on the road to recovery. Once again, thanks everyone for your support. PS - This photo was taken prior to the Surgery (Finish Line of the 2018 King Valley Challenge) not since the Op... Just in case you were wondering!
  11. After an agonising few weeks, faced with the decision of whether to go ahead with the Surgery or alternatively have some form of Radiotherapy, I will be going under the knife later this morning for a Radical Prostatectomy. I'm still not totally confident that it's the right choice for me, but it's the option that we are going to go with. Catch you on the 'flip side'!
  12. Pelvic Floor Exercises - 12 Reps of 8 Seconds On, 8 Seconds Off... You do what ya gotta do... Just Sayin!
  13. I know that in the past you've taken it upon yourself to test drive a few products on this site, running & bike shoes etc, but this is taking it to a whole new level... . Good luck mate, it's amazing what they can do now days!
  14. Haha, Well Done! Nice report & great photos!!
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