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  1. Not sure if this will work but...
  2. Hoka's don't last as long as other shoes but if you shop around you should be able to pick up outdated models at half price which still makes them pretty good value. I've had hip surgery and a number of decent injuries and so far have managed to come back from all of them using Hokas. Try these and let me know how you go: https://shop.hokaoneone.com.au/sale PS - I've tried the Arahi's and reckon they are pretty good.
  3. My wife is not sporty at all and has never shown any interest in ever coming out for a run, ride or swim. She is however very supportive and has been at most of my bigger events. I'm very conscious of the fact that she's not a huge fan of the sport although she does seem to have an interest in most of the stuff that I'm involved in. For many years we've treated races as a great excuse to go places. After our honeymoon to Fiji in 1996, the next 5 trips that we had overseas were all to go to races that I was competing in. Even in Australia, this sport has taken us on some amazing holidays. I can't complain about my life at all, I've got it very, very good. There have been times, however, that the other half has complained that I don't get enough stuff done around home. I owe her big time!
  4. Thanks Surfer, this really was a tough one. Great event though. I know my post above wasn't much of a race report, but I wanted to try and get a bit of it down before I forgot it. I really am surprised that I struggled with it like I did. Sure I'm about 10 Kilos over weight, but I've still got a fairly recent race and endurance base in my legs so expected that I'd get through it a fair bit easier than I did. I guess it's possible that I went into the event carrying some kind of bug, but I guess I'll never really know. Either way it's done, it's a great event & I'd recommend it to anyone - just make sure you try and get some specific training done, and watch your nutrition!!
  5. Thanks FP, it's a great event and definitely deserves a wrap that's for sure! Firstly, thanks to Stem & Clappers for making the effort to catch up before the event. My head was all over the shop trying to decide what to put in my drop bags which were to be taken out on course. I was doing this event without a support crew so wanted to make sure that I had everything that I needed covered. I had no real expectations of this event. I'd previously done a 'flattish' 100km event in 10 & 1/2 Hours so really didn't expect this to be all that hard given that that the course had a cut-off of 28 hours. I had no intention of 'racing' it, I was just l aiming to finish. Being realistic, I'd only been doing up to about 40k's a week in training for about 10 weeks leading up to this event, but some of that also included steps sessions so I was at least a little bit prepared for the event. The biggest problem that I had was that I had tender feet that would get very sore even from gentle downhill running. This meant that on the gentle downhill sections where most people can make up a bit of time, I was limited to a slow walk or shuffle which really made for a long day! The event itself was fantastic. A brilliant course in an absolutely beautiful part of the world. We started just before 8.00am and it was a glorious day. I stopped about 10 times over the first few km's just to take photos... it was one of them kind of events. Apart from almost 4,400m of elevation gain throughout the event there were also over 10,000 steps. Many of these were steel ladders with handrails going up and down the rock faces. These weren't too bad because you could help pull yourself up and down using your arms. The harder steps to negotiate were ones that were cut or built out of the rocks. None of it was too technical, but when combined with covering 100km, it was a challenge. There was even one section where they install an aluminium extension ladder down a rockface. There is an option to bi-pass this ladder but I figured I wanted to experience it all so undertook the ladder. The aid stations, and all the volunteers throughout the course, were brilliant. Each aid station had good supplies of electrolyte drink, coke, water, chips, power bars, gels, soup and lollies. There were 3 bag drop stations so it was very achievable to complete this event without a support crew. Personally I didn't even need to use the drop bags, but it was nice to know that I had a change of shoes, and lots of clean & dry clothing if I needed it. The night before the event I stayed in a shared room at the race start. It was great accommodation but I only managed to get a couple of hours sleep. As a result during the overnight leg of the event I drank a fair bit of coke. I also took on board the on-course electrolyte drink, but as coke is a diuretic I think I might have flushed a lot of the good stuff out of me. I managed to finish the event, but it was fairly tough. I'd usually do a jump across the line, but this time I had nothing. My time 24 hours, 59 minutes. I finished the event about 9.00am Sunday morning. I didn't feel like eating, so I showered, got cleaned up and headed straight for home. I slept well on Sunday night and had every intention of going to work on Monday morning. I got up and went to the bathroom about 7.30am but thought I'd go back to bed for a little while before getting up... the next thing I knew I woke up in the back of an Ambulance on my way to Hospital. I'd had a 'seizure' and had scared the hell out of my wife. I got to Hospital and just after lunch had another seizure. Scary as all hell. When I came around I didn't recall anything at all. Everyone was saying about the run, but I couldn't recall it at all. I spent 3 days in Hospital and they did a range of tests including an MRI and EEG (presumably looking for a brain tumour) but I think they've now both come back clear. At this stage they've put me on 1500 mg/day of Levetiracetam to try and stop the seizures and have now let me go home. They are not real sure what caused it all but are presuming that the seizures are a result of low sodium/potassium levels as a result of the race. I know they quoted 126 as one of the levels and the doctor was fairly surprised. I'm meant to see a Neurologist (Dr Andrew Bleasel) in a few weeks time so hopefully I might get a few more answers then. Apparently I'm not invincible .
  6. Well done mate, that was impressive - especially considering your interrupted training and lead in to it. That was one very tough event!! Even on limited training I'm used to finishing in the top half of the field of most events - I only just made it through this one!
  7. I've only been here a few hours and I'm already not enjoying the Ironman 'feel' about this event. I've done a fair bit of Trail Running, and love the sport, but this race seems to be a bit commercial... I guess I probably should have expected that! I did however go to the 'Trails In Motion' trail running movies tonight and they had a couple of technical issues with the screenings. They were still watchable but it wasn't ideal. However the organisers just sent us an email saying that tonight's tickets will be fully refunded... that's impressive and unexpected, well done to those involved.
  8. You're a good, good man Roxxi… Gotta love Trannies!
  9. Sorry guys, I've been busy training... . Well, maybe not, but I have been busy. Had a bit of a change in plans, we are now getting to Katoomba tonight and I'll spoil my wife by taking her out to the Trails In Motion movie (no, she's definitely not a runner!). We'll spend tomorrow morning doing some sight seeing then she'll head to Parramatta for the weekend. I've now booked a dorm bed at KCC right at the race start for Friday & Saturday nights so will now have a fair bit more time to socialise and take in the atmosphere... looking forward to it!
  10. Great advice. I'm not real good at sending PM's or picking up the phone at the best of times, and not knowing what to say or do is part of the problem. Thanks Surfer! I've said it before, geez there's some great people on here.
  11. You're a good man Clappers... but I already knew that! Great to see you're still giving back to the sport. Is your other half having a run? It'll be great to catch up, I've just sent you a txt with my number in case you haven't still got it. I'm hoping to finish in good nick mid morning on Sunday... It'll be a long event for me!
  12. Well I just did 11km and don't feel 'too' bad. It wasn't super quick, but I can still run so the cut-offs shouldn't be such a big worry for me. My biggest problem will be my feet playing up. I had Planter Fasciitis several months ago, which I got over thanks to a bit of help from people on here, but now my feet just get really tender when I spend too much time on them. I get a bruised heel feeling after doing a few K's of downhill running or a fast(ish) Parkrun, and find my feet start aching once I do too much or even if I'm just standing around for a few hours. I've always had ordinary feet, but the last couple of years I'm doing less and less K's and my feet just seem to keep getting sorer. Hopefully I'll be right to get through the 100k's but nothing's guaranteed.
  13. I'm hearing ya... I've done more than that but not a whole lot. I've averaged less than 40k's a week for the past 10 weeks and longest single run was only 18k's which I did this week. I still reckon you've got as much hope of finishing it as me. I'm going to go out and enjoy it and whatever happens, happens. Like I said before we've got 28 hours to get through it... no rush, just need to keep going!!
  14. If you just got a message from me then yep! I reckon I'll probably see you Thursday at Rego. How's the training going? It's a beautiful arvo here at the moment, I think I might head out for a little run!
  15. It's amazing how many people are pulling out of each event. It's been pretty easy (and relatively cheap) to get a start in all the events over the past few weeks. Considering who owns it now the entry transfer system seems to be working really well.
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