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  1. Go Easy

    Aquabike ITU world champs 2018

    Sensational effort Jon, well done on your result! I only had a few minutes this morning, and thought I'd check out what's been happening in Trannyland as I haven't been on for ages. Glad that I did now and am really pleased for you.
  2. Go Easy

    Major fault in 100 runs in 100 days

    Not real sure when I'll start, but I'm currently trying to string together 3 or 4 days of short runs each week and am already starting to feel better. Most are only 5k's or so, and are very slow & easy, but 'motion is lotion' and I definitely don't feel as stiff and sore in the mornings like I had been. Plus I've been on some of AP's Gelatine and a couple of Turmeric most days so that might be helping as well. I also need to drop a fair bit of weight now as well so will be trying to get in as many short easy runs in as I can. Sooner or later that will turn into a number of consecutive runs, but if I need to have a day or so off every now and then I will. I appreciate the support but reckon you guys should just start when you're ready.
  3. Go Easy

    The Mental Health thread

    No, you definitely don't need to shut up or go back under your rock. I know we have a bit (ok, maybe a lot) of fun with the thousand and one questions you ask or the threads that you start, but you really are thoughtful and do care about others. I know exactly what you are saying about young children getting to enjoy the innocence of their youth, but I guess it's also important that kids know enough to feel that they can also talk to others if they need to. I don't know the answer either. Dazz sounds a lot like me and is probably just a classic overthinker. I worry about lots of things... even reading this thread can be painful sometimes and I need to take a self imposed break to maintain my own relative sanity. I haven't been on here all that much lately but luckily there's lot's of caring people on this site to lend an ear and help share the load. I'm always amazed by the people on here.
  4. Go Easy

    Major fault in 100 runs in 100 days

    Firstly... WTF do we have another separate thread about 100 days of running??? No wonder I can never keep up with what's happening on here sometimes . Secondly... Exactly Ex, and anybody who thinks that doing 100 runs in 100 days is not likely to put them at risk of injuries is probably too stupid to stand upright by themselves anyway. Even though I agree with much of the stuff AP puts on here, I don't really think we needed Captain Obvious to point this one out. Thirdly... (and lastly) Challenge accepted (just to piss AP off). Won't be doing it for a while though as I'm fairly well broken at the moment... possibly later in the year if I can shake off my current list of injuries.
  5. Go Easy

    IM Texas on now

    What about if Ironman & ITU (TA etc) started keeping and publishing records on which athletes have been busted for drafting offences and how many times, compared to how many races they've done and/or won. It's easy to argue that you were unfairly pinged in one race by an over zealous official, but it's hard to use that argument if you were busted in every second race you ever did! At the moment it doesn't matter how much you drafted in every previous race you've ever done because when you start that next race you are starting with a clean slate again.
  6. Go Easy

    Run Hundred

    As some of you know, I've been doing this stuff for about 25 years and have never had a set training plan. Pretty much every day I have an idea of what I want to do and what is required to get the best results, but when I walk out the door to do my runs it may be 5km or it may be 20km... I'm very much guided by the way I feel at the time. I only do what I enjoy doing. At times I also train hard and push the limits, it gets results but it can also lead to injuries. There's some great coaches on this site, and lots of people with a wealth of experiences. Listen to what they say, and pick the bits that work for you. If Ironman's your goal, then it's hard to go past AP and his advice on what works for him and his athletes, but everyone's different and we all have different constraints and goals that we want to achieve. If you're going to have a crack at this 100 days of running, then know what you're trying to achieve and take it easy. Good luck!
  7. Go Easy

    Run Hundred

    Both of the comments above are valid. It's all about how hard and fast the consecutive runs are. As a result of not having any scheduled rest days when I'm training, if I'm having a good run without injuries there's been plenty of times in the past where I've gone weeks and weeks of consecutive runs and felt great. There are other times when running two days in a row has caused a problem. It's all about just being sensible and using the easy days as very gentle recovery runs. If you are going to do consecutive running days you need to be very aware of your body and what it's telling you. Personally I don't get anywhere near as stiff & sore if I do shorter runs more often, and I would have thought this would be the same for most people. The shorter runs may not get you through an Ironman though... but then again, maybe they will.
  8. Go Easy

    Run Hundred

    I'll see your dodgy ankle and raise you a dodgy ankle, dickie knee, horrible hammie and a hopeless hip! None of it too bad, I think it's just a result of many years of punishing my body. I do like the idea of doing consecutive days of running as a challenge though Tyno, but know that I definitely can't do it at the moment as I'm really struggling getting 2 runs a week done. Let us know how you go with yours.
  9. Go Easy

    Ironman Aus 2018 - The good, the bad and the ugly

    Great post Lachie. I'm not overly interested in the pointy end athletes, it's the people just out enjoying the event, having a crack but not taking it too seriously that make this sport great. I've just become a fan of one of the pointy enders... Good luck in Cairns!
  10. Go Easy

    Winterfish 2018

    I checked my training log and it was only one swim in the past 6 weeks, and it was only 1km. Yep, I really need to do this Winterfish! I'm on my way with a relaxed 2km this evening at the beautiful Wagga Oasis Aquatic Centre.
  11. Go Easy


    Any flavours in particular that you guys really like? I usually only drink water in training but I might give this Huma Gel stuff a go when I start training again.
  12. Go Easy

    IM Aus 2018 Roll Down

    Sometimes you've just got to have a crack and see what happens... Now just enjoy Kona!
  13. Go Easy

    IM Aus 2018 Roll Down

    Any idea what time did he did? I can't seem to get the results to come up. Looks like 10:24:01 got him there. Well done young fella!
  14. Go Easy

    Port 2018 - Who’s racing?

    Looks like this year is a cracker with the Trannies line-up, I'm starting to wish I was there... Hopefully next year will be the same, not sure if I'll be competing though. Maybe after this race is done and dusted we need to find out who's doing Port, Cairns or Busso next year so we can make the extra effort to get there to support the Trannies team!
  15. Go Easy

    Winterfish 2018

    I've had one swim in the last 3 or 4 weeks and a string of run related injuries over the past couple of months... It's probably just what I need!