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  1. Exactly... It's where my respect and appreciation is at .
  2. Go Easy


    I have no idea what's going on... .
  3. Go Easy


    Me neither. You get fairly thick skinned after a while, but sometimes you've just got to take a break from it.
  4. Go Easy


    Yeah, me too!! Unless of course it's me who's upsetting you, in which case I'll give myself an uppercut. But in all seriousness Goughy, if it's me who's upsetting you or you think is blueing with someone else then don't sweat it. There's not too many people on this site that I wouldn't be happy to have a drink or share a donut with. They may not feel the same way about me, but that's their problem, not mine.
  5. Quote rom another thread... (the one about 'Could AP be right about Gelatin?') Haha... AP I hope you realise that your recent (sensible) decision to withdraw from the 2019 Cairns Ironman means that you will now need to continue along the path of 'Ironman Wankiness'... But at least you've managed to prove my long held theory that Cairns is a tougher event to complete than Kona! (Except maybe Kona 2012... that was the toughest, windiest, hardest triathlon in the history of the world!!).
  6. After having my 'brain farts' I couldn't even recall this website, which I definitely knew about beforehand. Thanks for the reminder and the info on the HR accuracy. As you know I'm not a big fan of 'over the top' technology, but if I'm going to get something then it may as well be something that does what I want it to do. Thanks mate, when I get a chance I'll check them out.
  7. Judging by the swim times Burgs doesn't like cold water! Impressive results!!
  8. Go Easy

    Skin checks

    Ouch looks nasty... Did a GP do this? I'm meant to have recently started a 4 week session of 'field treatment' on my face. My GP & Dermatologist have been wanting me to do it for a couple of years now. I was finally about to start but then had a few more urgent other unplanned medical issues. Will probably still start it shortly but I'm not looking forward to it... I've seen some You Tube videos and photos on it and it looks horrific. As Trinube states, it's a good add for people who like the outdoors to cover up!
  9. In Cairns 2012 there were only 3 slots in M45-49... 4th place (still under 10 hours from memory) missed out.
  10. Ok, perfect. I'm not a real triathlete anymore so don't really need the 935 then. I'll just take resting HR manually and then ask mates that I run with for accurate distances if I ever need them. Thanks Pieman!
  11. The medical professionals haven't asked for it, I was just thinking that if it was sort of accurate then maybe it would give them an idea... but maybe not. So what's better about a 935 than the 35? I only want basic, I'm technologically challenged. Am more than happy to take resting heartrate manually if that's the best option.
  12. Considering I've never owned or used a GPS Watch or Fitness Tracker before, and as an avid believer in just training and racing to feel, I can't believe I'm actually considering buying a device (albeit a cheap basic one) to help track my Distances, Heart Rates & Sleep Patterns. After having a recent health scare, which is still being reviewed to help find a cause, I thought it might be beneficial to have some basic stats to show the experts (Eg, Cardiologist, Urologist & Neurologist etc) to help assist them with where I'm at fitness wise. After some recent talk on this site about resting heartrates and sleep patterns I thought it might also help me get a bit more motivated to track my own fitness, get more sleep and hopefully get a bit healthier. The 'Garmin Forerunner 35' is currently $149.00 (50% off) at Rebel Sports, is this a good starting point for a numpty like me to enter the 21st Century?
  13. Haha... Good thinking, you can't be too careful! So does that count as 7 Parkrun results?
  14. Go Easy

    Ash Barty

    Absolutely, well done Ash! What I've particularly liked about her is that in several interviews that she's done in the lead up to winning this title she said she was just going to go out and 'enjoy herself' and that's exactly what she's done... Perfect! (What I'm not going to enjoy is the way the media is now likely to carry on like pork chops, but at least she does deserve the accolades).
  15. Cheers Ex... Sounds like fair justification to me!!
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