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  1. In regard to Compulsory Membership with TA (TNSW) what about if you are a Club Committee Member but have no intention of racing? Do you still need to be a full member of Triathlon Australia? I've been on our club committee for yonks, but due to some recent health issues I'm currently not able to train and compete. Even though I'm happy to keep helping out with the running of our club events etc I'm not sure that I want to pay full TA Membership for the privilege.
  2. Yeah, I don't really get the 'meat substitution' bit either. I enjoy fairly basic food options anyway but with Avocadoes, Beans, Veggies, Legumes and Grains etc there's plenty to chose from if you've got a bit of imagination and don't like plain food. I haven't got a problem with anyone that does eat meat, but as far as I can tell there's no real 'need' for people to eat meat to survive and be healthy.
  3. The main reason that I eat mainly plant based foods is that I love animals. Simple as that! I've never been Vegan or Vegetarian, but after witnessing some pretty bad animal cruelty in farming and animal processing practices I decided that I would limit my meat intake, and where possible I would attempt to have the least impact on the lives of animals as practically possible (Eg, Would eat beef in preference to chicken due to the size of the beast etc). I'm not overly worried about my health or the environment, but based on my own research (and the views expressed in this documentary) there is evidence to suggest that plant based diets are actually better for both the health of individuals and the environment.
  4. Abby herself concludes: "The Game Changers will convince a lot of people to eat more plants, which I think is fantastic. But using fear mongering and incorrect information to persuade people of something isn’t right or sustainable. A plant-based diet is great, but so is a diet that contains some meat. Even the Mediterranean Diet, thought to be one of the healthiest diets on the plant, contains some animal protein. Do what's best for you." Like with most things people usually go over the top to promote their own point of view. FWIW I think the 80 minutes of viewing in 'The Game Changers' is probably worth it.
  5. Brilliant report, well done mate! Sometimes I wonder why I bother with this site, and triathlon in general, and then I read something like this where an athlete loves & appreciates their experience in the sport and it makes it all worthwhile. Good luck at IMWA!
  6. I'm really surprised that this topic didn't get more of a run on here. But then again, with all the hate and disagreement on here lately I'm not surprised that nobody wanted to out themselves. I've been eating a largely 'plant based' diet for a while now and am keen on hearing more about what people do for protein and iron etc. I'm not fanatical about this stuff at all, but I am keen on eating less animal products. I'm also keen on hearing ideas on what people do for snacks.
  7. Thanks mate, I just do my thing and try to let others get on with theirs the best way they can. If it helps them then that's great, but I certainly don't want to stop them being the best they can be. I admire people who just get out and have a crack, sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't, but if they're not hurting anyone else then why not support them. Haters are just gunna hate... I don't like it when people claim to be things they're not, but so be it. If she's done the wrong thing and gets called out for it then fair enough, but it appears that some people are just 'guessing' the facts. Exactly, some people also pay a lot of money for triathlon coaching... Just saying!
  8. Beats me, but over the years at several of those meeting or training sessions where they ask each participant to tell us a bit about themselves, there's been several people who have come up to me afterwards and said that I should become a 'life coach'... whatever that is? Maybe it's just a polite way of saying that I'm crap at what I am currently doing!
  9. The Hawaiian Cruise was my first option, but with Airfares, Transfers & Accommodation the one we are doing works out about a quarter of the cost. We've been on this boat before (in Alaska) and it was excellent. We're not big drinkers and can usually manage to enjoy ourselves without alcohol. It will also be nice to meet some people who don't swim, ride and run... apparently there's a whole life outside of Triathlon!
  10. Hahaha... I never get bored. Never Ever!! Thanks for the tips Foz. We've been on this boat before so we pretty much know what to expect. We'll have our own balcony so can get away from the crowds if we need to. We hardly ever have down time just for ourselves. And like I said before I'm not allowed to train at the moment anyway so I may as well be floating around the South Pacific being 'bored', as opposed to sitting around at home and being jealous watching my mates running & riding past all the time!
  11. We've managed to snag a Balcony Room for a 9 Night South Pacific Cruise on Celebrity Solstice for $1,100 each. We were hoping to take the Kids & Grandkids etc and have a big family do for an early Christmas but we've got one Grandchild that's under 12 months old and apparently they need to be at least 1 to cruise. So it's just me and Mrs Go Easy going this time. The kids are going to stay home and 'house sit' for us! We cruised on the same boat (Celebrity Solstice) in Alaska last year... We weren't disappointed.
  12. I had a WaggaMama... and we had four Wagga Kids. Life's good!
  13. Go Easy

    Nepean 2019

    Next year... Maybe .
  14. Thanks Goughy, all good info . I'm still not allowed to run so the 5km PB is looking very unlikely. In fact, its because I'm not allowed to run, ride, swim etc that I'm looking at something else to occupy my mind and keep myself busy... Life's too short to just sit around waiting for it to end!!
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