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  1. The guy asked some questions, and then he asked for any additional tips... so we responded. As far as I can see they were all good responses - including 'most of all just enjoy yourself'.
  2. Go Easy


    I couldn't give a rats arse if he gets slammed more or not, or even which side of government he's on, I was just questioning why he needs to be there in the first place. I agree with Cottoneyes, lets keep the politics out of it and just focus on the fires, the people and property, animals & habitat it effects. My thoughts are with all those affected.
  3. Firstly, welcome aboard. We're a weird mob and there may seem to be a bit of fighting etc at times, but really we're just like one big family experiencing sibling rivalry... If your thinking about a particular event then some additional information would be handy to help others give you some more detailed advice specific to that event. Basically it's all pretty simple and you can't go too far wrong, plus you'll learn a lot after your first race or two, but here's my 2 cents worth. For raceday - is a tri-suit what you wear for the whole race? You can pretty much wear what you want, but if you've got a one or two piece tri-suit then yes you would usually wear it for the whole race. I've been doing open water swimming just in swimming shorts so don't really want to wear a wetsuit ? Unless the water is very cold it is usually not mandatory to wear a wetsuit. Wet suits will make you faster, but depending on the length of the swim you can often lose more time than you save due to the time it can take to get out of it at the end of the swim. If you are comfortable doing the distance without one then you'll be fine just in your shorts (or trisuit). Also - does the tri-suit have padding for cycling leg ? Or do slide Knicks over the top ? Depends on the suit but there's usually a little bit of padding. Most people would only wear knicks if they required the extra padding for comfort. Do you have to wear a cap for swimming ? Most races with an open water swim will require you to wear a swim cap for safety, if so then they will usually provide you with one at at the race registration. Do most people wear socks when riding ? Racing or just riding? Riding, most people would do it for comfort, and so that your shoes don't stink. Racing, if you don't need them for riding or running then you'll save a bit of time by not wearing them. But if you don't care about the extra few seconds then feel free to put them on. Keep asking questions if your not sure or if you need anything else. Good luck & let us know how you go.
  4. Go Easy


    Obviously Scott Morrison still does!! I was going to stay out of this argument as I can see both sides of it, but I've got to agree with others that the actions of our PM over the last couple of days do indicate some very poor errors of judgement. What the F#ck was the PM doing in those areas at this time anyway!! Emergency services have been saying that if you don't need to be in the fire effected areas then don't be there. Not only was the PM there without any real purpose, but he and his entourage (which I'm told was 6 vehicles but can't confirm) were driving through the areas which already had limited fuel, resources and vehicle choked roads just for the purpose of (according to the PM himself) offering some support to those effected because that's his job... WTF!!! I thought his job was to lead the Country and be available to provide support and assistance to the heads of the various State & Federal Departments when and where it is required - I'm pretty sure he didn't need to be down the South Coast to do that!
  5. Go Easy

    2019 totals

    Swim - 87.5km Ride - 1,448km Run - 1,246km Almost all of this was done before the UTA 100 in May... That's when the wheels well and truly fell off. Hopefully I'll do more swimming & riding this year, but given I've only been able to do two x 2km runs in the past month or so then I'll be happy with any run K's that I can get done from now on.
  6. Go Easy

    2019 totals

    When in Rome...
  7. Go Easy

    2019 totals

    She's from Western Australia... Hahaha PS - Just a hint Katz, if you're going to turn short then you may as well make it worthwhile!
  8. Looks like you could do with a training partner... I'm all yours!
  9. Yeah, did that too. Yes, that was pretty special! And at the Beer Mile at Port
  10. Hahaha... Bit defensive there Bored@ . It's not like I've ever heard you talk about Ironman before . But the whistling emoji was because I'd mentioned some of the races that I'd done myself. You've got to admit, talking about past IM's is a favourite pastime for many IM finishers. But then again, I guess this is a triathlon forum .
  11. Good stuff MackaEvo2, it really doesn't matter what others say or do, if it works for you then it's worth it. Great post!
  12. Then of course there's the 'non-unique' things about IM racing... The volunteers are pretty much always great and very encouraging. The Finish Line is always fantastic - and the later it gets, the better it is. And most of all - the fact that IM Athletes always think of new and interesting ways of telling you what IM races they've done!
  13. Yep, got to experience all of them... Plus, the Cannon Gun Start & competing with the Legacy Athletes at the World Champs in Kona.
  14. "Well, it's finally come to pass. CoolRunning will close at the end of December. This decision reflects the declining number of people posting in the forums; increased hosting costs; worsening exchange rate; and decrease in Google's advertising returns. At its peak, it was hardly possible to go to a race without seeing runners in CR caps, shorts or t-shirts. These sightings often got a mention, and even sighting another CoolRunner outside of a racing context was worthy of a mention.And who can forget the glorious wars that went on, and on, and on, and on? Characters such as Colin, Ronnie, Bellthorpe and others. There wasn't much moderation, but sometimes the protagonists did end up in the sin bin for a while. Unfortunately, there has been more moderation in the last couple of years, as a small number of bigots decided to make CR an unpleasant place for others, some of whom left permanently. Kevin Tiller was of course the mainstay of CR for an amazingly long time. It's due to Kevin that the site grew into the massive resource and community that it did. You can read the full history of CoolRunning here.Every time I run I still wear my CR cap, and often hope that I might once again hear or offer a hearty "Hey, CoolRunner" on the path or trail". Bellthorpe Wow - www.coolrunning.com.au/forums/index.php?showtopic=42332&fbclid=IwAR2dyf0DCW1cXjyetGka1E6z9KW8dYCjJjniImRyzA0eHNVGRqBThkmVPhA
  15. Go Easy

    Busso 2019

    Great work officiating (and supporting) there today Humdrum, and thanks Jim Shortz for the updates. Cheers to the rest of you for all the banter. Apart from a couple of stupid comments it was an enjoyable thread to follow. Well done to everyone who's finished, and good luck and have an enjoyable evening to those who are still out there. It's midnight on the East Coast and time for bed. .
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