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  1. Tri bikes for Juniors

    Sporting grants are obviously a great way for a club to get some bikes, but there are also several other options for encouraging juniors and beginners into the sport. A grant could be used to subsidize some bright club clothing so the kids are safer when training or racing on the road. This will at least make them look like they are part of a club - and keep them safer. Most kids these days seem to own mountainbikes, or at least have access to a mountainbike, so why not have MTB specific categories even for the road events. The extra entries that you will attract will easily pay for extra prizes or medals and it really does open the sport up for a lot of kids who would otherwise never get the opportunity. Sure the kids can always use a MTB in any event, but there is no way that they can be anywhere near competitive against kids on road or tri specific bike, and no kids really like it when they are copping an absolute hiding. Have lots of age categories, and have a variety of fun events and distances that they can do. For instance run some multi-leg duathlons where they do say a 1km Run, 3km Ride, 1km Run, 3km Ride, 1 km Run. The extra transitions and relatively longer runs mean the disadvantage of a slower bike doesn't matter so much. Plus they are always a bit of fun for the kids and their parents/spectators. Keep it fun and you'll get them interested in the sport for the right reasons, the more serious ones will eventually get better bikes and you'll end up with a club that not only looks good, but is also fun to be a part of... Just my thoughts!
  2. Free Ironman Entry to a North American Race

    Congrats Bored@work... Yep, very happy for him to get it. I've already cancelled a week off my Holidays in June just in case I got a start. Wife was keen as, and even I'm now really keen to check out this Mont Tremblant event... Might have to fork out a few dollars and actually go anyway, sounds like it's a great event. Well done again on winning the competition, and even more so for gifting it to someone else .
  3. Hoka one one (teach me)

    I found Hoka's were great coming back from my hip surgery, and even after breaking my collarbone, as the spongy cushioning stopped most of the 'jarring' that I was getting in other shoes. The only catch was that I got used to them so they are now my main shoe. I like the Bondi's but think that getting to your local store to try a few pairs on is probably a good idea. Run a few steps in each to ensure that the bend in the toe box isn't going to impact on your big toe. Might cost you a few more dollars from your local store but it's probably worth it. Then if you want to order your future shoes from Willie go for it, everybody wins.
  4. Marathons

    I don't like quoting full posts, but the above is all great advice! If you want to have a crack then go for it. If you're enjoying it then you'll probably do a great time anyway, if not you'll have a great experience.
  5. Free Ironman Entry to a North American Race

    Me too... I've been dabbling with some off-road and multisport stuff, but this could tempt me back out of my Ironman retirement. Now that would definitely drag me out of retirement!!! Would need to check with the wife though, I'm sure she'd hate a trip to Canada! PS - Well done Andrew, you've definitely got a gift with the competitions... Want to go halves in a Powerball entry? .
  6. What training did you do today?

    Good to see. Did I mention that I kicked your butt at that last race...! Next time please try and keep up - and stay upright!!! Umm... Yeah, that's right, great to see you back buddy! PS - I'm still not doing any real training!!!
  7. IMNZ 2018

    Another step along the slow road to Kona..... Remember, it's all about the journey and not the destination and that was just another experience. Well done mate.
  8. Good point Ex except that you don't know what you don't know because if you knew what you don't know then you would know it... I guess that explains people who think they know everything because when you tell them what they don't know they then know what they didn't know and therefore they now know it! Simples .
  9. I know I haven't got a clue, I rely on not having a clue, so far I haven't been disappointed .
  10. Apologies

    I'd seen jockeys do it when they want their horses to do well in races so figured it'd probably work on humans too... You got to take some bling home didn't ya, you're welcome!
  11. Apologies

    Nah, that romance was over a long time ago. All Turts wants to do all day is swim, ride and run... We have nothing in common! Besides, my wife probably wouldn't like it much... She's funny like that!
  12. Apologies

    Me too... But it was definitely well worth it!
  13. Apologies

    Dibber Dobber!!! I hope you are feeling every muscle aching after your efforts on the weekend! Must have done, I can't tell the difference. Here's cheers to Ten Pints . (That's yet another beer I owe him!).
  14. Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    Persevered and tried doing another 22km long 'slow' run this arvo... I'm buggered if I know how you guys do it!!! Intentionally ran 'slow' for the first 12k's or so... The inside of my thighs were starting to rub, feet were starting to hurt and I could feel a slight niggle in my left Knee and my right Achilles. Tried to lift my pace after that but couldn't. Finished feeling like I'd walked to the shops on the other side of town, right up the top of a bloody great mountain!!! This slow running caper is hard! I guess it's just something you need to work into. I'm stuffed, have a headache, and now also have a nasty chaff in my nether region! I am listening to what you guys are saying but I have my two 'A' races for the year coming up over the next two weekends so think I'll park the long slow running experiments till after these events.
  15. Triathlon entry numbers baffling

    'Triathletes Are Baffling' would have been a much more topical thread .