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  1. Vale Rory O'Donoghue

    Only met him the day that you introduced him at the Aus Champs race down at Wollongong. These things tend to make us realise our own mortality. It sounds like Rory had a full and interesting life, and hopefully it was also a very enjoyable one. Thoughts are with all who were close to him.
  2. Long Course Weekend 2017 - Report

    Great race report, I really wanted to do this event, but couldn't as it clashed with some other (non-tri stuff) that I had on. It's sounds like I would have really struggled with it anyway, but it would have been great to have been there. Well done and good luck with whatever's next!
  3. Board Games

    Yeah, personally I'd probably also prefer to do some exercise rather than sit around playing board games, but this is family time so I'm happy to fit in with whatever they enjoy doing. Thanks guys, a few good suggestions in there, but it's sounding like the good old favourites will probably come out yet again. Catan, Ticket To Ride, Balderdash, Pictionary etc. Then in Card Games a game called Sloppy is always a lot of fun. Ironman Foz - You're just a very sick puppy! Get well soon!!
  4. What training did you do today?

    Yep, have been there, it definitely feels better if you do it! Now there's the difference, I'm a shocking sleeper. I 'usually' follow the standard rule... 'Neck & up, carry on but take it easy' - 'Neck & down, rest and recover'. You just need to be very aware of your body and how you're feeling. Like I said, I admire your dedication. Good luck at Robina!
  5. What training did you do today?

    True, training while sick 'can' cause problems if you overdo it, but training while sick wasn't the point that I was trying to make... I've always said that consistency is the key to good fitness, and the 'dedication' I was referring to was getting up early to train. My fitness has gone downhill along with my consistency and my dedication to training. Lately I'm finding that I just prefer to stay in bed - No dedication whatsoever!!
  6. Board Games

    Will be having the whole family together this Christmas for the first time in about 2 years. We've always enjoyed sitting around and having a chat while playing a simple game of cards or a board game. Anyone want to suggest a few that they've played recently and have enjoyed that would suit 6-10 adults?
  7. Ultraman WC

    My dear old mum used to say that 'two wrongs don't make a right'. I'm sure he'll be back when he's ready, he's also been very supportive of a lot of people.
  8. What training did you do today?

    You're crook and you still got all this done before I even got out of bed. I'm always amazed at the dedication of so many people on this thread who do this stuff early in the mornings, especially with work and family commitments etc. You all really do deserve the results and improvements you get from training. I wish I was this motivated or dedicated, as I usually just try and squeeze a bit of training in during the day whenever I get a chance or sometimes after work but it often doesn't go to plan and I don't get anything done. The lack of consistency is killing me at the moment and my results are suffering big time. I do wish I could be more like you guys, maybe I need some bigger goals.
  9. What gets on my quince....

    People who never disagree with anything and who are always 'over the top'. PS - I also agree with everything that everyone else said. PPS - I love youse all! .
  10. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    Let me know if she's planning on entering next years event... Maybe I won't bother entering .
  11. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    Agree totally Turts. There will always be talk about when should Pro's (and others) should not race as they are not as fit or fast as they 'used' to be, or worse still when they should retire. Personally I think it's brilliant that they are still there, and still going around. As long as they themselves don't mind not finishing or not putting in their best performance, who cares. At least a whole heap of people will get to say that the got to do a race with a former Kona winner. That's the beauty of triathlon, you get to race the best of the best, a fair few ex champions, and a whole heap of up and coming young guns all in the same race. Good on you Pete, keep doing what you do, hopefully you'll get some good results again at one distance or another but if not then at least you'll have had a crack and that's more then most people would do. Still a huge fan! .
  12. What training did you do today?

    Haven't been doing much 'training' lately, but I did get to do a nice 30km training run up Mt Kosciusko this morning. A couple of friends & myself left Thedbo at 4.00am and ran to the summit to watch the sunrise. It was sensational at the top with snow packs scattered throughout the mountains (I'd add a photo if I could, it was pretty cool). A few Km's into the return journey I ran into a different friend and decided to go back up to the top with him. We then ran home the long way via Dead Horse Gap. The scenery was spectacular, what a beautiful country we live in and how lucky are we to be able to get out and enjoy it!
  13. What training did you do today?

    But you enjoyed it right, so it was worth it! Well done, might see you at Crackenback!
  14. The Mental Health thread

    Never offended me, and yep I'd agree that you are always keen to help. There will always be differing opinions, and on social media people should always listen to the various views and will need to decide on the bits that work for them. I haven't been on here much lately so don't really know what's been going on. It's a pity to see you go but understand totally. Look after yourself.
  15. Upper Murray Challenge

    You kids don't know what you're missing. Great event!