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  1. Drewsie

    Critérium du Dauphiné

    Maybe he needs to harden up???
  2. Drewsie

    Formula 1 2012 season

  3. Drewsie

    60 minutes tonight - Ironman midlife crisis

    Don't be so sure they weren't caused by EPO. Italian football players, suddenly having heart attacks hmmm...
  4. Drewsie

    Ironman Debut - Melissa Rollinson

    Nevermind Carfare, what about the Swiss Miss?
  5. Drewsie

    We have 3 mens spots

    And is it unlike Macca to be playing it up???
  6. Drewsie

    Honu 70.3 (Lance v Jacobs) Who will beat who?

    Prob not far off it!
  7. Drewsie

    IM Florida 70.3

    I think he liked that!
  8. Drewsie

    Ironman Australia Beer Mile 2012 Official Thread

    So what your saying is that I won??? haha
  9. Drewsie

    Ironman Karma

    Getting to the start is half the battle, getting to the finish line is another, having the day go perfectly to plan is a rare thing. In a day event, there are so many thing and situations that can destroy your race, avoiding all of them and racing to you true potential and getting a top results is getting what you deserve. BUT you gotta cover every base. Insert Al Pitman
  10. We could have ran further up Settlement point like previous years (not that I like running down there)
  11. The TA stab was a bit of a joke going off what was said at the Carbo dinner (hadd to be there joke) Secondly, the drafting that was allowed by 90% of TO's was about the 8m mark from which I observed throughout the day (in amazement) especially after the old 12m foot stamp at the carbo dinner but continued to stay legal in my opinion. I even got a thumbs up from one as I dropped back to about 10m. Closer than the incident in which I got pinned. How do expect all TO's to interpret identical? The same way we do, by the rules. Making a call from 300m away about the distance I dropped back was pretty harsh. I'm not pissed because I got penalised and others didn't, I was pissed because I got penailised unfairly imo. What do you expect the TO's to do during a race? Be consistent. What is your preferred method to stop drafters, particularly groups as you mentioned you were in? I wasn't in a group, I rode straight through them and pushed on because they were all hiding from the wind like little girlie men haha Anyways mate, I put that all behind me and had a great run so am happy. But was pretty pissed at the time.
  12. Drewsie

    Ironman Oz 6th May 2012

    Smashed it Mate!