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  1. clintred

    Hawaii 70.3 - 2019

    You are pretty much on the money mate, it’s been a combo of misfires at the right races and getting the hard qualifying races right! Keep throwing darts at the board, the execution gets better and one day it will happen
  2. clintred

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    Preferably in the rain
  3. clintred

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    Only runbrettrun vs anyone ap can muster in 2019
  4. clintred

    Hawaii 70.3 - 2019

    That cuts deep mate, missed Kona slots twice in the last two years by 3 or less minutes! Haven’t done Kona but have been over twice when the old man has raced, the 70.3 is essentially the far half of the Ironman ride (Hawi and back) and the run is around the fairmont orchid golf course. Atmosphere wise its a little different, the run is rather lonely through the whole 21 whereas October there is love from spectators for the first half. The 70.3 is a very slow course, the ride is never flat, not steep hills but long graduals so you need to get used to pushing big gears if you want to ave a decent power figure. The run is always crazy humid, this was something I never figured out until last year, apparently the golf ecourse is hosed down profusely for the week before and the grass is left longer to prevent damage from all the foot traffic, come midday it’s not much fun in the middle of a par 5 fairway with the hawaiian sun on your back. the pre race atmosphere is similar to the Ironman on a lesser scale, it still attracts the peacocks of the USA tri market who choose to wear nothing but tri suits for the duration of their trip however come race day they are happy with a 7hour finish time as long as the can get a shirt, pay for their photos and brag to their “buddies” how they “stomped the cycles” etc etc etc. If you choose to go you won’t be disappointed, both last year and this year I’ll be doing the race off port ironman build and it’s certainly one of the 70.3 races that the strength work really comes in handy, it’s a strength not a speed race.
  5. clintred

    Hawaii 70.3 - 2019

    It’s well worth the trip, I have been to that race 4 times and been to The big island 8 times, going again this year, myself and my old man take a group over for this race annually now (38 last year 36 this year) any questions send me a message or if it’s easier I’ll give you my number and i can let you know where to start
  6. clintred

    1/2 Marra in d*#k togs?

    I race 70.3 in budgys all the time and ran Port marathon last year in them, if you don’t have a gap between the thighs just make sure you have shaved down very recently, if you have a little stubble you’ll inflame the area rapidly. Body glide has always worked for me, just lather it on and enjoy the freedom!
  7. clintred

    Coffs Harbour riding

    Sent you a pm mate
  8. clintred

    BCU Coffs Harbour this weekend

    You have a green light, we only have to filter the suspicious characters
  9. clintred

    BCU Coffs Harbour this weekend

    If you are going early you could ride a lap of the course, west along Harbour drive, turn left and head towards sawtell, turn around at the end of the “link road” or keep following the signs to sawtell and head back the way you came.
  10. clintred

    BCU Coffs Harbour this weekend

    I still haven’t received your official application to travel into my postcode ............ consider this your three day pass, in return I will be entering your dojo for a few days in May. In all seriousness if anyone has questions regarding the race, restaurants and/or caffeine fire away!
  11. clintred

    Coffs Harbour riding

    I got him out a few Friday’s ago for a lazy two hours, it was a murder scene......... although he is back running often with possibly a marathon within the year.
  12. clintred

    Coffs Harbour riding

    Probably a better explanation than I can give and I have ridden these roads for 5plus years! Nuked and I will hit up 4-5hours that Saturday probably down south on the above mentioned roads mate, we sure won’t be setting the world on fire at this point in the prep, get in contact with either myself or nuked and we will tee up a time etc to hit the road. Dont expect RBR to vouch for me 😂
  13. clintred

    Ironman Santa Rosa

    I spent the five days before Santa Rosa up at Tahoe, the only regret is leaving, if only there was still a race there I would sign up asap
  14. clintred

    Ironman Santa Rosa

    Good option, I went out to the swim area today (30mins from town) and I'm even less impressed, not even close to what I expected and now the ironman circus has left town there isn't much happening in the Santa Rosa area to be honest.
  15. clintred

    Ironman Santa Rosa

    Bored@ I am here, to be honest the race was pretty lifeless, crowds were low, the run course doesn't lend itself to spectators and it just didn't have an exciting feel to it. I have spoke to my partner about it and we can't work out what it is, I have raced two other ironman branded races that weren't pro races and they still had a good vibe, Santa Rosa just felt like a local event. I came with the idea I may bring a group here to race at some point, I scraped that idea pretty quickly.