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  1. clintred

    Nice looking bike kits (cycling ideas)

    It’s a hard task coming up with something from a blank canvas, with our suits/cycle gear I trolled through pages and pages of designs and mashed a few together. Something I certainly failed with in the first cycle kit design we did was to factor in rider safety, there was a lot of black and in the times we live in cycle safety is something that needs to be at the forefront of thought when choosing colors. Im not a huge fan of “traditional” kits but the second design we came up with ended up a lot more that way inclined.
  2. clintred

    Let's talk Kona 2018

    Exactly what AP said, it would have hurt Gomez mentally and would have reinstated Frodenos faith that he can Towel them up. The mental damage frodeno could have inflicted on all the competition is enormous, if sanders/Kienle/Lange etc etc watched that and it instilles doubt in their prep then the chance of overtraining in the coming 4 weeks could bring them unstuck.......... I guess this is the time where a coach who can keep a lid on the athletes mental state is important.
  3. clintred

    Let's talk Kona 2018

    The men’s race I think Lange will be out of contention by t2, likewise with Gomez. I feel like this is the year that the bike times will drop considerably and the Guys who commit to going ridiculous on the bike then run 2:50/2:55ish could still yield very high results, for some reason I would love to see wurf/Sanders/starky/Kienle all battle through slower runs but be racing for the win. I hope the women’s race is closer than we anticipate but besides a really off day I cannot see anyone beating Ryf.
  4. clintred

    What training did you do today...

    Beings called a wanker by a guy who attends “Pilates” probably wearing Lorna Jane is fine by me!
  5. clintred

    Pay it forward... again again

    Roxii two of the guy who have already been the beneficiary of your retirement are looking for new shoe options, both 44ish so I’ll pay the postage and continue clearing out your garage!!!! Should have just come to Sydney with a trailer in the first place and it would all be done!
  6. clintred

    3:45am is the new 4:30am it seems.

    Weekends at the moment are where I get the thumping sessions done so not chance of me catching up then! Some people can operate on 5-6hours sleep comfortably year round, that’s impressive if you ask me.
  7. clintred

    3:45am is the new 4:30am it seems.

    3:45am 2-3days a week at the moment......... if I was to do it every day I’d be worn out and the boss would leave me as I’d be in bed at 7:30every night and a prick to be around. The thing that gets me with the “I’m up at 3:45 or 4 or whatever time” is how could they be in a relationship/parent role and be at all worth having around? I guess the only answer is they sleep 5-6hrs a night which doesn’t cut the mustard for this little wuss
  8. clintred

    IM Wales prep question

    Plan a solid ride the day before you go and a solid bike for the day you get home, if you can get on a stationary bike once like ap said then nothing lost really. Honestly it’s not too dissimilar to how I approach ironmans, three weeks out I have a bigger swim/run week, two weeks out start taper with bike/swim, last week short sessions of all three. Swim a solid week and you’ll be sweet, it’s not as if you are going to hit the schooners all week and lay around eating pizza. Enjoy the holiday
  9. clintred

    Aero bottles on frame

    I use the same setup for ironman, an aero bottle with gels in it, the elite chrono bottle is black but has a clear strip you can see from the top, I fill it was gels and mark the side with a permanent marker at certain points, super easy to use, easier to get in and out than a normal bottle.
  10. clintred

    Cairns 2018

    That noshirtsteve Guy is giving someone grief for cheating..... the same guy got disqualified At Hervey Bay 100 a couple of years back for wearing floatie shorts under his swimskin and tying to hide them at t1......... certain types of people let this junk bother them, others deal with their own square meter.
  11. clintred

    Ironman Aus 2018 - The good, the bad and the ugly

    I hope your mate is ok, so worse case scenario say he couldn’t work ever again is it ironman or the port council who will be copping the lawsuit? There were a fair few spots with paint on them, kind of admitting there’s a problem and not fixing it if you ask me.
  12. clintred

    Ironman Aus 2018 - The good, the bad and the ugly

    Good- the vibe in town pre race and during the day -the weather was spot on - the hills early seem to break the race up a fair bit -the rolling start worked pretty well for the first group (only about 12-14 guys in the front swim pack) -aid stations seemed to be running smoothly all day Bad - the swim in port never feels like you know where you are going exactly -yellow bouys in the water and yellow surf lifesavers on boards makes it tough going -congestion on the run with slow 70.3 competitors walking together - the road, we all know it’s bad but some of the massive lumps in the road were the direct cause of some pretty bad looking crashes, was discussing this today with a guy, as some of the lumps have been sprayed with paint who would be at fault if the crash victim was to chase someone for compensation? -I wish they started earlier, anyone after 11:00ish spends part of their day in the dark! That would do my head in
  13. clintred

    Getting a Kona spot v just finishing

    Gold! I actually laughed out loud at this one B@W 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  14. clintred

    IM Aus 2018 Roll Down

    Uncanny....... hope I can run like him come October
  15. clintred

    IM Aus 2018 Roll Down

    Finally in mate, slower than last year, a shit load more pain than last year but I’m in.