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  1. Wear a swimskin for sure, it allows you to wear whatever you want on the bike (slightly loose top if that floats your boat) and you won’t have to worry about it swallowing water during the swim, if you wear a tri suit you can roll it down or if a two piece you can put it in your t1 bag. Other thing to take in to account is that often there can be stingers in the water there, if you have a sleeved swimskin on you’ll be less likely to get them down your suit. You’ve got a fair while to find a secondhand one, just keep an eye out and you’ll get one for $100 odd dollars and I’m sure if looked after you could sell it post race for similar money.
  2. clintred

    Bike Fit

    I won’t answer for Ryan but I guess it it similar to a lot of people who have a deep deep knowledge of their passion, although they would love to be able to apply it daily and help people better themselves in that field they also have financial commitments that will eventually win out and making a decent wage for your family wins out.
  3. clintred

    AP's training tip # 3

    And he hasn’t retired yet, my point is you can eat truckloads of calories and it will burn while you’re training but if you keep your shitty habits once you stop 6hr rides and 3hr runs you’ll be fast visiting the mr big section at Kmart !
  4. clintred

    Bike Fit

    In a word .............. no
  5. clintred

    AP's training tip # 3

    It probably works moderately well when you’re burning truckloads of calories and aiming for high power, problem is when you don’t change post competition you end up looking...... well........ like he does now
  6. clintred

    Bike Fit

    Ryan has taken a job with a friend, he is still fitting but only existing clients or people who are booked in around his schedule, it’s a real shame to lose someone with his fitting/triathlon brain from the industry but his reasoning is fair. The real problem is there isn’t too many fitters who are worthwhile if you ask around people in the know.
  7. Ben works crazy hours, always got something on the go trying to improve designs, I have had 4 sets of wheels from him in three years and every design has been tweaked. he still laces or at least trues all wheels so pretty busy guy, recently did 6 factories in 7 days through Asia searching for improvements. there are some epic new wheels in the pipeline, as for the disc I’ll let you know how they ride after Wednesday, if you want one he’s only a call away!
  8. I am a huge fan, didn’t really believe the hype but once I got them understood what the hype was all about, they certainly feel like they have a lot more “pop” than any other shoe I have run in before, almost feels weird until you get up and cracking. I have had one decent marathon in them where I had wet feet the whole way and they were still rad, also had one pretty shitty marathon in them and still felt like they were helping even though I was at 5-5:05km pace. Regarding “normal” .............. I’m not even close
  9. The guy you are talking with has been involved in endurance sport since a young pup, he raced the Nutri grain Ironman series and has a huge engine, an aerobic base that’s been built over 20 plus years. I guess what I’m saying is it’s not always “naturally gifted” sometimes there is more to the story. Triathlon is not a sport which needs a massive amount of coordination so I think close to anyone can commit and become decent (unlike say golf or tennis etc)
  10. The previous two weeks happened to terenzo
  11. I’d say 59-1:02 swims as I was 55 and didn’t have dramas with packs until 45km................ then half of Europe piled past like this
  12. The people counting the wheels are standing less than 2m away, they would comfortably be able to read it, I guess if they didn’t know the brand they assume it’s a blank wheel that’s been stickered. I did see an older guy during the week before with a ventum painted with flames and wheels with “bad news” stickered on them............ I had a little giggle.
  13. I often wonder how accurate these polls are, when we were walking our bikes into check in they have an areas with photographers and people writing down brands. Mike Phillips from NZ rode Caden 60/90 and so did I yet they didn’t have caden- 2 makes me wonder if they are “helped” with their results by larger companies or something along those lines.
  14. Only in my mind as he came past on the right of me with a moto either side of him......... the beauty is the motos don’t help a great deal on the run, he still crumbled over the last 16km
  15. He had 2x motorbikes with him on ride and run filming/motorpacing. Came home in about 9:30
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