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  1. Those last 6km were absolute BELTERS They were flying. Loved it.
  2. all of these rules 'for our safety' have made the past few weeks feel undeniably less safe to be riding on the roads. I can't remember a time where I felt so much tension and hatred out there. I've been spat on, I've had cars and just this morning a motorbike swerve out of their CLEAR lane towards me intentionally, (*Gasp* Yes, within 1m!) Honestly beginning to consider options for moving out of NSW and/or internationally given that I am married to a Euro - This city has become so frustrating over the past 15 years and I don't see any common sense prevailing any time soon
  3. Bike still available but now does NOT come with the ISM saddle as this has been sold separately. Comes WITH a set of used ultegra pedals and the original fizik saddle
  4. Decided to do some negotiating on behalf of everyone and drop the price to $1100
  5. Still available. Happy to negotiate on price. Need this gone to finalise another purchase
  6. $1300 NOW $1100 Selling my size 58 Cannondale Slice Force 4 TT bike. Comes with SRAM Force groupset, Ritchey ADJUSTABLE drop stem (http://ritcheylogic.com/road/stems/adjustable-stem.html), ISM TT Saddle and original Fizik antares saddle (unused). Wheel set is NOT included. Bike is in good condition, but has a few stone chips from general use as you would expect. This has been a great bike and has posted some very fast times. Selling because I've outgrown the fit/geometry.
  7. stromlo is awesome. I tried out the Majura Pines MTB park last weekend after stromlo as well. Was fun but nowhere in the same league as stromlo IMO. Unfortunately one of our group fell at stromlo and broke her arm on day 1 of the weekend so riding was cut short as we got her to hospital but still - stromlo is definitely still my favourite MTB place so far
  8. heading to stromlo this weekend with some friends... can't wait - love that place
  9. $400 – PICKUP ONLY - (Lower north shore or Sydney CBD) (Price is negotiable within reason!) http://www.bikebug.com/sportcrafters-overdrive-pro-rollers-… Selling my set of rollers and fork stand accessory. Only a couple of months old with very minimal use, probably less than 10 times for pre-race warmups. The fork stand is great if you are warmup up or training on a TT bike. RRP @ Bikebug $449 for the rollers and $109 for the fork stand. Grab yourself a bargain, I just don't have space for this in my apartment frown emoticon Due to weight, pickup only in Sydney CBD or Lower North shore.
  10. Roman

    Caden wheel discount

    ding ding ding we have a winner I have the 38mm set for every day training, but also have a deeper set for races (tubs) that I can use. The main thing is that they are both the same width and material so I dont need to mess about with brake pads or adjustments, just straight swaps.
  11. shame - stromlo is by far my favourite MTB location so far
  12. Parramatta, representing! haha
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