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    Ironman France

    I also did the race in 2007, and have to say I agree 100% with this post, gives you a very good view of what to expect. I do just under 6hrs at Port, and my Nice time was about 7.15 - and I was pretty happy with that! This race is brutal, it has one of the highest DNF's of any IM (about 20% from memory), the run is hot, and you flag after smashing your legs on the run - but it is the best IM experience I have ever had, forget your time it does not matter, just enjoy the experience. Being France they were serving up little lemon cakes at the aid stations, and that got me through, a cheeky little Beaujolais would have finished it off perfectly though!
  2. Yep I have heard of him! - trouble is he is now not so young, and not such an up and comer, and while you cannot discount him I do not think he will take it out this year. Unfortunately I think it may be the Europeans taking it up to Crowie this year rather than another Ozzie, hope I am wrong though!
  3. Just found out he has pulled out with back problems, http://www.tinyurl.com.au/wd4 a real shame as I thought it was all coming good for him this year, and a decent chance of a podium for Oz this year. Who else can step up for Oz now (other than Crowie), is Pete Jacobs at the level yet?
  4. Trizone


    Thanks Coach - we have also added an article on age group finishers to give them a bit of time in the sun (which ws sorely missing today!) http://tinyurl.com/3xqrdn5
  5. Trizone


    Sounds like it was a tough day in the office, we have posted some of the comments from the competitors in a quick article http://tinyurl.com/257hqkk
  6. Lots of good stuff here. Like so many in our sport I developed this injury (July 2008) and for nearly 12 months could not run a single step. Back to running now, though I still have to be very careful. What I learnt: PF is a term used to describe a whole range of foot injuries, consequently there are lots of different causes and remedies. Streching, massage and rest do seem to be the common cures though. Personally I tried orthotics, strasbourg sock, trigger point and cortosone injections. All helped somewhat and at various stages but I susect it was the passage of 18 months that really sorted it. For your info article on PF here http://www.tinyurl.com.au/nzx and an article on shoes causing injuries here http://www.tinyurl.com.au/nzy
  7. Just came across this ad on SEEK, unfortunately I do not have an IT/project management background, but if you do then it looks like a good gig for a triathlete! Maybe worth passing on to your mates? http://www.seek.com.au/job/ict-project-man.../17812292/62/1/ "ICT PROJECT MANAGER - JD EDWARDS IMPLEMENTION LEADING CYCLE MANUFACTURER Global organisation Regional Role - Australia, China, Japan Canberra based with great career opportunities Our client is a global leader in the cycling world and they are looking for a dynamic and experienced ICT Project Manager to work on the roll-out and implementation of JD Edwards to its offices located in Australia, Japan and China."
  8. No mate, we have no commercial link with these guys at all, just got to ride the bike and loved it.
  9. We have been testing out the new Cycpro bike, and in our view this is the fastest bike on the planet! Not only that but it looks unbelieveably cool - like something out of a batman movie! Don't just take our word for it Sergio Marques has been riding this bike and Dr John Hellemans (Sports Medicine Practitioner, ex-triathlon coach and multi age-group world triathlon champion) has been raving about it. Read the article here http://www.tinyurl.com.au/7bh What do you guys think about it, and hands up who wants to buy one!
  10. OK, but you guys are only talking about the categories here - what about all members being able to score points, which is where the grumblings have been around?
  11. I think the issue is that a lot of members feel they do not contribute to their clubs sucsess, if someone from your club is ahead of you then all you can do is "block" points from another club, and if you are outside the top 30 then you score zip. If one of our main goals is to encourage participation then I think everyone should be able to get points even if it is just 1. Does this mean the big clubs have more chance of winning - obviously yes, but they do under the current system anyway. If we have 3 divisions - clubs with under 50 registered members, clubs with 51 - 150 registered members, and the Open (all clubs) category - then this should get round the issue and give all a chance to win.
  12. Hope the 900 athletes had a good time in Port Stephens - I think you sent it off in style. Next years race at Forster should be even better, particularly as more will now be able to race, there is even talk of making it more of a 'festival of sport' which will allow even more people to get involved over the weekend. You can read our wrap of the weekend at http://tinyurl.com/2bwxjfh I was a bit surprised Warringah took it out yet again, really thought Hills would take it out, or even Balmoral, as I do believe these two are very vibrant and strong NSW clubs, but Warringah definately know how to work the system to extract maximum points - and good on them, everyone can do the same. Maybe time to review the points scoring system though so that all athletes can contribute to their club in some way on the day - lets reward participation as well as quality! BRATS are my pick for next year, that is a club on the way back who was badly hamstrung by the restricted numbers this year. We should have a photo gallery up in the next day or so.
  13. Thanks Matt - article sorted!
  14. I understand the clubs were polled as to whether to hold the event before or after IM, and the feeling was 2 weeks after IM and to keep it as an end of season party, so that is when they will hold it. What ever happened to Cronulla, they always used to be a top 3 club?
  15. Currently a lot of athletes pop up for the day to do the event and my worry is that if it goes to Forster we may loose these guys. It also becomes a pretty big treck for all those South of the bridge. Hills certainly have the age groups covered this year, as well as a good coverage of volunteers, if ever you are going to do it then this is the year, Warringah know how to pay this ggame though.
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