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  1. Maybe they will announce something in 2 weeks time. Maybe on 1st of April
  2. Yeah, that happens to me quite a lot. I've learnt to deal with it better over time. Sit legal distance behind, have a drink and then pass at the first sign of them slowing down. And I pick up at least 50 watts to pass to make it harder for them to jump on.
  3. Not sure how I would react to that comment during a race
  4. Rob

    Cervelo P5 2019

    I use an aero bottle but don't go longer than 70.3. I just swap out the normal bidon that sits between my aero bars. The one time I did an Ironman, I switched to a normal bottle on the frame.
  5. Coach mentioned he could do the same training, but his running was slower. I recently turned 50 and find the opposite. If I manage similar levels of training I can still get close to my run times, but I really struggle to maintain the same level of training. Over Winter I usually do a run focus (yes I run consecutive days). During Trail Running Races and Duathlons, I'm not posting new PBs, but I'm pretty close to past times. However once I start adding any significant bike mileage or intensity, I really start to struggle with the running (and I switch to running every 2nd day when I add back in the cycling). So for me, the decline is more to do with my ability to absorb training loads. For reference, I race mostly short course with one 70.3 in a season. I generally train around 10 to 12 hours a week, bumping up closer to 15 hours in 6 to 8 weeks before an 'A' race. My 1st run split in a Duathlon has dropped from 18m30s (off 60km per week) to 18m50s (off 45km per week). Also, my swimming is still getting better. Posted a swim PB (28m15s) at Geelong 70.3 last month. Only learnt to swim in my mid 30s
  6. Rob

    Cervelo P5 2019

    My Tri-Bike was purchased in June 2011. It was discounted to clear stock for the new model that was soon to be released. This Cervelo is one of the very few new bikes that appeals to me (not that I can afford it)
  7. If someone beats you having clearly cheated, I don't regard complaining about it as 'bad sport' or 'sooking'.
  8. Rob

    Geelong 70.3

    Had my best ever swim, OK bike and shit run. Crossed the line 3rd in my age group, but a competitor who started a few minutes behind me in the rolling start beat my time by 9 secs moving me to 4th. Only 3 slots in my age group, but luckily the 3rd place athlete didn't turn up to Rolldown so I snared the last spot. Wife managed to get a spot as part of the extra 25 slots for women (Women in Tri). So we are both going to Nice. But now she's thinking we shouldn't do the ITU Worlds in Lausanne (she wasn't expecting to qualify for Nice).
  9. I suspect that analysis is correct. I've never met AP, but based on his forum comments he seems very focussed on qualifying for Hawaii, not so much on the result once he gets there.
  10. I have never met nor been coached by AP. I do not agree with everything he says or how he says it. It just seems of late that it has become 'cool' to lay crap on him at every opportunity.
  11. Rob

    Advice for first 70.3

    I've been thinking about this. Strangely enough I think the time before the race is what I enjoy the most. The nerves, anticipation, excitement. You can sense the tension and energy in everyone around you. I just love that pre-race buzz.
  12. It is a credit to AP how long he has stayed on this forum (for the most part offering good advice), considering how much crap gets laid upon him
  13. Rob

    Jan Fredeno - Training

    As others have mentioned, it varies for different competitors. Some people are better over short distances and others excel at longer events. I know people who are more than 1 min slower than me over 5km, but smoke me in a Half Marathon. However for Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlons I find it comes very close (assuming you have trained properly and the course is not difficult). It is not as accurate for Half Ironmans (ie. Marathon pace for 70.3 run) and I have never seen a pacing guide that is even close to accurate for an Ironman And FatPom mentioned his 5km efforts in a Duathlon. All of my 5km PBs have come from the first leg of a Duathlon. I think it is because I pace myself better in a Duathlon and even split every kilometre.
  14. Rob

    Advice for first 70.3

    If I don't have 3 nervous shits pre-race, I know my heart is not in it. Luckily my Geelong accomodation is close to the course, so I won't have to worry about lining up at the port-a-loos
  15. Do my long runs to heart rate (130bpm). Ends up being about 90 sec per km slower than my standalone 5km race pace (3m45s vs 5m15s per km). As I get closer to a 70.3, I'll shorten the duration of some of my long runs and add some race pace. Eg, 60 min Easy, 20 min 70.3 race pace, 10 min Cooldown
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