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  1. Rob

    How do the age groups work.

    Every age group can have freakishly fast athletes. I pity those who are the same age as Kevin Fergusson. My observations are that the depth of talent is thinner as you move up the age groups. Someone who used to finish just outside the top 10 in M35-39, will get regular top ten finishes in M40-44, then top 5 in M45-49, maybe sneak an occasional podium M50-54 and be regularly on the podium in M55-59.
  2. Rob

    Wurf watch

    You might be waiting for a while. I doubt very much he'll do any more responding to Cal's claims via social media
  3. Rob

    How do the age groups work.

    Not sure, but I thought IM branded races are based on your age for the actual race. Whereas Local races and ITU keep you in the same age for the whole season based on your age as at 31st December. If trying to qualify for ITU Worlds (which will be in the next season), you race under your current age group, but qualify for the age group you will be for the Worlds (which can be different).
  4. Rob

    Wurf watch

    I wouldn't give any credit to what Callum Millward says about Cam Watt
  5. Rob

    I'm not fit enough (Bullshit)

    That's the whole point. We all have our own motivations for participating in the sport. We are driven by different things.
  6. Rob

    I'm not fit enough (Bullshit)

    I don't know the people Peter is specifically referring to, but I think in general there can be multiple reasons for not racing due to your current fitness. As in reasons that have nothing to do with narcissism. Once I pin a number on, I am 'racing' regardless of my current state of fitness. I never want to use a race as a 'training session'. I never want to give myself an excuse for easing off in a race. I don't want to turn up for a race and not feel nervous. Over Winter/Spring I raced 3 trail runs, 2 Duathlons and the Gold Coast Worlds. I was not at 'race' fitness for first trail run and the first Duathlon. Purpose of racing 'unfit' was to see exactly where my fitness was and what might need extra work. I'm only planning to do 4 races over summer and will end my season in mid Feb at Geelong (it's a long season when you train and race over Winter). I will only do 1 event before Christmas and I will consider myself to not be 'race' fit for that Triathlon. But it will highlight where my fitness is and give me time to adjust my training accordingly. I plan to be fully race fit (or close to) for the last 3 races. Previous experience has taught me that if I try to do too many races I start to loose interest before the season ends. More so if I am racing below what I consider my 'race' fitness. So my tendency is to do limited races while my fitness is building and then cram them in once at race fitness. Everybody's different, but if Peter had of asked me if I was racing, I would have replied I'm not fit enough at the moment (meaning I'm not fit enough to do more than 1 race before Christmas). And my weekend's training is definitely impacted if I race a Sprint Triathlon, as is the next 2 days.
  7. Rob

    Challenge Melbourne 2019 (April 14)

    Mentally I am always over it well before April
  8. Rob

    Long course bike setups (storage)

    70.3 setup: Bidon between the arms and Aero bidon on down tube - both filled with Infinite or similar (ie. Carb mixture). Bento box contains CO2, valve extender and tyre lever on bottom, and extra (optional) nutrition on top (gels, cut up energy bar or gel blasts). Spare tubular taped under seat. Start by consuming Carb mixture in Bidon between arms and then swap it at aid station for water. I then have one Water, one Carb Mixture and the option of more solid food (gels, bars, etc). If it is hot, I might want to drink more water (without extra calories). And sometimes I get sick of liquid calories and feel like eating something (which is then washed down with water). For my one Ironman I replaced the aero bottle with a normal one so that I could swap out both bottles at aid stations. And had two more bidons filled with Carb Mixture at special needs.
  9. Rob

    Missing person - Work Colleague

    Depending if and how he has setup his google account, if someone has his password and logs on to Google Maps, it will show where his phone is (assuming it is still turned on). I have used method this before when I left my phone in someone's car.
  10. Rob

    Geelong 70.3

    My wife will not place very high in her age group. So I am hoping not all slots will be taken up and she will be affectively gifted one. So anyone hoping to qualify for Nice - pick another race.
  11. Rob

    Geelong 70.3

    I actually like Eastern Beach at Geelong. My wife and I always take Monday off work so that we can relax and enjoy Sunday night and Monday morning in Geelong. It is definitely not a flat course (bike or run). But other than the short ramp up to Eastern Park, I don't find any of the hills too bad. And you get good crowd support for a lot of the run course. But with several Victorian Half Ironmans to choose from (Shep, Geelong, Melbourne), you can pick the one(s) that suit you best
  12. Rob

    Geelong 70.3

    Interested in what you didn't like about the Geelong run course. I've raced there 6 times. Admittedly the course has changed over the years and I didn't race it in 2018, but I've never had a problem with the run course at Geelong
  13. Rob

    Geelong 70.3

    I would do Challenge Melbourne if it wasn't so late in the season. Firstly Melbourne weather is more likely to be cold and wet in April. But a bigger factor is that I'm usually 'over' triathlon well before April. My enthusiasm starts to wane late Feb, which is why I like the timing of Geelong. Most seasons I take a 6 week break and start training again around the first week of May.
  14. Rob

    taren in kona

    That would be my assumption - shitty US first class
  15. Rob

    taren in kona

    I would assume that the Kona trip would have been booked well in advance. So doubt he used the Kickstarter money. He flew first class because of his luggage requirements. The excess baggage costs were almost as much as the upgrade to first class