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  1. I've been working from home 1 or 2 days a week for most of the last 12 years (spent 2 years at one shitty job that didn't allow it). Always loved working from home, but didn't think I'd be able to handle it full time. Thought I'd miss the contact with my work collegues. I was wrong, I love WFH full time. Have no plans to return to the office.
  2. Haha, my first week of running 7 days totalled 39.1km. I have been basing the increases on how my body feels. So I tend to have a few weeks of small increases followed by a period when I consolidate. Plus I ease off the distance every 4th week for recovery. My previous biggest weekly mileage was 70km (about 7 or 8 years ago). So I have plateaued a little around the 70km mark while my body adjusts. A few aches and pains, but generally holding up pretty well. Will hopefully crack 80km in the next 4 weeks. After that, I'll probably need to consider double run days if I want to hit 100km for the week.
  3. Rob


    I was thinking about this the other day. A lot of the early infections would have happened before people realized the seriousness of the disease and before they understood the precautions needed. We then entered lockdown, most of those infected took steps to properly quarantine, the infection rate dropped dramatically. It seems the 2nd wave is largely due to people completely ignoring the precautions (ie. assholes). These assholes are far less concerned with the welfare of others. Unlikely to obey proper quarantine, or even get tested. Makes me worry that the 2nd wave will stretch out a bit longer.
  4. Rob


    Who are less capable of looking after themselves and need help of others
  5. I have also been running every day - today's run was the 85th consecutive day of running. I'm currently sitting around 70km per week. The very optimistic goal is to crack 100km in a week. Had always intended a run focus. Suspended Zwift and the memberships at two different pools before the lockdowns began. Haven't missed the cycling or swimming. Will probably ride again once the weather warms up, but could be a while before I return to the pool. Currently no races planned. Had originally considered the 50km Trail Run at the Surf Coast Century in September - very unlikely now. Maybe the 56km at the Two Bays Trail in January. Although I'm pretty content having no events on the horizon. Won't bother me terribly to miss the whole 2020/21 season. Think I needed a bit of break. I'm sitting around 73kgs as well.
  6. Rob

    A Metre Matters

    Sold my crotch rockets yesterday. Still feel sad 😞
  7. Rob

    A Metre Matters

    50 cm is OK if you are a competent cyclist riding steadily in a straight line. But as a car passing a cyclist, you have to allow a safety margin for movement: - moving 30 cm to dodge a pot hole - accidental sideways movement when you grab the bidon - movement when you change from sitting to standing - natural sideways movement when you are climbing out of the seat All the above can happen on a 50kph road. Being clipped by a car mirror can be enough to knock you off your bike. And that is before you consider that the cyclist may be a beginner - first time riding on the road.
  8. To me, the main issue with Scomo being on holiday during the Bushfires, was that the Liberal Party didn't appear to put someone else front and centre in his absence. It was like they were under orders that only Scomo front the press. If the deputy Prime Minister had of stepped up and taken on the responsibility in Scomo's absence, I think it would have blown over a lot a quicker. I saw it as a missed opportunity for the Library Party. But on the other hand, I think still feeling the sting from the bushfire backlash, got him on the front foot very early in the Coronavirus Pandemic. In hindsight he possibly could have acted earlier, but at the time I was extremely surprise (and impressed) that he was enforcing restrictions so early.
  9. Rob

    Run and Bike Sessions

    She increases the reps by no more than 10% every week
  10. Have bought numerous items from Pushys over the years including expensive items such as a Tacx Neo and Power Meter pedals. Never had an issue.
  11. Rob


    My work (large ASX100 company) ordered us all to work from home before the official restrictions came into place . And we will not be returning straight away once restrictions are lifted. Note that some sections of the business were closed down and staff let go. These sections are slowly being brought back up and staff re-hired. But the office workers (who kept their jobs) will remain off site. It depends on how well your organisation handles their staff working from home. If you are still functioning well, why risk returning to the office. One infected staff member can cause havoc throughout the company - think Cedar Meatworks or the McDonalds outlets. If you only bring 25% back into the office, you are limiting the damage. Whereas if someone working from home catches the virus, they are not infecting anyone else in the company. Plus you don't travel on public transport when working from home. Hopefully the 2nd wave will be more like a minor speed bump. But personally I have no plans to return to the office anytime soon (and I much prefer working from home)
  12. I assume that AGer was an International. As far as I know, the Australian Team was never announced (not all of the qualifying races were run). So none of the Australian athletes would have forked out any money
  13. Today will be my 48th day of running in a row. Like you they have all been easy runs. Biggest weekly mileage so far has been 56km, although this week should top out at 60km (10,5,10,5,15,5,10).
  14. Rob


    It's not spaghetti, but it is a long way from good coding. I assume the author's skill is simulation, because it's certainly not coding. Any half decent developer could write that in a fraction of the lines of code (ie. 75% less lines). Doesn't mean the simulation isn't good. Looks extremely configurable, with heaps of parameters loaded from configuration files. His concept looks great, but he's not a skilled computer programmer.
  15. I'd be more than happy with that one
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