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  1. If I am not doing a reasonable amount of exercise, I am impossible to live with. When I am injured, I am told I run in my sleep. Obviously I need help
  2. Are John Landy, Ron Clarke and Sebastian Coe failures because they never raced an Olympic Marathon? Neither Brownlee has raced Kona, nor did Emma Snowsill, Emma Carney or Emma Moffatt (among many others) I have coached 2 different athletes to ITU, Age Group, Standard Distance, World Champion podiums. Neither of them have raced anything above Olympic Distance. Are they failures?
  3. Rob

    Taupo Qualification

    Qualification is based on your age group position in your qualifying race. So your age group for the World Champs is irrelevant (opposite to ITU Short Course Worlds)
  4. If using the metrics in Training Peaks, you need to constantly check (and fix) the data. Garbage in, garbage out. This means fixing heart rate and power meter spikes. Also means your threshold values have to be accurate (and kept up to date), because the TSS is calculated from threshold. Sometimes I just overwrite the recorded TSS value because it is obviously wrong. The swim TSS typically reads high. Partly because Triathletes tend to be one paced in their swim times (ie. 200m pace is similar to 1,000m pace) and I think the swim algorithm needs more work. I get around this by setting the swim threshold a bit faster. Absolutely agree with lzbones about time in zones and avoiding "no man's land". By using the workout builder or prescribing a duration and effort level for each scheduled session it will calculate the expected TSS. If the actual TSS is significantly different, chances are the session was not done in the prescribed zone(s).
  5. Regardless of what sentence she receives, I believe anyone who kills someone else as a result of careless/dangerous driving should be banned from holding a driver's licence for the rest of their life. I've only ever seen a 2 year ban from driving, which I find ridiculous.
  6. Rob

    Garmin 945

    I might not go back 7 years, but I definitely go back over my race data. Everyone's different, but for me, if I'm not learning from my races, why am I doing it. Why did I run slower this race, was my bike wattage too high, or maybe my power wasn't constant enough. Maybe a different cadence had an affect. Did I run the first kilometre too fast (or maybe too slow). The more race data I have, the more I learn how to improve. During the bike and run I glance at my Garmin from time to time to confirm it matches how I feel. It is after the race that I spend the most time going through the data.
  7. Rob

    Port 2019

    15 degrees is the perfect racing temperature for me. I think I read somewhere that 15 degrees is the most common temperature for running world records to be set.
  8. Definitely the case for me. I'm struggling for motivation by the end of February. Haven't raced Challenge Melbourne since they moved it to April.
  9. Rob

    Garmin 945

    I did one race this year without a watch. My timing band was not picked up by the timing mats, so I have a finish time but no splits. More relevant, almost no races have exact distances. Even the same race varies slightly from year to year. So I need the distance recorded on my GPS watch to compare how fast I actually went.
  10. One of the examples I was given - an athlete you are coaching dies of a heart attack. Their spouse then sues you, claiming the training you prescribed was the main cause of the heart attack.
  11. Things may have changed since I did the Level 2 Performance Coach course 12 months ago. Back then my understanding was, in the near future, Level 1 Development Coaches would no longer be covered by Insurance for writing Personalised Training Programs. So Level 1 and 2 coaches could run club or squad training sessions. But only Level 2 (or above) coaches should be doing the Individualised Training Programs.
  12. I've run Duathlons and Triathlons on behalf of the TriClub that make a profit with a similar entry fee. But the road closures only cost about $2,000, organisers and marshalls all gave their time for free and all prizes and giveaways were donated by the club's sponsors. Other costs were Ambulance, Food & Timing. 10 years ago we paid a guy $400 to handle the timing. Now we pay a timing company over $2000.
  13. The term 'Trails' can have a wide definition. I should have said 'Natural Surfaces'. When running on gnarly trails, I wear trail runners. Most of the time I am running on reasonably hard packed dirt, so any runners are fine. Although the On Cloudflow do pick up a lot crap in their soles.
  14. Other than Nepean you only race Ironman and you only drink Coke. I would say you are extremely susceptible to advertising, which is so effective you don't even realise it.
  15. I always have a lot of runners in rotation (ie. > 10) and my weight typically fluctuates between 73 and 78kg (occasionally goes above 80kg if I have a large break). 70 to 80% of my running is done on trails. Once a pair of runners hits 500km, I will reduce how often I run in them or throw them out if they look too worn. At 800km, I will retire the runners regardless of condition.
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