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  1. ITU Short Course Worlds was more expensive
  2. Rob

    Nice 70.3

    Went 98 days without alcohol to avoid getting sick while I trained through a Melbourne Winter for Nice. Then suffered a bout of food poisoning the day before the race. Finished the race to collect my medal, but about an hour slower than I should have been and ended up in the medical tent on a drip. Awesome course, but way too overcrowded for the men's race. My wave start was about 2/3rds of the way through and the rolling start (with 3,700 athletes) meant there was a constant stream of athletes on the course. You simply could not find a gap. I was passing riders from 2 or 3 waves ahead of me and being passed by the faster athletes from the waves after me. Lots of drafting the entire ride including all the hills. Only saw 1 rider get pinged for drafting and 1 rider for cutting the course (using the inside lane of the road around a hairpin), but the penalty tents were all empty when I passed. I thought the hilly course would solve the drafting problem, but WTC just added heaps more competitors. Descents may have been OK if you were in the first or last wave, but the middle waves suffered massive congestion with very large variances in bike handling ability (Zwift & TrainerRoad have made this worse). Extremely dangerous, lots of crashes and hospital admissions, surprised there weren't more. Suspect it would have driven me crazy if I was healthy and aiming at a good result. Support on the run was terrific, possibly the best I have ever experienced. Like others mentioned above, the rural French are so much nicer than those in Paris. Definitely enjoyed the French Riviera (was staying 30 mins out of Nice in a place called Mougins, closer to Cannes). Absolutely loved the course when I did my recon on the Wed before the race. Hated the overcrowding during the bike leg of the race, but enjoyed the run course. Would love to do another 70.3 on this course with around 1,000 competitors (ie. a quarter of what we had), but unlikely to ever do another 70.3 Worlds events (having now experienced Mooloolaba & Nice). Note that the 3 female competitors I was staying with did not suffer any of my issues - far less competitors and they were in the last wave.
  3. Classic journalism. The entire article written from watching The Project (indepth research) and the title of the article "BANNED FROM COMPETING" is completely inaccurate and totally misleading.
  4. I'm more forgiving than you and believe he didn't intentionally cut the course. So I don't regard him as a 'cheater'. It was more of an embarrassing mistake. On what was referred to as a one lap course, it was a small loop that contained a nasty hill climb (para triathletes did not do this loop). You passed the turn off to this loop twice (first time you turned, second time you continued straight). So he just followed riders ahead (form earlier waves) not realising they had already done the loop. I drove and rode the course before the race, so knew exactly where to turn. Not sure how obvious it would have been if you didn't know the course. Off memory there were no marshalls, just chalk writing on the road. Once presented with the facts, I don't believe he argued about it (like other cheaters).
  5. I will be there spectating before heading down to race in Nice the week after
  6. Rob

    Nice 70.3

    I'll be racing in Nice, but staying 30 mins out of town. Happy to catch up for a coffee and/or ride
  7. Rob

    Where ya been?

    New Zealand Canada England Italy France Iceland Nepal Singapore Thailand (All states in Aus except Northern Territory) Next week I go to Switzerland, France, Amsterdam, Scotland, England Wish list: Antarctica, Galapagos
  8. Rob

    Wurf watch

    I hope you aren't comparing Wurf (or Lionel) to 'That' tennis player. I couldn't think of a bigger insult
  9. Correct. If the EPA rate the water quality as Poor, the swim is cancelled. Usually due to large amounts of rainfall in the 48 hours before the race
  10. Went in 2010 as part of a European Holiday (London, Rome, Venice, France). Was probably the least I have ever seen of the tour, because the race happens in the afternoon and the wife wants to sight see (not allowed to sit in front of the TV). For the TDF section of our holiday we stayed half way up the Tourmalet (about 10km from the top). They passed our hotel twice that year. Climbed the Tourmalet from the other side and descended passed us finishing in Pau, then a rest day, then the hardest day of the Tour that finished with a climb up the Tourmalet. Lance Armstrong was in the break away that day and Cavendish was way off the back. But it was almost impossible to identify any riders in the main peloton because they sped past so fast (80+kph). We walked to our spot about 2 hours before they arrived to secure a good spot. And then wandered back to our hotel after they left to watch the remainder of the stage. Far more interesting watching the climb. It was just before the break away got caught, the pain on their faces made them look like 50+yo men. Once they passed we went straight back to the accomodation (about 20 metres away) and watched the rest of the stage. The best part was the company in the hotel. All the guests were there for the TDF and the English owners of the hotel were cycling mad. The worst part was not having my bike with me. It was a minimum 5 night stay and everyone else was doing great rides every day. I tried to take out my frustration by running up the Tourmalet. We were also in Paris for the last day, but the crowds were 5 deep. Being tall I could see over them, but my wife could not see a thing. So we only stayed for 1 lap. I would go again. But would definitely take my (or hire a) bike and make it into a cycling holiday.
  11. Rob

    Swimming World Champs

    Your opinion of journalist/TV presenters is obviously very different to mine.
  12. Rob

    Ironman Frankfurt

    She looked terrible when they pulled her off the course. Very high risk of serious health issues if she was allowed to continue. I believe the volunteers did the right thing (and probably would have been more criticised if they let her go). Sarah should have stopped at the last aid station, rested, drank and ate. 13 mins spare for a Kona slot meant she could have rested (and drank) for up to 10 mins. Her state at the time probably meant she was not capable of logical thought. Missing Kona this year will really suck, but will not wreck her career. Gives her an opportunity to set up well (ie. qualify early) for next year. And hopefully this experience will help her listen to her body better.
  13. Great thread! I find that when I increase my running and/or cycling, it has a direct impact on my swim times (more so than the other way round). It will affect your time trials and your later efforts to hit split times. Keep this in mind if your times drop by a couple of seconds. During taper I decrease the running & cycling load but maintain swimming and my splits drop back down. @Lost in transition most people would not do the same swim sets week in, week out. The 20x100 CSS on Monday & 5x400 CSS on Wed is something I might do once a month to gauge progress.
  14. Rob

    Lausanne Bike Course

    I think it depends on the rider. I'll be using a Roadie (with clip-on tri-bars) for 70.3 Worlds in Nice due to the 30 odd kilometres of descending (a fair bit of it quite technical). Descending on a roadie will not only be quicker (for me), but I will also be far more relaxed, so expend less energy. Whereas a pro triathlete with far more experience (and ability) riding technical descents on their Triathlon bike would have a different bike choice. Note that I would choose my Triathlon Bike for Lausanne.
  15. I'm too stupid to understand your response
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