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  1. Haven't use Premium Strava, but I doubt the training plan functionality would be as advanced as Training Peaks (obviously referring to a Premium or Coach Training Peaks account)
  2. Rob


    My race times peaked around 48yo (now 51). I didn't get slower in anything, it was simply the ability to recover between sessions. So I could no longer fit in the training required to get all 3 disciplines up to the same levels. Eariler this year (before COVID), I hit swim PBs (ie. Geelong 70.3), scored Strava cycling PBs up climbs (ie. Kinglake) but my running went to shit. Probably because whenever I was feeling sore (ie. not recovered) I would swap a run session for a swim. Since COVID I have been concentrating purely on running. With no cycling or swimming, I have far more
  3. Rob

    Le Tour 2020

    That sort of behaviour does not make me as suspicious. GC contenders (and their domestiques) have to be ON every day, whereas the stage chasers cruise within the time limit for a few days and then put in an almight effort to win a stage. Off memory there are 21 days of riding over 23 days. If you are only target 4 or 5 stages (to be in the breakaway), you can take it easy and sit at the back every other day. Any time you loose (as long as it is within the cutoff) will make it easier for you to be in the breakaway (less of a threat). And if it is a non-sprinters stage, there isn't much
  4. Rob

    Le Tour 2020

    The sports scientists at the AIS who worked with Cadel from his junior years are confident he is/was clean. A few of them used Cadel for their Thesis. Each lap of a mountain bike race he would stop for 5 secs while they grabbed a blood sample (prick on the thumb). They reckon his numbers were always off the charts from a young age. Looking back on his Lotto days, everyone they hired to help Cadel was useless, even after looking like superstars at other teams. Then Cadel's long time domestique Chris Horner (who consistently left Cadel isolated) moved to Lance Armstrong's team and b
  5. 3 strides per breath in, 3 strides per breath out = 6 strides per full breath (in and out) So at 180 strides per minute, that would be 30 breaths per minute
  6. Rob


    Funny, I'm in Lockdown in Melbourne. And I love the Facebook flashbacks. Especially since this time last year we were travelling through Europe, England and Scotland after Nice 70.3 Worlds.
  7. Rob


    Been doing triathlons consistently for just under 20 years. I don't see Sprint Triathlons as lesser races than Ironman. Was Emma Snowsill a lessor athlete than Mirinda Carfrae ? Was Craig Mottram a lessor athlete than Monaghetti? Have completed between 5 to 15 races every year (probably not going to happen this Summer). Sprint Triathlon, Olympic Distance, Half Ironmans, Duathlons, Trail Runnings Races, Fun Runs, Cycling events, Open Water Swims, Adventure Races. And a single Ironman, mainly because the run course went passed my house, so knew I regret it on the day if I wasn't rac
  8. I did my first few years of triathlon without a wetsuit (back when my biggest tri expense was a second hand steel framed bike for $200). Since then, I'm on my 4th wetsuit (over the last 15 years) and soon to buy my 5th (if we ever race again). - Each new wetsuit has had more thinner and flexible areas then the previous one. - Each one has been more comfortable - Each one has been noticeably faster
  9. That's actually far worse than I could have imagined
  10. I feared that might have been the case, but was hoping it wasn't.
  11. Other than the "fly to melbourne", I couldn't see reference to any other challenges. I'm guessing the Melbourne challenge could have been 'tongue in cheek'. Difficult to tell without seeing any of the others. Unlike the press to beat something up.
  12. I haven't got respiration rate on any my of devices, and it isn't something that would entice me to upgrade. However... I often use strides per breath to gauge my pace: - 3 strides per breath in, 3 strides per breath out = easy aerobic pace - 2 strides per breath in, 2 strides per breath out = threshold pace Would be 'mildly' interesting to see how the above stats match heart rate zones. Would help me improve my 'perceived effort'
  13. Haha, already considering 21km on trails as a 'baby' race, love it. Don't go silly fast at the beginning and you'll have a great day. Note that not all trail races have aid stations, and the ones that do typically have far less than a triathlon or road race.
  14. I remember doing a run on my local trails just before sunrise. There was a little bit of light which I thought would be enough. Problem was, I was the first one to run (or walk) on the trail that day. It was Summer, and all the spiders had spun their webs across the path, usually at head height. The webs were completely invisible in the low light. Needless to say that was one of my least enjoyable runs.
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