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  1. I use a paid Coach Edition Training Peaks to plan all my sessions, never look at Garmin Connect, but love using Strava (free account). I've always had 'segments' that I've timed myself on to gauge my progress. Most of these segments are climbs, but some are stretches of road with no lights that I can do time trials on. Problem is, I tended to forget exactly where the segments started and stopped. Was it the speed hump, the street sign, the side road, the round-a-bout, a mark on the road? And there was also the issue of remembering to record the times and remembering where I stored all these times. Now Strava does it all for me. I never have to hit the lap button. As long as my GPS device is on, Strava will automatically record the 'segment'. Most popular climbs or stretches of road have multiple 'segments', but Strava lets you 'Star' the ones you are interested in. So after a ride I can check my 'Starred' segments. I can see every time I have covered this segment. Might not be a PB, but I can compare my effort against similar periods in previous years (ie. 12 weeks out from a 'A' race). I also check how I compare against my friends, but mostly I'm interested in how I compare against myself. I also use Strava to record runner mileage. My runner rotation is usually between 12 and 15 pairs (my wife thinks I have a problem). Remembering the kilometres run in each pair would be a nightmare, but in Strava I simply select the runners I used from a drop down box for each run and Strava does the rest. You can even configure Strava to notify you when a pair reaches a certain mileage.
  2. Rob

    And so endeth...

    Damn, I always seem to miss the juicy stuff. On a different note, I see a lot of comparisons between this site and Slowtwitch. I disagree with most of the conclusions. There are many more dickheads on Slowtwitch due to the far greater numbers, but in general I find Slowtwitch a more welcoming environment.
  3. Yep (I'm Collins St). We've only been in the same company since the merger.
  4. I usually have numerous others I compare myself against. Probably why I enjoy the local races so much because I have so many other competitors who I know to compare myself against.
  5. I've only ever done one Ironman and stopped at the port-a-loos. Admittedly, if I ever do another Ironman, I will also certainly piss on the bike. Which is why I don't consider it cheating. We all seem to choose which rules apply to us and which we can ignore.
  6. I got the extra power cables and soft phone headset, but not the extra monitor. So I bought a 32 inch 4k Samsung monitor from Kogan - much better than the one at work
  7. My team has more members than desks (in our area). A lot of us work from home 1 or 2 days a week. But we are all in the office on Mondays, so last one in has to find a desk somewhere else. Luckily I'm an earlyish starter, so pretty much always get the same desk every day. Nearly everybody hates the hot desk policy. Only benefit is more freedom to work from home.
  8. Sounds like we work for the same company, hence the identical look. I'm in the Melbourne office (in Docklands), guessing you are in a different state
  9. Everyone will have a different opinion on this. I draw the line at intentional vs accidental in all the above cases except pissing on the bike (which I have never done). It is possible to be unlucky with drafting. You lose concentration and drift into the draft zone. Or someone drops in front and you don't drop back quick enough. You broke the rules and are penalised accordingly, but I don't regard you as a cheat. Whereas if you were acting deliberately I do consider you a cheat. The penalties are the same because it is very difficult for the official to distinguish between deliberate and accidental, so the athlete gets the benefit of the doubt.
  10. This looks identical to my workplace. If it wasn't for the Japanese toilets I would have sworn you worked at the same place as me
  11. So because you never wrote down bike details in local races, how ever many years ago, there is no chance that they might do that now in Kona ???
  12. Well I learned something today. Shows you how ineffective the protests have become, when the average person doesn't know what they are protesting about (or maybe I'm the only ignorant one).
  13. I am 100% for more being done on climate change. But I'm getting tired of protests in general and believe they contain a lot of people who just like protesting. Would love to see a survey of how many of the protesters live off the grid purely on renewable energy and do not own any petrol or diesel powered devices. Very hard to make the sacrifices ourselves. But easy to demand it of others.
  14. Rob

    taren in kona

    Taren has 3 Ventum bikes now, and I'm pretty sure he did not pay a cent for any of them. Frames supplied by Ventum, gearing by Shimano and wheels from Alto. First Ventum he received was his race bike with custom paint job. He then received another black, base model Ventum for his Wahoo Kickr and has recently received a road bike from them. All as sponsorship for his Youtube channel. He also gets free wetsuits from Roka and I've forgotten the name of the company that supplies his goggles. And recently had an infinite pool installed in his Pain Cave. He hasn't done a YouTube video on that yet, so not sure if it was a freebie or a discount. He openly admits he gets more sponsorship than the average Pro.
  15. Rob

    Calculating FTP

    I'm never expecting my FTP to accurate. More of a ball park figure within 5 watts. You get better at performing FTP tests over time, but there will always be variables other than weather conditions that affect the result. For me, I don't find wind (discounting gale force, or particular nasty crosswinds) has a big affect on my power output. Whereas temperature does affect me - maybe why my numbers are so low indoors due to feeling so much hotter. I can judge improvements (or decline) looking at my training data for sustained efforts. Strava is good for comparing efforts up climbs. So I typically have a pretty good idea of my FTP before I do the test.
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