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  1. I am pretty sure I have sold everything... I will update this post if its being split up
  2. Listing says it all. 2011 colour and model year 48cm frame. Its Mels bike, she is short... Bike was always looked after at the shop so in great condition. Mel not racing anymore so selling the TT and keeping the road. She raced Falls on this bike and then never did another tri so the frame has very minimal ks on it. SRAM Red group other than FSA brakes (standard Cervelo ones). And it also has a 165mm FSA Gossamer crank on the bike as well. As I said, she is short! Bike comes with training wheels Easton Circuit. Usual tires and cassette (I think its a Ultegra Cassette on the bike), as well as a set of HED 650c Jet race wheels. 60 front and 90 rear. These are the standard width rim models from the 2011 range, and have never had a race on them cause she got them after Falls. They also have tyres and cassette as well. Anything else then PM me. Would prefer to sell as a kit if possible... $3500 for the lot. Might be able to through in some clothing as well... See the previous post ;-)
  3. I have a heap of old gear from TCR, all branded kit. Some womens and some mens. I am trying to avoid the terrible job of going through everything and separating it list it on eBay... Anyone have any grand ideas of how to move 4-5 of those big plastic tubs full of tri and cycling gear? Not looking for a heap of $$, but just trying to get something back on the stuff and get it out of my house... Hi all by the way. Its been a long time since I was on here...
  4. Who was talking about sexual overtones? Not what I needed to think about on a Friday afternoon
  5. TristanP

    TCR Is Closing

    I have a set of HED clip lights that are slightly used. great bars. usually 370 can have for 150. Clear your inbox and pm me
  6. TristanP

    TCR Is Closing

    No listings, if you want stuff then you need to come and get it... Lots of branded TCR kit, some plain clothes, and some shoes and hydration belts and cages and stuff. Multi tools, inflators, socks... I dont have a list and wont be making one just yet. Everything will slowly go on eBay, I will posts links to this on the tri trade section when it happens.
  7. TristanP

    TCR Is Closing

    No power taps no... Clothes, shoes, accessories. No wheels bikes or power stuff
  8. TristanP

    TCR Is Closing

    Hey all... Just though I would let everyone know that TCR is closing at the end of the month and we currently have 60% off all the stock that we have left. Mainly clothing and a few accessories. No bikes left. Please dont ask why, its not really a topic of conversation that I want to enter into. I just thought I would post this so that trannies can know that there are a few bargains available if you want to make the trip down here. Call me at the shop if you would like any further details. And in asnwer to the main question that I get asked at the moment... I am going back to work in the real world where I know I get paid for my time each and every fortnight. Cheers Tristan
  9. I have been away from this site for a couple of weeks, and I cant believe this thread is still going... Sad
  10. So your answer is that his cheating to win 7 tours would have been fine if he had of been honest about it?
  11. During that period of cycling I think you are not far off base yes. Not saying it was right, not saying it was wrong, but I think that the posts that have outlined who is inline to collect the winnings should he be stripped of his 7 wins say everything that needs to be said. Every cyclists of note of that era should be under the same level of questioning as Lance is. That is not a situation that is going to happen purely because he is Lance. This is something that is probably his own doing, and has been stated already was likely his mistake. I think that if he was doping then it is wrong. No questions. I also think that its too long ago to worry about and people need to concentrate on quick processes in the current environment to clean up the sport. I dont see how this process is beneficial to anyone.
  12. So, simple question... When he was winning his 7 tours in a row did you enjoy the show? I dont really think that under the circumstances and the time that he was racing there is really any other question that needs to be asked.
  13. He wont race again... And who could blame the guy. Guilty or not, feel pretty sorry for the guy actually... Just let it go.
  14. Wifes wheels. She raced with them once last year at Shep and hasnt ridden them or the TT bike since. They are clinchers and they are 2011 model wheels. Not a mark on them and true as well. RRP is $2000 Sell $1200 There is probably a 48cm P3 coming soon as well once I can prise it from her grips... So if you need a bike to fit the wheels then let me know ;-)
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