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  1. lachie94

    Lab testing

    Look for a good quality metabolic cart + experienced people - e.g. a university (probably hard in Covid times). Seen plenty of tests with crap data where athletes could have saved a lot of time + money. Also, be clear on the testing protocol you want to use dependent on what you’re trying to achieve.. e.g. don’t get talked into 2-3’ steps for lactate testing.
  2. Dec 2018. Done one local race where I jogged the run since. Lets hope for a bit more in 2020
  3. Strava just gives everyone the same HR zones? Silly really.. I have a guy who does aerobic rides at 180w/94-98bpm... Everyone is different. Although, experience would suggest that for pretty much everyone, 179bpm for 20’ max would suggest far beyond a typical ‘Z2’ run. If correct though, that’s approx 45’ at 10km effort +. Are they using wrist based HR? If so, I’d be pretty confident that is likely the problem
  4. Goal 1. Ensure foot is healed Goal 2. Complete a race Goal 3. Do an IM Goal 4. Do Barcelona or other ‘fast course’ and get as close to < 8 as possible.
  5. lachie94

    Bucket list races

    Alpe Du Huez Embrunman Ironman Wales Roth
  6. lachie94

    New 70.3 in Oceania

    Melbourne is a PB course if you draft and/or the course is short. Otherwise, on paper, there’s faster courses.. in fact, I’d say Shep is probably faster on equal, calm days. Busso half can be faster but dependant on weather, when you get the morning fog there it can make a noticeable difference on the bike (same in early morning Melb in April).
  7. Never been tested in my life... Apparently my $1k US to IM every year contributes towards testing but who is to say they don’t just take the samples and flush them down the toilet as what incentive would they actually have to spend money on it? In saying that though, I do truly believe pro tri to be quite clean. Perhaps this is because I believe the guy who is clearly the best in the world (Jan) is most definitely clean.
  8. lachie94

    Wurf watch

    https://www.triathlon.org/events/event/2019_santo_domingo_itu_triathlon_world_cup On the start list for World Cup in Dominican Republic.
  9. lachie94

    Kona 2019 Picks

    We’re getting closer to the big dance, so here is mine: Women 1. Daniela Ryf 2. Laura Phillip 3. Anne Haug Men 1. Jan Frodeno 2. Braden Currie 3. Sebastian Kienle or Cam Wurf (if in same swim group, Kienle. If Kienle doesn’t make Wurf pack then Wurf)
  10. I thought Coffs Harbour was great. The old highway gets you out for a fairly long ride should you want it and plenty of hills to be had. Good pool. Probably didn’t run enough to have the best insight, but perhaps worth some consideration
  11. Between bed and the couch with some occasional quad and glute activations.. Navicular surgery was done on Wednesday!
  12. Placebo is one of the strongest, WADA approved drugs on the market IMO. in regards to above though, some people would get that email and have a ripping day, others would feel one tiny bit of hardship in the race and slow down because they just don’t see a need to push hard for anything anymore. Different strokes for different folks. Same goes for bad news. Anecdotally, I had to stop listening to ‘pump up’ playlists pre long course race as I found it left me overstimulated and spending the the first 300m of the swim going well over ‘threshold’ before having to slow down so far below threshold that I would lose feet just to try and recover. Others thrive on that. As below, everyone’s peak arousal curve is different and it’s worth learning where yours lies
  13. And that’s probably being kind as to what is in some of them! Given the other thread on needing to poo during runs, I’m not sure how many on here would go so good chugging down pre-workout before.... And that is before considering the risk of them being contaminated (whether deliberate or not) with other banned crap
  14. What are the thoughts on the Kickr Core? My Elite Drivo is so bloody loud these days, think the belt is cooked
  15. Unfortunately I’m out after fracturing my 4th metatarsal. Bummer but looking forward to watching the coverage! Heading to Cannes and Andorra instead, could be worse!
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