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  1. lachie94

    Left / Right Balance - Power Meter

    Calibrate your pm with pedal at 6 o’clock. I had same, did that and then had 49/51 or 50/50 most rides...
  2. lachie94

    What pace do you run at?

    It depends what we’re defining as a long run. Simple aerobic long run for me would be around 4.20-4.30/k pace (130-135 bpm with max right under 200bpm), however closer to IM I’ll usually have a long tempo block (I.e. 45min @ 4min/k approx 150bpm/IM HR) and some 1k reps within my 2-2.20hr run. That got me a 3hr flat Mara at Busso but I think I’m capable of a few min faster off that kind of training on a really good day.
  3. lachie94

    What training did you do today...

    3.6km open water swim 2hr ergo with 8x8min, 2min reco with 5min extra reco between number 4 and 5. All between 346 and 351w (>5wkg). 2km reco swim
  4. lachie94

    Creating Value

    Appreciate the responses. Agreed that there is certainly a different approach dependant on what you’re trying to achieve. My thinking in regards to the non-endemic, corporate space is that there needs to be a focus on creating a healthy culture/motivating staff in the proposition as opposed to trying to target brand awareness. The fact is, triathlon is a niche sport and Ex-Hasbeen is right on the money. They could do far bigger things for building brand awareness but a triathlete could help to create at least some kind of health/fitness culture and a relatively low cost in the scheme of things. In terms of the more triathlon specific stuff, it seems like the underlying theme is transparency. Not just posting the monster sessions but more about having some insight into the day to day
  5. lachie94

    Creating Value

    Obviously, winning races garners exposure which inherently brings value for an athlete when approaching sponsors. That’s something that I am training every day to try and achieve. However, I think there are also other ways of creating value for both the individual and the wider community. Some superficial ones may include things such as Instagram whilst some that may actually help others include volunteering, charity work etc. I’d like to know from you lot what you’d like to see more of from a developing pro like myself. I.e. what kind of content, what kind of interaction with the community etc. Fire away!
  6. lachie94

    Training once a day or two?

    Agreed with Bored. Sleep is the number 1 thing IMO. Although I’m in no position to complain due to the fact that many on here get up much earlier, I find the toughest thing on my training is having to be up @ 5am 4 or 5 mornings a week to coach. Luckily, I do love it but it requires being pretty disciplined around other areas to try and get a full training load as well. Given you’re a motivated person and seem to love training, I don’t think there’s any chance of over resting at this stage
  7. lachie94

    Power meter - sale

    What retirement?
  8. lachie94

    What training did you do today...

    2k open water 105k ride. Wanted to get up Arthur’s Seat at 6w/kg.. got 6min and decided I couldn’t bothered suffering. Beauty of unstructured training until Jan!
  9. lachie94

    Training Question

    Great reply Kieran. It is my belief that in a situation like yours, it’s important to have a realistic sit down and work out where your priorities lie. I would fairly safely assume that time with your family and keeping them well looked after is number one. My perception on this has changed a lot since being a single uni student living at home to now living with my partner, having a dog and trying to ensure we have some steady money coming in. This is only a fraction of the responsibility that someone like yourself has, so it’s easy to understand how it is tough! The crux of it all is that the process of training has to be enjoyable. This doesn’t mean every single session has you jumping out of your skin but if the overarching feeling towards training is that it’s a burden, it will be tough. As has been mentioned on here, I think this is where a coach can aid in changing the week on a micro basis as things pop up in order to chase the long term goal and keep consistency. 70.3 doesn’t require ridiculous hours, just consistency.
  10. lachie94

    2018 wrap up

    Lowest moment? Having a decent swim at Port Mac, getting 50m into the bike and my eTap rear derailleur completely shitting itself. I really felt I was on for a good one that day.Most rewarding moment? Remaining patient at IMWA and backing myself. Came away with 3:00:20 run and 8.23. I needed to put together a decent IM for myself and now feel like I have the confidence to take the next stepWorst race? Both Cairns and Taupo were dissapointing as I was leading both at points in the bike before my hip/back completely imploded resulting in a DNF at Taupo and a 4hr run in Cairns... However, Qujing 70.3 was my worst. Working at the desk + being only 6 weeks into HFLC + travel + racing at 2100m in fresh water/non-wetsuit was a recipe for disaster. I’ve never felt so helpless in a race in my life. It did force me to make some big changes in my life though, moving away from desk job and taking on more coaching. I absolutely love the coaching that’s I’m doing now and am in a much happier place. Also starting a sports science degree next year as a result of the introspection after that race.Best Race? Either IMWA or Shanghai 70.3. Shanghai was only an 8th on paper but if it was a truly non-drafting race, would have been much higher.Harshest lesson? You need to be focussed and put emphasis on recovery. Sleep is king!What was your aim for 2018, did you achieve it? Put together a decent IM. Took a few goes by finally got there.What was your biggest learning? Whilst it was nice to tick off my Commerce degree, I’m not ready to dive into the financial world just yet. I still have a lot I want to achieve in sport. I am also truly passionate about coaching and the science behind performance and this is the area I truly want to pursue as a career path What is your aim for 2019? Make the step from a journeyman pro to a legit contender for wins at Challenge/IM races.Most hated training session? Monday swims after a mammoth weekendMost loved training session? 6-7hr long ride, black coffee and water only.
  11. lachie94

    What training did you do today...

    10km on the rowing machine 4km jog with the far better half
  12. lachie94

    Kona pro points being scrapped...

    a) doping can’t teach swim technique
  13. lachie94

    Kona pro points being scrapped...

    It should also be noted Stefan Schumacher was part of a systematic doping program during his cycling career and subsequently was banned. Done nothing in tri till this race.
  14. lachie94

    What training did you do today...

    Boxing Class 15min run/walk with girlfriend putting me to the sword 2km swim. Jumping in on draft legal sprint tomorrow.. hoping legs can handle long run up from beach
  15. lachie94

    Busso 2018

    Thanks mate!