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  1. lachie94

    Elite Drivo

    Yep, I've got the Drivo! I had a tacx neo, loved it but sold it due to my Dimond not fitting. Stopped riding the Dimond, pissed about for a while on the fence of whether I should get a new one. Got a job and decided to stay in Melb for winter so went about research. The drivo ticked all the boxes and was a little cheaper. Couldn't be happier with it! Did 180k on zwift a couple weeks ago and actually enjoyed it..
  2. lachie94

    Cairns 2018

    I've had a bike fit with local guy here in Melb. I think the issue is that 180-200k rides here include stopping at lights etc. Quite a bit which means that I probably never truly ride 180k in the aerobars without micro recoveries. There is also the possibility that the issue is deeper than that. No racing till August now for me, so I'll be spending time with a physio I trust to work on loosening uo my chronically tight back. Will likely need to look at my setup in the office too in order to make sure sitting at the desk isn't exacerbating things further
  3. lachie94

    Cairns 2018

    Long old day for me. Was in a great position but at 150k my right hip completely seized. Rode the last 20k at about 20k/hr alternating between out of the saddle and single leg with three stops to try and stretch it out. Decided to start run and see if it would loosen off.. it kind of did but by that point I was just digging the hole deeper and deeper. Put far too much work in the last six months to not at least finish it off. Evidently, if I want to do IM properly something in my bike position/flexibility needs to change as yesterday was debilitating.
  4. lachie94

    Cairns 2018

    Realised last night that I forgot to pack my trisuit.... between work and uni exams I just rushed packing. Time to be that bloke buying a race suit the day before the race!
  5. lachie94

    Power meters

    1399 in Aus I think?
  6. lachie94

    Power meters

    Verve infocrank. Flawless. Think pricing has been reduced too
  7. lachie94

    Cairns 2018

    For those who've done it, will I be able to drive to Palm Cove from Cairns on race morning? If so, will my support crew then be able to drive back to Cairns or are the roads closed? Cheers!
  8. lachie94

    What training did you do today?

    Of course, Swim was shorter sharper 150's and 50's building to about 1500m pace. Ride was 276ap and 281np for 5.05hr (some IM pace work in there at 300w and a few times up box hill surging up to 70.3 pace/340w) Run was 4min/km
  9. lachie94

    Up and coming athletes...

    I think we could all agree that guys like Josh and Appo have already well and truly cemented themselves at the top of the game
  10. lachie94

    Up and coming athletes...

    Thanks for menion. Quite a few I reckon. I'm not well across the juniors any more but know some of the younger long course guys. Look at top 6 in Geelong, think Josh might have been the "oldest"? Quite a few guys in that 20-24 bracket racing pro at a similar level. A big step up to the next level for all of us though. Jake Montogomery is probably the one who has done it so far. Kieran Roche had some very solid results last year too..
  11. lachie94

    What training did you do today?

    One of my last big days pre Cairns. 4.1k swim 180k with 2k climbing on Zwift 5k run off the bike
  12. lachie94

    What training did you do today?

    Race pace specific day. Working during the day mon, wed, fri now so these are important.. 3hr windtrainer with 4x30min as 10min @ 300, 10min @ 335, 10min @ 300.. ended up with 294np for the three hours. 65min run with 15x2min @ 3.40 - 3.30/km on 1min float reco
  13. lachie94

    Road Bike

    I just moved to an Allez DSW after riding a caad. I'm all for alloy if you want a bike that can take a beating for years to come. Otherwise, as others have mentioned, Giant are good bang for buck. I had a rabobank tcr that I could not destroy. Good bike that..
  14. lachie94

    Ironman Aus 2018 - The good, the bad and the ugly

    Ahhh what a weekend. Love Port and what an awesome event it puts on, will be back next year for sure. Personally my weekend looked like this: Left Melbourne Tuesday, night in Goulburn, about 180km from Port on Wednesday our engine carked it at 110km/hr and we found ourselves on side on Pacific Hwy. Got picked up by tow truck who took us to Buledulah to stay the night and then we awoke at 5am to jump back in for lift to Port Mac. About 60k from Port, tow truck broke down so another one had to be called.. Eventually we made it to Port only to find out it's not a quick fix, likely 25-30k to replace parts as they found swarf, indicating incorrect fuel in diesel engine, however we'v only ever put diesel in as we all have diesel cars so can't explain at this stage... Anyway, car likely a write off.. My girlfriend (bless her soul) took the brunt of the stress in organising hire cars etc. But eventually it all got sorted. Come race day, it was a good feeling just to have made it! After a decent enough swim (46.xx) I thought I was in a great position to be patient and have a good day... mount bike, rear derailleur won't move, lights flash but no action (it has full battery). Run bike back to transition but even Sram bloke has no idea what's wrong, basically it's just cooked. They say things come in threes so hopefully that's our three mechanicals out of the way! Cairns is now on the calendar, an opportunity I otherwise wouldn't have had. Starting a new job on Monday (3 days a week) which will also hopefully prevent me from overcooking the next 3 weeks of training. Well done to all those who got through it Sunday. No matter the conditions, that course ain't easy!
  15. lachie94


    Absolute legend! As I've mentioned on here before, through Willie I've finally found a nutrition plan I'm comfortable with in the form of the Huma gels. Can't speak highly enough