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  1. lachie94

    What training did you do today...

    170k/4.40hr ride with 4x20min @325-330w 16km/1.05hr run with 4x2k @ 3.40/k
  2. lachie94

    Heart Rate Zones

    Kipchoge more like 4min/k for easy runs http://www.sweatelite.co/eliud-kipchoge-full-training-log-leading-marathon-world-record-attempt/ In any case though, a large portion of work is well slower than Mara pace
  3. lachie94

    What training did you do today...

    Got on windtrainer this morning and started first 20min effort, felt rubbish and only made it 10min.. ended up with 70min aerobic. Got off, had a decent feed and a nap, got back on in the arvo and nailed 2hr with 4x20min @ 330-340w right on 70.3 HR. Funny how a crap day can turn to a good one
  4. lachie94

    What training did you do today...

    2.15hr/31.5km aerobic run. 2.5k reco swim. So nice to nail a great week
  5. lachie94

    It's goodnight from me..............

    Thanks mate! You've done a great job and I hope to continue seeing you at races!
  6. lachie94

    Frodo out?

    I had one in the sacrum. Not sure I fit that mold though. Interested to know how it went for him. Mine literally went from fine/0 pain ever to feeling like I really really badly pinched a nerve in my ass/back about 23k into a 26k long run
  7. lachie94

    Let's talk Kona 2018

    Jan out with a stress fracture. Damn.
  8. lachie94

    Let's talk Kona 2018

    Mens. Jan is undoubtedly the form athlete and favourite. In terms of outside chances: I'd love to see Braden Currie go in and have a great day. I think Terenzo will suprise a few with how fit he can get as well. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Matt Hanson could do some serious damage dependant on where he gets out of the water and off the bike too. Womens Ryf, ryf, ryf. Lucy Charles for second. I'd love to see Bella Luxford really go for it on the swim and try and hang with Charles/Brandon. Obviously a lot easier said than done. She is a classy swimmer though and would add some more firepower off the front. Rinny to run through a whole bunch but not sure if she'll be close enough to Jackson + Crowley to catch.
  9. lachie94

    Is coaching 90% mental too?

    Or perhaps the 'value add' that a coach provides comes in the form of managing changes on a micro level (i.e. athlete has to go and do family stuff at the last minute so misses session) in order to keep things in line with a longer term outlook. This provides the athlete with one less thing to worry about in the grand-scheme of life and ultimately can be a big saving of time/stress (it's easy to waste a shitload of time second guessing, so it's probably worth assessing the cost/benefit of a coach in relation to your 'hourly rate' vs. Letting someone else take the reigns). As a coach, the goal should be to help athletes learn new techniques and tools to get the best out of themselves. It's a constant learning process for both parties with a goal outcome of relative success for both. If an athlete feels they have gotten everything they can out of their coach and is comfortable implementing what they have learnt, then it's time to move on to someone with different methodologies or try and go it alone with your knowledge base.
  10. lachie94

    IM Wales: yma dwi eto

    Congrats FP! Shame I couldn't get there this year.. Perhaps next year.. Or IM Cork
  11. lachie94

    Is coaching 90% mental too?

    I've had the opportunity to work with coaches on both ends of the spectrum, as well as in between, and all bring with them very different qualities. 1. Traditional/squad environment - This is where I started my journey here in Melbourne (with Tri-Bal which no longer exists). I think as someone new to the sport and also being young an impressionable, this gave me a great grounding and allowed me to let my competitive juices flow. It also let me learn a lot from more experienced people whilst creating a fun atmosphere that kept me extremely engaged with the sport. 2. Old school, big volume - After Tri-bal, I moved onto Cam Brown. Go have a look at Brownie's instagram over the last week where he's been documenting his training... Something like 23k swim, 650k bike and 130k run + gym this week. Dude is an absolute animal. I loved challenging myself with the massive volume stuff, however my body ultimately broke. I do, though, think that my period with Brownie has helped develop a massive base which I can now launch from. This approach never really explored the mental side but perhaps the challenge of simply completing the training provided that mental stimulus. 3. The more rounded/mental approach - Next up was Gilesy. For those that know Gilesy, he is an awesome bloke. In terms of training, it was a fairly similar approach to what I had been doing with Cam, albeit less volume, with a big focus of SE and race pace work on a weekly basis. Further to this, Gilesy was a big proponent of the mental aspect surrounding training and racing and the idea of how we associate with certain physical feelings. He is a big believer in utilising techniques to quite the "noise" in the mind and I can certainly see how this is relevant in a sport like ours. I have learnt a lot from Grant and whilst in my own coaching, I may never implement it to the same extent, I certainly see the value of mental engagement in the training and racing process. His workshops and ideas could certainly provide tactics which allow an athlete to explore the extra few % of their ability on race day. 4. Scientific approach - This is where I am at now working with Prof Paul Laursen. We utilise a lot of data points to analyse progression and also mix in a good amount of Vo2 work which is something I have certainly neglected previously. Further to this, Paul's approach is quite all encompassing, monitoring heart rate variability and diet as well. However, it is important to note that there is still an underlying belief that the mental is an extremely important underlying factor with recommendations for quite time and meditation a constant, high-importance, message for performance and general well-being. The point of the above is to indicate that there is always a variety of ways to skin the cat in training from a physical standpoint. In my opinion the basis must always be aiming for consistency and this is how I intend to coach, adjusting programs on a micro level as other parts of life dictate with a larger, longer outlook in mind. However, working with an athlete to help discover areas where easy improvement could be made from a 'mental' standpoint, shouldn't be neglected. Similar to the physical side of things, there are many different pathways to doing this, most of which can be very subtle, and they should differ from athlete to athlete dependant on their circumstances. Promoting strategies to reduce overall stress and anxiety (of which endurance exercise in itself can be one) is fantastic not just for triathletes but for humans in general. I suppose the short version of the above opinion, as has been mentioned before, is that the physical is damn important if you want to improve in this sport. The mental can help you implement that improvement on race day and also perhaps aid in creating a healthier day-to-day life.
  12. lachie94


    Speaking of run group, I was driving around the tan around lunch yesterday and it got me to thinking if there would be a market for a run group at lunch time starting from say Flinders Street for those working in the city. Do you think something like this would be viable and if so how long do you think people would usually have to commit to actual run time? 30-45min?
  13. lachie94

    What training did you do today...

    1hr/14.3k run incl 2x8min as 30sec hard/30sec float Work 2hr windtrainer incl 8x8min @ 340-350w on 2min reco 4k swim incl 4x400 + 4x200
  14. lachie94

    What training did you do today...

    4hr aerobic ride (240np/129HR) done fasted (coffee though of course!) with 50min run off bike incl 3x2k at IM pace
  15. lachie94

    HFLC ruined my life......

    Prof Paul Laursen mate