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  1. Challenge Shep - Who is racing?

    Another great race down at Shep and always great to see Mr and Mrs Ayto! I had some tummy issues during the week which reared their head a bit on race day with vomiting on the bike and other end on the run so ultimately pretty happy to walk away with 5th. The 20m draft zone is great in theory but useless if not even close to enforced. See my coach's (Grant Giles) Facebook page for a little vid with my thoughts on the matter at the end... Yep, was on a Shiv thanks to Chris down at Cyclespeed here in Melbourne. Currently have a Factor on order so hopefully will be ready in the not too distant future. The Shiv is definitely a nice bike though and can't complain!
  2. Respecting the Race

    I think it needs to be looked at case by case. For example, in 2015 I did IM Melb and IM Port Mac as a 19 year old. IM Melb I blew up 100k into the bike and couldn't even get on the aerobars. However, given it was my first IM and in my hometown, it was simply the only decision to finish the race. 6 weeks or so later in Port Mac my back seized up in the swim and at 120k into the bike I rode back to my hotel. At the time it felt crappy but I'm sure trying to slog another one out would have set me back physically and mentally for a long time. What I have learnt so far in my short career though is that finishing is always a much better feeling than not and as such I always strive to if I don't believe it will set me back long term.
  3. Lachie's New Bike

    Sorry for the lack of posting on here of late! I'm on here most days reading but just haven't been writing much myself. Was a pretty funny old day over in Malaysia with my steerer snapping in half and then 32-33k on a city bike. Owed it to the race to finish and glad I did albeit very slowly. In terms of Dimond, I will refrain from saying anything.
  4. Staffordshire 70.3. anyone heard from Lachie?

    I thought the standard seemed quite good. Was around 900m vert on the bike I think and quite technical. Run was also had one bike hill three times (probably slightly longer than mooloolaba hill) and off road sections through forest etc. Finally it was pushing 30deg which is hot here! For reference, the male pro winner went 4.01
  5. Staffordshire 70.3. anyone heard from Lachie?

    Unfortunately for me, 5min into the bike I looked down to see my bottle with all my nutrition in it was gone. After the first hour with no nutrition at 349w I started to fade badly so began taking in the on course powerbar drink. Got off the bike and started running but gut was in all sorts from the drink. Held on until 10k but then had to stop 6 times in 4k to drop the kids off and couldn't get more than 10 steps of running without having to s**t. An hour on the portaloo after pulling out and guts are only just coming around.
  6. Staffordshire 70.3. anyone heard from Lachie?

    No more Wales for me, into Ironman Hamburg a month earlier instead!
  7. Staffordshire 70.3. anyone heard from Lachie?

    Sorry, been MIA on here! Yep, I'm in tomorrow. Looking like a fairly warm day but a nice solid course for sure! Interestingly they've told us it will be a 1min penalty if zipper in undone below breast bone on the run to be in line with ITU rules...
  8. Another Ironman to become a half

    Yep, that's the plan!
  9. Another Ironman to become a half

    I'll be there. Ice skates for the run?
  10. Police Auctions stolen bikes

    If you see a 56cm Cannondale Evo with Sram Red, let me know....
  11. Challenge Melbourne HOW??

    Yeah but even then would be tipping over 600 in the half and up on last year
  12. Challenge Melbourne HOW??

    We were told today 1400 people racing..
  13. UK places to stay

    Thanks guys, Really appreciate the info. Was having a look today and can stay reasonably cheaply in Edinburgh so thinking about even just staying there for the two weeks and trying to rent a car for that period.
  14. UK places to stay

    Hey guys/girls, I'll be racing Staffordshire 70.3 on June 18th and Edinburgh 70.3 on July 2nd. Looking for some ideas on where is best area to stay in UK in between for training friendlines? Cheers, Lachie