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  1. Just up for Anatomy and Physiology intensive schools, home next Friday
  2. 5am swim squad Drive from Melb to West Wyalong (stopover on way to Armidale for uni) 1.45hr ergo in the motel room with 2x30min at steady aerobic (300w) Cooked after yesterday’s 7hr brick incl. 4 flat tyres...
  3. So, here’s the final start list from Port and my run down on how I see it playing out. Womens: Looking at this list, one would think this should be the Caroline Steffen show. Her swim/bike will likely put her in a good position to be able to run steady and take home the bickies but there will certainly be other women nipping at her heels. Laura Siddal is reigning champ and you simply can’t discount her, especially on a course like this. It will be a game of catch up for her after the swim but anything can happen out there! Els Visser is also an up and comer and actually ‘won’ an Ironman last year, however was later disqualified for going the wrong way in the swim. Regardless, should be a podium shot here. Melanie Burke should also be looking for a podium here I would have thought. With Caroline already having her Kona slot, there is an opportunity for one of these women to potentially snag a slot in what is quite a small field. My tips 1. Steffen 2. Siddal 3. Visser Mens: The top 7 seeded guys here are likely where the race will be had for the win. Reedy, Berkel, Bowstead are likely to team up early on the bike I would think given that it’s likely for them to swim together. I think we’re likely to see Clayton, Belly, Chevrot, Franklin and Davy looking to split it up from the gun in the water. I think we might see Clayton, Belly and Chevrot then look to work to stay away from the Reed group so it will be an interesting dynamic. The big player that changes this race is obviously Wurf. Given this course could be 15min longer than other IM’s on the bike, there’s a fair chance he will get to the front quickly after the swim before getting to work on a big lead. The IM form guide would have him as the most successful over the distance in this field over the last 12 months so it would only be fair to call him a favourite. With only one slot, there will be some dog fights to try and get it in this field. My tips 1. Wurf 2. Berkel or Reed (these guys want that Kona slot and I would imagine they will pull out and go for Cairns if they aren’t going to get it) 3. Bell
  4. I’ve always thought for both Challenge Melb in April and Busso in May, this plays a part https://fitwerx.com/why-do-we-bike-slower-in-the-cold-weather/ Perhaps someone more well versed in the field can chime in?
  5. This is not the actual start list, just an entry list at this stage. I’d imagine Clayto and a few others will be there too. It’s too hard to back up at Cairns if you don’t get a Kona slot here and with only one on each side I’d say that’s why it will be a thinner field. I don’t think you can discount Chevrot. Every chance he swims with Clayton (if he’s there) and he’s proven he can run 2.50. Bowstead and Reedy have potential to team up on the bike and if they can ride steady should put themselves in a good position to run for the win. Simon Cochrane also a chance to be up there. Can swim with Reedy and Bowstead and if he can hang on during the bike has shown his ability to run 2.5x which often gets you a podium these days at Port. If Clayto is there, we know he can get 10min+ off the bike and no matter who you are, that’s dangerous. I’d expect this list to beef up pre race and I’ll throw in my real predictions then!
  6. Unfortunately I haven’t run for 11 weeks and am currently in a moon boot so you won’t see my name on the next start list. Hope to be right for IM Cork at the end of June
  7. Stage 3 of Tour of Mansfield yesterday. Managed to get up 2 spots on GC to 25th at the end. Not great legs for the Mt Buller stage. The bigger teams all jostled for position by the base of the climb which left me at the back and never in the mix from the start. Not easy racing these as a solo entrant. Just tapped up at tempo and picked off those who’d blown or done their work. Fun two days and now to decide if I want to do Baw Baw in a couple of weeks. No records at this mornings swim squad!
  8. Day 1 of Tour of Mansfield (VRS) Stage 1 - 13.7k TT Done on roadie with no aerobars, no helmet or skinsuit as my TT position is not UCI legal. Seemed to be a lot rolling on TT bikes who wouldn’t have been UCI legal but oh well. 49th of 77, not terrible considering lack of equipment. Rode solid but just under threshold with stage 2 in the arvo in mind. Stage 2 - 75km finishing with Old Tolmie Rd (6.3k @ 7.2% according to Strava) After many attempts after the neutral zone, a small break got away. Inform sat on the front controlling tempo, I attempted to get across, got close but ultimately was caught in no mans land for about 15min. Sat up, back in the bunch, then in crosswinds the field got shattered before coming back together in head wind. By base of climb everyone was together. Unfortunately my power meter was reading zero after the first hour but averaged 172HR up the climb to finish 21st and move to 27th overall. Time for Mt Buller this morning to finish the Tour!
  9. Zwift race this AM. 38min @ 364w (5.3w/kg) with first 20 @ 374w (I.e. threshold). Most of others who finished in the front bunch were 1w/kg or so lower and I got rolled in the sprint. 70min easy spin on the road after. 4km swim with 30x100. In and out under an hour. Coaching cycling and swimming this afternoon = a bit more time on the feet and in the sun!
  10. lachie94


    Always good to have more people contributing! Welcome back
  11. One swim down, one to go. Hoping the lay off from running at least helps the swimming!
  12. Calibrate your pm with pedal at 6 o’clock. I had same, did that and then had 49/51 or 50/50 most rides...
  13. It depends what we’re defining as a long run. Simple aerobic long run for me would be around 4.20-4.30/k pace (130-135 bpm with max right under 200bpm), however closer to IM I’ll usually have a long tempo block (I.e. 45min @ 4min/k approx 150bpm/IM HR) and some 1k reps within my 2-2.20hr run. That got me a 3hr flat Mara at Busso but I think I’m capable of a few min faster off that kind of training on a really good day.
  14. 3.6km open water swim 2hr ergo with 8x8min, 2min reco with 5min extra reco between number 4 and 5. All between 346 and 351w (>5wkg). 2km reco swim
  15. lachie94

    Creating Value

    Appreciate the responses. Agreed that there is certainly a different approach dependant on what you’re trying to achieve. My thinking in regards to the non-endemic, corporate space is that there needs to be a focus on creating a healthy culture/motivating staff in the proposition as opposed to trying to target brand awareness. The fact is, triathlon is a niche sport and Ex-Hasbeen is right on the money. They could do far bigger things for building brand awareness but a triathlete could help to create at least some kind of health/fitness culture and a relatively low cost in the scheme of things. In terms of the more triathlon specific stuff, it seems like the underlying theme is transparency. Not just posting the monster sessions but more about having some insight into the day to day
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