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  1. A fat slow stressed Smiffy will be in Shepp. Hope to finish, and not much else. Been a crap time with sundry scallywaggery catching up with me......my Dad being beaucoup crook, and to top things of...someone I treated like family turning out to be an utterly pathetic creep. Everyone has their moments I guess, and it's how we handle the crap that defines us. Just wish it wouldn't all happen at once. Just eat your concrete Smiffy.
  2. smiffy


    Ladies are little as a rule of thumb. The bigger you are the better the treadie you require. ( in terms of horsepower, cushioning, lubrication etc) . If the princess is well, a princess, rather than a princess , plus 2 handmaidens and a few cooks and cleaners, a cheapie treadie will last forever. seriously! Blokes on the other hand! I've killed 2 treadies and am now on.a Life Fitness 95ti like they have in the gyms. You can't kill them.
  3. Just checking in to see if Andrew1 had discovered triathlon or was too busy with politics. Been busy training, working and having a ball with the family...especially the 4 yo granddaughter. ( who is the best swimmer, best cyclist and absolutely the best runner) you've ever seen. Hmmmm, you don't think???" Enjoy life guys and don't take yourself too seriously. There's F'ers out there who want to destroy everything you love and put your head on a stick. Makes you realize what is truly important.
  4. smiffy

    Fatties weigh in!

    lost the plot for a bit after getting flattened by a steer back in Nov. Back down to 90.1 kg. and training well. Lookout Shepp and IMM. Good to see this back up
  5. Hmmm...a business model for a sport existing since 1976 odd. Now with several players ...WTC ,Challenge , Ultraman . Also many players in the lucrative shorter 70.3 / LC . possibly having peaked in popularity ( let's face it, the keen ones have already done it) Maybe it's not the cash cow I thought it was...after bitching about IM entry costs for a while. I was very surprised to see where the costs are in holding an event. massive! Even the road closures, insurance, and everything else. Surely even the IM brand is being done to death, You can get a timex IM watch at Harvey Norman for $50. No need to SBR at all. you could even get an IM bed from 40 winks. ( with pictures of Crowie!) The whole IM brand is being cheapened by overuse. , maybe in a few years time an M dot tattoo on your calf will be looked on like a fat bloke getting a Golden Arches tattoo.? I wouldn't 't be buying any shares in them.
  6. Finish line at Challenge Cairns in 2011. It was a long day with a broken foot.
  7. smiffy

    Best found deal

    I have tits too! not as exciting as i would have once thought.
  8. Testing kit is a Great concept. I run in Hokas..just the best shoes for old tired legs. (Bondi 2 like Turtle) Pity about the $ but none are cheap (apart from cheap shoes!)
  9. smiffy

    Best found deal

    Ta for the Jaggad tip guys. still carrying sizes for the larger Lad.
  10. Magnifiers as well! You beauty. I wear Rudy's but have to carry the spare pair in case of a flat etc. Reading the bike computer is an optional extra. (is that 29kmh or 26kmh...must be 29!) Price sounds Ok too.'
  11. You guys still talking about this shit...here's news. We voted in Sept last year. We won't vote again for over 2 years. That's an awful lot of energy you can use for something useful. Like triathlon!
  12. smiffy


    I tried a heap of saddles. The prologo Nago evo with slide control is by far the comfiest thing out...for my arse! Chalk and cheese compared to everything else. I get the impression everyone's butt is different and you have to find what suits you.
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