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  1. Had to happen. Can't wait to hear the voice-overs talking about 'heros' and the toughest thing known to mankind.
  2. Quack

    I need new Sunnies

    Check out the Salice 006. Rydons fit me ok. These are better
  3. Want to try Q-Rings? Have a set - used but still good. - 10 Speed - 52/39 - 130 BCD x 5 - Black Pickup Russell Lea (2046) or Macquarie Park (2113)
  4. Quack

    nick kyriois

    Dick. No respect. No appreciation for his talent, opportunities and good fortune. No professionalism.
  5. Orange? Does Orange have the hotels available for clubs to do big group bookings? Not sure about this one. TriNSW had indicated to a bunch of clubs that it was going to be at Forster Quays.
  6. Quack

    Cheap Windows 10

    Thanks - if I purchased a Pro licence then downloaded the software from the link they say they provide the I should be OK? I am just wondering if this site and those prices mean the licences are legit?
  7. Quack

    Cheap Windows 10

    I am not after an upgrade
  8. On second thoughts.... new bike
  9. 1 - get a kit like this - there are a few around online 2 - use one of the backing bits and glue back together
  10. I am planning to pout Windows 10 on my laptop - clean install I found this licence - cheap - LINK HERE - that is about A$34 on today's Paypal rates. Is there any issue buying this licence? (assuming I only want to use it on my laptop and not transfer). I already have Windows 10 Home on a USB -so assume that is the licence on the link above is ligit, I can use the image on my USB then use the licence key they send me?
  11. Fixed my mail box - have messaged you. Cheers
  12. Like most, I have tried lots. Personally, I find the Sitero works best for me... I also used a very cheap Selle SMP Hybrid for a while which worked OK (bit of a left field option - a bit soft in the end, but worth a try..). I did not like the Adamo (this was a few years back, so they may well have changed a lot) and could not quite get it 10% on the Cobbs (though their customer service was first class). What I did find was that getting a proper fit made all the difference - a little change in the angle or for/aft position as well as saddle height and other body position settings made a big difference for me.... So my advice would be to get your bike fitter involved (if not done already).
  13. Hi Panda As I have it setup at the moment - it's ~72.5 cm from center of crank (middle of BB) to top of seat tube (point on the clamp where the saddle rail is). There would be some flexibility a little upwards as I have both the standard and the long seat clamps (long gives a few more cm) and ISP can easily be cut much shorter. Bike still available. Cheers Mike
  14. Likely pop in to say hello and shoot the breeze with the Rapha and famous.
  15. It could be mayhem. All men <40 in one wave doing drafting laps around the lake... Will be interesting to see how it goes when the gun men packs catch the slower packs at the corners
  16. Depressing! If the garage wasn't so full I would just keep it
  17. Hey Mate. It's the C2 - which I am pretty sure is 23.4. I have been running 25mm tyres
  18. Any suggestions on what price point would move this baby along?
  19. Quack

    bicycle bell petition

    I got one of these today - it actually looks ok and is a decent Garmin mount - http://www.pushys.com.au/hide-my-bell-garmin-computer-mount-and-bell-black.html Bells work when commuting - I think they are generally effective at warning pedestrians that you are behind them. I don't see the point when doing proper road riding. My new mount should cover it.
  20. Quack

    Rip off's!

    Sydney Airport Train Domestic - One way...Adult $17.40 AUD International - One Way.... Adult $18.20 AUD
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