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  1. Want to try Q-Rings? Have a set - used but still good. - 10 Speed - 52/39 - 130 BCD x 5 - Black Pickup Russell Lea (2046) or Macquarie Park (2113)
  2. Quack

    nick kyriois

    Dick. No respect. No appreciation for his talent, opportunities and good fortune. No professionalism.
  3. Quack

    TV Shows

    For something a little different - try Black Mirror
  4. What is easiest and cheapest way to ship a pair or single wheel interstate? Spped not main issue, just relaible and affordable. Thanking you
  5. I had sore knees for long time and lands up I have osteo arthritis. According to my knee doctors (qualified experts) the best course of action for me is not to run at all and that supplements ain't gonna help the arthritis go away (though they might help the symptoms). I add this as if you are getting joint pain - there might be something else going on that you should get checked out that is not just normal and something you would expect to be usual from training. I would also like to add that I am so sick of the wankers who behave worse than children on this place - occasionally it is e
  6. I vote Nespresso Use it daily at home and it is so easy. Sure - not quite as good taste as a proper coffee machine (if you are able to make a good coffee yourself) - but the speed and ease of cleaning is awesome. Also takes up far less room that a proper coffee machine. Cheap too - and I found that when I had a proper machine, I wasted some anyway - or threw away old beans, so the price difference of beans was offset a bit.
  7. Found this info - http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/24/world/europe/24grozny.html?_r=1&
  8. You mean like we have just had to do...? (Those of us who started again 2 years ago and fully embraced the last Active version as per TA preference - although at least that time we had a choice)
  9. I got an email advising me to renew (NSW) As a club we also advised our members anyway as our membership year is same as TA (pretty much has to be). I am not a fan of the way membership has been managed by TA, Active etc, but I will say that the process was very easy and most of my details were already auto filled from previous activity on the new system.
  10. Speechless Truly amazing - he makes a complete tool of himself, and now all these brain surgeons hop on the bandwagon and make dicks of themselves... and these pics will live forever somewhere.
  11. Quack

    TV Shows

    Watched first episode last night - off to a good start for sure!
  12. Quack

    TV Shows

    anybody else watching Veep - funny stuff
  13. Quack vs Nealo at Kurnell race 4 Should be easy beer for you Nealo
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