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  1. So ITU comes out a few weeks ago and says that you can wear any uniform that has previously been approved. In the Athlete Agreement that TA just sent out, it says that athletes can't wear the Scody uniform that has been used for the past 5(?) years. Clearly they want to make money for the new uniform supplier, but I'm not sure how they can justify that, given it is not consistent with ITU regulations
  2. My 5th or 6th triathlon and I had never run over 32km. That's what you did in those days. The bike ride was brutal as the West Head section was a bit of gravel with some bitumen thrown over it: not the hotmix heaven it is today. Tony Unicomb obviously has less good memories of it, but I loved coming around the Queenscliff corner and seeing the last 2km to the finish.
  3. OK, so I left a small bag at Gold Coast airport. Was found by baggage services, who gave me the number of the local pack and send . Only problem is that they want to charge me $112 to send a small bag ie one of those that would fit into the 2kg Auspost bag from Goldie to Sydney. Not much less than a return flight Anybody got any other smart ideas before I pull the trigger
  4. Had mine for 2 years now; no issues
  5. Maybe not as bad as it seems:bunches go at 45kmh and cars are 60-70 so there is not an enormous speed differential and bunches are usually>4 so are visible. Still it's 500 m that is not comfortable
  6. Well according to Wikipedia, Obama has the lowest average approval rating of a POTUS since Carter. However, if I was a Republican establishment shaker and mover, I'd run soft and let Cruz or Trump win the nomination. At least that will cement the notion that a Tea Party/bomb thrower candidate can't possibly win. Although the ALP persisted with unlectable candidates between 1960 and 1969
  7. So is Tones the one leaking the classified stuff to the Oz? Straight out of the KRudd playbook
  8. Rail to the underneath of the saddle is 3cm. Add about 1cm of padding, but then you have to subtract the sag
  9. SRAM lost me. First was the ratchet in the brifter sheared which from the internet is a reasonably common design fault. It was after 4 years which is out of the 2 year warranty period, but it happens so frequently I would suggest that its a design fault. SRAM said not our problem. I've never had Shimano or Campag fail. So that is $3 or $4 hundred for new levers every 4 years you should budget for that. Then I took the chainrings off and the metal making up the bolt holes of the chain spider was cracked.Once again, I've never had that fail in Campag or Shimano. So either the quality or design is not up to the other 2 and its not much cheaper either
  10. Serious question: even if you were from the mouth breathing part of the Liberal right, with the benefit of hindsight and they way things have evolved, which refugee intake of the past 60 years would you have objected to: the Balts from the 40's, Eastern Euros in the 50's , Vietnamese in the 70's, Sudanese in the 00's, Afghani/Iranians in the 00's Balts, Eastern Europeans, vietnamese have all worked out fine. Others are a work in progress, but its looking like they're going to be the same result. I suspect you actually get a good demographic from early refugees, regardless of the overwhelming need to display some humanity
  11. I see that they are doing a draft legal sprint tri at Penrith Lakes. If the bike course is the 4km rowing loop, how will they split the race into age groups given that its only c7 or 8m a lap. Or will they put everyone off together? Will the Canberra draft legal sprint be any different
  12. 195k cash plus allowances for a backbencher, 350k+ for a minister, the highest or second highest paid politicians in the world. Theres not too many other people paid that much who dont have compromised lives either. Suspect not many backbenchers would get 195k in the outside world And if the gold passes etc are from times past when politicians were paid less, they have no relevance now they get "market" salaries
  13. Annecy is great. As spectacular as Queenstown with mountains around a small lake, but the lake was 22 degrees and great riding. I reckon there is a month worth of 100km rides before you repeat yourself, although the main road traffic is pretty heavy Our french pool experiences were hilarious in hindsight. You can't swim in boardies but in half of them you couldn't even be on the pool deck in anything other than speedos. So when I attempted to do the towel change standing next to the pool , the 4 poolies almost died and there were whisltles going off everywhere at the breach of rules. The spottiness of french bureacracy would be the most confusing part of living there. In some things its overbearing, but in others such as road rules, there are none
  14. Someone told me (and it sounds logical) that they manage the delivery to reduce costs. So that means they will try and fill containers or fill planes or fnd a cheap plane leaving a few days later to reduce costs. So in general that means that the larger distributors (if they are cost minimisng) should be quicker than smaller cost minimising distributors. Lets face it. If they want to they can get it ex warehouse in a day, cum Sydney in 3 days and cum address in 7
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