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  1. I may have been right near you. I was having a coffee watching cop bike sitting there for a bit with lights on. Then more and more cops and then when the Special Op Group cops turned up I knew it was something bigger.
  2. mrando

    adductor tendinopathy

    I am interested to know what strengthening exercise you have been given. I am battling with this/hammy/glute issues. Goin through the scans at the moment. Ultra sound showed nothing. MRI to follow.
  3. A great result by Atkinson but I am sure he was more happy with last years effort Downsey.
  4. I will be lobbing around in the half mara this Sunday James. It will certainly be a lob too as it's my first hitout after stress fractures of my foot and spine.
  5. A good mate of mine Danny Russell is going round. Representing GBR but an Aussie through and through. Has been living in England for about 5 years. Watch out for his run split. He ran a 2:30ish in the London Mara last year. Was a finalist in the 1500m for the Sydney Olympics trials. I know they are all different but hoping he has a cracking race.
  6. All the best with it mate. I did mine this time last year. Required a plate and 9 screws. I had surgery on a Thursday and was on the WT the following Tue. I had two weeks off work and just got on the trainer twice a day in that time. Started water running after about 2 weeks and running after about 4 weeks. I raced an the Qld OD champs 6 weeks after surgery and actually had a win in my AG. The reason I am saying this is I thought I would lose so much conditioning and when injured we always think the worse. All the best with it.
  7. Just saw Reynolds got a week. I am glad was at least some sort of penalty for the games sake.
  8. Haha, who are you kidding. Good calls and bad calls go both way. Papali's shot is part of the game. Even Gallen said that. Beau Scott did two of them identically. Jarryd Hayne diving in with knees on Boyd when he scored is an 8 point try any day of the week. If you need to warn him, he has obviously committed a foul. Regardless of origin, it is a joke that Reynolds did not even get a week. It was embarrassing as a game of the inconsistencies the judiciary display. I just laugh at people still whinging after winning the game. Bring on game two.
  9. All good. There has been some talk about changing up the logo but not sure how far that has gone. Apology accepted.
  10. Wow, there some big words you are throwing around. Yeah sure its not the most funky looking logo but calling someones club logo a "disgrace" is purely disrespectful. Pull your head in you peanut.
  11. That's great to hear Nick. Will be following you and Dawn's progress and will follow you guys on the day. You will love Cairns. Dare I say it, it might even have better views than HB.
  12. mrando

    IM Melb 2014 on TV

    They will be DQing any low zippers and will adjust the results that are broadcast at the later time slot.
  13. mrando

    IM Melb 2014 on TV

    Just had a look at the guide in qld and says 11:30 -12:30. Might be wrong but just for everyone's info.
  14. Thanks guys. I thought you would be onto it M&M
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