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  1. Guy Andrews is probably the only person so have any real success in both sports. Even though he didnt set the Triathlon world on fire, he did do pretty well and was even and AG Aus champion. He was always pretty good at everything and never had a real weakness. Even in Uncle Tobys, despite never being the best at any individual leg, he was always near the front and was also one of the best over both long and short courses. He was very consistent and an inspirational competitor. For those who may have forgotten, He was the winner of perhaps the greatest Surf Iron Man race in history at Manly beach in 1993 when he beat Sean Kenny by about 2 seconds to win the series. The entire race is on youtube (I am going to eventually pull it down and upload a better quality version) He was a truly inspirational athlete who had the determination to succeed in just about any endurance sport if he really wanted it bad enough.
  2. He actually ran 47.26 in the 1989 City to Surf which is impressive for someone who is in a sport which is mostly upper body. If he ran 44 then that would be an unbelievable time for a Surf Iron Man. I have a few more interesting old vids to put up but mostly surf orientated, not really Triathlon related.
  3. I have uploaded a couple of videos that fans of the sport from back in the early 90's might enjoy. Firstly there is the Triathletes Vs Surf Iron Men which was a series of biathlons to see who was the best. These biathlons featured more swimming than normal and also some of the running was on sand which is why the Iron Men did so well. There is one from 1990 and one from 1991. What's interesting is that Rick Pallister is competing for the Triathletes in 1990 and then for the Iron Men in 1991. Also in the video from 1991, Iron Man Murray Cox (who is also not far behind Greg Welch in the first 3km run) describes Triathletes as being 'faggy' which is a comment you would never get away with these days. Here is the 1990 one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arUIieWDYzg And the 1991 video which also has an interview with Guy Leech and Greg Welch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGlaaY3BP_E And something else that might be of interest, does anyone remember the 60 minutes special where they tried to find out who was Australia's fittest athlete? I remember at the time there was criticism due to there being no Triathletes featured. I am not going to get into a debate about who should have been featured or whether or not it was a fair assessment but I have uploaded it so here is the url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21E9LKixP34 Oh and by the way whenever Guy Leech's name gets mentioned on here, it seems to always be in a negative way about how he apparently said he was going to win Kona. I have actually found quite a few interviews that he did in 1994 when he made the switch and although he says he is interested in having a go at Kona, he never says anything about winning it. Hope some might enjoy the videos, I have more to upload over the next few months!
  4. In this clip, it is the pursuit format where the all start at different times depending their accumulated times for water legs. about a minute into the clip it shows their accumulated times which means the time they will start. It shows Murrays start time as 6.03 and he starts in 28th place and finishes in 15th. Guy Andrews is also in the race and Murray's time is about a minute quicker than his. If you look at the start times and subtract that from their finishing times, you can work it all out and to make up 13 places over 5.5km is definitely moving along rather quick. Pallister and Anderson are not in this race as they had given UTSS away by this point but I do have some other videos that I will put up on youtube soon that will show him as being about equal with them on the road. Another clip of interest is this one https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=coolangatta+gold+1991 In this clip although they are running on hard sand and although it is the last 10km of the Gold Coast Gold, he is more than 4 minutes quicker than Crowie, yes I understand that Crowie may not have been the worlds greatest runner and it is hours after doing everything else but still, 4 minutes faster than the rest of the field over 10km is certainly saying something! Rick Pallister was in the 91 Gold but impossible to compare as he was way behind in the field.
  5. I will find one of my youtube clips and post it within the next 24 hours.
  6. I am a few years late to respond to this topic but... Back in the early 90's when some surf guys had a go at tri's and vice versa, there was one Surf Ironman who never really made it to the top although he was never far away. He never made it to the top due to his weakness in the craft but was never too far away due to his decent swimming ability and his outstanding running ability. I have often thought that if he had a go at Triathlons then he would have been a superstar! The man I am talking about is Murray Cox. Does anyone on here know him and know if he ever considered having a go at tris? Although he was an outstanding sand runner, he could also match both Spot Anderson and Rick Pallister on the road. I have video proof of him doing it several times. He was about a minute faster than the likes of Leech and Hendy over a 5km road race. The difference with him and the likes of Pallister and Anderson is that they probably did a lot more running training over their careers where as Cox spent all of his career in a sport that was mostly upper-body and probably only did 30-40km per week of running. There will always be those who are trying to change from surf to triathlon without much success but Murray Cox was one who probably would have been a star if he had focused on triathlons back in the early 90's.
  7. I think Leechy would have been an interesting prospect had he switched to Tris earlier in his career. Murray Cox still strikes me as the one who could have been successful had he had he switched sports. Darren Mercer perhaps also could have given Tris a go.
  8. Just changing the topic slightly, some may remember a year or two ago, there were debates about how fast the UTTS guys could run and how they would compare against triathletes etc. I decided to upload the following clip which some might find amusing. As most will remember, there was a guy called Murray Cox who was known as the fastest runner, and he certainly was on the sand and possibly on the road however a guy like that with so much upper body bulk and with a training regime of only about 40km per week (despite loads of cross-training) would never be able to match it with elite triathletes in any road running event. In this clip that I am about to share, if you listen to the commentary, Mick Porra, John Holt and Eddie McGuire make some amusing statements about how fast he has run in the past and about his PB's. A sub 30 10k for a surf Ironman? Hmmm I dont think so!!! They also say that he has run these times on the track, I would bet my life that Murray had never raced on a track before and had never been part of an athletics club and purely used his running ability as a way of making a full time living out of surfing which seemed to be his passion. All that said, Murray did have extreme talent as a runner and I do have proof that he was about 2 minutes quicker than any other UTSS competitor over 10km (with the exception of Spot and Rick Pallister) and he would have run about 33 minutes for 10km which is extraordinary given the lack of training he would have done for his strongest leg. For those that may not remember, Murray was one of the best swimmers in the series, he was certainly the best runner but he was weak in the craft legs. In my mind there is no doubt he was in the wrong sport and had he switched to biathlon/triathlon, he would have been a big success. Not sure what he is doing these days but he certainly was an interesting athlete in my opinion. Now for the amusing clip:
  9. Just thought I would advertise this here. I have uploaded many videos but this one seems to be more popular than most others. It has had 287 hits and it has only been online for just over 3 weeks. Normally I would not expect such a response from a short clip from 22 years ago. If interested, here is the url: Also an interview with him from the summer before can be found at:
  10. Grechy

    Running "the Tan"

    I agree with Stikman. I have never understood the big deal about the place. I train there sometimes and I once trained in a group that held all its sessions at the Tan but I never liked it much. It is not always that crowded though. The big crowds usually come out when the weather is good. On a rainy night it will be a different story. Also if you run there at other times (i.e. middle of the day) then you will find you are not dodging traffic as much. I have always been bemused as to why olympians use it to train during peak times but yes I have seen right in front of my eyes at least 4-5 olympians doing quality sessions whilst having to dodge everyone. Definitely the most over-rated running place I have ever known of.
  11. Does anyone know when it will be shown on TV? I would predict that they will show a highlights package later in the year just prior to the first round of the Nutri-Grain series. Normally they don't hold the event so early in the year. The only other time it has been held in September was in 1995 when the UTSS Gold Coast Gold was staged and that was also not shown on TV until a later date.
  12. Grechy

    Keli Lane

    No body being found adds to her argument of innocence but not being able to find the father adds to the argument that she is guilty. The police have every possible resource when it comes to tracking people down. How many of us have shagged someone that the police cannot find when investigating a murder case? The fact that the so-called father is just a fake person that she made up shows that she is almost certainly guilty but this sort of common sense is not really satisfactory to convict someone of a murder that the court cannot prove took place.
  13. Grechy

    Keli Lane

    I think this case is one of the most bizarre that we will ever see, but I also think she will be released/acquitted on appeal. Although I would be 90% sure she is guilty, in a court of law, surely it cannot be right to convict someone when there is no facts to prove that the crime even happened. Yes I agree she did it but my gut feeling is not enough to put someone away for many years. I agree with someone's earlier comments about people in sport who are extremely selfish. I have had the misfortune of training with a few people over the years who would have to be amongst the most selfish you could ever meet.
  14. Grechy

    Ironman Melbourne

    Thanks for all the replies. Firstly about having a go at the 17 hours people, all I can say is that I am an outsider so I am not all that familiar with triathlon manners. In the running world there are always people saying that cut off times should be shorter for marathons. Someone said something about finding it hard to belive I can swim 4km off no training. Well I would need to do a couple of sessions to build up to 4km, but with 6 weeks training I could easily do 4km in 1.20. Remember I have been running for a long time so I have a good cardio system and I was a swimmer when I was young so I have a reasonable technique. Of course I would do some 4-5 hour rides but other than running, I would go into the IM campaign only about 8-10 weeks prior to the race. I like the comment about doing a half IM first just so I can learn a few things like the rash I might get on my arse. Oh well if IM Melb goes ahead I will have to do a half just to get the feel of it I suppose.
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