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  1. Marathons

    Zed.....Robson is way quicker !!!!!.
  2. Marathons

    Its been a few years since I ran a stand alone marathon and all of them were done on Triathlon Training but during our winter so I could drop the bike back a bit and increase the run mileage. During a 10 or 12 week period I usually averaged 70 to 75 k a week with a biggest week of 107k {only once} I kept up the swimming milage as I found it assisted recovery but also my ability to use oxygen more efficiently. I ran 7 Marathons over 4 years excluding a couple of IM marathons during the same period. I gradually reduced my time from a first of 3.21 to the last of 2.30.02.In between was a 2.47 a 2.36 a 2.35 and a couple 0f 2.30s The biggest difference was pacing,the first one I thaught I knew it all and went through the half in about 1.20 and blew to bits.I was warned by better runners than me but as I said I thaught I knew better. I never increased my mileage I guess I had just built a consistent base over the years which gave me the improvements,that and being able to pace better.The last one I went through the half in 1.13 and dropped 4 mins in the second half but the reality was when I look at my diaries I actually dropped the 4 minutes in the last 5 k and I thaught I was running up and down on the spot I clearly remember thinking when will this be over !!!.This would be I guess a reasonably low total mileage in training compared to pure runners. RBR,the thing I found was boredom during the later stages of the race because they wernt big fields and you could end up in no mans land and start to lose your focus. A major marathon like boston with massive fields will assist you mentally during the final stages additionally you wont be running alone as whatever your pace there will be lots of similar runners around you. You just need to be conscious of not getting dragged out too quickly. A mate of mine here ran Boston last year and ran a 3.03 and said it was probably the best event in terms of spectator participation he has ever been too. Best of Luck.
  3. Rotto swim canned - shark...

    FFF, Just before you go all bleeding heart read this. Shelley makes reference to standing up for people with no voice.....and that's what I suspect you've grabbed and no think Robson cant speak for himself. Well he can and he has. There is nothing wrong with him he is just a pathological liar,in his job, in his life and in sport. Ive sat in front of this guy and questioned him and has plenty to say.....all of it Bullshit. They are the facts.
  4. Rotto swim canned - shark...

    And Dumb as a bag of hammers !! ZED he isn't at the moment,hes been told he is not welcome.....but.
  5. Rotto swim canned - shark...

    He loves it......it gets him the attention he wouldn't get as a normal athlete otherwise. As for Shelley.......as I said before totally delusional. Clearly cant see the irony of her calling out a cheat. I have no more,i suspect Robson is here to entertain us for a long time yet.!!!!
  6. Rotto swim canned - shark...

    Robson didn't get pulled out during the shark incident as he wasent in that area,he pulled out himself. He got more press on page 27 or 29 of the Sunday Times here yesterday,refering to his cheating and his DNF yesterday along with a very unflattering photo.
  7. New Busso swim course - shark friendly

    Im 59 and im as sure as hell interested Zed !!
  8. New Busso swim course - shark friendly

    There are a bunch of reasons for the changes First off it appears that one of the reasons for the drop in numbers is the whole shark thing,this is not something I understand as I never give it a thaught but if you are the RD you need to take this into account.Since 2000 there have been 15 fatal shark attacks in WA mostly in the south busso and beyond. I suspect that IM now need to be seen to be addressing peoples concerns as do TWA with the May event.Sad but true but if the perception is that being closer to shore helps peoples head space then so be it. SLS have also had some input into it and feel they can cover a closer in 2 lap swim easier. If IM and TWA don't take on board what is being said by SLS and there was an issue it becomes a minefield. I said previously some months ago that in the early days of IM in Busso prior to the jetty having better access from the water as it does now we should not have been swimming that far out to Sea.If you take away the jetty no RD in their right mind would lay a course that sends competitors 2k out to sea.This was originally a request from Busso Shire to showcase the jetty and because the Jetty swim had been around for years. Before you flame me think about this,it is a fact that a percentage of the competitors who do IM WA from overseas have never swum in the ocean prior to Busselton and the Asian competitors of which there are many absolutely shit themselves because they don't swim train anyway. So are we pandering to the lowest common denominator.....yes we are,IM is no longer the event for a field of hard arses and the number of competitors who are bluntly bloody hopeless and are totally undertrained is increasing and the average finish time continues to increase because these people do it as a bucket list thing. So if im IM and im running a business and I need bums on seats to make a profit I pander to the numptys because not all of us are tough guys. Do I agree with it, no I don't, but I understand why. The Sport is Changing we have less people like AP who gets up before he goes to bed,and more and more very average people doing this stuff for different reasons.
  9. New Busso swim course - shark friendly

    The same but in the opposite direction on the other side of the jetty. Start same place out then turn left under the jetty and two laps on the dunsborough side.
  10. Robson racing again...

    Now a Finance Broker.....wanna borrow some money !!!!
  11. Robson racing again...

    Correct Stickman Shelley Taylor is either deluded or in brand protection mode, and she is one of the worlds best self promoters.....and im not sure how that works being hes in her squad doing the damage. The race Director in The USA who was also his long distance coach was exactly the same when presented with the facts from here but she still allowed him to race.
  12. Robson racing again...

    Hold your horses Travis TWA and TA did exactly what was required and right for the sport when we caught Robson cheating. An investigation was undertaken he was found Guilty and served a 2 year ban from Triathlon He is now banned from Ultra Running so they took the same course of action What is it you think we don't have the balls to do. TWA have spoken with STS Swim Squad and RCS and got the same response as ZED got. We don't control other related sports but we sure have let them know. Personally I think he should be banned from any sport including Community fun runs but I have run out of ideas as what anybody thinks can be done. Its good that the Presidents will get the opportunity to go through it with your input but don't just complain....offer some solutions or ideas. TWA are more than happy to listen and act where possible.
  13. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    Couple of things here in terms of the amount of press. There is no way this thing deserves the press its got, its just not that important.......but. Some of us smell a rat Robson is an ex employee of the West Australian and was not a model employee as you might guess,at some stage he has pissed off someone senior at the West and this is payback.....not suggesting he doesn't deserve it just an awful lot of press for something involving amateur sport Add to that fact that Seven West Media own the West Australian and own TriEvents and its a good conspiracy theory.
  14. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    This Morning he has made the front page and page 9 of the West Australian.
  15. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    We did interview him twice at length during the IM and 70.3 investigations.........He isn't a cheat we all made a mistake !! He was given ample opportunity back then to fess up with minimal repurcussions,but he chose to fight the accusations which cost a bloody fortune in members money proving the point. My gut feel having delt with him and talked to him is that he actually enjoys the attention ....good or bad.At last years HBF fun run here in Perth I watched him being heckled by a bunch of runners as we waited for the start.....they were giving it to him both barrels and it was like water off a ducks back. Hes a different human being and I suspect has some serious mental issues. Cheating the way he does takes planning and preparation so its not a spur of the moment thing its premeditated. As Zed said Triathlon and running is the tip of the iceberg in terms of how he has led his life. We had contact with his Ex Wife during the original investigations {she made contact}and she painted a picture of a twisted and odd individual. I sometimes wonder....this is a guy we know is cheating....how many more are we missing whilst distracted by this plonker.