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  1. Triatx

    Equal Pay

    Ok so heres one out of left field The Women in the Porn Industry get paid significantly more than the male performers. The women attract the punters to a greater degree........is this not comparable to what lots are saying about the value of what you are doing and what your worth is on the market.
  2. Triatx

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Apologies for that
  3. Triatx

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Page 1 of this The Customer said 3 so he is the closest.....i said 4 but it took me 4 pages !!
  4. Triatx

    Robson racing again...

    Nah Stickman he is fast His 9.40 Ironman and his 4.35 70.3 are proof !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Triatx

    Chainless Bike

    Stickman......even more $$$ as at this stage its a whole bike with the system as the frame is built around it and not a retrofit. So if its 500 bucks for a pulley wheel the bike must come in at about a bazillion dollars.
  6. Triatx

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Im dissapointed to say i watched the whole 6 minutes of that.....i have no idea why.......i think it was too check if i was tough like you know mentally !! What a pair of Airheads.FFS I am revising my prediction down from 9 to 4......before like you know something goes wrong.
  7. Triatx

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    I think 8 was the number
  8. Triatx

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Day 9 it will all be over.
  9. Triatx

    TriEvents WA

    Willie Tri Events have never had the rights to Busso 70.3 in may. Triathlon WA has the liscence in place until 2021 Tri Events were the contracted Race directors working for TWA.
  10. Triatx

    What do I need to do - 70.3 worlds 2020

    Read APs I believe stuff and take on board the stuff he lists where applicable.
  11. Triatx

    ITU Nottingham last weekend.

    Anyone know what happened to our 4 girls last weekend,4 starters but all DNFs according to the results.
  12. Triatx

    Local Pool entry fee

    Cockburn Aquatic Centre in perth,50m outdoor, 25 m indoor. Buy a 40 swim pass and its 6 bucks a swim. Had a lane to myself at 4pm yesterday. Had a swim in the pool in Monaco last august......11 euros about 16 bucks !!!!!!!
  13. Macca,will never ever have a position on the TA Board. First reason is he will never be nominated by any state body. Second reason is you need to at least pretend you want to help the sport when you are on the board {and yes that's a dig at some past and present board members who were there for their own selfish reasons}. Macca has never pretended its about anyone but himself as a self promotor,and that's fine but it doesn't fit the ethos for above.
  14. Triatx

    How to approach a duathlon (First run)

    Not as good as id hoped as I considered that I could win again.,But no excuses id done the work but wasent good enough on the day. I lead off the bike but faded to finish 4th .Ran 10 mins slower than I usually do,a lesson of sorts I guess. The guys in my age group are all strong and can never be discounted. Roll on next season !!Next up Bali OD in October. You had an ok day by the look of your result.
  15. Triatx

    How to approach a duathlon (First run)

    Im in the 60 to 64 and we started with everybody 55 plus as a group. I was first off in that wave and ran steady but comfortably hard at 4.25 k pace and as ZED said didn't want to be shattered getting on the bike. That pace was fine as most of the guys in my group who are competitive ran within a few seconds of each other.