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  1. Triatx

    What do I need to do - 70.3 worlds 2020

    Read APs I believe stuff and take on board the stuff he lists where applicable.
  2. Triatx

    ITU Nottingham last weekend.

    Anyone know what happened to our 4 girls last weekend,4 starters but all DNFs according to the results.
  3. Triatx

    Local Pool entry fee

    Cockburn Aquatic Centre in perth,50m outdoor, 25 m indoor. Buy a 40 swim pass and its 6 bucks a swim. Had a lane to myself at 4pm yesterday. Had a swim in the pool in Monaco last august......11 euros about 16 bucks !!!!!!!
  4. Macca,will never ever have a position on the TA Board. First reason is he will never be nominated by any state body. Second reason is you need to at least pretend you want to help the sport when you are on the board {and yes that's a dig at some past and present board members who were there for their own selfish reasons}. Macca has never pretended its about anyone but himself as a self promotor,and that's fine but it doesn't fit the ethos for above.
  5. Triatx

    How to approach a duathlon (First run)

    Not as good as id hoped as I considered that I could win again.,But no excuses id done the work but wasent good enough on the day. I lead off the bike but faded to finish 4th .Ran 10 mins slower than I usually do,a lesson of sorts I guess. The guys in my age group are all strong and can never be discounted. Roll on next season !!Next up Bali OD in October. You had an ok day by the look of your result.
  6. Triatx

    How to approach a duathlon (First run)

    Im in the 60 to 64 and we started with everybody 55 plus as a group. I was first off in that wave and ran steady but comfortably hard at 4.25 k pace and as ZED said didn't want to be shattered getting on the bike. That pace was fine as most of the guys in my group who are competitive ran within a few seconds of each other.
  7. Triatx

    Busso Half.. and the women’s winner is?

    Its been the First or second week in may for 33 years......The traditionilists will riot !!!!
  8. Triatx

    Busso Half.. and the women’s winner is?

    ZED 3 Years ago the council asked us to give sunday a go for a whole series of reasons including the amount of Saturday kids sport in Busselton which tied up parents who volunteer at our event. Weve tried it and we are not totally happy with it for reasons you suggest and a couple of other impacts so it will be looked at in the next couple of months and a decision made.It may also include a date move back to late march or early april to shorten what is a long season here.
  9. Triatx

    Busso Half.. and the women’s winner is?

    The Lead Bike turned to get out of the way and to not ride over the timing mats at the turnaround.....The witches hats continued on past where he turned, to where the turnaround was which everybody could see. Crowley says they ran past the turnaround on the next lap intentionally to make up the extra ground they missed on lap 1.......so what... are the officials supposed to check the girls garmins to see they had gone 21.1 !! and not 20.9 or whatever. They are supposed to know the rules and the course .The right decision was made.
  10. Triatx

    Busso Half.. and the women’s winner is?

    Nobody but the 3 girls to blame but themselves.....it was a stupid mistake for which they are trying to deflect blame. Shit happens. The event yesterday was a cracker despite the conditions and there wasent any drama bar these girls getting it wrong.
  11. Triatx

    Busso 70.3 swim cancelled

    Peter ,that map you have put up is from ironman not TWA 70.3 and is about 6 years old. May 70.3 doesent go anywhere near that area. The girls turned 100m short of the far end of the run course ,despite being able to see the turn as it was marked with cones timing mats cameras and barriers. The lead cyclist turned early to get out of their way and they followed him.They were told to go back but ignored the instructions. Nobody else including torrenzo who was well in front of them made the same mistake and his lead cyclist did the same. You could see the bloddy turn from where they were.
  12. Triatx

    IM Texas on now

    For those who don't know the early history From when IM NZ started, up to and including 1987 the race was 3.2 swim 161 Bike and 32 k run. In 1988 it changed to the full distance. Both New Zealand and the original Ironman Japan at Lake BIWA were the same in the early days. At the time when they started they were the first 2 liscenced IM outside of Hawaii. IMNZ was at Mission Bay in Auckland as you said Rory. Both the bike and the first 18k of the run were really hilly.
  13. Triatx

    IM Texas on now

    Sweeeeet Ironman New Zealand 1987....8.54 it is for me as my PB for an Ironman.......of sorts. Those who know the history of the sport will pick up on this statement. What a crock Ironman.
  14. Triatx

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    The RD doesn't make the decision to cancel, shorten,or whatever the swim. He is part of the group who discuss the issue, if there is one, and the final decision is made by the contracted water safety people which is Surf Life Saving. No RD will ever go against there recommendation as if it went to shit and ended up in court he wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Next Weekend there will be no Shark Issues.
  15. Triatx

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    IMWA contracts in place for 2018 and 2019......after that who knows.