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  1. plus 2018 Gold Coast So 5 World Champs
  2. In Miles press release he says Australia has hosted 3 World Champs. 1991 Gold Coast 1997 Perth 2000 Perth 2009 Perth Long Course That's 4 in my book.
  3. Having just turned 60 and after 34 years in the sport I have lots of data to show how and when the decline in speed started with me. In saying that I ran a 20.21 at Parkrun recently and a sub 21 off the bike. The decline started at 51,or became more obvious then,or I was prepared to accept that it was happening instead of pretending it was an aberration. The thing that I think has kept some speed is track every Tuesday and lots of short intervals. We do multiple sets of 4 by 200s with 30 seconds break....same as referred to by Coach in his post above. We refer to them as speed endurance....my excuse for not being able to run flat out!!!!!! Further into the programme we mix 200s with 400s. The running has seen the biggest drop off,the swimming not a lot but I suspect thats being technically better. Cycling again based on times over particular climbs have dropped off as the strength goes as we age. All of this despite less work and life pressure being less and allowing more time to train. As Coach said there will be no more PBs ever and that is hard mentally. AP was correct, in my case I now never run 2 days in a row,so it becomes 3 runs one week and 4 the next.This is the one thing I should have taken on board a lot of years earlier.
  4. My comments all relate to the 2012 race which was a load of crap. So whilst Sundays was Ok and that's good how come they wernt even close with the swim course measurement. Ive spoken with a guy in my age group from perth who is a 33 to 34 minute swimmer on an accurate course and he swam 44 as did lots of the age groupers.
  5. Despite what the RIA has said the event was never long term as it simply does not stack up financially. Its like reinventing the wheel, we did it for 14 years and it didn't stack up that's why we ended up in Busso That and the fact the RIA are complete turds to deal with and nothings changed. And yes Athletes carrying on like brats who think they own the place doesn't help. Its an A class protected reserve for kids and families on holidays not triathletes carrying on like self entitled tossers.
  6. Triatx

    The Ironman story

    The bit that caught my eye was who the manager of Wandas sport division is......Blatters nephew. I hope he doesn't have the same ethics that his uncle does or did at FIFA.
  7. Couple of thaughts on this subject In 33 years in the sport and more than 350 races ive had two penalties. One for blocking by riding too close to the middle of the road years ago and a drafting penalty in the most recent Busselton 70.3. Both were correct calls made by the TOs. We are dealing with a different culture and a different type of competitor than we were years ago when we were brought up on a no drafting scenario only. As soon as the sport became an Olympic event and the itu went to drafting races the game changed.More than 80 percent of todays competitors came into the sport after the itu changes. My thaughts are that todays competitor in the main don't have the same ties to the old days or the same thaughts about drafting that some of us do. They watch TV they see the pros drafting,they see that we can now draft at the ITU age group world champs.....so its less of an issue and not really at the top of the list. I can speak from WA terms and tell you that the average time span in triathlon for competitors today is 3 to 4 years this is a fact based on turn over and entry and membership statistics.New people don't have the same history that the bulk of the people on this forum have so they really don't care. For me having recently raced my first draft legal series here in wa at the age of 60 was a learning experience. Draft legal races don't destroy the sport they add to it.You need to develop your skills to suit a particular type of racing.Swim Faster and run better............The pros had to adept. Id like to continue to do both and try and be competitive in both formats because theres room for both. But ill tell you what as a former Race Director its interesting to see at the draft legal events the competitors after talking amongst themselves about who did the most turns and who worked..........takes all the pressure off RDs and TOs and gets rid of one of the bug bears of our sport.
  8. Hey Paul As Stickman says the RD is a little laid back in his operation procedures......Nothing wrong with his races just a different take on things. Why don't you do his Australia Day Point Walter Race first to see how it is before going to Jurien. Also Jurien Bay was once a place the windsurfers used to set speed records at so I gives you an idea what can happen with the wind.
  9. First Race Febuary 1985 at Bicton in perth Raced every year since then with lots of races every year. Currently at 342 Triathlons including about 25 Halfs/70.3s and 10 IMs. Just looked at it and worked out I have competed overseas nearly 40 times. also just thaught how much this must have cost in 33 years.......jesus !!!!!
  10. Triatx

    Busso 2018

    Is the 70.3 start list up yet....im looking but cant see it.
  11. Zed 10 or 15 mins slower on the bike so it feels comfortable will gain you 20 mins on the run. A 5.15 to 5.20 will have you run well and passing the guys who went too hard on the bike. Be patient its all about the second half of the run.
  12. Good West Australian Age Group story happening this weekend David and Michelle Boyes both Very competitive age group athletes will do their 10th consecutive Hawaii as husband and wife. Got married on the island 10 years ago. Both have placed in top 5 in respective age groups multiple times. Best of luck to them.
  13. Triatx

    Busso 2018

    It was looked at a number of years back Only a handrail on one side and not wide enough with the train tracks. At night in the dark a good chance some one struggling could step straight off.
  14. Agree with ZED Clearly something happened,but id suggest its not as bad as Garcia suggests otherwise the authorities would have been all over it. Any sort of violence against women is not acceptable but Garcia has a pretty average Track Record in life as a human being. Multiple stints in Jail,charges for theft,corruption and a past full of violence which he sees as a way to assert himself. Hes looking for relevance when his time has passed him by. If im wrong im sure if Macca turns up in Kona the authorites will have a chat with him. Two people actually know what happened.......and it aint any of us.
  15. Triatx

    Equal Pay

    Ok so heres one out of left field The Women in the Porn Industry get paid significantly more than the male performers. The women attract the punters to a greater degree........is this not comparable to what lots are saying about the value of what you are doing and what your worth is on the market.
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