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  1. The IOC have already stated the decision will be made the first week of May. They have said there will be no delay it is either on or cancelled. A delay has too many knock on effects Interesting the last cancelled olympics was also Tokyo if ive reserched correctly.
  2. Triatx

    5km world record

    And to add to it the course is not flat the run up to the tunnel on the way out is reasonably long .
  3. Triatx


    Just read some of the stuff on Anthony Colpo .com about his court case with Durian Rider.......Bloody hell what a circus.
  4. Triatx


    Jesus dont lock this thread,this is brilliant way better than Days of our Lives,its really very funny to watch a psyco at work!!! Maybe im too old now or its just how social media is, but what the F--K is Driving this Guy . Bored,whats with his car and the amount of time he spends lecturing people,is he some sort of Rich Kid that the parents support or is he self made. The comments from his ex girlfriend should bring an end to him but he just keeps going.!!!!!
  5. Triatx

    Busso 2019

    Let me wade into this with a bit of History Back when IM Australia was at Forster there was a concerted move by Queensland in particular to pinch the event and get it relocated to Qld.This was in the final few years of Foster when IMG was the liscence holder and looking for better financial offers and were open to moving.This shit from Qld was really giving the NSW athletes the shits. We here in WA and I mean me and the then president of TWA talked with Eventscorp Wa and we approached IMG with a different proposition. Don't get rid of Forster lets do another one in WA as at the time we provided the numbers that proved it would work.. As history tells it happened and the first one was held in Busso in 2004 and we are still here 16 events later. All this is in Ken Baggs book. What it doesn't say is that the event starting in WA gave lot of NSW and VIc athletes the shits because Vic also wanted an event. So I suspect there is a large amount of Jelousy borne on the east coast by some of the old timers. The fact that WA has run 3 itu world Championships has an Ironman and a successful 70.3 doesn't sit well with some. Not suggesting Bored at Work fits in that catogary....but theres plenty of them with reason to bag Busso.
  6. Triatx

    New 70.3 in Oceania

    That's a wild guess
  7. Triatx

    Brownlee racing IMWA

    Terrenzo went Ok there.
  8. Triatx

    Stikman for Pres!

    Additionally it took an awful long time until the current board reached out to the former board people who had the experience to provide some input.{this was despite a number of offers}What happens in all walks of life is that the new kids on the block feel they would be showing a weakness by asking for assistance.
  9. Triatx

    Stikman for Pres!

    Stickman Whilst Ross may well have had the best intrests of the sport at heart {and he and I have had many discussions about it since his removal}there are ways to go about things that still follow procedure that would have led to less anguish at board level. You cannot as President make decisions on your own or do things without board approval.{despite the fact that Ross may have been frustrated with his board its not on}He went Rogue and as such was given a choice to step down or be removed .He decided to step down but remain a board member and sit back ,listen and learn.This was the right choice because he can be a valuable member and bring a lot to the sport. Steve Norton is an appointed member and didn't need to be voted in.The board is able to appoint 2 additional members to the board if and when they see fit. The issue with the current board is that apart from Steve Norton you have very little in the way of retained memory.Most of the board are 3 to 4 year people with some only having 2 years experience.When you have the issues the board has had this year such as the 70.3 discussions you don't have the background to be able to make a quick and correct decision as was seen this year.
  10. Triatx

    Stikman for Pres!

    Whilst he is nominating for a Board Position he is not running for President. At Saturdays AGM the members vote for the nominees not for the positions....The elected Board then decide on the President/Vice president at the first board meeting after the AGM. This is how the TWA constitution works. Stickman you need to bring yourself up to speed on how it differs to club level.
  11. This is old news The investigation into the Triathletes is done and dusted. Some Triathletes were being sent to see the Dodgy Mr Singh by a well known coach. Its only come up again because some doctor who dealt with Singh has been sprung for something else and they have joined the dots.
  12. Triatx

    Tokyo Test Event

    Peter,fair enough Make it a medium sized hat !!
  13. Triatx

    Tokyo Test Event

    Peter Correct me if im wrong but you said that the event Meant nothing to GB in terms of selection. My understanding is that if Vicky Holland had finished on the podium as a previous medallist at Olympics she gets a start next year in Tokyo. So as a conspiracy theory hows this one Holland finished 5th as she did ,first and second get DQd so Holland gets elevated to 3rd and books her spot.GB team are happy. So who says 1st and 2nd didn't do it under instruction. !
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