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  1. And that Stickman is the connection.!!!
  2. TC, As someone who has been through this same scenario while at board level in WA it is an incredibly stressful and in the end wasteful experience. ASADA sort of had a go on this particular one but because it was Age Groupers they didn't have a lot of appetite for it and it died a death despite the work we put into it. ASADA don't have the resources and unfortunately unless it is in the public intrest they shy away from it. Your friend would be better off going direct to IM particuarly as they will test in France.Whoever the person is needs to be put on the their radar so they can look at it.That worked for us with our seriel WA cheat when he went to Las Vegas a few years back.
  3. Hey ZED Mark Robson also had the fastest swim a few years ago at 70.3 Busso in a long sleeved wetsuit.....he said it made all the difference to his swimming.................................................................Sorry couldn't help myself !!!!!!
  4. As I said above there are not enough non Sheep people for private stuff to survive.
  5. It is an unfortunate fact of life that it is very difficult at this point in time for a non IM branded 70.3 distance to survive or to have anywhere near the entry numbers that IM branded events attract. Sure you can maybe do a couple of years but with little dollar return and a huge workload it soon becomes unviable. Clubs or associations running events relay on cheap or volunteer labour which in turn causes burnout in a short period of time. We have been through this in WA. For some reason a vast majority of the entrants somehow think that the IM brand adds credibility even if they arnt attracted to qualifying spots.This is in the end the demise of private 70.3 distance events. Lots of us say we would support a private race but there are not enough of us saying or doing that to make it viable. New people to the sport are dazzeled by the IM promotion so that's where they go. In WA we now have 2 IM 70.3s cannibilising each other with the advent of the December event taking numbers away from the May event run by TWA. Sure, its not the only reason numbers are down but its a fact that lots of people wont do 2 in a season and despite the fact that the May event is 33 years old people don't always support it because they choose December at the start of the season. In my opinion as a competitor in December for the 70.3 we really were considered very much just an add on to the Ironman as second class citizens. The May event as a stand alone 70.3 its all about just those competitors.
  6. Triatx

    Port - Race Day

    All the spots for France at Busso went and a few people who wanted them missed out. A near punch up when people wernt following the rules. I know as I was on the receiving end of abuse whilst helping run the roll down as these dudes had missed the turn up time.
  7. Perhaps not that one !!
  8. ZED Plans already underway for some reasonably major changes from next year on......some you have mentioned.
  9. V8 Supercars don't have equal prizemoney Simone Desilva races with the boys !!!!!
  10. The Busso 70.3 and the half before it has always been on the first weekend of May.......for like 30 years. IM shifted Port Mac to clash with us a few years ago........their idea !!!
  11. Dr Singh was as dodgy as it gets.....a number of cyclists and Triathletes got caught up with him.
  12. Paid $195 for a 137k ride last weekend in perth with no road closures !!
  13. Triatx

    AP's training tip #2

    Back in the late 80s and early 90s there was a very well known married couple of top end triathletes in Perth. Every Saturday morning was a long hills ride which started at the old Raffles Hotel at exactly 6.00am. The husband who was a legend here called the shots on the ride......at some stage he and his wife separated . The Saturday after the separation we were about 10 k into the ride and I was on the front with the husband who is a good mate of mine when all of a sudden the ex wife rolls up alongside yelling at him about why we didn't wait for her as she was only 5 mins late and what a prick he was for not waiting. He looked at her then looked at me then said pull up and stop. So we now have 25 riders stopped and he says to everyone that she is now going to apologise to everyone and explain why her time is more important than anyone elses and how we all should have waited for her, for who knows how long, for her to MAYBE turn up. That is a Harsh but true storey.........she was never late again....neither was anyone else.!!!!!!!
  14. plus 2018 Gold Coast So 5 World Champs
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