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  1. Hi all, To answer the earlier question - this was my A race. At least for Spring and first part of summer. Mainly as Wanaka full got cancelled after I entered it, but still going over for the half. Good to chat to Cape Horn at the start, and glad everyone got around. I had a great time, that swim was a fun challenge huh. The bike was a good challenge too, the last hour was as good a test as any IM I've done. And the run was fun. Coming from Canberra I love a run by the beach. So for the record, I had a 1.08 swim, 5.18 bike and 3.11 run, 9.38 total and 3rd overall. But holy smokes I could see some runners making up time. And I agree that I hope this continues as a great alternative to IM branded races. cheers Adrian
  2. How did your race go? Or are you just a keyboard warrior jerk?
  3. Haha. That describes my whole triathlon career.
  4. I had a good day - and got my ass kicked. I was in the mix - ran 1.29 flat which I'm happy with, overall 4.31 and it only got me 13th in 45-49. There's some fast old cats up there. Like you - that weather helped me coming from Canberra. Really enjoyed the day though. cheers,
  5. Yeah Jezz that was me in the cupcake kit. Nice ride back from the far turn with me. I should go check my photoes to look for the same! How'd the rest of your race go?
  6. I wonder if it was you I was riding with coming back to T2. If not, then there was an identical female who won one of the 30 age groups doing exactly the same.
  7. FuiFui


    In. First time racing, looking forward to it.
  8. FuiFui

    Ultimate Callala?

    Yep in for the 2/60/15 on Sunday. Great spot and such a fun distance.
  9. Pipe down Charlie. What would you know. Other than your 9:30 and your KQ. And don't blame us for Will's have baked FTP test attempt. j/k. Sorry I missed your 3 hour ride with 90 minute cake stop too. See you up at Jindy again?
  10. Yes indeed Cam. Good point. In fact TQ proves my earlier point that there's a lot of really good training not run by the triathlon clubs. And there's real strong guys (and girls) in and around these groups - evidenced the Quoners record. TQ deserves due respect for the fit-spiration behind Whackit
  11. Whackit 2 (out of 7 members), Bilbies 2, PTC 0 * posted with a wink
  12. Welcome. There's also plenty of us who may be members of those clubs, but don't do their club sessions. For me, I'm coached remotely, so do my own thing, mixed in with my group of mates, but are always crossing paths with the club groups here and there. There's also Canberra Cycling Club rides to weave into the mix. You can't ride on the Highway or the Brindabellas without rolling past regulars that'll (generally) wave and say hi. You're more than welcome to join our little group of a handful of us who whack each other Saturdays and Sundays, and sometimes weekday mornings. Cheers, Fui
  13. Hi all, In response to the request for more race reports, attached is a write up of my Kona race. I will say in my earlier days in the sport I gained a lot from reading peoples race reports, as cringe worthy as writing them sometimes can be. Apologies for linking to this document - I can't seem to cut and paste the text into this post, and didn't ant to sit here and re-type the lot! Ironman Hawaii 2016 Race Report.pdf Ironman Hawaii 2016 Race Report.pdf Ironman Hawaii 2016 Race Report.pdf
  14. Afternoon / evening Trannie Nation, Yep that's me. I'll be brief on my last evening over here. Holy cow - this race is another level fatiguing than anything else. I thought maybe 15-20 minutes more fatiguing, but it's more like 35-45. I was quite good shape, and I was more focussed on executing well than a time goal, but to bike and run at a 'fast' level here is something else. I liken it to another sport again. I guess the harder bike conditions from the gun (unlike other places round the world that it gets hot at say midday) the whole bike must be so fatiguing that it affects you (well, me anyway) from minute 1 of the run. Plus having to (again, me anyway) walk - not choosing to, HAVING to - walk EVERY aid station just to reset the body, cold down a touch, and hydrate kills your average run pace. I really didn't lose much pace from early to late in the run, just could never rev up the motor to get quicker. And the second half of my run was actually in cloud cover thankfully. The whole run in the full sun we had for the bike would be something else. But, keen to see if I can give it a better shake now I've seen it once. Cheers all Fui
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