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  1. Youngy2

    Busso 2019

    We are in - think it’s my 4th at Busso
  2. How was roll down? I think the F45-49 rolled down to 13th
  3. I work on the rule -- anything above the neck ( slight sore throat, running nose) - is OK to train but don't get HR up and cut back on the running Anything below the neck -- rest
  4. Youngy2

    Froome GONE

    Saturday 6 July
  5. My hubby liked the sleep in's when I would get up early and train -- then he started riding with me for part of my training -- then all of my rides. Then he started swimming with me and then running...now he does just about everything with me. Now 12 years later from when I started, and he is lining up in Cairns for his 4th Ironman. He starts work at 7am and works 10 hour days -- so we get up at 4am most mornings and finish by 6.30am at the latest
  6. Cairns #2 for me and 1st Cairns for Hubby
  7. Youngy2

    All things IM NZ

    Does anyone get the TA membership upgrade ($192) to cover racing overseas ?
  8. We are in -- looking forward to it. This will be my 4th HOTW - have missed it for the last 2 years
  9. Don't go with Titan Performance - a know a few that did and haven't had a good experience -- fit didn't match their sizing chart, not responsive to messages, poor communication, took over 9 weeks to arrive, they didn't have sample sizes to try on (even when I offered to pay for postage both ways) They did eventually replace a tri top that I ordered -(ordered early July) after I sent lots of photos of the garment and measuring tapes that showed it wasn't even in their sizing measurements. However the garment still crawled up my torso - back and front like a caterpillar - so I got 15cm lycra sewed onto the bottom so at least I could wear it ( otherwise that was $200 down the drain) - it arrived a week before Busso
  10. Youngy2

    Busso 2018

    What was even better was hiring mtb from The Hairy Marron plus the trails that are nearby are in excellent condition and loads of fun
  11. Youngy2

    Busso 2018

    Bit cooler ☃️☃️ Here then in QLD we are sitting near heaters - but maybe it’s colder in the house then outside — have to venture out to go to the swim shortly ❄️
  12. Youngy2

    Noosa Tri 2018

    Going to be hot -- 33 degrees temperature now
  13. We will be there from Thursday night
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