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  1. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    I did Perth OD in 2009 - for Gold Coast Worlds in 2009 - they were double points -- and I did worse in that then in the normal qualifying races
  2. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Trying out for both OD and SD -- OD - Townsville, Robina, Canberra, Mooloolaba SD - Kawana, Canberra, Luke Harrop Points for best 3 races
  3. Points required for world age group team

    😄 i checked that out last night — think was nearly 60 names in my AG for the sprint lots of long lists for all the AG Sprint
  4. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    Don't think so --- I did some research when I first started triathlon. Someone was attacked in USA on one occasion -- but was in a training swim
  5. So I'm hearing Busso Ironman is the last one

    Do you think they will put some shark netting up or just cancel it again if shark spotted ? for future years?
  6. Jackie Fairweather -Canberra

    They said at race briefing you can draft off same sex.and they had a gap of 25 mins between last male wave and 1st female wave It felt like I worked a lot harder on the bike then I would have normally if doing it solo ( — it was just like doing a bike race- ) - I was in a group of strong riders ) Possibly my legs may have been fresher in the run but I know my heart rate was at the high end
  7. Jackie Fairweather -Canberra

    Yes - was me — bike was so much fun - from the start worked with 2 other ladies then picked up a really strong rider from younger age group and the 4 of us worked together until the end of the bike leg. 20km ( apparently was 22km ) went in a flash. water wasn’t too bad for Canberra - no wetsuit as it was 22.4 degrees geeat race
  8. Jackie Fairweather -Canberra

    If people in a bike race don't work together - the pack soon gets sick of them -- as it's only 20km -- think it will work well if small group -- but I'll take it as it comes -- makes no sense to be out the front all the time while others have the benefit of drafting -- see what happens
  9. Jackie Fairweather -Canberra

    Who else is doing this? Will be my first draft legal triathlon. I'm thinking best to try work together in groups of 2 or 3 (in your own AG/wave) --- not sure how that will happen -- but going to try
  10. QTS SEQ series 2017/18

    I hadn't done the Kawana course before - but it was a lot better than I thought it would be-- only a couple of people drafting (no big packs maybe in groups of 2) -- I didn't see any accidents (although I heard someone came off the bike ) and most people held their line when cornering -- good road surface
  11. SBS Insight pushing the limits

    That make sense ---thanks
  12. SBS Insight pushing the limits

    What episode is it? -- I can't see it "on demand" -- thinking it must be 36 or 37 as can't see either of those
  13. Went to Roth this year - because of destination and iconic event...and was good as it is in Germany -- so my sister and youngest son (and of course hubby) came. Thinking of going back to Busso end of 2018 -( I've heard through 2 sources that it will be on ) as our youngest son (15 yrs) said he would only ever go there as a destination - triathlon /holiday --and wasn't interested in coming with us any where else -- so would probably the last time he does
  14. QTS - Race 3 - Kawana

    Wetsuit optional at the Hundy tomorrow — so you never know - lucky we threw ours in just in case
  15. QTS - Race 3 - Kawana

    Anyone taking their wetsuit ? Just in case - with all this cold weather we have had lately