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  1. I'm in QLD and yes would race. I don't normally do Noosa but think all QLD races would have Covid Plan in place --- certain time to register and rack bike etc. I don't usually visit the expos anyway
  2. Think they are up to the Edge 830 now ? What's the battery life like -- I have a 520 at the moment and battery only lasts for about 6 hours or so
  3. Fingers crossed the 2 QLD races go ahead. QLD will have a lot to lose if COVID comes back badly - with the AFL and Netball moving here for the rest of 2020.
  4. If all goes well and we can fly to NZ for the IM 2021 - what is the best way to travel with 2 bikes each. Thinking of doing the IM (TT bike) and then doing some touring on our touring bikes. Courier a bike ahead or pay for extra baggage ? Can't seem to find prices for extra baggage and also if courier ahead -- which company is best/cheapest
  5. We both got in - I was entering at 7am to make sure....
  6. Youngy2

    IM WA 2020

    We always get a hire car from Perth Airport - so we always have transport for Busso. We've been doing AirBnB each time now that we go.
  7. Youngy2

    Cairns IM 2020

    I have entered both Port Mac and Cairns IM - I'm happy there is a date - enough to keep me motivated, and even though it's only 2 weeks apart I am not going to complain like most people of Facebook . .... and if it doesn't work out and it gets cancelled -- who knows. Looks like Australia and NZ will lift some restrictions in the next 2 months
  8. In QLD Riding and running as normal - although I'm picking quieter roads - as I don't want any aggro from "cabin fever" drivers Swim - in a large creek that is on private property and also 40mins to Hervey Bay Gym - I'm set up at home - so no change there Just no races for awhile
  9. Wonder when we will hear about Ironman Cairns 2020
  10. Youngy2


    My hubby works for a company that has foundries in China. One of the guys over there rang him last night ( from Shangdong Provence )-- which is 1000km away from Wuhan. They are all 90% back at work - they all still wear masks and everyone gets their temperature checked 3 times a day. He is surprised that Australia hasn't taken more action. Also then talking to someone that had his sister return from overseas -- at every international airport, she was checked for her temperature before being allowed to pass through. Arrived in Brisbane, a customs guy just asked her how she was feeling - she replied tired and she just passed through.
  11. Was a great race --- great race with great friends. Well organised as usual and the weather gods shined a light on Goondiwindi - with no rain and no heat.. Had a fantastic tailwind on the 2nd lap bike back into town ( 1st time since I've done them since 2014 - usually a headwind ) Looking forward to see what 2021 brings ✅
  12. I was always Mizuno Waver Riders -- went to podiatrist in Brisbane and he suggested Asics Roadhawk as it has a lower heel to toe . My hubby wears Nike Pegausus - he has high arches and also orthotics
  13. Youngy2

    Busso 2019

    We thought so as well
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