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    Dcrainmaker and Power

    In the Cycling Maven Video, DC he prefers the Powertap PM as it's the most accurate and is to use cause he can transfer them to other bike easily.
  2. It's a condition thing, I use to have the same problem. The doctor told me it's when all the blood leaves your bowels and goes to your muscles, this releases your bowels and want to go to the toilet. You just have to either go before you leave for your run and slowly condition your body so it doesn't happen. Can take some time for this to happen. Hope you can get it sorted.
  3. NW55

    Bike backpack

    Have a look at this one, I rate it highly... http://henty.cc/cycling/
  4. NW55

    Crowie (new bike)

    Officially announced, Argon 18 have signed Crowie.
  5. Great bloke doing it for a great cause... He will kill it.
  6. Wow!! I wouldn't want to take on Sunny, he isn't a man to mess with... It will be interesting to see how Macca deals with this, especially if the accusations are true.. Violence against women shouldn't be tolerated, he should know better.
  7. The GP Corporation spokesman said that IM was cancelled due to commercial reasons... From what i'm hearing it was due to the lack on entries and the GP clash was just their excuse to get out while they can... It is a massive disappointment, it was a great event and a big loss for Triathlon. I just hope a good regional city/town can now step up and take over this event. Would be great to see this in Geelong, they have always put on a good 70.3 event.
  8. So was there a Trannie on 3AW Rumour file this morning under the code name of Spokes? Someone got on today saying that IM Melb has been cancelled due to the GP...
  9. Yes you can claim against the driver and you should be able to claim your medical costs with TAC.
  10. The date change has been confirmed, the F1 GP will be on March 20 meaning it is clashing again with IM Melb. http://www.speedcafe.com/2015/09/30/australian-grand-prix-confirms-date-change/
  11. Yes that does look correct, WTC would be pissed to have to move it again... Not sure if the major events would let this clash again.
  12. Rumour I heard was they were snorting coke in a bar in St Kilda... I'm sure NZ were really happy with them blaming the meat.
  13. Not Aaron, but glad the found the low life... Hopefully they will be able to track the bike down for you..
  14. A friend of mine saw a Shiv been ridden around Ricmond Commision homes today. Check FB for a post on triathlon marketplace... He said the guy looked suspicious with trackies, no helmet and baseball cap backwards.
  15. NW55

    South Yarra Pool

    SYS is now closed and all the facilities are no longer available to the public.
  16. That's the plan once I build up the new machine.. Shame you don't have any parts left over from the Silver Bullet.
  17. So now I really only need two items, so hopefully someone out there can help me... Trinity Parts required, Fork: medium frame (Tri version, not UCI) Nose Cone: Medium/High Hopefully someone out there might have one for me.
  18. Hi guys, just seeing what might be out there. I'm looking for the following parts to build up a Giant Trinity frame, Nose Cone: Medium High Fork: Medium Base Bar Aero pads and spacers Aero bar attachments Seat post: preferably uncut but will consider cut versions I'm not worried about colours or paint scratches as I will be getting the frame painted. Let me know what you have, any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  19. You really need to be careful now what you do behind people with the new fly6 rear light with built in cameras.
  20. NW55

    PJ's Crank Arm

    YouTube clip explaining its benefits, http://youtu.be/CLZJYSg1aZo
  21. NW55

    Cyclists down

    http://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/cyclists-injured-in-vehicular-accident-in-mascot-sydney/story-fnj3rq0y-1226856064106 More on what happened.
  22. Having been a player and a ref at a high level I can give some advice. Firstly you should attend the tribunal cause if you don't you will receive the maximum for all charges regardless if you are innocent, then you will get another 2 weeks for not attending. Now regardless of how the ref performed you can't dispute the call, no matter if it's a good or bad call. Everyone makes mistakes and ref's are no different. Do the ref's trash talk you when you miss a shot or turn the ball over??? No!! So put yourself in their position before saying or doing anything. The best solution for you here is your witnesses. If you have witnesses, especially the opposition team you have a good chance. Don't personally attack the kid like you have with you first post. Your behaviour and your questions in the tribunal will be vital as will the evidence your witnesses will give. Make sure you sit down with your witnesses and go through all the each situation step by step and make sure you all have the same story. You have said the confrontation was restrained, that's your impression. The ref might have felt otherwise, he might have felt threatened by your tone or how you or your team have approached him. You really need to put yourself in his shoes and think about his side of the story. By doing this you might have a better chance of getting off. Personally I think you and your team shouldn't have been reported, this has been poorly handle by both parties and is a real waste of the tribunals time. Any good ref with good confrontational skills could have dealt with this on the court, no matter if it was a good or bad call.
  23. Looks like they read the Mark Robson thread and didn't want anyone cutting the course... ;-)
  24. Sorry to hear that Guinness. You have the thoughts from not only myself but everyone from transitions.
  25. A GPS based timing chip should fix course cutters.
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