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  1. I found relief with taping my foot. However my bout of PF was quite mild- the weak point in my kinetic chain appears to be my Achilles. I think AP is correct in that it all starts in the hips/core. You need to treat the symptoms when they occur, but you also need to get to the core (deliberate weak pun) of the problem.
  2. Can anyone help me out with info about what the $12 USAT on-day race licence covers us for? I have my usual travel insurance policy, but not sure that would cover me for something that occurred while racing. The one-day fee supposedly includes insurance - but I can't find anything about the actual cover. I could take out TA's international travel insurance cover as well, but that's just more $$$ and possibly doubling up. (And I can't actually find any information on how to apply for that.) (Damn I hate insurance - everyone just says " you should check your policy wording" etc but it's pretty much impossible to get a straight answer about whether you would be insured in a certain situation).
  3. 1147 Wardy I'm actually struggling for a few reasons at the moment, and finding the compulsory being-excited-about going-to-Kona a bit hard.
  4. Oh crap, BigRig, that's terrible. On a side note, i saw my GP today and asked what sort of standard health checks i should be having at my age. She mentioned depression and said she sees some patients who have struggled for years, including expensive but ineffective counselling who finally get medication and wonder why they didnt years earlier.
  5. Wardy

    Dried bananas

    I have a dehydrating machine, and make my own dried banana pieces. It's a bit fiddly because you have to turn them over to dry out both sides, but they turn out really nicely. A bit chewy, depending how long you dry them for. My problem is I like them too much and eat too many! (I wouldn't eat 3 whole bananas in a sitting, but you can do it too easily when they're dried). I was keen to try other things - like making veggie chips, but that didn't work so well, so I'm sticking with the bananas. (My mother used to make dried figs and apples, and apricots - just by putting them in trays in the sun (with some ant-management infrastructure). That worked Ok in the Adelaide summer, but I think they might just go mouldy in Brisbane.)
  6. Yep, call it a rest week and get back in the pool tomorrow.
  7. Wardy

    6 weeks to Kona

    My gels were tasting like soap during my run today - does that count?
  8. Lachie, do you have a contact to get a spare/replacement visor then? I've been searching online but can't find anywhere.
  9. baha - love the way you put it TC. But yes, I'm afraid to say I'd be peeved to see my name in the results behind someone who looked like that. There are some decent athletes around who carry a little extra weight - but they do at least have visible muscle definition in their quads when they're running!
  10. Wardy

    6 weeks to Kona

    About to head out the door for this week's long run. 26km is the goal today. Can you tell I'm procrastinating about it? I've deliberatey left it until the middle of the day to try to get comfortable running in the heat. But it's a little overcast and not as warm as the last few days, so that plan isn't really working. I'll be running past all the people having nice fathers' day lunches. Sigh. This Ironman caper is stupid.
  11. 5 sessions done for the week, with a total of 17.5km. I'd like to get back to the pool this afternoon to finish off 20km for the week, but still have my long run to do so don't think that's going to happen. 5km yesterday was my longest ever set in the pool. Swimming is feeling good, but I'm not getting any bloody faster. Can't believe how busy the pool was on a Sunday morning!
  12. Yep, I have one. Love it. Will be getting another at this price!
  13. The problem I have with the royal commission is that we're NOT hearing those stories. The only things reported have been the questioning of Julia Gillard (which came across as mud-slinging), Kevin (who managed to sound like a twat - but we already knew that), and Shorten (along with Heydon's frustration that he answered using complete sentences). If the commission has uncovered issues of real importance, it's a pity this has been lost behind the distractions.
  14. Definitely Spring in Brisbane. Pool is filling up with people who have realised that Noosa is coming up soon. A few swimming in wetsuits ahead of the Sunny Coast 70.3. My tan is starting to get quite solid. I might have to resort to evening swims soon so that I don't bake. Couldn't do it yesterday, but managed 4.5km today. Bored.
  15. Wardy

    How old are you?

    When's the age date? :-) Only because I'm racing a different age-group to my actual age this year thanks to a December birthday.
  16. Bizarre. Why would you bother going to all that effort? And if you could really be bothered going to so much effort, why not put in the effort to train and actually get there legitimately? Edit to add: hm, did some googling and she looks like one of those people who has concocted a very elaborate lie, gathering sponsors, etc. Sad.
  17. 3 down, 1 to go. Hoping to let myself retire from IM after that, but will reconsider for special courses or events depending on where life takes me in the next few years. It really does take so much of your heart and sole when you have a personality type like mine (not simply happy completing). I must have done almost 30 half IM (or similar) races. Does that count for 15 fulls? ;-) Enjoy training for that distance more, and will probably stick with that for a while.
  18. Wardy

    6 weeks to Kona

    Hi all. Under 6 weeks now, and I'm freaking out - feeling like I haven't done enough, blah blah. This is certainly a disadvantage of not having a coach or strictly following a program. (On the other hand, the advantage of this approach is the ability to be flexible and adapt. I've managed (touch wood) to get through some minor niggles that threatened to become major had I not backed off when I needed to, and come back slowly and cautiously, etc). I've been doing lots of swimming. Frustratingly not getting faster, but it has to be good for my swimming endurance. My aim is to get out of the water in great condition ready to take advantage of my strength on the bike. But then I feel like I haven't done nearly enough work on my riding because that is my strength. Well it won't be unless I actually ride a lot more over the next 5 weeks! Running is coming along. I have a bit of a scare with a sore heel that might have been heading down the path to a stress reaction according to my physio. But we seem to have this sorted now, and I managed 22km for my long run yesterday. I'll keep adding ~4km to my long run each week, building to a 30km long run 3 weeks out. It's all ridiculously slow at the moment, but I keep reminding myself that's what set me up for a good run in Port. I seem to respond well to slow running and get injured if I try to pick up the pace, so I have to keep telling myself it's OK. (And thanks IP - I don't actually consider myself a good runner. But I do know that I can run nearly as well off the bike as I can just straight out of the blocks - and that's what matters in Ironman). Because I have the time at the moment, I've been doing my longer sessions in the middle of the day, as I figure I need to prepare for the heat in Kona. (Also helps that I'm lazy and don't like getting out of bed early when it's even a tiny bit cold). I have managed to drop the couple of extra kilos I was carrying around after Cairns, which is good. Still scared though. I really want to do myself justice at Kona - to feel like I had a great race. I'd like to finish the year ranked top of my age-group in the AWA table - just because. Also scared because I've spent quality time in the medical tent after all 3 of my IM races. It's not a nice feeling being that sick, and I'd like to stay out of hospital in the US! My goal is to get back to the finish line to see the last hour before midnight - which means I need time to finish, stop vomiting, and get liquids and fuel in before it's too late.
  19. OK, so last week was a bit of a fail for me: 4 swims, for a total of 9.5 km. In a sense its good news that counts as a fail I suppose. Because really it's a quite decent total - just not quite enough for what I'm trying to achieve. I'm trying to justify it to myself as part of a 2-week hard, 1 week easy training strategy. Back in the pool today for 3.0km, so hopefully will get my distance back up this week. And no, Cat Lady, I'm not on a program for my swimming. Just trying to get kms done and swim strong and relaxed. I agree with Peter. There's no apparent pattern to why some days feel good and others terrible. And progress is not linear. Swimming feels like playing a game of snakes and ladders. With not many ladders. Oh, and I had to share a lane with three other people today. Three! Bastards. Spring has arrived apparently and they're all back in the pool. I had been enjoying regularly having the whole pool to myself. :-)
  20. As discussed here: http://forums.transitions.org.au/index.php?showtopic=62587&hl=salomon#entry1012226
  21. The Customer put me onto the Salomon S-Lab pack. It's good. Features a lot on trail runs I've done this year.
  22. Sadly, no, nothing yet. I was hoping for some miraculous improvement, but it hasn't happened yet. Fricking frustrating. Some days feel better than others. Today was one of the others.
  23. I squeezed out a tired session this afternoon to complete my second 20km week.
  24. Got back in for another 2.5 this afternoon. 7km in one day is more than I've swum per week in recent years! 15km down. Weekend looking cruisy now.
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