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  1. Katz - you are NOT pathetic. Coping is not a competition - it is only relevant to your situation. If talking about it helps, please do!
  2. I'm so glad to hear you're taking steps to get help for yourself. Realising that you need to let go of some things for a while is so hard to do - and even harder to act on - while under stress but so important.
  3. You could name him after the winner
  4. Heard Joe Hockey giving a prepared talk today and he made a couple of bad fumbles. Calm down, have you never forgotten something you totally know when speaking in public or under pressure? At least they're not simply repeating something irrelevant like "Death Cult"
  5. Very sorry to hear that Ayto. Glad there is some tiny comfort to be found in him being an organ donor - some other families will have just received wonderful news.
  6. I was staggered to see Tim Wilson on TV acting as a political commentator. That seems expressly outside his role. The Human Rights Commission are established by legislation as an independent body with government funding - a little like CSIRO. CSIRO officers are strictly not allowed to comment on government policy - but can speak on matters of science within their area of expertise. Tim Wilson providing political commentary (not expertise on human rights) while being paid a very good salary to do something else is totally inappropriate - it would be like Larry Marshall (new CSIRO CEO) using his
  7. I'm with this author - feeling rather disgusted by people advocating for the death penalty for these guys (or anyone else for that matter) http://www.smh.com.au/comment/three-excuses-for-the-bali-nine-death-penalty--and-why-theyre-all-sickeningly-wrong-20150205-135yeh.html
  8. But surely the preferences of those 800 voters who put PUP first in Ferny Grove would already have been distributed in the figures that see Labor slightly ahead (but still waiting on postal votes for the final count)? So it actually shouldn't make a difference to the numbers? Can someone tell me how the preferences of those people who put PUP "1" but didn't fill out the other numbers would have been distributed? And when did the option to not explicitely direct preferences in the lower house come in? Is it only in Queensland that the voters are considered so dumb or lazy that they can't numbe
  9. Well said Catcam. There are indeed many of us out here who sympathise and often empathise, but don't feel that we have any useful advice - and don't want to seem like we are offering advice anyway. We realise that you post not expecting someone to solve your problem, but just because you need to get it out there. My ex-husband suffered bi-polar disorder. I guess the fact that he is my ex-husband is a clue that I don't feel qualified to offer advice on how to support someone with a mental illness! It took me a very long time even after we had separated to stop feeling responsible for tryi
  10. Gold. Wetspot has just won the internet!
  11. Doing the ASADA online courses put me off supplements. As pointed out there, vitamins and other 'supplements' do not have to go through anywhere near the level of quality control of medications. There is a good chance that your supplement contain ingredients which you wouldn't expect (and which aren't labeled) - either deliberately or through contamination. The again, as an age-grouper, there is almost nil-chance you will be drug tested, and you may be someone who considers it's only cheating if you are caught (like drafting?), and since you didn't mean to get any 'performance benefit' - apar
  12. Sorry to hear that riceburner. I hope the psych is good. Don't write off the year just yet. December could still be a good one.
  13. Thanks t & t Patience it is then. And swimming again tomorrow. (My other excuse was that I sprained my thumb in the crash - but that feels like it would be OK to swim by now provided I don't catch the lane-rope.) On the helmet thing: I only made quite light contact with the road by the time my head came down, however the side of my helmet is a bit scratched up. I'm happy that I'm only dealing with road rash on my arm and hip - not the side of my face!
  14. OK experts, I came off my bike last Monday, and lost some skin. I've been following the protocol mentioned above (http://www.aboc.com.au/tips-and-hints/how-to-treat-roadrash/) and am now up to the 7th day - which is apparently when I'm due for the peel: On the night of the 7th day, cover the dressing with oil (Olive or baby oil are fine), and wrap the area in Glad-Wrap. Next morning, apply oil again and remove dressing in the shower. The skin beneath should be clean and pink. If you've been through this, I'm keen to hear if you agree that 7 days is the optimum time? Is there any advantage in
  15. Good luck Ayto! My observation is that court is generally a shit experience for anyone personally involved in a matter. I hope you get an outcome that makes sense and is at least somewhat helpful.
  16. Hey Skel, sorry to hear that. People DO get back together after break-ups and it does work. If you can both accept that neither of you have been behaving well towards each other, then hopefully you can learn from that and remember what is most important. I'm very sorry to hear about your work situation. Yes, a lot of people are dismissive of public servants - but the reality is that many take the service idea very seriously. It must be terribly frustrating to feel powerless to help when you know you are some family's last chance. I don't have much to offer - but thank you for what you do.
  17. Please pass this on if you know anyone who was travelling in the area (west of Brisbane, or northern NSW) on Friday POLICE are asking anyone who has seen a truck or four-wheel drive without one spotlight to contact them after the death of a 61-year-old male cyclist 16km north of Inglewood on the Millmerran Rd on Friday. Investigations indicate Martin Pearson, of Lowood, was riding a bicycle when he was struck by a vehicle some time between 2.30pm and 3.25pm Friday. The vehicle had a 240mm HID Lightforce spotlight which was broken off and found at the scene. (source: http://www.warwickdaily
  18. Learn to enjoy the game! If you're in Melbourne, a lot of properties will go to auction, so spend a few weekends going to lots of auctions to see how the game is played. The good thing about auctions is that you can actually see what's going on: the real estate agent can't tell you porkies about all the other offers they have because you can actually see if people are bidding. Also remember that at auction, the property will sell for the price the second highest buyer will pay - the winning bidder only needs to go $1 beyond that. Also good to remember that if you are outbid. So, the winner may
  19. I think they used both UAVs and cable array systems - see discussion http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/02/the-future-of-sports-photography-drones/283896/
  20. Be aware that you need an Operators Certificate from CASA to fly a UAV if you "conduct air work" - this includes commercial tasks (hire and reward), demonstrations, training, R&D, flying for company internal purposes, etc. There is a good reason for this - which I think this incident highlights. Interestingly, the company reported as operating the UAV that hit the triathlete does not appear to be listed on CASA's list of UAS operator certificate holders: http://www.casa.gov.au/scripts/nc.dll?WCMS:STANDARD::pc=PC_100374 (but they could be operating under a different name)
  21. I take it you met with the asphalt? Hope you're OK.
  22. Hi CEM, I had originally intended to take Niseko's approach and only do recovery runs or long runs in the Hokas, but I've found myself doing almost all my running in them just because I seem to pull up so much better the next day and the next 48 hours. I enjoyed the minimalist shoes (Merrell trail gloves are still my favourite shoe to pull on - even for on-road stuff), but my calves took a beating. (Literally: my massage guy had me almost in tears on a regular basis). I'd never understood people who talked about "recovery" runs - seriously, after a race my calves would be rocks (back when I w
  23. Yes, I'm still in love with the hokas. I've run more consistently in the last 6 months than I did for the previous 10 years. Did a half marathon pb recently. Definitely on the bandwagon.
  24. Actually i think it was taken to new heights in the 'second world' by the Soviets and East Germans in the 80s and Chinese in the 90s.
  25. Fair enough, you didn't. But when Trek remarked that it's a bit full-on to be gleefully hoping that someone gets raped in gaol, he was immediately labeled a PC tool. I could. I hope that he gets a fair trial, that the prosecution do a good job, and that if he's found guilty in those circumstances, he gets the punishment demanded by community standards.
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